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"But my Plot isn’t UNIQUE or BIG enough!”

One thing that I worry about is that my plot isn’t good enough. I know lots of other writers who have had this issue in the past as well, and it’s all about having confidence in yourself and your ability to tell a tale. 

The plot doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, just think of how many people get fed up of Shyamalan twist-endings. They’re clever sometimes, yes, but they’re also not what everyone ever is looking for, and when they are forced into a piece of work it is painfully obvious to anyone who really values what you’ve written. 

What matters is the telling of the story. Your plot can be exceptionally simple, and you might write one of the most compelling books of our era. 

I found one thing that helped was to look at other works, and try and break them down into their very, very simplistic terms - the bare bones, the things the author would have decided up front perhaps. The things that… if told without the wonder of the story, might have been boring. 

Like A Song of Ice and Fire, for example, which tells the stories of Political struggle against a backdrop of Ice creatures who can raise the dead and force them to attack you. It’s basically a Socio-Political zombie apocalypse, with dragons. That could have gone either way; as it was, it went amazingly. Because Martin is a master of making every character a person, and building such a rich, colourful world that we believe it. 

So, what I’ve done is looked at a very popular work that spans multiple books. Harry Potter is widely known, so this should be useful to as many people as possible. It is also praised as one of the most in depth and atmospheric works for children, young people, adults, or just about anyone, having been translated, adapted and studied over and over. 

                           HARRY POTTER BREAKDOWN

Bread and Butter

So, when I asked Google what the heck the plot of Harry Potter was, I got this;

This is what I’m going to call the BREAD AND BUTTER of the story. It’s what happens in the day-to-day of the story. It’s perhaps the introduction J. K. would have given when first sending in her manuscript. It’s also a hugely unoriginal idea. 

The concept of a young Witch or Wizard attending a magical school where they can learn their abilities has been done before, a lot. It is basically the prmise of books like EarthSea and the Worst Witch. 

So next time you think your premise is overdone or uninspired, remember that it doesn’t matter. It’s not the premise that counts, it’s what you do with it. What Rowling did with it was create an in-depth world, full of structures and rules, populated by characters we all loved, hated, felt sorry for or routed for. She also made sure to include a way for us to learn more about the world, so she made her protagonist just as unaware of the wonder and horror as all of us. 


In this case, tea is gonna’ be the conflict of the story. The main arc. Because going to a Wizard School is freaking awesome and everything, but this story needs risk. Our characters need to be in danger, and they need something to overcome. Often writers get stuck here. They have a wonderful setting and they really want to write about their character doing this or that, but what’s the main goal? What is there to overcome? 

Very simply, Rowling’s villain is a man who wishes to purify the progression of magic by weeding out those who’s blood he see’s as tainted. He is a Hitler-figure, who himself should be ‘tainted’ in his own view. That’s the villain’s GOAL. It’s clear, and simple. 

If you think your villains goal is too simple, just look at Voldemort’s goal. What makes it more complex are the many twists and turns he and Harry both have to adapt too. His many failures, as well. 

Voldemort fits into many tropes, including the bad guy ‘selling his soul’ to achieve a vain goal, the bad guy murdering the heroes’ parents, the ‘more like you than you think’ trope, where a Villain and a hero are quite similar. I especailly like that last one, because J. K. played with it. Yes, she included it, and yes she gave a magical reason as to why. 

That just shows that unique elements can be added on to overdone ideas, to make them wonderful. 

Jam and Cream

This is where Rowling turns her simple ideas into something beautiful. Whether an idea is original or not, it will not matter if the depth is not there. Jam and Cream stands for all the little things

The fact one of the most hated antagonists was only a prime player in one book but left such an impression, the fact Hermione was disliked by the main characters at first, the fact Neville was the cowardly laughing stock of the group for years. Let’s see… The fact Sybil was right about almost all of her predictions and no one believed her, thus linking her with the Mythological figure Cassandra. 

The use of diversion and tension in The Prisoner of Azkaban, the fact that Harry’s own father was rather arrogant and mean at times, yet still a good person. The moral ambiguity of characters like Dumbledore or Snape. 


That isn’t even naming the things the books got wrong. Because every author makes mistakes. Yes! You’re allowed too! J. K. has Dumbledore play the ‘I’m going to withhold information from you for the sake of the plot,’ card. We are also supposed to believe Harry forgave everything Snape ever did and named his son after him because he rather fancied his mother. Many issues are left unaddressed, such as the disinterest/damn right rudeness towards Hagrid in the final years, or the silly quest over the fake Sword. 

But in the end, if the story is told masterfully, no one is going to care. 

Basically, what I’m trying to say is, if you plot is overdone, don’t worry about it. If your world feels familiar, do more to make it your own. If your villain feels like a trope, give them more twists and turns, and maybe a reason for the trope that fits your world alone. If your characters feel stale, give them more scenes that address their personality. 

You’re doing fine, and your manuscript is totally fine. If you believe in it, there’s gonna’ be at least a hundred more people who would too. 


I’m not against the ending. Overall it was a great idea to include wedding because you can actually see all the characters in one premises.
What I actually felt wrong was lack of any team 7 moment.

I never expected in Naruto’s wedding Sasuke would be absent and for Sakura to be so distance (?) and for kakashi to be behaving like other characters who was not so close to Naruto.

Just last 10min of team 7 reunion would have been a great end to this great anime series.

After all prior to all this shipwars our reason to start watching Naruto was the beautiful bond of team 7 and other characters.

People might hate Sakura or Sasuke or hell even Naruto himself but inspite of that I don’t think there are any haters of team 7.

