if i have to read one more post about “the A stands for ace/aro/AGENDER” i’m going to scream. stop pretending you care about agender people. and stop acting like agender doesn’t go under the T or N, depending on how the specific agender person identifies. agender folk aren’t another token for y’all to use

acceptance is giving up on trying to argue with people on ace discourse bc its 2017 and literally all arguments have been done to death and theres nothing new to discuss, and instead resorting to mockery and shitposting, inevitably resulting in me being chased down by cishet inclusionist discoursers who are hunting me with knives

ahhthehorriblethings hatefollows inclusionists while pretending to be a supportive follower, using it to get information on smears they can cook up and ways they can engage in anon hate, eventually going into direct confrontation if anon is turned off. (At least, that’s the most likely explanation for recent events)

anonymous asked:

like, if people assume people are cis and/or het, just because the people dont state otherwise, theyre being cisheteronormative! and thats one thing that is actively homophobic, transphobic, biphobic, etc etc and something that we should all agree is bad and should be opposed to but ive seen a lot of people do it in the discourse, particularly those on the exclusionist side [not that inclusionists dont, perhaps i just dont follow the shitty ones]


orenge-yoshi  asked:

inclusionists make me wanna scream.......ive seen posts saying that exclusionists can choke and ?? im suddenly the bad guy bc i dont want my main oppressers in a safespace because they prefer not to have sex???¿¿ aaaaaaAAAA


yeah the fact that y'all say “straight aces CAN be LGBT if they choose to be!”/“cisgender heteroromantic aces are cishet only if they want to!” shows how privileged they are and should be enough reasoning as to why they ARENT LGBT.

LGBT people can’t choose if they want to be an LGBT person. they might call it some other acronym or refuse to participate in the “community”, but they’re still an LGBT person and will experience the oppression of LGBT people. we CANT opt out of that experience. I fucking wish I could just opt in an out of homophobia when I wanted, but I can’t. because I AM inherently LGBT.

if someone is LGBP/etc or is trans, they are automatically part of this oppressed group of people. they might not actively be a part of some community, but they still have to be oppressed under homophobia/biphobia/transphobia. the fact that y'all say cishets can just opt in and out when they like shows they will never have our experiences or be oppressed in the way we are.


These screenshots were taken at the same time. These posts have been up for over a week. And so far, 23x more notes on the inclusionist post. Fancy that. 

It’s almost as if the exclusionist discoursers are small in number but supremely vocal. It’s almost as if the vast majority of the community accept our ace and aro brothers and sisters (and nb pals).

And this is just on tumblr, where discourse is the loudest, and not out in the actual world where organizations like GLAAD and The Trevor Project have been accepting ace identities for years.

So for all the ace and aro people out there who sometimes feels like everyone in the community is against them, that’s not the case. We’re with you. At least 23-to-1, we’re on your side.

Discourse has ruined the word “cishet”

There is no denial of that, and trying to refute that is unjustifiable

“Cishet” has turned into an attack on inclusionists that erases both our gender and sexuality at times, but most importantly has been a microaggression attack on asexuals to erase the asexuality of heteroromantic aces, which in turn erases all asexuality by pining us with our romanticism and tossing our actual sexuality in the trash

You hurt all of us with this aggression, you have poisoned a word that was supposed to help us label our oppressors by vilifying asexuals with it

“Cishet aces” do not exist; not because straight, cis aces do not, but because the logic behind it, the complete and utter dismissal of asexuality that comes with that term, is offensive and disgusting to all aces

please share this so that trans people on both the exclusionist and inclusionist side of the discourse can be safe!

261 TERF exclusionists for you to block! here’s how to block a large group of people all at once.

please note about 4 or 5 of these are guys who reblog from and are reblogged by TERFs but are not themselves TERFs.

bolded: still active (222 out of 261)

bold and italicized: means they’re active but I haven’t reblogged receipts for them yet (2 of them)

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here are the previous urls of some people in this list who changed their urls, in case you come across their old posts:
amazonian-artemjs -> kryptonians-first-christmas (but then deleted)
dickbendildo -> comrade-dick-bendildo
homosuperior-jumped-the-gun -> goldstar-goldfish
hormoaning -> thechildisgone
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spencer-shay-against-gender -> spencer-shayy
womenarerad -> dustfemme

RATs: an explanation

so i’ve seen lots of posts about the new exclusionist acronym, RATs, and even more posts expressing confusion about it. so i thought i would put together an informative post explaining where it came from and why it’s so awful. this isn’t intended to be a discourse post, just facts. 

recently, there’s been a new inclusionist acronym that’s meant to categorize all flavors of gatekeepers under one recognizable label. it’s Reactionary Exclusionist Gatekeepers, or REG for short. it was purposefully coined so as to be easy to pronounce and remember, but not an actual existing word. 

exclusionists decided that they wanted an acronym along the same lines - to refer to inclusionists. so they (a gender-questioning truscum supporter and a cis ableist transphobe) came up with RAT (Radical Assimilative Tolerant) and the alternative ROT, or Radically Oppression Tolerant. (they don’t seem to be as enamored with ROT, likely because they really like calling marginalized people rats) (this was supposed to be un-opinionated. oops). 

obviously, these have some problems. not only is calling people who disagree with them RATs incredibly dehumanizing and disgusting, the word has a history of being used as a pejorative against people of color, especially asians. it’s also been used in WWII to refer to Jewish people. 

the acronym was chosen with the express purpose of being insulting and has been gleefully applied to whoever disagrees with them. which is mostly marginalized people expressing extreme discomfort with the fact that they are being called a historically racially charged and dehumanizing insult coined by a known transphobe. 

several people have talked about reclaiming the term, but due to its history in racism and antisemitism, i don’t think that’s appropriate. rats are cute and all, but if you haven’t been compared to one as a slur you probably shouldn’t label yourself that. 

anyways! the history of the exclusionist acronym RAT and why it’s shitty af. i’m not looking to discourse on this post. if you have questions about the receipts provided please make a separate post and @ me on it. i don’t want to clog up the notes.