including adam

trc characters as things people at my school have said
  • blue: he has a trump sticker! ram him!
  • gansey: hey remember when i almost died on multiple occasions? good times
  • adam: i'm not driving the struggle bus. i'm driving the struggle camper.
  • ronan: *listening to irish music, comes to a slow song* this one isn't lit. *skips to faster song* this one is
  • noah: i'm made of vanilla, cinnamon, and dead bodies.
  • henry: what's your favorite position in bed *answering his own question* right next to the wall so i can charge my phone
  • bonus! kavinsky: it's alright, i wanted to burn stuff too.

anyway can you believe that black sails unironically has a gay man use the biblical telling of god’s creation of adam and eve to describe his partnership with the man he loves I mean what a time to be alive

Rowaelin Pregancy HC’s

So I was having some serious issues with writer’s block yesterday, and I wasn’t able to get Light Up the Ice finished. So @tacmc thought it might be a good idea to try some HC’s to kickstart my creativity.

This was the result.

⁃ Aelin finds out she’s pregnant the week before Rowan’s birthday.

⁃ She thinks she may be, so she schedules an appointment with her gyno, where Yrene is a nurse. She swears her to secrecy and warns her if she tells Chaol, she’ll tell him what his upcoming Christmas present is.

⁃ On Rowan’s birthday, she makes him dinner and they watch a movie (Star Wars, again).

⁃ Then she gives him his present. When he opens the box, the room is too dark and he can barely tell what it is.

⁃ “’What To Expect When You’re-’?”

⁃ He lunges off the couch and flips on the light switch. It blinds Aelin at first and when she can see, she sees him holding the pacifier, + pregnancy test, and the note Aelin had written, saying “Whitethorn Baby, Coming Fall 2018”.

⁃ Before she can blink, he’s on his knees in front of her and his hands are carefully resting on her hips and he’s stroking a thumb over her still flat belly.

⁃ They decide to keep it a secret and tell everyone on Christmas morning when they have their annual breakfast with everyone and exchange gifts.

⁃ When everyone gets to Chaol and Yrene’s house on Christmas morning, Emmalie, their 2-month-old, is dressed up in a cozy snowman onesie. Yrene starts to cry when she sees Rowan and no one can understand why. He just hugs her tightly while he hears Chaol mutter, “Those damn hormones.”

⁃ Everyone passes out presents, but Rowan and Aelin specifically save theirs for last. Yrene starts to cry again when Rowan hands her the sparkling green bag and winks at her, and Aelin shoots her a look from across the room that says “So help me, gods, if you spoil this, I will never let you live it down.”

⁃ On the count of three, they tell them to open their bags.

⁃ The house erupts into screams.

⁃ There are manly back claps and weepy hugs and Lorcan can be heard yelling, “Attaboy, Whitethorn!”

⁃ Everyone’s bags held a shirt that said, “No, I’m the Favorite Aunt/Uncle”; Emmalie’s onesie read “Future Best Friend”.

⁃ The holidays come and go and life returns to normal. Except for Rowan and Aelin.

⁃ Aelin has the worst morning sickness, which would be more aptly called “early evening/night time sickness”.

⁃ While Rowan eats dinner, her face is in the toilet. Eventually, she stops making dinner for two and just nibbles on his leftovers.

⁃ Just past the end of her 1st trimester, the sickness passes and Aelin is actually able to enjoy being pregnant.

⁃ They start registering at stores and they start reading “What to Expect” books (even though Chaol told Rowan that NOTHING can prepare you).

⁃ Rowan starts on the nursery as soon as they agree that they want a gender-neutral color pallet. Grey walls, a soft sunset orange, and pale yellow adorn everything.

⁃ At their gender reveal, everyone, including Aelin, is adamant that she’s having a girl. The only people claiming it’s a boy are Lorcan and Aedion.

⁃ After games and snacks, everyone heads out in the crisp March afternoon, to Manon and Dorian’s backyard.

⁃ Each armed with a can of silly string, Lysandra and Aedion took aim.

⁃ Two tones of blue string shot at the happy couple and Aelin screams as Rowan picks her up and spins her.