Sigh I just felt like saying that it would have been better to show at the very least a scene where team 7 meet up at that terrace where they first introduced themselves and let kakashi know about their new goals.

I would forever be salty for lack of team 7 😞


(Another) skin update. Last one, promise probably! I was getting a bit tired of the harsh shading around the nose, so I lightened it and smoothed it out a bit and I think it looks a lot better.

But if you can barely tell the difference between the last two skins up there ^^, I cleaned up the thumbnails and included three versions of my skins in one file (Updated, Original, and my Male skin overlay which I know call “Edge” because of reasons. All include 50% opacity options.

 ☆*✲゚*。 But wait, there’s more 。*゚✲*☆

I also included versions with no feminine “nip nops & naughty bits” so you can use these on masculine sims without issues. I haven’t made a body texture of masculine sims yet, but I might do that in the future.

TL;DR: Replace all my old skins with this one file, because it’s better.

**Update** I messed up the male50% opacity swatch, so redownload if need be. Also added a forehead detail version.

(Mouth Crease) Download: simsfileshare

(Forehead Wrinkles) Download: simsfileshare

Woollim, INFINITE & Golden Child: a clarification post about contracts and debut...

Hello everyone.

Seeing as even after my previous post asking people to stop sending me messages complaining about GNCD I still got messages doing exactly that, I decided to write this post because I am literally 99.9% done with all the silly things people are saying in my inbox. I am not attacking anyone, I just seriously want people to look at this whole situation rationally.

1. GNCD’S DEBUT HAS BEEN PLANNED WAY IN ADVANCE Okay, this is important. Debuts are not something that are suddenly decided a month before the date like “Hmm yes, let’s just debut this new group now.” Often they are planned a year in advance. There has been a steady build up over months (see W Project) to create hype for their debut. 

2. IFNT WERE ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED TO COMEBACK IN MAY Because of Sunggyu’s rib injury, this was initially pushed back. If they had indeed had a comeback in May, there would have been no clash with GNCD’s debut whatsoever.

3. WOOLLIM WERE PROBABLY OPTIMISTIC ABOUT CONTRACT RENEWAL AND DID NOT EXPECT THEM TO TAKE SO LONG This is possibly my most important point tbh. The biggest complaint I am having from people is “Oh, but this is so poorly timed! Why are Woollim debuting a new group when INFINITE are still in negotiations?” Well here’s why: as I said in points 1 & 2, GNCD’s debut has been planned for a long time and INFINITE were meant to have comeback already. And I think Woollim did not foresee them being in talks with INFINITE member(s) for this amount of time. I believe they thought things would be settled quickly, in time for them to comeback in early July and for GNCD to debut just after promotions ended. 

4. BE MINE IS INFINITE’S REPRESENTATIVE SONG, THE ONE THEY ARE BEST KNOWN FOR. IT HAS BECOME AN ICONIC KPOP SONG If any rookie group is going to cover INFINITE then it will most likely be Be Mine. They had it on Produce 101 Season 2 as one of the iconic songs by senior artists and two groups covered it. On Boys24, a group of trainees also did a cover performance of Be Mine. At KBS Gayo Daechukje last year, members of different girl groups including TWICE and GFriend covered it too (and it was awesome). 

5. NO ONE IS TELLING YOU THAT YOU HAVE TO STAN GNCD JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE FROM THE SAME COMPANY AS INFINITE But there’s no reason to go out of your way to hate on them unnecessarily either. Please keep in mind that these kids have worked just as hard as INFINITE did when they were trainees. Because of INFINITE’s hard work and incredible success, they are able to debut and achieve their dreams. I am sure they are extremely grateful to their INFINITE seniors for all they have done for them. 

6. WOOLLIM HAVE A TRACK RECORD OF BEING TERRIBLE AT PR Look at how they handled Myungsoo’s dating scandal back in 2013. Look at what happened with Tasty (yeah, remember them?!) and with Epik High. They are also absolutely awful at promoting more than one group at a time - I’m actually amazed Lovelyz solo concert is being promoted as much as it is, considering how bad they usually are at juggling two things at once. 

7. THE LACK OF NEWS FROM WOOLLIM ABOUT INFINITE IS FRUSTRATING, BUT IS NOT GNCD’S FAULT I can’t believe I even had to write that, we all know how Kpop works, guys. Artist’s don’t get to make decisions about when they debut or what information the company releases about them. End of. 

8. ONE OF INFINITE’S ACTUAL, HONEST TO GOD LITTLE BROTHER IS IN GNCD And Sungyeol has said in an interview in Japan that he is proud of Daeyeol for debuting and being the leader of a group. Sungyeol has also MCed their variety show WoollimPick (and was incredibly savage and amazing, what an absolute pro). 



More ranger Facebook posts. Ok so I would have done more but I’m tired and they’re hard work. The last one I fucked up and forgot to make them reply but cba starting again. The reason they always include Trini is because she’s my fave, I get her personality more and I always stalk beckys insta. Also the first one is fucked so you need to zoom in. Sorry these are really lazy, imma try and do more because I have SO many good pics to use. TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!!!💛💛💛ok so I just looks over them again and I’m so sorry but these are so bad and completely fucked, I might delete them

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Cris, do you think Louis actually has signed with Syco ? and if so, do you think he did it purposefully ? because i've seen contrasting opinions and as much as i think he did it on purpose, because of the whole rights clause thing, i'd like someone who understands more than i do on this matter to tell.

I think he has signed to Syco in one form or another and I think he did it because of the last right of refusal.

