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A black man walks into the San Francisco CTO Summit

On May 8, 2017, at precisely 11:41 a.m., I walked onstage at the San Francisco CTO Summit to give a talk titled “Tech and Inclusion. Why So Difficult?”

At $995 for the session, and with over 200 attendees, the event was billed as being presented by senior engineering leaders from startups (more than 75% are chief technology officers, vice presidents of engineering or directors of engineering). Previous presenters were the CTOs and VPEs of Stripe, Coinbase, MongoDB, Zenefits, Warby Parker, Squarespace, Shopify, Birchbox, Tumblr and CustomInk.

As I took my place on the stage, I looked out at the crowd and posed the question, “Who identifies as an African-American?”

No one responded.

It was if no one had noticed until that moment that the makeup of people in the room and the title of my talk were strangely in alignment.

With all the ongoing conversations and controversy surrounding inclusion and diversity, it is surprising that a tech conference in San Francisco — which bills itself as a place to learn and connect with your peers — allows this to happen.

Let’s unpack what makes it difficult.

1. Inclusion takes work.

You have to expand your network and ask for help from people you are not accustomed to asking for help from.

2. Inclusion is uncomfortable.

The conference organizers knew the title of my talk months in advance. How awkward would it have been for the conference organizers to ask for help in finding people of color to attend and present? Probably less awkward than me calling it out onstage.

3. Inclusion means changing the way you think about everything. 

— Leslie Miley (@shaft), a Silicon Valley native who has held engineering leadership roles at Slack, Twitter, Apple and Google. Read more 

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The American Library Association strongly opposes any actions that limit free access to information, undermine privacy or discriminate on any basis. This includes the temporary suspension of visas and entrance to the US based on anyone’s nationality or religion as well as the increased scrutiny of any individual’s communication such as mobile phone and/or social media activity.

“Our nation’s 120,000 public, academic, school and special libraries serve all community members, including people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities and the most vulnerable in our communities, offering services and educational resources that transform communities, open minds, and promote inclusion and diversity.  

“ALA believes that the struggle against racism, prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination is central to our mission. We will continue to speak out and support efforts to abolish intolerance and cultural invisibility, stand up for all the members of the communities we serve, and promote understanding and inclusion through our work.

“We will continue to speak out and support our members as they work tirelessly for access to library and information resources on behalf of all of their community members, while advocating for privacy, intellectual freedom, critical global research, information literacy, ongoing access to scientific research, and fair and equitable treatment for everyone.

yo. we (white people) do a shit job of making fandom inclusive & safe. Working on a post/series of posts educating white fandom on How to Be Better. I’ve asked multiple people, but the more info I have to share, the better. While we have a some great jumping-off points, my essential questions are:

What can white ppl do to make this fandom a safer and happier place?
What behaviors do white ppl need to cut out?

Some talking points I have, based on convos I’ve already had are:

why race matters in fandom
appropriation in fandom
best practices as a content creator (i’m looking at you, White Pinterest edits)
how to respond to a callout

Anything you need to say.! Link to a post white ppl in fandom need to read, your own anecdotes, etc. You can reply to this post, message me, or inbox me.

The point is to elevate voices. Your talking points, frustrations, anecdotes, tips - any and everything is fair game. If you want me to credit you in the post(s), I absolutely will, and if you want to remain anonymous, I will absolutely do that.

Obviously, no one is under obligation!! Just want this to be specific to fandom and as comprehensive and helpful as possible, I appreciate any input!! <3 <3 <3

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Twist Sara throws Reyes,Scott and Alec in a zero-g chamber so they work everything out. "Doors closed until you all fix this and talk" *undiscerable screaming*

Reyes spends the entire time floating above Alec and Scott totally checked out from the situation. He got over his beef a LONG time ago. He doesn’t want to be involved in this shit storm.

Eventually though, Scott grabs him by the ankle and jerks him down. They’re still screaming. Reyes still doesn’t know what exactly it’s about but he’s so tired. It’s been three hours. 


Alec’s offended and confused. “Forgiven me? Do you even have the right- you’re the liar!”

