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Hello! I'm in a religious studies class and I've taken up an interest in Judaism, I'm 17 and my family is loosely catholic but not entirely so I have religious freedom at home. I want to find a synagogue that will allow me to go but I just get really worried because I'm gay and I've had a hard time finding places of worship because of it and I was just wondering if you thought I'd have trouble finding one. Thank you!


Although there are many more traditional synagogues around the world that are not very welcoming to the LGBTQ community, most Progressive Shuls are incredible beacons of light.  The Reform, Reconstructionist and Conservative Movements all perform same sex marriage cerimonies, are extremely inclusive to LGBTQ families, working to develop welcoming bathrooms (and alternatives for other genders who might feel uncomfortble using public bathrooms).

As Jews, we believe that everyone is created in the Image of God (betzelem elohim) and therefore, we need to respect every human being for who they are.

If you’d like help locating a Synagogue, please feel free to reach out.  I would love to help you find the correct place for you! Just send me a direct message.


Quote by Hillary Clinton.

The American Library Association strongly opposes any actions that limit free access to information, undermine privacy or discriminate on any basis. This includes the temporary suspension of visas and entrance to the US based on anyone’s nationality or religion as well as the increased scrutiny of any individual’s communication such as mobile phone and/or social media activity.

“Our nation’s 120,000 public, academic, school and special libraries serve all community members, including people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities and the most vulnerable in our communities, offering services and educational resources that transform communities, open minds, and promote inclusion and diversity.  

“ALA believes that the struggle against racism, prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination is central to our mission. We will continue to speak out and support efforts to abolish intolerance and cultural invisibility, stand up for all the members of the communities we serve, and promote understanding and inclusion through our work.

“We will continue to speak out and support our members as they work tirelessly for access to library and information resources on behalf of all of their community members, while advocating for privacy, intellectual freedom, critical global research, information literacy, ongoing access to scientific research, and fair and equitable treatment for everyone.

Lately I ran into quite a few feminist spaces that seemed to think that every conversation about trans inclusivity was over because they had labelled their spaces ‘no cis men’. Problem solved? 

Like… no. Not at all. 

First of all, trans inclusivity takes actual work. Something is not a trans safe space just because you called it that. Your community is still full of terfs. 

And second, unless you intend to leave a ‘no cis men’ rule completely unpoliced (and are open about the fact that you will not ask anyone if they are a cis man), you have just created a space where people whose bodies have been influenced by testosterone in any way can be put on the spot to explain their gender identity.

This happens to intersex women, trans women, trans men, non binary people, etc. This happens both when people with testosterone-impacted bodies do not present enough obvious feminine gender presentation (showing up in jeans and a t-shirt) and when they present too many obvious feminine gender presentation (showing up to a party with glitter heels, fantastic make up and a fifties dress) because people will accuse them of being ‘cis male drag queens’. 

So in your supposed safe space, trans people still need to worry about looking the right kind of trans in order to be accepted. Which puts them in exactly the vulnerable position terfs love to exploit to attack trans people.

So no, you have not found a solution. Your ‘no cis men’ rule is not the end of the conversation about creating trans inclusive safe spaces. Try again. 

Calling All Kanera-fic Readers & Authors

@maptowhereialreadyam and I decided to start a collection of Kanera fics on AO3! There are so many out there, but the Kanan/Hera tag frequently gets used for even background shipping in stories. We wanted to collate all the ship-centric stories. We’ve also created chronological subcategories. This would make the stories more visible and easier to find and sort. You can find the collection on AO3 ( with 6 sub-collections: Pre-Rebels, Season 1, Season 2, Season 3, Post-Rebels and Alternative Universe ( If you allow “automatic inclusion of your works into collections on the Archive of Our Own”, we can add them to the collections with one click, but we’d rather have your approval. ;) It would be better if you added your fics to the collections! It’s really easy, all you have to do is to edit your work and type in the name of the subcollection in the collection-textbox. Save - done! We would love it if the collections grow to an anthology of stories, because the Rebels fandom is full of good writers and awesome fics. We have tagged some of you, if we know you, but reblogs to reach more authors and readers are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
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And thanks to @lorna-ka for the kind permission to use her artwork as the collections’ profile pics!

Rebuilding what was built incorrectly

Most of our social infrastructure was built incorrectly. It was built on the assumption that everyone is basically physically and cognitively similar, and that people who aren’t need to go away and be someone else’s problem.

People with disabilities have been treated as disposable. Children have been kept out of school; adults have been excluded from higher education. People have been institutionalized, and many are still stuck in institutions. 