But the other post I’ve seen going around isn’t correct.  If Syco had to match his other offer, it wasn’t just money, it was ANYTHING the other label offered him including points, control, responsibilities, everything.

So saying that because Syco offered an extra pound sterling Louis had to take every other bit of shit they served is just not the case if LROF was the reason he stayed.

A-Z NSFW: Hansol

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A = Aftercare 
Jesus Christ I love Hansol where is he…I really believe Hansol would be one of the best bfs/lovers. Sex with Hansol in general isn’t very rough, so that isn’t really a concern with aftercare with Hansol. With him, it’s really just a quick wipe down or if you can move: a shower. Aaand he’s an extreme cuddler, so look forward to that.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
I’m obsessed with his lips is that weird idk His favorite is kind of your fault. He has the most beautiful eyes ever?? And if you’re in a relationship with Ji-fucking-Hansol and don’t tell him how pretty his eyes are at every chance you get what are you even doing???? You’ve kinda swayed him into liking his own eyes a lot more than he would’ve but now he’s figured out how his gaze can actually turn you into a pile of mush, and that’s a good discovery in his book. Hansol loves your legsHe’s got really nice legs tbh and he especially loves being able to grasp the warmth beneath his fingers and have them wrapped around his waist..

C = Cum 
I feel like Hansol’s classic boy. It’s either in you, or he did a botched pull out attempted to actually cum on a specific spot in mind and it’s just all over your thighs. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
It’s not so much a secret, it’s more of a secret just how much he enjoys spanking you. He’s pretty cautious with you during sex, so spanking is kind of a middle ground that isn’t going to really hurt you, and he really likes it.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

B Y E his fucking hips his goddamn legs ya mother fuckin dicc in my fac-
anyways…he’s been kept in the basement so long i stg sm give him to us that I doubt he has any experience, but that mother fucker watches some good porn or something how does one move their hips like that without a reference i just????

F = Favorite position
His hips are the main event in sex obvi and no matter the position, he’s pretty much constantly in control. Hansol’s favorite position is you topping, having you propped up on your knees to give him room to move beneath you, and hold your hips and thrust wildly up into you. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Hansol’s pretty soft in your non-sexual relationship, but in the bedroom he’s very serious and almost in a character role, he’s very intense and focused. The atmosphere is pretty lighthearted, but he’s serious when it gets down to sex. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Can you see my ‘sharp dressed man’ fetish coming out yet Because of how well dressed he is, I’m certain he takes care of himself well; very clean and ‘gentlemanly’ or whatever. I don’t see him being bare, but he definitely manscapes pretty well.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Hansol’s semi wild in the bedroom, he’s not out of this world rough or anything, no bdsm stuff going on, but it’s not the soft love making movie stuff either. He expresses more romance in your non-sexual relationship to make up for sex, since sex is more of a lust fuck most of the time, aside from like birthdays where he goes all out to show you his love. 

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
[See Yearning] I don’t think he’s the most horny boy around, certainly not even the one in NCT. He’s kind of clingy so 99% of the time, if he’s horny, you’re around for some good fun instead of his hand. If it happens, the majority of the time it’s just an in the shower session from morning wood and needing to head to practice, so there’s no time to call you up.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
[Back to Dirty Secret] He’s not a full blown dom, but he likes having the most control, and spanking is kind of his thing. It’s a fun ‘punishment’ for the both of you, and since a lot of the time you’re topping/riding him, it’s pretty easy to just swing down and cover your skin in his hand print. Nothing hard enough to leave bruises, but you’ll certainly have some lovely red marks and a bit of soreness; something he likes to silently tease you about in public or around the boys with a light tap to you butt to strike the fire through your body again.

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
The bed is the easiest on him, no one really likes rub burns or anything when he’s on his backing thrusting up in you for all it’s worth. Plus it’s the safest, the shower’s a no go after a bad experience….but a bath is a second favorite. He can just plop a bathbomb in the water and feign wanting a relaxing bath with you and end up having you in his lap before the water starts getting cold.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Hansol’s favorite pre-sex aka foreplay is making out and having you ride his thigh i have an obsession with his thighs….i think im just obsessed with hansol 99% of the time it starts as just a peck and affection and it quickly escalates to you in his lap and him worming his leg between yours, he gets off on seeing you get off on him. 

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
While he’s kind of a light dom, daddy kink is waaaay off his list. It’s semi of a joke in your relationship, calling him dad, but when his pants are around his ankles and his dick is in you, that word leaves your lips and he’s shutting it down.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
lord his mouth is perfect Hansol is a master in pleasing you, he likes seeing you squirm and hearing you plead for him and whine from what he does to you. When it’s going down, he’s already hard and ready to fuck the life out of you, a bj isn’t usually necessary, Hansol would rather be in you rather than in your mouth. He’s not typically going to ask for it, but if you initiate it, he’ll definitely sit back and let you have your fun.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Hansol’s not particularly rough, he’s got a pretty fast and intense pace. His pace isn’t going to be that porn ‘how is she alive after that!!’ stuff no seriously it looks like it hurts what is going on why but he’s definitely going to scramble your brains…

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Quickies don’t happen very often with Hansol, he likes taking his time with you, building up the intensity and teasing you, having you squirming and begging for him, rarely do you leave his arms without at least 2 or 3 orgasms under your belt so he’s not a big fan on having to rush and missing out on half the fun. They happen occasionally, like squeezing in a quick one before he has to do his schedule or go to practice and knowing he won’t be back for a while, but typically he’d just wait till he has proper time to work your body like he can.

