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LA Kings Draftee Jaret Anderson-Dolan on LGBTQ and Hockey is for Everyone
As the No. 41 pick in the 2017 NHL Draft, Anderson-Dolan hopes to help advocate for an inclusive and inviting environment throughout the hockey community.

With their No. 41 overall pick, the LA Kings drafted Jaret Anderson-Dolan in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

Anderson-Dolan is a 17-year-old center from Calgary that has a story that’s making a positive impact on the hockey community.

Jaret and his brother, Dorian, were raised with two moms, but he as always been proud of his upbringing and honored to stand up in the fight against homophobia in sports.

While he played for the Spokane Chiefs, he showed his pride and support of his family by organizing a Hockey is for Everyone night at one of their home games.                          

“I obviously don’t know any other way of being raised, so for me it was normal,” Anderson-Dolan said. “There’s a couple of times where during a game or at school people may look to say something to me, but like I’ve said, I’m not ashamed about it.”

Anderson-Dolan is extremely grateful for both of his moms and everything they did behind the scenes to get him where he is today – an LA Kings draftee.

“I believe it’s very important that I try and make an impact in the community, as well as on the ice, and I won’t shy away from doing that,” Anderson-Dolan explained.

After being drafted into the NHL, hopefully Anderson-Dolan will be able to use this new platform to help him advocate that Hockey is for Everyone.

Okay but I just want to ramble about TAZ for a few moments (spoiler-free) because it makes my heart so full to know that it’s out there. 

I’ve recommended media – books, movies, music, art – to friends so many times in my life, but I’ve almost always had to do it with some kind of caveat. And that caveat usually is “It starts slow and is not that great, but it gets so much better, just give it time!”. 

But TAZ just…went all in, almost from the first moment, and all four of the McElroys committed so completely to the weird and wonderful and silly and hopeful world that Griffin created, and to their weird, wonderful, silly heroes. It’s such an earnest piece of work – you’d expect some kind of wink at the audience, some kind of “Oh, look at us, playing D&D, like nerds”, but when they do say that, there’s no hidden contempt for what they’re doing. They’re four people who love playing D&D and the story they’re telling together. 

That level of buy-in and commitment from performers/artists is a delight to experience. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed or gasped out loud or cried over this podcast – this ding dong podcast, where an elf wizard named Taako knocks off one-liners constantly and the dwarf cleric has 1,999 party points and all Magnus wants is a dog – but the world they’ve created is so clear, so well-fleshed, so alive, that I can’t help being swept away. 

I love that it doesn’t hesitate to laugh at itself, but it never laughs at its fans, and it doesn’t shy away from strong emotion because feeling stuff isn’t cool. There’s always going to be a place for irony, but the absolute sincerity that TAZ brings in every episode is a true gift. And – adding this – I appreciate that they’re willing to listen and learn from their mistakes.

In short: please check out this podcast. If you like D&D, if you like fantasy, if you like science fiction, or if you just like the idea of four people sitting around and trying to make each other laugh and tell a good story – it will probably delight you too. 

I kinda don't like the idea of a fandom club where there is a rule that I have to follow a specific person to be part of it...

Like I follow and unfollow at will, and it’s nothing personal. I’m particular about my dash content. If that excludes me I don’t want to be included, cuz it feels cliquey and exclusionary, and kinda high school.

The American Library Association strongly opposes any actions that limit free access to information, undermine privacy or discriminate on any basis. This includes the temporary suspension of visas and entrance to the US based on anyone’s nationality or religion as well as the increased scrutiny of any individual’s communication such as mobile phone and/or social media activity.

“Our nation’s 120,000 public, academic, school and special libraries serve all community members, including people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities and the most vulnerable in our communities, offering services and educational resources that transform communities, open minds, and promote inclusion and diversity.  

“ALA believes that the struggle against racism, prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination is central to our mission. We will continue to speak out and support efforts to abolish intolerance and cultural invisibility, stand up for all the members of the communities we serve, and promote understanding and inclusion through our work.