Scott and Reyes both scoff and roll their eyes so hard they actually cringe because it HURT. Scott mimes pulling out a notepad. “Oh, Reyes, you lied wow what a surprise HOW MANY DOES THAT MAKE I DON’T EVEN KNOW BECAUSE EIGHTY PERCENT OF WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH IS A FALSEHOOD, BOLDFACED LIE, OR FABRICATION.”

Reyes nods and gestures frantically, almost spiraling because GRAVITY is not working. Scott’s upside down now. Or is he rightside up? “Mark it as the fifteenth today, love. I’ve been keeping track.”

Alec’s horrified. Reyes is still lying to Scott? And Scott puts up with it? One more reason to hate Reyes.

(What he doesn’t know is that Scott knows Reyes is a bit of a compulsive liar, and literally every lie post-High Noon is so stupid and unimportant Scott just throws Reyes a look at this point like “Cough it up” and Reyes gives in so fast with an “oh whoops did it again” Totally normal for them.)

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Any advice on drawing architecture for someone who is new to drawing but hoping to go to university to study architecture? I need to build a portfolio. Fortunately but also unfortunately I study sciences at the moment and will only have the chance to make my portfolio on my own time. -from a beginner

I think you should try to create some works for inclusion. Maybe some urban sketching or photographs would be the quickest route but you can also aspire to create some artworks or digital designs. Maybe some of the resources listed below can help.

You can see all previous responses regarding portfolios here. 

You can also check these posts:

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Christine Archibald, a Canadian social worker, is the first victim to have been named following the terror attack in London on Saturday evening.

She worked in a shelter for homeless people in Canada, supporting those who are rootless and exist in the shadows of society. Her belief that everyone should be met with respect and dignity stands in stark contrast to the brutality of her murder.

As a social worker, Christine worked to build inclusive, peaceful, sustainable communities. She was one of three million social workers in 126 countries around the world who know that we must work towards changing the fragile world we live in.

In a statement, Christine’s family said: “Please honour her by making your community a better place. Volunteer your time and labour or donate to a homeless shelter. Tell them Chrissy sent you.”

Offering ​our skills and expertise for the good of our communities is what drives social workers
As social workers, we often work with people who want to change things in their lives. Many of us travel on that journey with both victims and perpetrators of violence. We know the hopes, fears and secrets that dominate the thoughts of those who have experienced violence, and the way they live with its effects for the rest of their lives. This is what drives people who choose social work as their profession: the desire to offer our skills, knowledge and expertise in the attempt to change individual lives for the good of our communities to create peaceful, safe, inclusive and socially just spaces for us all to live in.

It is too simplistic to suggest that the violent acts of recent weeks stem solely from faith or a particular religious affiliation. The origins of violent behaviour are complex, but typically involve feelings of alienation, being outside and excluded from your surroundings; feeling totally alone; and lacking a positive sense of identity.

While people who commit violence must be held responsible for their acts, a mature society also works towards understanding and preventing violence. We cannot ignore the contribution made by factors such as inequality and injustice. Without this deeper understanding of the roots of violence, no amount of changes to the law or investment in counter-terrorism schemes can offer the long-term solution that is required to transform alienated citizens into builders of safe communities.

As politicians come and go, we need to remind them that economic health is only achievable with social health. Christine’s dedication to helping people transform their lives is her legacy to social workers around the world.

Ruth Stark is president of the International Federation of Social Workers.

This article from The Guardian is a great summation of what social workers believe to their core. They walk the talk, are the true warriors in the trenches, and are grossly undervalued and underpaid. What Christine’s family said is worth repeating: “Please honour her by making your community a better place. Volunteer your time and labour or donate to a homeless shelter. Tell them Chrissy sent you.”
RIP Christine, your life deserves much more attention than the lives of the terrorists.

SPIRIT WORK 102 with BARON-BONES on 5/19 @ 8 PM EST

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Hello, witchlings!  As some you may or may not know, on my Discord server, we host classes periodically throughout the week.  So far, since opening, we have covered Witchcraft 101, Tarot, Crystals, Researching Witchcraft, Linking Sigils, and Spirit Work for Beginners.  This Friday, @baron-bones will be hosting Spirit Work 102!

