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Happy Birthday Leigh Daniel “Dan” Avidan! (March 14, 1979) → “Don’t make fame your goal. Make your goal doing what you do to the best of your ability, and that’s something no one can take away from you.” 

(MAGFest concert photo in the mid-right corner courtesy of @kawaiittrash)

“Dan is one of the best human beings I’ve ever met in my life…if Dan says you’re cool, then you’re cool.” ~ Arin Hanson

“Danny is literally the worst person I know…one of the least talented and most selfish people I’ve ever met. I also think Danny is a total diva.”  ~ Brian Wecht

“Danny is a cute motherf*cker.” ~ Vernon Shaw

“He’s like 7 feet tall and a palm tree of hair.” ~ Barry Kramer

“I peer review Dan all the time. I look at him like ‘His thumbs look stupid’. I mean Dan looks like a big f*cking muppet, you know.” ~ Ross O’Donovan

“I would say Dan’s whole personality is badass positivity. He’s an awesome rock star, a hyperactive 8-year-old, and the world’s wisest oldest man, all living in the same brain.” ~ Phoenix Carver


Happy birthday Japan! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

National Foundation Day (建国記念の日 Kenkoku Kinen no Hi) is a national holiday in Japan celebrated annually on February 11, celebrating the foundation of Japan and the accession of its first emperor, Emperor Jimmu on 11 February 660 BC


The Wonderful Voices of Dragon Ball - Masako Nozawa

Voice of Goku, Gohan, Goten, Goku Black, Turles, and Bardock

Then can I choose a birthday for you?
Yours can be the same as mine,
April first!
Is that so?
So your birthday is the same as mine,
April first!
Happy Birthday! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Sakura-hime, Syaoran, Tsubasa-hime and Tsubasa.

The Best of: Jeremy Abbott

2009-2010 SP “A Day in the Life” at 2010 Nationals
2009-2010 FS “Symphony No.3 (Saint-Saens)” at 2010 Nationals
2010-2011 FS “Life is Beautiful” at 2010 NHK Trophy
2010-2011 EX “Rhythm of Love” at 2011 4CC
2011-2012 SP “Sing, Sing, Sing” at 2012 Nationals
2011-2012 FS “Exogenesis: Symphony” at 2012 Nationals
2011-2012 EX “Hometown Glory” at 2012 Nationals
2012-2013 SP “Spy” at 2012 Trophee Bompard
2012-2013 FS “Bring Him Home” at 2012 Trophee Bompard
2013-2014 SP “Lilies of the Valley” at 2014 Nationals
2013-2014 FS “Exogenesis: Symphony” at 2014 Worlds
2013-2014 EX “Bring Him Home” at 2014 Nationals
2014-2015 FS “Adagio for Strings” at 2014 NHK Trophy
2014-2015 EX “Latch” at 2014 Skate America
EX “Dear Lord” at 2015 Nationals
FS “Old Pine” at 2016 Japan Open

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hello, can I please have some headcanons with Mikado, Celty and Izaya? What about them with their s/o having a pillow fight... who would win?


- pillow fights with him are fun and peaceful as he doesn’t throw too hard and can’t fight all too well either + his stamina allows him only up to 10 minutes off pillow fighting he can’t go longer than that

- you win like 99% of the time if you feel bad for him let him win once in a while

- it’s more like you’re throwing the pillow back and forth while talking rather than a pillow fight

- stops the fight by pulling you into his arms, he can’t “win” in any other way but he doesn’t have the courage to do this often


- she doesn’t like them too much but if you initiate one she won’t hold back

- casually cheats by using her shadow to make you slip and fall on the couch/bed

- her throw is strong but her aim is awful she’ll be aiming at you and hit the vase off the table and she’ll be super embarrassed

- you have a 50/50 chance to win unless she’s using her shadow or runs off because she broke something in the house


- lmao do y'all remember that time he threw Celty’s head into the air and it looked like he almost dropped her?? It’s the same with pillow fights

- he can’t throw or catch properly at all but it’s still hard to win because he’s very good at dodging

- still he enjoys himself a lot and also starts like 80% of your pillow fights (especially when you want to sleep and he…doesn’t)

- normally you would win but he either runs off in the middle because he has “work to do” or jumps at you to incapacitate you and changes the topic

"Forgotten or too afraid to remember?"

here’s a theory!


lmao jk, its an antiseptic theory!

now, let’s start from the beginning.

you know how whenever anti glitched into jack’s videos, the setting and everything would usually look a bit different in glitch than it did in the actual video?