“We will continue to speak out and support our members as they work tirelessly for access to library and information resources on behalf of all of their community members, while advocating for privacy, intellectual freedom, critical global research, information literacy, ongoing access to scientific research, and fair and equitable treatment for everyone.

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Twist Sara throws Reyes,Scott and Alec in a zero-g chamber so they work everything out. "Doors closed until you all fix this and talk" *undiscerable screaming*

Reyes spends the entire time floating above Alec and Scott totally checked out from the situation. He got over his beef a LONG time ago. He doesn’t want to be involved in this shit storm.

Eventually though, Scott grabs him by the ankle and jerks him down. They’re still screaming. Reyes still doesn’t know what exactly it’s about but he’s so tired. It’s been three hours. 


Alec’s offended and confused. “Forgiven me? Do you even have the right- you’re the liar!”

Scott and Reyes both scoff and roll their eyes so hard they actually cringe because it HURT. Scott mimes pulling out a notepad. “Oh, Reyes, you lied wow what a surprise HOW MANY DOES THAT MAKE I DON’T EVEN KNOW BECAUSE EIGHTY PERCENT OF WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH IS A FALSEHOOD, BOLDFACED LIE, OR FABRICATION.”

Reyes nods and gestures frantically, almost spiraling because GRAVITY is not working. Scott’s upside down now. Or is he rightside up? “Mark it as the fifteenth today, love. I’ve been keeping track.”

Alec’s horrified. Reyes is still lying to Scott? And Scott puts up with it? One more reason to hate Reyes.

(What he doesn’t know is that Scott knows Reyes is a bit of a compulsive liar, and literally every lie post-High Noon is so stupid and unimportant Scott just throws Reyes a look at this point like “Cough it up” and Reyes gives in so fast with an “oh whoops did it again” Totally normal for them.)

yo. we (white people) do a shit job of making fandom inclusive & safe. Working on a post/series of posts educating white fandom on How to Be Better. I’ve asked multiple people, but the more info I have to share, the better. While we have a some great jumping-off points, my essential questions are:

What can white ppl do to make this fandom a safer and happier place?
What behaviors do white ppl need to cut out?

Some talking points I have, based on convos I’ve already had are:

why race matters in fandom
appropriation in fandom
best practices as a content creator (i’m looking at you, White Pinterest edits)
how to respond to a callout

Anything you need to say.! Link to a post white ppl in fandom need to read, your own anecdotes, etc. You can reply to this post, message me, or inbox me.

The point is to elevate voices. Your talking points, frustrations, anecdotes, tips - any and everything is fair game. If you want me to credit you in the post(s), I absolutely will, and if you want to remain anonymous, I will absolutely do that.

Obviously, no one is under obligation!! Just want this to be specific to fandom and as comprehensive and helpful as possible, I appreciate any input!! <3 <3 <3

Rebuilding what was built incorrectly

Most of our social infrastructure was built incorrectly. It was built on the assumption that everyone is basically physically and cognitively similar, and that people who aren’t need to go away and be someone else’s problem.

People with disabilities have been treated as disposable. Children have been kept out of school; adults have been excluded from higher education. People have been institutionalized, and many are still stuck in institutions. 

People live without freedom, and are kept from their communities. People are forced to stay unemployed rather than supported in finding work that they can do. Disabled people have been harmed in any number of ways.

It has always been wrong to exclude people with disabilities like this, and in recent years, more people have come to understand that it is wrong. Accessibility and inclusion are on the table much more often than they used to be (in significant part, because the disability rights community has insisted that they be there.) 

Part of what we have to do is be willing to be inclusive, and be willing to change things for the sake of access. That’s necessary — and it’s also not enough. There are a lot of access needs that we flat-out don’t know how to meet right now. For some people, nothing we currently know how to do is good enough.
In order to build a more accessible and inclusive culture, we’re going to have to create things that don’t currently exist. We need better infrastructure and support. We need better technology. We need more resources, and more understanding that funding disability needs to be a priority. We need research and development, we need to learn a lot of things that we don’t currently know. 