The lesson will include: the intangible aspects of spirit work–from how to meditate correctly, using visualization/interpretation, and how to commune with the spirits. The second portion of this class will be on some of the physical elements of Spirit Work (the use of items, charms, and containers.) Other topics discussed will be the inclusion of spirit work in your craft.  The final portion of the class will be a guided meditation with Baron, where we will do a very simple work where participants can become aware of spirits.

Class will be held on Friday, May 19th, at 8 PM EST.  For those of you planning on attending, we ask that if you are wanting to speak and ask questions on the voice channel, that you have a headset available.

If you have not taken Spirit Work 101, we have the lesson provided here.  Baron will give a brief overview of the previous lesson, but will not be going in depth over the first lesson’s topics.

Those that participate on Friday will receive: a PDF packet itinerary/workbook with loads of information designed specifically for this class AND a participation gift, which you will receive at the end of class.

If you are new and planning on joining us, we have a set of rules we follow on the server, one being that we require you to use a headset/headphones when in the voice channel.  It is simply to ensure that everyone can hear what is going on.  You can read more the full set of Witch Haven rules down below or learn more about the server over here.  

Once again, class starts at 8 PM EST sharp! Make sure to message one of the mods with your Tumblr name and age so we can properly categorize you in chat.  Hope to see everyone there!  Click here to join the server!
Tarot Card Coloring Book (Physical Copy)
A small 14 page coloring book that depicts lgbt people of color as representations of the occult tarot.

Hey check out my coloring book~! Please share and maybe buy one! This coloring book has queer people of color as a representations of the occult tarot. Representation matters and so does supporting trans and queer artists of color such as myself, so that we have the opportunities to create more inclusive work! 

Thank you for your time!!

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you know, changing words in statistics can make them innacurate. 1 in 3 FEMALES will have an abortion sometime in their life; not people. if it were 1 in 3 people, that would mean that 33% of the total population will have an abortion. in actuality, it's about 17% of the total population. the statistic in your description is innacurate because of your virtue signalling. when dealing with science/math, you can't virtue signal.

I’ve had this point posed to me before. I’m assuming you’re a radfem/terf/piece of shit. So… I will reiterate for your benefit: Since this is an abortion-positivity blog and we’re inclusive, we are working under the assumption our audience can figure out that it means people capable of getting pregnant (which include cis women, trans men, and non-binary people) are getting these abortions. If you can’t get pregnant, you probably don’t need an abortion. 

The only reason that stat is published as “1 in 3 women” is due to trans erasure or non-binary erasure and/or ignorance. 

Take your fucking pick. 

-Mod Al

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Ever since I found out about paganism, especially Wicca, I've been fascinated so much, because I never understood how religion could be so important to people. While I do resonate with it a lot, there is this big recurring theme of it that always kind of bugs me a bit. Wicca is great because it's so supportive of different sexualities and generally embraces sexuality, unlike most other religions. But with the whole "sex is a gift from the gods" what about asexual people? I'd hate to be left out.

Keep in mind that I’m not Wiccan and I’m speaking purely as an outsider.

Like any other religious or spiritual group, you’re going to get individual people and private groups who are bigoted in some way.  People who are asexual are sometimes the recipients of that bigotry.  Wicca overall has very strong themes of fertility, which is often translated into sexuality of a specifically heteronormative nature.  However, this is not true of all Wiccan groups, and acceptance of non-heteronormative gender and sexual identities is increasing.  I often see Wiccan and neopagan conceptions of fertility being translated into non-sexual forms of creation: the fertile grounds of imagination, the growth of skill and prosperity, the weaving together of communities, etc.

People who are anywhere on the asexuality spectrum have as much right to be in pagan spaces as people who aren’t ace.  I would argue that if sex is a gift, so is consent; sex positivity isn’t about making everyone want to have sex but about respecting people’s choices on if, when, how, and with whom that sex is - or isn’t - performed.  If we’re made in the gods’ images, as some Wiccans and pagans claim, then that means all of us.