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
After the Shower Incident, experimenting is kept to a minimum, if it sounds dangerous at all(ie. can someone break a leg) he’s very hesitant to try, if he agrees to try at all, so in general locations are pretty much not an option unless he deems it safe. Positions are usually the only thing he’s normally 100% game to try, there’s not much damage that can be done with positions beside pulling a muscle or getting a cramp, which compared to the threat of falling and breaking a bone, isn’t too heavy on his mind. 

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
With Hansol, over the getting into it aka making out and foreplay and his teasing and actual sex, he spends well over an hour on your body. ‘Dick entering’ sex lasts longer than average too, well over 10 minutes, he’s not a fast finisher, he takes a while to cum, you’re in for a long ass ride with him, that’s for sure.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Aside from positions, Hanol’s pretty hesitant to try anything new, toys included. The only thing he owns in several silk clothes, that he uses occasionally to blindfold you or very carefully tie your wrists. But other than that, you’ll have to be the one to bring things in if you want, he’s not going to initiate it. 

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Honestly the reason sex with Hansol lasts so long is because of how lengthy his teasing is. He really likes hearing you being vocal, begging and whining and moaning before he’s even inside you. Part of his turn on is just seeing how well he can get you off with just his tongue or fingers. He won’t stop till you’re nearly in tears or use the safe word, he likes watching you wiggle for him.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
I see Hansol being a groaner, no one outside the room is going to hear him. Hansol really likes marking you too, so most of his sounds are muffled by him sucking and biting purple and red flowers into your skin.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
The story of why Hansol isn’t down for shower sex anymore: everything’s good and dandy, but lessons were learned that you probably shouldn’t put your foot on the soap dish, well unless you feel like slipping and crashing into the tum and ending up with a dislocated shoulder and having to go to the hospital in just pants and a bath robe wrapped around you because it hurts to much to try to put a shirt on…..don’t ever do it….just sit down and ride him like a horse..

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
[Insert his damn dick wiggle gif] He’s one of the guys that really knows how to tuck well….Him, Kai, Taemin, etc. I’m weirdly obsessed with how flat the front is….it’s such a mystery, where the fuck is your dick and how do you hide it that well???? I don’t trust those hiding diccs….He’s pretty slender in everything, according to Nana “the dick matches the boy, that’s a fact” no its not So in her words he’s “slender like his pretty lil body but he’s got them looooooong legs…you know what else is long? mhmmm” bye

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
In general, Hansol’s sex drive is relatively average, nothing insanely high or weirdly low. That being said, he’s always ready if you’re in the mood, it doesn’t take much to get him going and up for a tumble around the bed.

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Hansol’s a little cuddle bug in my mind, after aftercare, he’s down for the count and buried under the blankets and pretty much whines for you to cuddle with him and take a nap/go to bed. 

“After Naruto went 8-tails and found out he might have hurt Hinata, he cried! Checkmate NaruSaku fans!”

I here this argument a lot, and people, more specifically, NaruHina fans, seem to forget context. 

When Naruto went 8-tails, the whole village was at stake. The village, whom he had been trying to get to acknowledge him from Day 1. The village, including every last one of his friends. They could have been dead because of his rampage. Dead.

Katsuya: But none of the villagers were harmed by your attack.

Naruto: Thank God… Thank God… [Proceeds to cry]

The sole reason that Hinata was singled out was because of the fact that she tried to “save” him (I say this loosely because this was basically suicide but whatever). If it had been anyone else, he would’ve had the same reaction. 

He’s not crying for Hinata, he’s not crying for one of the villagers. He’s crying for all of them. Because the sheer relief that luck was on his side and no one was harmed or even killed because of his rampage was more than enough to bring him to tears. 


We get the most beautiful NaruSaku scene and probably one of my favorite panels in general ;)

us: they’re filming a party scene!! it’s probably noora’s birthday on april 6th and we’ll get season 4 super soon!

the skam team: *is actually shooting the party for even’s graduation. that is the first clip in the season. the rest of the season we follow sana and even as they go for a hike in the norwegian mountains (no one else could come because they got salmonella from the beer at even’s graduation party). they lose the map and get lost, get chased by a bear for a good 2 and a half weeks, sana uses her biology skills and dissects a frog to get to the nutritious liver. even befriends a sparrow for one week until it betrays them by telling them it voted for sweden in this year’s eurovision. they get bored and build a snowman on a glacier and murder it by pushing it down a huge glacier crack. sometimes they bet on if midday has passed or not and sana is always right for some reason. finally after 11 weeks (including the hiatus week when even and sana fought and stopped talking because they both wanted the last chocolate bar) they find a rail track and follow it to the closest station and go to oslo. this trip has changed their lives forever. (wow I can’t wait for this season now tbh i’m so stoked!)*

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Do you have a picture of Roxy Lalonde calling Jane a tightass in text because I require this for insult reasons

Once here

Four times here

A few times, including a slight extended metaphor here

and another one here

Fun Fact: Tightass is used 15 times in Act 6. 12 of those are from Roxy in reference to Jane, 2 of those are Jane saying she’s not, and the last one is Trickster Jane calling Dirk a tightass.

Nami And The Sanji Vs Luffy Fight

So after watching the recent hour long special of One Piece I had a couple of things to say and since everyone is voicing their thoughts I thought I might as well do so too.Overall I liked the special, I was okay with Toei’s decision of focusing on the LuSan aspect of the fight and not really on the SaNa. I admit I was a bit disappointing when they didn’t add anything special when Nami slapped Sanji like they did back in Zou. I have to admit I was expecting it but the fight itself really should have been the focus. That scene of Nami running after Sanji is still cute.^^

One thing I do want to say though is that even with the scene downplayed it was still a strong moment in the anime. I do prefer the manga where Nami goes to hit Sanji directly after she gets there but it was really good to see how heartbroken she was after the slap.