The only way to get better at accessibility and inclusion is to start from where we are, and to commit to getting better at it. We can’t wait to be ready; we will never be ready. What we can do is understand that the people who are still being excluded matter, and keep building the things that need to exist.

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Any advice on drawing architecture for someone who is new to drawing but hoping to go to university to study architecture? I need to build a portfolio. Fortunately but also unfortunately I study sciences at the moment and will only have the chance to make my portfolio on my own time. -from a beginner

I think you should try to create some works for inclusion. Maybe some urban sketching or photographs would be the quickest route but you can also aspire to create some artworks or digital designs. Maybe some of the resources listed below can help.

You can see all previous responses regarding portfolios here. 

You can also check these posts:

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Ivy is not lesbian she is bi. People should stop trying to hide what she truly are.

I’ve been told that, yes. I want it to be clear that I support both headcannons. That, and I’m not familiar enough with Poison Ivy’s character to have an opinion either way. I saw a silly meme and wanted to replicate it with the rogues in mind. I never meant to hurt anybody.

While trying to come with good nicknames for all of the rogues I remembered that a lot of her fans call her “lesbian plant lady” and thought that had a good ring to it. That’s no excuse, and I apologize. Instead, I should have given her a nickname that didn’t allude to her sexuality.

I have friends that headcannon her as bisexual and I would never want to anger or upset them. Please understand that no matter what you headcannon, you are welcome here. I am supportive of everybody.

As some of you may have seen, Trump has announced all trans people to be banned from serving in the military “in any capacity” 

As some of you may know, I’m currently in the process of enlisting in the US Air Force.

As some of you may know, I am trans.

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SPIRIT WORK 102 with BARON-BONES on 5/19 @ 8 PM EST

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Hello, witchlings!  As some you may or may not know, on my Discord server, we host classes periodically throughout the week.  So far, since opening, we have covered Witchcraft 101, Tarot, Crystals, Researching Witchcraft, Linking Sigils, and Spirit Work for Beginners.  This Friday, @baron-bones will be hosting Spirit Work 102!

The lesson will include: the intangible aspects of spirit work–from how to meditate correctly, using visualization/interpretation, and how to commune with the spirits. The second portion of this class will be on some of the physical elements of Spirit Work (the use of items, charms, and containers.) Other topics discussed will be the inclusion of spirit work in your craft.  The final portion of the class will be a guided meditation with Baron, where we will do a very simple work where participants can become aware of spirits.

Class will be held on Friday, May 19th, at 8 PM EST.  For those of you planning on attending, we ask that if you are wanting to speak and ask questions on the voice channel, that you have a headset available.

If you have not taken Spirit Work 101, we have the lesson provided here.  Baron will give a brief overview of the previous lesson, but will not be going in depth over the first lesson’s topics.

Those that participate on Friday will receive: a PDF packet itinerary/workbook with loads of information designed specifically for this class AND a participation gift, which you will receive at the end of class.

If you are new and planning on joining us, we have a set of rules we follow on the server, one being that we require you to use a headset/headphones when in the voice channel.  It is simply to ensure that everyone can hear what is going on.  You can read more the full set of Witch Haven rules down below or learn more about the server over here.  

Once again, class starts at 8 PM EST sharp! Make sure to message one of the mods with your Tumblr name and age so we can properly categorize you in chat.  Hope to see everyone there!  Click here to join the server!


@buhbuhbilly: The artists that created Great Comet from the ground up have got to be the most loving and inclusive minds I’ve ever worked with

@buhbuhbilly: I am inspired day in and day out by my director Rachel Chavkin, my writer Dave Malloy, the other designers of this beautiful piece &

@buhbuhbilly: The brilliant cast. Who every show i share a stage with them, emulating how I see a perfect world.