Here in San Francisco, California, CAYA ( the Come As You Are Coven) is an organization that actively works towards inclusivity, coming as it is out of the rich queer pagan communities of the Bay Area.  I think they offer online resources and possibly training in their own spiritual tradition, which, from what I can tell, is pretty heavily neopagan/Wiccan.  Lasara Firefox’s Jailbreaking the Goddess proposes an alternative feminine archetypal model to the Maiden/Mother/Crone, a fivefold one divorced from Western, heteronormative notions of gender and expectations of sexual fertility.  (I imagine you could develop a parallel model for a different gender pretty easily based on Lasara’s fivefold one, if you’re ace but not feminine).

It’s also possible that another form of paganism that puts less emphasis on fertility and sexuality may be more comfortable for you.  That simply takes exploration and testing the waters, and there’s no need to rush; the gods and spirits and their traditions will still be around in the future, too.

Since I’m neither Wiccan nor someone who works with archetypal forms of the divine, however, that’s about the extent of my knowledge.  Does anyone have anything else, especially if you’re an ace pagan or Wiccan?

- mountain hound

Introducing  Yahoo’s Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group

By Margenett Moore-Roberts, Global Head of Inclusive Diversity 

I am excited to announce the creation of Yahoo’s newest Employee Resource Group (ERG) focused on Neurodiversity, spearheaded by Margaux Joffe, Yahoo’s Head of Production, Global Marketing Department. The ERG’s mission is to champion neurodiversity at Yahoo in order to create an inclusive workplace for minds of all kinds.

If you’re unfamiliar, neurodiversity refers to differences in learning and attention as normal variations of the human brain. At Yahoo, we recognize minds of all kinds and respect all forms of human variations – from dyslexia, to ADHD, to the autistic spectrum and more. In partnership with Yahoo’s Office of Inclusive Diversity (OID), the new Neurodiversity ERG will help encourage that anyone with these differences can utilize their strengths at work and thrive through one another’s support, as well as supports OID’s mission of advancing diversity and inclusion in Yahoo’s workforce, workplace and marketplace.

Margaux is the chair of the program and her passion stems from her personal experience in being diagnosed with ADHD three years ago, when she was well into adulthood. She felt compelled to found the Kaleidoscope Society, an empowerment project for women with ADHD which shines a light on inspiring stories of trailblazing women with ADHD for its more than 700 members. After joining Yahoo and talking to the OID about their commitment to creating an inclusive working environment, she proposed the idea of creating a Neurodiversity ERG in order to extend the OID’s efforts to colleagues (like herself) with neurological differences.

The ERG is hitting the ground running, and the first internal campaign is introducing poster series and screens in all offices globally to highlight the strengths associated with a few neurological differences such as Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and OCD. The ERG will also meet regularly to provide support to relevant members of the Yahoo community and collaborate on how to grow and bring awareness to their mission. Four initial focuses of the program include: learning the needs of employees, creating a community of support, providing resources at Yahoo and increasing the cultural competency of managers so they can effectively manage their diverse teams.

In the coming months, the ERG will work with the OID and Human Resources to ensure Neurodiversity is incorporated into our Inclusion strategy and our manager competencies.

Rebuilding what was built incorrectly

Most of our social infrastructure was built incorrectly. It was built on the assumption that everyone is basically physically and cognitively similar, and that people who aren’t need to go away and be someone else’s problem.

People with disabilities have been treated as disposable. Children have been kept out of school; adults have been excluded from higher education. People have been institutionalized, and many are still stuck in institutions. 

People live without freedom, and are kept from their communities. People are forced to stay unemployed rather than supported in finding work that they can do. Disabled people have been harmed in any number of ways.

It has always been wrong to exclude people with disabilities like this, and in recent years, more people have come to understand that it is wrong. Accessibility and inclusion are on the table much more often than they used to be (in significant part, because the disability rights community has insisted that they be there.) 