People live without freedom, and are kept from their communities. People are forced to stay unemployed rather than supported in finding work that they can do. Disabled people have been harmed in any number of ways.

It has always been wrong to exclude people with disabilities like this, and in recent years, more people have come to understand that it is wrong. Accessibility and inclusion are on the table much more often than they used to be (in significant part, because the disability rights community has insisted that they be there.) 

Part of what we have to do is be willing to be inclusive, and be willing to change things for the sake of access. That’s necessary — and it’s also not enough. There are a lot of access needs that we flat-out don’t know how to meet right now. For some people, nothing we currently know how to do is good enough.
In order to build a more accessible and inclusive culture, we’re going to have to create things that don’t currently exist. We need better infrastructure and support. We need better technology. We need more resources, and more understanding that funding disability needs to be a priority. We need research and development, we need to learn a lot of things that we don’t currently know. 

The only way to get better at accessibility and inclusion is to start from where we are, and to commit to getting better at it. We can’t wait to be ready; we will never be ready. What we can do is understand that the people who are still being excluded matter, and keep building the things that need to exist.

“I’m Not Trans at Yahoo, I’m Amy at Yahoo”

By Sandy Gould, Head of Culture, Coaching and Communicating

We have long expressed our commitment to LGBTQ diversity and inclusion in our workforces and global offices. Working at Yahoo means you get equal benefits regardless of your gender identity or sexual orientation. It means you can come to work every day and know that you are accepted and celebrated for who you are.

I recently sat down with Amy Jie, to discuss her experience working at Yahoo. Watch our interview to hear more of her personal, compelling and strengthening story.

I have a work shift this morning, but then I’m hoping to actually do some writing/replying to all the lovely starters people have written me, and the replies still owing to my wonderfully patient followers. 

While I’m here though, I want to do a shoutout for @neutrcl - I’ve only followed them for a few weeks, but I’ve been astounded by their kindness, their willingness and being so approachable, to talk and write with a character they’re unfamiliar with, as is often the case with a little-known character like Gig. If you’re a fan of Undertale, or even if you’re not and want someone to write with? They’ve been an absolutely sweetheart. So inclusive, so open and friendly. A real golden gem in a roleplaying community.  


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For the people worried that Waid will erase aro/ace Jughead, this made me feel a bit better.

[Image Description:

Three screenshots of three separate tweets from Mark Waid, current writer of Jughead.

(1st) @royai_alchemist Not just because of the serious death threats I have gotten, I will be consistent with what previous Jug writers have done.

(2nd) @royai_alchemist Also,  really don’t know how else to reassure you other than to say, “I don’t plan on changing Jughead.”

(3rd) @royai_alchemist I understand, respect, and work towards inclusion in my various works. I can always do better, but it’s important to do 3/3

End of Descrption]

A bit passive aggressive, but reassuring nonetheless.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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zerohedge. com/news/2016-06-10/scientific-paper-finds-liberals-uncooperative-hostile-troublesome-socially-withdrawn I have no clue if this paper is legit, but I still think there's some real truth to that statement. At least for certain people.

Here’s the original paper to read through.

Honestly, though, I don’t think that’s particularly useful at all. Instead, I’m going to talk about politics generally and simply for a moment, because I think this may be interesting to think about.

Traditionally, the thought was that those on the political Right were all about traditional values and helping yourself and others through charitable giving, whereas those on the political Left were all about progressive, inclusive values and working together with the government being there to make sure that there were safeguards for the most needy in place. Basically.

So, you’d see things like the Left pushing to legalise abortion whilst the Right pushed against it. The Left for same-sex marriage and the Right against it. Things like that, right?

But recently (relatively speaking), the Right has started to openly agree with Left positions. In the UK, for example, it was a Right Prime Minister that gave us same-sex marriage, not a Left Prime Minister. 

Again, in the Labour Party (the UK’s big Left party, essentially) there have been two women that have been in charge, and only because they were deputy leaders because they needed to take control until a new leader was found – which, to be frank, I don’t particularly count as a real leader of the Party.

In comparison, the Conservative Party (the UK’s big Right party, essentially) there have been two women in charge – both who have been Prime Minister, including our current female Prime Minister.

Now, considering the traditional differences between Left and Right, you’d think that the Right would stick to traditional values and the Left would be much more progressive. You’d think that the issue of women would be a Left ideal, but it hasn’t turned out that way when it comes to politics. The Right got there first.