Nami starts crying as soon as she slaps him and even says goodbye to him. Quite the sad scene after everything she has gone through to get him back. Remember that Nami was the one who was the most worried about Sanji back at Zou and Pushed Luffy to get him back repeatedly.

and while some are claiming she doesn’t care about him after what he did to Luffy I think this scene shows just how much she cared and still cares. Her whole reaction was similar to the time Usopp fought Jabra imo. In that fight we have Jabra beat the crap out of Usopp and Nami was just as worried there.

She even tells Jabra if he stops they won’t take the key from him. A key they needed to save Robin and were all fighting to get.

So what does this mean? Nami said this to stop the fight and save her friend from potentially dying…just like she did when Sanji fought Luffy.

Her line here was just to stop the fight and should not be taken as her “giving up” on Sanji. Nami said this when panicking and had already shown how much she wanted Sanji to come back. After the slap she says goodbye but people must remember she did so out of anger. She even stops calling him Sanji-kun and just calls him Sanji. This of course changed after Sanji left and she cooled off where she called him Sanji-kun again.To me this moment shows just how much Sanji has “changed” from being the hero to the villain. It’s definitely interesting when considering Sanji was the one to save Usopp from Jabra and now he is the one causing the pain.

 And again, Nami shows how much she wants Sanji back after she cools off. 

The Usopp/Jabra comparison also makes it clear Nami has a similar reaction no matter which of her friends is being hurt. She cares about all her friends equally and this scene was not about her worry over Luffy, it was about Sanji’s actions. This is not to say she doesn’t care about Luffy. She cares about him deeply and her anger at Sanji for his brutality makes perfect sense. So does her non willingness to listen to Sanji’s reasons. Any way you look at it Sanji went over the line with what he did but Nami doesn’t love Luffy in a romantic way. That is why she doesn’t say she won’t forgive Sanji “for hurting Luffy”. She makes it clear that the reason she won’t forgive him is because of the fear he caused her. 

Luffy isn’t mentioned because it wasn’t really about him. The fight was about Sanji severing his ties with his crew by beating his captain and making the girl he loves cry and momentarily turn his back on him.

Which brings me to my last point, Oda choosing Nami to be there during his darkest moment (not including Pudding mocking him). For a while now people have said Sanji likes all girls the same but I find it interesting that no one else worried this much over him before the fight. No one was fighting as hard to get him back. Luffy had to be there because he is the captain and the main character but Oda choose to make Nami be there as Sanji gave up his crew to be a Vinsmoke and marry Pudding. In my opinion, it was the two most important people there to show him what he is giving up. Like Judge says here.

Thankfully they have somewhat made up since then. We had the bridal carry and Sanji carrying her while running away from Big Mom but I still think there is gonna be a big reconciliation coming up.

If this panel is foreshadowing then it’ll happen once they all run away from WCI so I guess we’ll jut have to wait and see what happens once they are safe. Hopefully Oda makes up for the heart ache he caused with the fight and Sanji makes Nami smile like she did when she first saw him.

Well Tailored Part 1

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Title: Well Tailored

Pairing: I.M/Changkyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst 

A/N: So this is the little story I have been working on, I wanted to know what yall think before I continue the story. If not I will probably just leave it at the point it is at. I hope you enjoy it, thank you to those of you who read through this and helped me pick not only who to do the pairing with, but to read through it as well. Thank you. (PS the title is not for sure, I just couldn’t think of anything else besides Well Tailored lol I suck with coming up with titles.)

Part 1 | Part 2

“Can’t you go any faster, I am going to be late for a meeting!” barks the man standing above you, his arms spread wide as you adjusted the seam on the side of his fitted suit.

“Yes, sir just one more….” You stuck out your tongue sliding the needle into the cloth and back out again. “And done,” you said as you tied off the thread and stood up.

“Does that feel any better?” You stepped back to get a good look at it as the man put his arms down, moving the jacket slightly before nodding.

“Great, we will fix the length some time tonight and it should he read to go by tomorrow afternoon,” you say as he slides the jacket off of himself and puts his own back on.

“It better be. I wouldn’t want to take my business elsewhere would I?” He threatens as he grabs his briefcase and headed out the door without another word.

Once the door closed you signed and rolled your eyes. Men. They were so rude, especially if they had money.

You worked as a tailor for an expensive suits company. Your company attracted many high up billionaires, celebrities and Lawyers.

You loved your job and it paid very well considering your clientele. It would be your dream job if it weren’t for how these clientele carried themselves.

They love to flirt, order you around and would be rude just to get a rise out of you. It was like a game to them, a game you had become an expert at playing.

Fawn, your boss walked over and grabbed the jacket from you. “I swear Kim Namjoon is always late to a meeting every time he comes in here,” she said as she stares at the door before you both burst into a fit of giggles.

“Your next appointment will be in 15 minutes, his names is Im Changkyun. He is a new client so I gave him to the best,” she said winking at you.

“Thanks Fawn, you’re the best,” you say as your roll your eyes before you smile at her.

15 minutes passed by a lot faster then you wished it would have. You looked down at the papers in front of you, looking over his measurements before glancing at the name. You knew names, and his wasn’t familiar. You started to wonder why you hadn’t heard of him but, your thoughts were halted as you heard a knock on the small dressing room door.

Glancing up your eyes were met with a tall, lean man, he couldn’t be more than 23. His jet black hair hung over his eyes. His ears were pierced, something not common with most of your clients but none the less it made him look all the more intriguing.