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however; in detention, you didn’t see that. there was no change, just the static flashing and anti coming right into say whatever was on the mirror.

yet, we see two quick images of a familiar someone looking and pointing at the camera, which is most likely the audience, right before it cuts out to jack’s regular gameplay for the rest of the video.

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notice how there’s no blood on jack and how curious he’s acting on those two gifs, compared to the ones on top where he looks tortured/crazy or has a ton of blood on his face.

much like in sister location, where anti finally takes over. the two beings merged together as anti became much stronger than before.

Originally posted by haileighlovesbands

Also, in the “SAY GOODBYE” video, right before anti comes in, you hear a faint “Ḣͦ͒̇͢͏̬͉̺͖E̵̷͖̰͉̖̣̯̻̔ͬ̆́ͪͪ͛ͦͩL̡̰͙̙ͭP̵͖̪̦̭ͯͦ̅ͣ ̵̛͚̰̞̙͛̍ͥ̚M̻͕̣͆́͡ͅȨ̶̦̘͖̻͖̽̊͌͗ͣ̔ͅ!”, right before anti comes in and makes his little speech.

I don’t know if this has any correlation to the point I’m trying to make, but i feel as if this means that jack was trapped wherever anti was before. anti just learned “how to pretend” as time went on, much like he tried to show in that exact same episode.

Now, onto the quote: “forgotten? or just to afraid to remember?”

Anyone remember that there was no real conclusion to the “Say Goodbye” video? Jack never came back and tried to take over his body at the end. It was simply anti saying “S̨̼̦̖̊̊ͮa̴̟̥͑͋̆̅͑͐͝y̨͚̞͙̠̝̠̗̹̤̌̀ͯ ̸͉͚͕̉ͭ̾̒̾̈́͑ͤ̒G̨̬̮̺̐́͐̄͐ͣ̈͘ŏ̬̼̙̪̀ͩ̉͠o͔̺̝̦͙̣͚ͬ̚͢͞d̸̛̰͕̺̜̞ͮ̏ͬbͤ͛ͭ͏͔̲̰y̸͎͋͊͑ͥͣ͒̔̾͝͝e͙ͯ̂̐ͦ.̷̧̞̣̩͖̝̗̜̙͈́̍ͦ͗̓ͮ̀̿̕.͒ͯ͢͏̪̪̹̪.̶̧͍̘̼̬̹́͌̎͢” as the screen faded to black.

Remember the things that glitch bitch said?

“You! This is all YOUR fault.” 

“You could’ve stopped me!” 

“But you just watched; as all this happened!

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“Now, he’s gone forever.”

And again, in the sister location video, lest we not forget that he “learned how to pretend”. And we simply went off like it almost never happened as the videos still went up. However; we still mentioned anti, but not as much as we did before. It was around the “Oxenfree” playthroughs where the Anti hype kinda started to spark up again, which helps Jack wherever he is now. After the “Say Goodbye” video, we were all reassured that Anti was done and over with, without getting a full closure on how Jack got his body back. 

 After that, we just continued with our regularly scheduled program, most likely “forgetting” that fact that this: 

Originally posted by shiki-kun-baka

 Actually happened. 

 Now, look back at the two parts from Detention when Anti shows up. 

“hello?” (he’s looking into the camera, seeing if anyone’s there. he’s seeing if he can glitch through the system.)

“You!” (breaking the fourth wall once more, as he knows you’re watching. hoping that you can see him glitching through as you’re watching as all of this is happening again.)

Originally posted by certainfurball01

I don’t think Anti’s the one hidden behind the glitches this time. I think the person pointing is Jack. 

I feel like this could mean two things. 

“Did you forget that I was trapped here?“ 


“Are you too afraid to remember that you watched me get trapped here?”


