incoherent cosplay


Guess what day it is? If you guessed that it is my bestie @vosplay‘s birthday then yOU GUESSED RIGHT BECAUSE THIS BABE RIGHT HERE TURNED 24 TODAY! So here’s a picture of our Sara & Mila and female Victor & Yuuri cosplays to celebrate (because true friendship is cosplaying your fave lesbians together), plus a bonus overemotional description here we go:

Anouck and I have been friends for over nine (9!!!!!) years now, so we went through a lot together and straight up I don’t even know what my life would be like without her. It’s been so long and we’ve influenced each others’ lives so much, apart from my uni friends I met all of my other friends with / because of Anouck (but even then, I became instant friends with Kiki during my BA because we discovered we both know Anouck). We went to our first convention together, went through a lot of very cringy phases together, we started cosplaying together, learned how to sew together, we recently also had a crying-in-the-bathroom-with-all-the-lights-off-for-an-hour breakdown together so that was a valuable bonding moment. 

I can’t imagine how different my life would have been if I hadn’t registered to a fucking Avatar the last Airbender forum when I was 15 and I honestly don’t want to know. I know that before I met Anouck I used to read about extremely close friendships in books and wish I could have such great friends as Harry, Ron and Hermione were, but I always thought that kinda thing could never really happen in real life, but it turns out it can. Honestly, it’s better.

I used to not completely grasp how special our friendship is, but the more I’ve reflected back upon it I know how amazing it is that two people who are frankly extremely bad at any sort of relationship and expressing emotions can have such an amazing and unconditionally loving friendship. I think we can be a bit much to some other people because when we go to things together we are always together and have the horrible tendency to sort of forget there are other people too. Plus I think both of our families have told us they have nO IDEA what we talk to each other about when we get excited because we talk in half sentences and understand each other perfectly. I love her so much, and we are so infinitely blessed with this friendship.

I can’t wait for all the adventures we’re still gonna go on, and I know there’ll be many because I know we’ve been through too much together to ever get rid of each other. Let’s start with tomorrow, though, when we get to see each other again and cosplay the ‘normal’ versions of Victor and Yuuri.