You shook your head and stood up, walking over to him and held out your hand. “Hello, my name is y/n what can I do for you today?”

He smirked and looked you up and down, his eyes lingering on your body a little longer than you would have liked before he took your hand and kissed your knuckles, making you slip your hand out of his.

He was one of those, the young ones that were only interested in one thing. Sex. This wasn’t your first time dealing with them, you knew exactly how to handle them.

He winced as you removed your hand quickly before he chuckled deeply, “Hello y/n my name is Im Changkyun.” He ran his hands threw his hair as he continued to speak, “I want a new suit, something different that will make me stand out. Think you can help me sweet cheeks?”

Your cringed, you hated pet names, you hated them, even more, when your clients said them.

Nodding you took a step back to get a good look at him, thinking over what colors would work, what styles to stay away from.

A smirk grew across his face as he watched you taking in every inch of his body, your tongue darting out of your mouth as you nibbled on it for a moment before nodding.

He had to admit, you were very attractive but even more so than just your physical appearance something about you made him go wild.

“What colors do you prefer? Darker colors or lighter colors?” You said as you begin to scribble into your clipboard.

“Whatever you think would look the best sweetie.”

There it was again, you nodded before turning, “I will be back in a moment please take a seat”

You walked out of the room and rolled your eyes, what a pig you thought as you made your way down the hallway.

It was too bad because you did find him attractive, but his pet names and attitude was just the same as the others. Shallow. Dry.

You stepped into the back room that was littered with every color of suit, tie, and button down you could think of. Skimming through the racks you grabbed a few basic suits to try first when one caught your eye.

The jacket was a deep black velvet, the pants were black with a velvet stripe down each side. You stopped and looked at it for a moment.

You had passed it so many times, never glancing at it because it was something that no one would ever look good in, but for some reason you grabbed it anyways adding it to the pile and grabbing a few shirts including a deep purple silky v neck shirt. He didn’t seem like the tie type of guy so you took the risk of grabbing something different once again.

You made your way back into the room and hung up the suits and shirts. Setting the purple shirt and velvety suit off to the side, saving it as a last resort.

“Okay, go ahead and try this one on first,” you said as you handed him a grey suit and emerald green button down.

He looked down at you then over at the last resort before he shook his head. “I want to try that one on first.” He nodded towards the reject suit and you groaned as quietly as possible. He chuckled before looking back at you, “Is that going to he a problem?” he said as he took a step closer to you looking straight into your eyes.

You became flustered. The way his eyes locked into yours took every ounce of confidence you had and threw it out the window.

“No sir,” you whispered as you turned and handed him the suit he requested. Cursing yourself for not standing up to him.

“Good,” he smirked as he walked into the dressing room, sliding the curtain closed behind him.

You sat down on the chair across from the dressing room, trying to regain your confidences. You were not in the mood to be pushed around by some wanna be playboy.

The curtain opened and your jaw dropped, he smirked stepping out of the dressing room and onto the pedestal, looking at himself in the mirror, nodding in approval. “You did very well sweetie.”

You watched as the suit fit every one of his curves, only a few minor adjustments needed to be made to the suit. Standing up you walked over and adjusted the back of the jacket slightly, not looking at him eyeing you in the mirror.

“Are you always this quiet or are you just as shocked as I am?” he said in a quieter voice, looking over his shoulder at you as you finished fixing the back, moving around the front. His eyes seemed softer suddenly like he genuinely wanted to know what you thought.

You hummed quietly before moving to the front and adjusting the front of the jacket, making sure it would close without trouble. “I am more in shock that it actually looks good on someone,” you whisper quietly, trying not to boost his ego.

He furrowed his brow. “What do you mean?” He watched your fingers play with the button on his jacket, as you bit down on your lip trying to focus on your work.

You let go of your bottom lip as you buttoned the last button, smoothing your hands down the front of the jacket, stepping back to get a better look. “This is one of the suits I never pull out, because usually, it’s too flashy for most, and also because most people wouldn’t be able to pull it off.”

He smirked slightly as he felt your hands on his chest, watching as you take a step back your eyes darting all over his figure. “I am not like most people Y/n,” he says in a serious tone, his eyes looking you up and down again before he made eye contact with you.

You felt a chill run down your back as you made eye contact with him. “I have noticed,” you murmured as you turned to grab your pins to take in some of the sides of the jacket.

He chuckled slightly as he watched you approach his side as you started to pull at the fabric.

Now it was your turn to talk. “So, usually I recognise my client’s names, but you. I don’t know you. So please, let me ask. Who are you?”

He smirked again, “I am new to the area, and I don’t usually go by my real name.” He cocked his head to the side. “Why are you so interested in knowing about me sweetheart?”

You shrugged, “I am not interested, just like to know who my clients are and what they do is all. Also, I hate silence, so I try to create conversation.” Smirking you poke the pin through the fabric just enough to slightly prick the skin enough to make him jump.

“Yah!” he said and jumped back slightly. “Careful,” he said his brow furrowed and you tried not to laugh at his reaction.

He smirked when he realised you did it on purpose. “Well, if you are so interested in your client why not join him for dinner tonight,” he said bluntly, looking up at the mirror at himself, but also glancing at your reflection as well, wanting to see your body language.

There it was, the usually asking out trick. You have been asked out by many of your clients both old and young, and you saw this coming from a mile away with Im Changkyun. “No,” you said flatly as you stepped back, moving to the other side, showing no reaction to his request.

His eyes opened wide, his mouth opened a little before he shut it, staying quiet as you started to work on the other side of the jacket.