So, with that in mind, and bearing in mind that I’m a leftist from a dyed-in-the-wool Left area, with family that has traditionally supported the Left, why do I think there’s such a fight between Left and Right at the moment?

Because, essentially, the Right is catching up with the Left’s old ideas to actually be fair and move away from bigotry clothed in “traditional values” to modernise their traditional values. And since the political climate has always been and will always be Left versus Right, because there are overlaps and Left positions are now centrist and mainstream, I think that the Left is moving even further Left to compensate and keep distance between itself and the Right.

Obviously this is hypothetical and completely oversimplified, but just imagine this history and growth for a second:

Right: Whites need to stay with other whites. It’s tradition. 
Left: That’s racist! Anyone can be with anyone else, and your traditions need to keep with the times!
Right: Hmm. I suppose you’re right. We need to support traditional family structures. A man, a woman and their children, whatever their race or ethnicity. Marriage is important and can only be between a man and a woman.
Left: What? Gay men and lesbians can be great parents, too! And why shouldn’t adults who are in love not be allowed to get married? And what about single parents? They work hard and deserve support!
Right: Hmm. I suppose you’re right. People should be free to choose what’s best for them. That means that we can’t force religious institutions to perform marriages, but civil marriage works.
Left: Excuse me? So now you’re protecting bigots? You said you were against homophobia!
Right: Yes, but we need to protect the religious, too.
Left: You’re full of Christian-centric homophobia!
Right: Religious institutions also include people like Muslims and Orthodox Jews.
Left: Well, they can do what they want, but why aren’t you fighting the Christians on this?
Right: Because that wouldn’t be fair.
Left: The political Right hasn’t changed at all and are just as disgustingly homophobic and racist as ever!

I’m not explaining this very elegantly, but I hope you get the general message.

Unpopular opinion time: to me, the best Momusu leader is Takahashi Ai. She put up with the abrasiveness that was Koharu, earned idol goddess Chayu’s adoration, drove Reina to actually put effort into her performances, and freaking took JunLin (foreign exchange members that knew little Japanese on arrival) under her wing and created an inclusive work environment for them. All after suddenly getting handed a group rocked by scandals. In the real world, THAT is what you call leadership.

Roman glass from the 2nd century, Musée Saint-Remi à Reims, Marne, France.

While the first use of glass is not exactly known, glass making as an ancient art has been around since the dawn of human civilization. Glass blowing, however, is thought to have developed in the era of Caesar, mid first century BC.

Glass in the ancient world was considered a very valuable commodity available only to the extremely wealthy, and in small sizes for cosmetic, not practical purposes. With the invention of glass blowing, glass became generally available for inclusion in various public works and to the general population.

Like most technological advances in the Roman world, glass making did not originate from craftsmen in the Roman Empire, but many advances were made when the art form was incorporated within its borders.

I don’t have anything to say to female feminists who are more bothered with proving that feminism is not the same as misandry or that feminism is male inclusive rather than working for the integration of trans girls and recognition of woc in mainstream feminism except that you’re doing absolutely fucking nothing for the cause of the liberation of your sisters you useless piece of sell out shits


So, it’s 2015, the time of resolutions, and I’ve been getting a lot of questions from pushy fans about being more inclusive in my work.

I like pushy fans. I LOVE pushy fans and I’ve been trying to think of a way to let you know that I hear you and also to push myself to be more diverse in what I do.

Not every brand can be every thing. It’s difficult to talk about race among robots. Historical novels should probably not make JFK a woman. A pre-school show might have trouble explaining class-based disparity in our society. We may also fall short or mess up for other reasons (technical, timing, lack of power ourselves, etc).

But the important thing is that in 2015 we as writers, artists and creators need to be challenging ourselves to do better. Inclusion needs to be at the forefront of our minds. We need to be looking at what we make and asking not “Should I be diverse?” but “Why would I not be diverse?” Because while you may need to keep the preexisting character white/male/whatever for your next liscenced story, does the beat cop he speaks to need to be white? Does every woman in the coffee shop need to be size 0? Do aliens on another world need to be heterosexual? Why?

I put up this sign in my office to remind myself that the answer is usually NO, they don’t. The world is a huge and complex place and my writing needs to do everything it can to express that.

I challenge any other creator who reads this to do something similar. Give yourself a daily reminder to do better, with every story, with every scene. Tell your fans and your friends about it. We may fall short; we likely will fall short, but if we’re going to make resolutions every year this seems a much better one than weight loss. Resolve to be diverse in your work, because the world is already diverse…we just aren’t good at writing it yet.

Be Well,
Mairghread Scott