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Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto: ENFP [Marvel Comics]

ENFPs are the most optimistic of the types–not because they’re determined to see the positive, but because they focus on hopeful possibilities. Like ENTPs, they grasp patterns very quickly, but their interest in them is decidedly personal. They see people’s potential for loving, for learning, for making a difference, and they look for ways to nurture and encourage it. They have implicit faith in their ability to identify with people. Like all Extraverted Perceivers, ENFPs are in the moment. They focus with equal intensity on whatever and whoever catches their attention. ENFPs prefer to think on their feet, as a situation is happening. Moreover, they have a hard time sacrificing their options to an organized routine. 

ENFPs are keenly aware of systematic injustices. They’re inclusivists of the first order, deeply concerned by standards or institutions that categorize people or limit their natural potential. Introverted Feeling helps ENFPs to take responsibility for the decisions they make, to accept the social consequences of their choices. It allows them to distinguish between an expedient choice, which circumvents others’ expectations, and an honorable one, which transcends them. The better their intuition works, the more likely they are to use Introverted Feeling analytically to measure the prevailing structures of society against fundamental human values and to discern their potential to change. 

ENFPs need to make a more deliberate effort to figure out how their values are influencing their life’s direction. For example, ENFPs are often eloquent in their arguments for social institutions that recognize the dignity of all people. Introverted Feeling asks them to come at this question differently. It asks them to locate, in their individual relationships, their responsibility to acknowledge human dignity, even when circumstances dictate anger or self-defense. ENFPs resist this Judging point of view because it seems so implacable. To see life that way would be impractical; it would keep them from responding directly to experience. Besides, living out their values one person at a time is all very nice, but it has no effect on the systematic problems that need to be solved.

Strengths: Curious | Observant | Energetic and Enthusiastic | Excellent Communicators | Know How to Relax | Very Popular and Friendly

Weaknesses: Poor Practical Skills | Find it Difficult to Focus | Overthink Things | Get Stressed Easily | Highly Emotional | Independent to a Fault

Descriptions from Lenore Thomson and 16personalities.

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oh gosh, how does one (like a convert-hopeful) know when a synagogue is Messianic? I guess I'd know if I went there and they mentioned "Yeshua" is that right?

that would definitely be a clue! 

other signs:

  • any use of the new testament (even if it’s not called as such; sometimes they call it the “brit chadasha”, which is hebrew for “new covenant”) as a sacred text
  • acceptance of the concept of original sin (not a thing in judaism)
  • belief in jesus (or yeshua, y’shua, or whatever they’re calling yoshke this week) as divine or a prophet; honestly, mentioning him at all would be a big clue. real jews don’t hate jesus- we just think he’s irrelevant to judaism. if there’s any kind of emphasis on him, get suspicious.
  • any suggestion that the torah or tanakh predict the coming of jesus specifically as the messiah
  • the use of fish iconography and other similar symbols
  • overuse of the shofar- not sure why, but it seems like these people really like shofars and will bust them out at any opportunity

however, it’s important to remember that despite what organizations like and sometimes imply, not all messianic jews, or their “synagogues”, are motivated by luring unsuspecting jews over to christianity; sometimes they have no dark intent at all, but rather operate out of a misguided spiritual impulse, which unfortunately leads them to appropriate jewish culture and spirituality. this reddit thread is a really interesting look at some of the aspects of the culture of messianic jewish communities from a former messianic jew who converted to judaism after leaving christianity/messianic judaism. it explains how fragmented and disorganized these communities can actually be- it’s not necessarily some big conspiracy; sometimes it’s just misguided people misappropriating judaism.

other stuff that might be interesting:

hnasdbfhjasbdf inclusivists do their equivalent of “if you dont give me $100 on my paypal youre homophobic” but theyre not joking