His reaction actually caught you off guard, usually, the men that ask you out get angry or continue to beg and plead til the end of the fitting, never had you see a man go quiet from being rejected.

You finished up the other side, taking a step back nodding before walking back to face him head on, looking at the length of it. “Do you prefer it longer or shorter.”

“This length is fine” he says quietly before he bit his lip as he watched you nod and place down your pins and walk one more time around him. “If you don’t mind me asking. Why did you say no?” he says quietly as he watches you make your way back to the front of him.

“I don’t date clients,” you say as you take off the jacket, making sure the silky shirt fits correctly. His collarbone peaked out from each sides of the low v neck, the muscles of the top of his chest peeking out from the bottom of the neckline. He looked really fit, you could tell he worked out just based on the little amount of his chest that was showing. The silky fabric hung to his body perfectly.

He nodded accepting your response as he watched your hands gently trace over the neckline on his shirt, the electricity of your touch giving him chills down his spine. He closed his eyes as you pulled your hand away, the loss of touch, making him feel numb.

“That should do it, how soon will you be needing this so we know if we need to rush it or not,” you said as you hung his jacket back up on the hanger, grabbing the paper to write down the adjustments that needed to be made.

“There is no rush,” he said as he stepped off the pedestal walking over to you. The look in his eyes making you realise what he was about to try.

“Alright, in that case we should have it done within a week or two. We will call you when it is ready.” You slide past him and back over to the other suits hanging up. “Go ahead and change, I will take these and be back momentarily,” you say as you grab them, not waiting for a reply as you left the room.

When you came back he was sitting on the sofa, still in the suit. You rolled your eyes, clearly, he wanted something else. “I said you were free to change back into your cloths Mr Changkyun,” you said sharply.  

He smirked as he stood up and looked at your irritated stance as you stopped a few feet from him, crossing your arms. “Yes, I am sorry I just had a phone call to make is all.” He slowly walks passed you, brushing himself up against you as he passed you, making his way to the changing room.

You huffed as soon as he closed the curtain, clearly, he was lying and he knew you could tell, but he really was a piece of work. Secretly you hoped he wouldn’t come back because out of all the clients you have ever had, He was the most annoying.

The whiplash of personalities from snarky to sweet bothered you. Why couldn’t he just pick one personality and stick with it?

Once he stepped back out in his own clothes, you grabbed the suit from him and hung it up. “Follow me,” you say as you take the suit out of the private fitting room and out to the main store floor. Walking over to Fawn at the front register.

He followed obediently, looking around the store, not saying a word before his gaze landed back on your backside. He smirked as his eyes wondered up your back and to the back of your head.

You stopped and hung the suit up on the hanger, Fawn’s eyes opened wide as she saw the velvety suit and looked at you excitedly before she turned to Changkyun.

After discussing the price of everything you rung him up and handed him the receipt. “There you go we will give you a call in a week or so when it is ready to be picked up.”

He took the receipt a smile spread across his face his eyes locking with yours once more. “I will be looking forward to it Ms Y/n.” He turned to Fawn, “If you don’t mind can I request to have your kind employ help me again.”

You bit your lip, trying to keep from saying a word as you watched Fawn light up. “Why of course she is the best tailor in the area, I can see why you would request her after today.” She smiled wide.

“Yes, she really is quite something isn’t she?” he said as he smirked looking your way, causing you to look away and roll your eyes.

Fawn and Changkyun talked a few minutes more as you helped another customer find something in the back.

When you came back up Fawn was gone but Changkyun was still there. Can’t you just go, you thought as you took a deep breath approaching him again. “Did you need any more help, Sir?”

He turned to face you, a sweet smile spread across his face. “Why yes there is.” He grabbed your arm softly and pulled you close to him, he reached down whispering in your ear. “Don’t think I will give up so easy, I will be back for you.” He let go of you and turned and walked out the door without another word, leaving you in shock.



I feel like my health insights app just low-key (or high-key?) encouraged exercise bulimia.

I know that’s a really alarmist thing to assert, and I’m aware that it’s very typical for “health tips” to include things like “how long do you have to work out to burn off that extra donut you had” (which is a whole different discussion)

However it is already really difficult to try to and make efforts to be “healthy” without being inundated with tips that conflate “health” with “as skinny as possible” when legitimate health apps make the mistake of falling into this trap as well.

Just for context, this is an app I use that synced with my phones own health data to give me insights like “your blood pressure was the highest ever recorded last Tuesday” or “your average step count has increased recently”. Recently my health data stopped syncing and I stopped getting personalized insights and I started getting general tips - including the one above.

Anyway, I just feel like people would think twice before encouraging impressionable folks to work hard to **negate** the calories from completely reasonable lunch options.

There is a fine line between striving to be healthy and falling down the rabbit hole where you beat yourself up for reasonable human desires. This impacts people of all ages & gender expressions and because it’s masked in a cloak of “health & fitness” it’s not interrogated in the way it deserves. You have grown ass adults asking if it’s “bad” that they want to grab food after going on a walk because we associate food deprivation with “goodness”.

As you can tell, this is this is just one example of a VERY pervasive problem I find in the health world

Soo my bro and I just spend a good few hrs last night talking about Gorillaz and here’s some of the hcs we came up with

- when noodle first arrived, the boys rushed to the nearest walgreens/gas station and bought “kid’s stuff” that they thought noodle would need including: kids movies, vodka (murdoc’s idea), a jump rope, and candy

- 2d accidentally ends up with a group of old women friends one day. They give him sweaters and sweets and they love that he smells like butterscotch and can reach high up things for them.