Part of what we have to do is be willing to be inclusive, and be willing to change things for the sake of access. That’s necessary — and it’s also not enough. There are a lot of access needs that we flat-out don’t know how to meet right now. For some people, nothing we currently know how to do is good enough.
In order to build a more accessible and inclusive culture, we’re going to have to create things that don’t currently exist. We need better infrastructure and support. We need better technology. We need more resources, and more understanding that funding disability needs to be a priority. We need research and development, we need to learn a lot of things that we don’t currently know. 

The only way to get better at accessibility and inclusion is to start from where we are, and to commit to getting better at it. We can’t wait to be ready; we will never be ready. What we can do is understand that the people who are still being excluded matter, and keep building the things that need to exist.

An Announcement Regarding the “Once Upon A Time” Reboot

A couple things, actually!

  • Some people have already noticed, but I have gone back and replaced Charlize Theron as Regina with Salma Hayek, who will continue to portray Regina through the end of the series. Regina is played by a Latina woman on the Once Upon A Time show, and I have striven to be more inclusive and diverse than the actual show itself, which I and many others have criticized for its lack of representation. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the project, I was limited to using actors that have previously participated in fantasy/period drama/etc. films and television shows so I could use screencaps of them. This has only made me even more aware of the problem of representation in the film and television industry, and I will continue to try to be more inclusive in my creative work. This starts by correcting the error I made in casting Regina with a white woman. I have not changed any of Regina’s story, neither in the text that is already published nor in her role within the projected ending of our version of this story.
  • Following tonight’s episode, the reboot will be going on a brief hiatus for about two weeks. I would love to have a fancy reason as to why, but the unfortunate truth is just that it’s not done yet and not ready to go. The exciting part of this is that when we come back, the episodes will be released back-to-back, ten nights in a row, one big sweep right up to our grand finale. I’m sorry for the delay, it’s my own fault for putting off this season, but hopefully when we come back to wrap up the story, it’ll be worth the wait.
  • That’s it! I hope you enjoy tonight’s finale, and we’ll see ya real soon!

Life update post graduation:

Got a job at a the YMCA working one-on-one with a kid that has autism for the summer. Will hopefully try to work with YMCA’s new diversity and inclusion board to work on LGBTQ related issues within the Y once the summer is over.

I’m also living with some lovely conservatory/actor pals in a very gay area of city and my life feels like a weird TV show sometimes and I LOVE THE CITY SO MUCH??

Still trying to figure out what I’m doing for grad school, but life is kind of good right now actually.

I appreciate all the good vibes and prayers sent my way over the past few years by y'all 💖

Honestly let people play around with canon and oc behaviour, let them be too sappy with their characters or too harsh, let them write in whatever way they want. If every single person wrote fic constrained by the rigid guidelines of canon and didn’t venture into unexplored territory bordering on oc, fic would be the most bland and repetitive format of fanwork. Let people write whatever the fuck they want, it’s not up to you to call them out for it.

You know, I really prefer the QUILTBAG acronym to LGBTQIA+? (for those who don’t know it stands for:  “queer & questioning, undecided, intersex, lesbian, transexual/transgender/trans*, bisexual, asexual, gay & genderqueer). It’s easier to remember, because it’s a full word, and it’s difficult to drop letters out of it. 

We still need a P somewhere, but I feel like it’s a good step? So I think I’m going to use it as my tag from now on. I haven’t seen any real discourse on it but if people have arguments against/whatever do let me know.

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i don't know fuck about uk politics so i'd like to know your opinion on who you think dnp are voting for and why? (i'm curious thanks)

this is purely my opinion and by no means a reflection on dan and phil’s personal beliefs but i reckon that they voted labour

this is mainly because Theresa May who is running or the Conservative Party (or the tories) is gonna do some shit if she gets elected such as discarding of human rights laws for everyone in order to place restrictions on suspected terrorists, she also wants to regulate the internet and she wants to do this internationally. Also she has made sexist comments such as “There’s boy and girl jobs your see“ and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, i don’t want to get right into it because i’ll be typing for weeks. 

labours policies are much more inclusive and are working towards improving education for young people and fixing the NHS as it’s currently in a pretty bad way as well as much more

sadly in the UK you have the tories and labour and the other parties dont really get a look in at all (and you have  SNP if you’re in scotland)