@buhbuhbillyPeople of all colors sizes genders and sexual orientations existing in harmony. This is love, and peace. And that is the core of great comet

I’m so excited to announce that I, Red Gibson, will be having one of my visual poetry pieces displayed at this art event!

Walsall Sadlers centre, WS1 1YS, Sunday 19th November, 12-4pm

My piece of art will be have an element of LGBT to it 🌈

Please share 😁

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I wish lgbtq, suicide prevention and mental health hotlines (and services, centres, practitioners etc) were ace inclusive cause most don't even know what it means and im not gonna start talking about ace specific abuse that i really need help with when they don't even know that identity. It sucks, i just want to access help, especially since regs have been harrassing and abusing me and the gaslighting is making feel suicidal urges, but idk who i can talk to

Check out @thetrevorproject
I know for a fact they are ace inclusive, if it doesn’t work for you because location (I’d personally try their chat option before to make sure) then I can try to find other places.

Also, yeah it does really suck that aces have so much to consider here and it can be realllly scary to ask someone you are unsure will help you. But if you are ever at a crisis point please do reach out to someone who is trained in such things because I really want you to stick around. I’ve been in really low spots and I’ve been in eh spots for longer but I finally situation wise and self care wise realize oh, it really can get better.

A Message from GeekGirlCon

Dear GeekGirlCon community,

You may have received a message today from GeekGirlCon regarding the resignation of some members of the Convention Operations team.

We apologize for any confusion and hurt this has caused. As a community, we are hurt as well. These messages do not reflect the organization’s position and were distributed on behalf of GeekGirlCon without our approval or notice. To clarify, GeekGirlCon ‘17 will take place on September 30 and October 1. The convention will go on as planned.

It is important to note that the Convention Operations team represents just a fraction of the many passionate staff members working to ensure a wonderful and inclusive con. Despite the resignation of 5 team members, we remain an organization of over 50 people, including many who have been with us from the inception of the organization.

As a volunteer-powered non-profit organization putting on our seventh con, we recognize that progress and change often come with conflict and differing visions for the organization. It is inevitable to run into disagreement. Despite these growing pains, we are committed to continuing our central mission of supporting women geeks, geeks of other underrepresented backgrounds and identities, and their allies. It is also important to understand that GeekGirlCon is still a very young organization, and over the last year we have made major strides in expanding our mission. Growth is necessary, and unfortunately not everyone will be in agreement on how that growth is implemented.

The accusations brought forth by the five individuals before their resignation were addressed by our Board of Directors. After these accusations were brought to the attention of the Board, the Board took steps to interview staff members, but were not provided any supporting documentation nor corroboration for the claims. In addition, the Board and our Executive Director have implemented steps to improve communication, transparency, and financial oversight. These improvements are ongoing as we continually seek to improve how we can best serve our community.

Our organization is led by Michele Carrico Domingo, a woman of color who has made it her mission to demonstrate transparency, integrity, and inclusivity. Her background working with both non-profits and corporations has made her exceptionally qualified to lead GeekGirlCon. The entirety of the GeekGirlCon staff supports Michele, and we are honored to be led by her.

We would like to reaffirm the guiding values and beliefs that unite us and act as a manifesto for our organization:

We are Geeks.

We savor the scientific, the logical, and the precise. We revel in the unknown, the fantastic, and the unimaginable. We exist in the-between, where ingenuity stretches possibility and transformation is born. We code, concoct, create and cosplay.

The imagination is our only limit and ours is limitless.

We are Girls.

And we are women, and femmes, and non-binary/gender non-conforming individuals, and we are allies. Our personalities are as diverse as our backgrounds and bodies. We are many voices and countless tales.

We are diversity and we defy expectations.

We are a community.

We break barriers and democratize opportunity. We provide safe spaces to do what we love: learn, connect, invent and challenge.

We are here to fearlessly and fiercely celebrate one another.

Again, we apologize for the confusion this has caused. We want to assure you all that we are committed to ensuring that this year’s Con will be as exciting, inclusive, and geeky as ever!