Happy Birthday to the cutest cutie Helena ♡♡+.゚(→ε←*)゚+.゚


Happy 75th Birthday to Brian Douglas Wilson (My favorite person in the entire world) ❤

June 20th, 1942 -

Happy birthday Nikol! { @flamingplay }

Thank you so much for your friendship, I’m so happy we got to meet by chance! I sincerely hope you have an amazing day surrounded by the people who love you, you deserve it, girl! 💚 I don’t know if I ever told you this, but I really care about you and I hope you’re always happy… This is your day, live it to the fullest.

Cutting and dying my own hair has always been ritual, and as a secular witch, I don’t use the word ritual. Since high school cutting and dying my own hair has been about endings, beginning, body autonomy, and agency. As a witch, all of this came into a magical focus. I’ve been dealing with some stuff that concerned me but I have finally gotten to a place where it no longer does. I have some future things to focus on and some exciting things in the next few months, including my 40th birthday and the celebration of the 20th anniversary of my zine. Today the sun is shining in Portland and I pulled The Sun card from my tarot deck. There are crows cawing for peanuts outside so I gotta head out to work. Things are good.


The highlight of the long days at Shell Cottage is her nightly walk with Ron along the coastline. She doesn’t need to hold his arm, not anymore, but he always offers it anyway and she always takes it.

The other tradition, as unspoken as the first, is that their conversations are light and casual, and about anything but the seemingly impossible mission at hand.

Tonight they stroll in silence, contemplating Lupin’s news.

“A baby,” Ron says finally, his voice full of wonder. “Do you ever think about having kids?”

“Not lately,” she says ruefully, before realizing that is veering dangerously close to their invisible line. “But I used to, yes.”

“Me too,” Ron says. “I don’t think I want a lot of kids like my folks had. Growing up in the Burrow was fun but it was a bit of a zoo at times. So maybe just like… four.”

Four?!” Hermione says, laughing. He gives her a puzzled look. “Some people would argue that four is a lot, Ron.”

“Why, what are you thinking?” Ron says.

“Maybe one?”

One?” It’s Ron’s turn to be the incredulous echo. “That’s not even enough to play a game of Quidditch!”

“You certainly have odd criteria for making important life decisions.”

“But it’s ridiculous!” he says. “How am I going to continue my family’s plot of ginger world domination if I only have one kid?”

She laughs again. “Well I hate to rain on your planned ascendancy, but red hair is a recessive trait so there’s no guarantee that the children would even have red hair to begin with. But now one of my grandfathers had red hair so - ”

She tails off as it dawns on her that they aren’t talking about his kids or her kids, they are talking about their kids. The ones they would have together.

Given the relaxed, non-flushed appearance of his face, this fact hasn’t dawned on Ron yet.

Unless maybe it has.

“- so I might carry the genome,” she finishes carefully.

“Aha!” Ron says, looking pleased. “Ginger domination. But anyway, don’t let it trouble you. I wouldn’t mind a brown-haired child, as long as they are ginger in spirit.”

She tucks her hand a little tighter into his elbow, feeling lighter than she has in weeks. After everything they’ve faced, before everything horrible that’s still to come, Ron can still think about the future and a red-headed Quidditch team all his own.

And apparently, so can she.

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Hello there! I played Hustle Cat and loved it to bits! I have a ton of questions if you don’t mind! 1) Does Reese have a crush on Graves? 2) How exactly does Finley’s magic work? (I have my own theory but I’m curious) 3) What exactly happened between Graves and Nacht? 4) How old is everyone? 5) Would you be interested in a potential French translation for the game (knowing there would be technical issues wrt pronouns and spelling that would require some adaptations)? Thanks!

Thank you so much for playing! I’m so happy to hear that!  I don’t mind the questions at all, but heads up to others reading this that there are some spoilers below!

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in celebration of many things, including my very own birthday, i’ve prepared a small little post in hopes of mentioning the many people who brighten up my dash in return for all the amazing posts i reblog from you guys! so thank you for keeping up with me throughout the time and may you guys be blessed and happy for eternity,


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