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Ace person: *choses to use the split attraction model* aphobes: *get pissed* ace person: *doesn't use the split attraction model and uses "asexual" as an umbrella term* aphobes: *GET PISSSED*

I’ve never seen a more true statement tbh

Aphobes: We’re not excluding LGBT aces, it’s just the “cishet” ones

Also Aphboes: Anyway gay-ace inclusionists are splitting our community, die cishets

They’ve set it up so either way nobody can win, so nothing they say can be taken seriously.

The new inclusionist flag:
The purple was stolen from the bisexual flag, according to exclusionists
The yellow is has no actual meaning, it just clashes badly with purple because they are contrasting colours, and I think the idea of this is to make flags as bad to look at as possible
The symbol in the middle is because apparantly exclusionists think inclusionists are litteral demons for some reason.

The LGBTQ+ community is for everyone who is non-straight and/or non-cis, and intersex people who want to be included. If you have any identity that isn’t straight or cis or perisex you belong if you want to find a place here.

Asexuality and aromanticism are non-straight identities. Aces and aros belong in the community too, regardless of their other labels. Sorry, I don’t make the rules.

Signed, a pansexual transmasc

Only on the™ can I be told by non-straight people to “shut the fuck up” and also be called a “dumb straight bitch” for DEFENDING non-straight people. 🙄

Here’s a fun little experiment.

over 2 years ago, right when tumblr was at its most biphobic, I made a separate blog. A secret bi discourse blog, basically, where I could reblog things and fight biphobes without worrying about people i know irl finding out things about me that i’m not ready to come out to them about

Not long after making this blog, I kind of drifted off and did other things. This blog has been primarily abandoned for a long time. I’ve occasionally popped back on to post some things, but mostly it’s been left to gather dust.

And then I realized something. Every single person that I followed on this blog, which began its life as a blog to fight biphobia on tumblr, was a bi person or someone who also was vocally against biphobia. I blocked a lot of people for being really awful biphobes… and then I kind of left. This blog and its following list and block list are a time capsule from the heyday of biphobic discourse on tumblr

So I came back on again, and I went through a bunch of blogs, and here’s what I’ve found:

I have scrolled through my dash, I have checked the blogs that I followed for being vocally protective of bi people on tumblr. And what did I find? FOUR exclusionists. All of the rest are either inactive, have not posted enough to determine a position, or (overwhelmingly) inclusionists. In fact, my dash on this blog is almost ENTIRELY inclusionist posts. On a blog I created to follow people defending bi people.

So I’m checking the block list. All of these people I blocked for being biphobes. 

I went on their blogs and to /search/ace 

Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Blog is wiped clean.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. 
Exclusionist. Biphobe Terf.
Outlier, mega racist anti-sjw
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe. No ace discourse on blog.
Exclusionist. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Terf.* 
Exclusionist. Biphobe. 
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe. No ace discourse on blog.
Blog has been wiped
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Truscum.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Blog is wiped.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Biphobe, hasn’t posted in over a year, no ace discourse.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe. Terf.*
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.
Exclusionist. Biphobe.

* - I wasn’t looking specifically for truscum or transphobes but in these instances it was readily apparent just by clicking on the blog! Fun.

Is this a scientific experiment? Nah. Are the sample sizes large enough to say anything definitively? No. But it is really telling that a dash that, 2 years ago, was full of bi positivity and defending against biphobic tumblr discourse, is now entirely the same thing but for aces. 

So the next time an inclusionist tells you that this is ALL rehashed 2014 bihet discourse, maybe listen to us.

So… let’s see if I’ve got this right.

Exclusionists: It’s just LGBT. The plus doesn’t exist, the extended acronyms are wrong/don’t exist/shouldn’t be used. It’s LGBT and nothing else.

Queer People: Some of us just label ourselves as queer. Don’t we belong?

Exclusionists: Not unless you’re L, G, B, or T. Or, alternatively are SGA or trans. Also q**** is a slur, don’t push it on us.

Queer People: Yeah… but we reclaimed it decades ago. And we use it to talk about ourselves, we aren’t calling people who don’t want to be called queer, queer. And SGA is medical terminology from conversion therapy, please don’t push that on us.

Exclusionists: SGA isn’t from conversion therapy, and if you’re L, G, or B you’re SGA! Don’t push q**** on us! Even on personal posts we’re going to tell you not to push queer on us. You were talking about how you’re q****, and only about how you’re q****? Don’t push it on us!