⁃ Everyone hugs and cries and Yrene and Aelin immediately start talking about how their kids are going to get married. Chaol and Rowan looked at each other over their wives heads and try not to smirk. Lorcan and Aedion high five when no one is looking.

⁃ Everyone eats blue cupcakes and drinks blue punch and Aelin isn’t sure if she’s ever been happier.

⁃ At 7 months, Aelin has to take maternity leave from the hospital she works at.

⁃ She works on getting the nursery stocked and starts nesting.

⁃ Rowan quietly speaks to Aelin’s belly every night. One night, he’s cooing to the baby when he looks up at a dozing Aelin and whispers, “Finn.”

⁃ Aelin sits up and rubs a loving hand over her belly and says “Finn. Finn Emerson Whitethorn.”

⁃ He kisses his wife and makes love to her.

⁃ Rowan, with the help of Elide and Lysandra, plans a surprise “BBQ, Brews and Baby Shower”, knowing he wouldn’t be able to keep the guys away if he tried. Aelin is becoming very pregnant and can barely get around, so it’s held at their house.

⁃ While the boys are playing some type of baby themed beer pong (Lorcan wasn’t going to play a game that involved pinning an egg onto a uterus), a white-faced Lysandra runs out to the backyard.

⁃ “Rowan!

⁃ Everyone falls silent.

⁃ “Her water just broke.

⁃ Chaos ensues.

⁃ Bags are grabbed, cars are piled into, keys are fought over (looking at you, Fenrys), and the group makes their way to the hospital.

⁃ They take up the entire waiting room, only Rowan in the delivery room with Aelin and the doctor.

⁃ Two hours later, a teary-eyed Rowan comes out into the waiting room.

⁃ Everyone waits with bated breath.

⁃ A kilowatt smile breaks through. “He’s here.”

⁃ Everyone jumps to their feet and hugs him.

⁃ Lysandra asks, “How’s she doing?

⁃ His eyes are lined with silver when he says, “Mama is doing great.

⁃ 17.5" long and 6.8 pounds. Healthy as can be.

⁃ Soon enough, one by one, the couples got to meet the newest addition to their family.

⁃ With silver hair lightly covering his head and Ashryver eyes, they all knew Finn was going to be a heartbreaker.

⁃ When Aedion and Lysandra came to meet him, Rowan asked them to sit down after handing Finn to Aedion.

⁃ Sitting on the bed next to his wife, Rowan looked to Aelin.

⁃ Smiling at her cousin, holding her son, and her best friend, Aelin didn’t hesitate as the words left her mouth.

⁃ “We’d be honored if you’d be his god-parents.”

⁃ Lysandra began to cry as Aedion looked down at his nephew, at his own eyes looking back at him. Rowan rested a hand on Aedion’s shoulder.

⁃ After everyone went home and Aelin finally fell asleep, Rowan held his son and told him the story of everyone who already loved him, but mostly of his mother. Of how loving and beautiful and strong she was. Of how she would do anything for those that she loved. But mostly, of how she would love him more than anyone.


if the raven cycle tv/movie becomes a thing and they cast all white people I will rip open a hole in the galaxy and jump into another dimension where the world actually makes sense

Dating Chase would Include...

-Making the first move on everything (Holding hands, kisses, “I love you’s”)

-Him being shocked when you kiss him the first time 

-Him showing you off to everyone as his girlfriend

-You getting bionics

-Him not being shy to show off his bionics in front of you 

-nodding slowly when Chase starts using big words and having to look them up later

-things getting heated when you’re playing a game

-You beating him at the game and him not being very happy

-You going to give him cuddles to cheer him up

-You starting stupid arguments just to see what things he will come up with to defend his side

-Him getting over-protective on missions 

-You showing him that you’re a badass and don’t need his supervision 

-Constant cheek and forehead Kisses!!!

-Loving when he gets that cute and adorable face when he gets excited to go on a date (How can we not love that face. I mean Look at it)

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-him trying extra hard to not be awkward and flunk your dates

-Him not knowing which flowers to get so he just buys the whole flower shop and then getting in trouble with Donald with the money he spent 

-You thinking it was hilarious and cute and talking to Donald about not grounding him. 

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