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The 100 Sizzle Reel SDCC 2017

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Request: y/n is a rich spoiled girl, at least that's how she looks like, she's everything harry hates. People say that she is very confident and the life of every party. No one knows how she feels inside and she is always looking for attention of men bc her dad is a very busy person.

I’m making this a series ‘cause I just fell in love with the concept. Seriously, I love that trope way too much. I’ll be including another request I received as part II of this. Here’s a preview:

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”

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Consideration of sexual color dimorphism in the Galrificus spacecatus

(Probably one among many such posts, rolling off the press :3)

So, now that we know what female Galra look like, I can’t help but notice something

Here are a few male Galra

Here are a few female Galra

Notice a big difference? Yeah, COLOR
With the kinda-exception of oddball Kolivan, male Galra are purple.  
K? They’re purple. Some are more lilac, some are more eggplant, some have markings that are *gasp* slightly paler shades of purple. Some are more violet, some are powdery bluish/lavender/whatever. But the theme?
Full stop

The ladies, however? We’ve got pink, blue, salmon, orange, teal, yellow. All sorts of markings in all sorts of colors

2 theories

  1. Make-up. All those face markings could be cosmetic. Which. Yeah, would actually be a super-fun idea, because pretty ladies & swag. However, I don’t think it’s the case. Because
    1. They’re on active military duty. Modern military and non-essential cosmetic alterations often don’t hang out together. 
    2. Well, if it’s cosmetic, then why aren’t any of the guys wearing it?
      (Again, argument can be made for Kolivan)

  2. All-natural skin pigmentation.  This, I think, is the more likely answer. AND it actually is more fun, because this means it could be an evolutionary holdover from Galra prehistory, perhaps even pre-sentience

Now. Take this journey with me, folks. Think of birds. Earth birds. Specifically, think of passerines (the sparrows, the robins, the birds-of-paradise, the bluejays, the swallows, etc. They flutter. They perch on stuff. They cheep, they sing, they squawk, they have a good time)

Remember their sexual dimorphisms? Remember how (not always, but often) one sex tends to be dull-looking, and the other tends to be pretty & flashy?  

There’s the courted, pursued, “stay at home/take care of the kids” half of the species. Typically, they’re very well-camouflaged (wouldn’t want to attract predators to their nests), and they look rather drab. They come in browns, grays… *whispers* perhaps purples?

And then, there’s the half that does the courting. And (once babies show up) they’re the ones who leave the nest more often, and who act (generally) as the breadwinners. THESE are the ones that usually come in bright pretty colors. Reds, blues, greens… salmons, oranges, pinks??


If we go waaaaay back in time, to their civilization’s beginnings-  waaaaaaay back to when physical markings would have most mattered-  we could tentatively conclude a few things about this (perhaps matriarchal?? Idk, but just perhaps????) Galra society

Picture it with me: big, bright, strong, eye-catching, courtship-performing females, who strut their stuff(!!) for smaller, drabber, homemaker males.

So, (at LEAST) in terms of their great-great ancestors, I guess what I’m trying to say is


BNHA Week. Day 1: Character(s)

Shinsou and Aizawa when anybody says anything bad about cats.

Reference used.

I spent an hour today researching types and mindsets of serial killers so I could make sure the plot of These Violent Delights ends up with some consistency and goes somewhere.

My list of “weird things I’ve researched for fic” is growing…

day 5 (favorite scheme) // “We’re the wealthy homosexual couple she promised her womb to.” “Indeed we are. I’m Hugh Honey, and this is my partner, Vic Vinegar. We’re partners in real estate, and we’re partners in life.”

“Why does everything you own have words printed on them?” Dennis grumbles, sifting through slogan tee after slogan tee in Mac’s closet to no avail. He’s already perfected his own look - pink button down shirt, grey sweater vest, madras shorts - and he can’t possibly come up with an outfit for Mac that would parallel his own in style and believability, at least, not with what Mac has to offer.

“I can’t help what I like to wear,” Mac responds, arms folded across his chest defensively. “And besides, we’re Honey and Vinegar. Why can’t we just keep our matching suits on?”

Dennis suppresses an exasperated sigh. “Because we’re off the clock, asshole! Gay couples don’t just walk around in garishly colored suits all day!” He runs his hair in frustration as he considers the next possible course of action.

“You know, I think gay couples of all people would most likely be the ones to do that.”

“God, will you just shut up for a second!”

For once, Mac listens, and after a few tense moments of silence, Dennis has an idea. “Follow me,” he says, slamming the closet door shut. “You’re lucky that I have enough fashion sense for the both of us.”

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