Queer People: :/

Intersex People: What about us?

Exclusionsits: Intersex people have asked not to be included.

Intersex People: We’re intersex. We’re asking to be included. Those who don’t wish to be part of the community don’t have to be, but those of us who want to be included should be included and have been included historically.

Exclusionists: No, intersex people don’t want to be included.

Intersex People: :/

Asexual/Aromantic People: So, we know you started this to exclude us, but what happened to “A is for asexual?” That directly acknowledged that the A was part of the acronym.

Exclusionists: There is no A.

Asexual/Aromantic People: …

Exclusionists: The A is for ally, to let in closeted people!

Asexual/Aromantic People: But I thought there was no A? And if we only allowed allies who are closeted people in and turned away other allies people would quickly find out that ally is code for closeted people, which would out them.

Exclusionists: I don’t know what to tell you. The A is definitely for ally, meaning closeted people.

Asexual/Aromantic People: :/

Inclusionist Pans/Plys: Hey, so if the acronym is only LGBT, that means we’re being excluded.

Inclusionist Nonbinary People: Some of us are too, because not all of us identify as trans.

Exclusionists: No, you aren’t being excluded. You’re under the B or the T, even though you don’t identify as bi or trans.

Inclusionist Pans/Plys and Nonbinary People: So you can’t add any other letters? It’s just LGBT and we’re expected to be put under labels we don’t identify as?

Exclusionists: No, we can’t add more letters, it’s just LGBT. And yes, you are under the B and T.

Inclusionist Pans/Plys and Nonbinary People: :/

Exclusionist Pans/Plys: So, can we add a P?

Exclusionist Nonbinary People: And can we add an N?

Exclusionists: Yes! It’s LGBTPN. That’s it. That’s the whole acronym.

Inclusionists: I thought it was just LGBT?

Exclusionists: Nope, it’s just LGBTPN.

Inclusionists: :/

Inclusionists: We’re going to keep using extended acronyms, or putting a plus at the end of LGBT.

Queer People: Also, if any of you are comfortable identifying as queer, feel free to join us. Our community has been around since the reclamation of queer, and is open to any queer identifying people - be they asexual, intersex, or any of these other identities that are being excluded recently. And we’re trying to make a flag for our community!

MOGAI Community: We were made to combat the gatekeeping going on in the community, so feel free to join us too.

Exclusionists: This is so gross! You can’t just make new communities like this! It’s the LGBT community and nothing else! Er, sorry, LGBTPN community and nothing else! You can’t have these other communities! Especially not a q**** community, because q**** is a slur! And you can’t make flags for your communities!

Inclusionists, Queer People, MOGAI Community:

Exclusionists: We feel like we’re being pushed out of our community by the evil cishets (read: people who disagree with us, no matter their orientation/gender) so we’re going to make our own community! The SGAT community! No, wait, the TSGA community! And here’s the new flag!

Inclusionists, Queer People, MOGAI Community: :/

Did I miss anything?

Listen I have been in direct action focused activist groups that were specifically infiltrated. I have sat and had breakfast with and shared intel etc with people who turned out to be cops. I am not saying this is not a threat because it is and it’s one that I have personally run up against and had to deal with. I know the people everyone avoids in Montreal because of the rumors that they’re cops. I know the people who I personally have suspicions about. I have had my phone tapped and surveillance photos taken of my apartment building. It’s a thing, it’s scary, and we do need to talk about it and deal with it.

But I feel like this current climate of heightened paranoia is like, a lot of kids’ first experiences with actually realizing that infiltrators are a thing, and so a lot of people are just using this concept like their new word of the week, and it’s weird and counterproductive and just honestly annoying. Not everyone who disagrees with you about whether or not asexuality is LGBT is an undercover cop or alt-right plant. Like. Please go outside and actually do some shit, I don’t care what, just like, talk to people about this instead of acting like because you read a mother jones article you’re an expert on picking out provocateurs now. 

There are 4 kinds of inclusionists

-The Huff Post neoliberal who thinks BDSM is a LGBT identity who’s usually a pedophile apologist

-The anti sjw who believes in heterophobia and cisphobia

-The Hamil.ton/Stev.en Uni.verse/Yu.ri on Ice stan that is the literal embodiment of the XDDD and uwu emojis and thinks people who have sex are icky, usually headcanons gay characters as ace

-The pretentious nerd who writes long essays about how people who have sex are less intelligent and makes fake deep posts about how you don’t need sex in a relationship