-one of the reasons murdoc doesnt physically hit 2d anymore is because Noodle made it clear she would hunt him down if he did

- russel eventually gets married and has/adopts some kids.

- Murdoc isnt allowed to be alone with them

- they leave them with 2d sometimes but 2d thinks they’re so precious he can’t ever say no to them. Russ comes home one day to find his kids smoking on the roof with candy wrappers scattered everywhere and 2ds just like “they gave me puppy eyes im sorry!”

-noodle is a gr8 aunt but she teaches them how to fight which they take advantage of constantly

-2d’s leg joins are always hurting bc he has to crunch up his legs to sit down anywhere

- They all go to see the superhero movies together. 2d always cries at some point

-but they all cried when they went to see Logan (Murdoc denies this but he was sniffling)

- Russel and Noodle always complain about the forced romantic subplots

- Noodle and 2D once got into a fight and 2D ran away from home bc he assumed that if noodle was angry at him he really fucked up

- he spends the night sitting in an alleyway and he probably calls his mom bc he thinks he can’t go home

-his mom calls russel or noodle like “guys hes hysterical he thinks you all hate him”

- they find him the next morning asleep next to a dumpster

- they reassure him that he’s still in the band and take his frozen ass home. He probably caught a cold too

- murdoc discoveres Amazon and then buys random shit in the middle of the night

- some of these things include a figet spinner and a bowie knife for Noodle’s birthday

- noodle gives the fidget spinner to 2D and he l o v e s it

- he just sits in his room watching it spin for hours

- tbh it really calms his nerves and so the other band members get him a bunch more

Hi there....

So recent events have made me realize how much I have distanced myself from, well, everyone in my life including my Klaroline fandom.

I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you to you all for being my friends because some of you have been friends to me even when the people in my real life felt too far away to reach.

So much of the last few years have been about surviving my mental health, not a lot of you that I actually started writing Klaroline multi-fics to keep myself from actually killing myself.

Klaus saved my life for being as damaged as he was and finding his light through Caroline, in Caroline and that is only one of the reasons I am thankful for TVD. The other reasons are each and every one of you.

Thank you for being my light, my friends, and for being these amazingly strong women I can look up to from every walk of life. You all hold a very special place in my heart.

Oh, and Klaroline is ENDGAME.

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 Thank you so much for putting up with my mildly successful blogging and on occasion writing skills. Also to my sister who made me get this thing in the first place.

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 14 – Ohana Means Family (And Family Means No One Gets Left Behind Or Murd– Oh).

In which we are treated to part 2 of Fun Suspicious Club Times, Andreil has Important Moments™, Nicky has thoughts on family, and I have all the feels. Guest starring: Murder!

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read – and finish – The Foxhole Court.

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Arrow 6x01 “Fallout” Review: A Plague of Birds

Well, we are actually in season 6 people. It’s a bit hard to believe because I wasn’t sure we’d survive season 5. The viewers were the real victims of s5 not the people on the island. Tragic but true. No one suffered the way that we did. It’s kind of hard for me to process that I joined this fandom three years ago and started writing reviews at the end of the season. 

In general the episode was okay. It certainly wasn’t as bad as last year’s premiere—but again the bar was low. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some notes for improvement. I gots me a list of likes and dislikes.

Promo Bull

I would formally like to say that the promotions team on this show absolutely sucks at their job. We spent all hiatus under this “Who Lived Who Died” secrecy which meant that they couldn’t talk about characters. Except for those confirmed who I don’t care about—Birds. 

I do not like the Birds. Any of the Birds. And trust me I have plenty of feathers to pluck about the birds but that’ll be later on. 

Then we had Oliver and William. I do not like William. I know he’s a kid but I cannot hold back any longer—I cannot care about William not just because the writing hasn’t been there. I actually hate that they picked this actor. I don’t know why they couldn’t have recast. They’ve done it before with Sara. This kid is just bad. That’s the long and the short of it. I’ve seen more emoting from a dried up pen than this kid. The writing also doesn’t help him, I will admit. But there are some talented kid actors out there. You just couldn’t tell based on Arrow. I hope that if he intends to pursue this seriously as a career that he takes some lessons. Maybe in time he’ll get better; it’s also hard because the writers haven’t given him much to work with.

But Birds and William are the only thing they have been promoting during the hiatus because everything else was a “mystery.”

So imagine my utter frustration when in the first five minutes it’s confirmed that OTA survived. If they were going to do that big reveal that early I see absolutely no reason why they couldn’t have been included in the promos for the season. And the entire cliffhanger from last season was a stupid, stupid idea to begin with because there was zero tension about who lived or died in the finale and they failed to cash in on it during promos or the premiere. It was ignored.

They completely erased that cliffhanger in this episode—and not by resolving it but by just pretending it didn’t happen. Lazy.  

Lance Family 

Look, I like Lance. I think that Paul Blackthorne is one heck of an actor. And he does trauma like it’s nobody’s business. But I’m over it. We are literally back where we were almost every single season—last season especially—with this character. His struggle with sobriety. His agony over one or both of his daughters.

What makes me so freaking done with this is because it’s about Black Siren. Quentin says she is his daughter—doppelgänger be damned. 

Look, Q, if Earth 2 Lance could pop up I bet he’d argue with you over who gets paternal rights. (Or maybe not. Maybe he’d give her away. Can’t blame him.) 

I hate this doppelgänger bull crap on this show. Even worse that they did it with Laurel because frankly this is the third—yes third—version of Laurel on this show and I’m so done with it I’m a deep fried Thanksgiving Turkey that caught on fire. 

Sad to say but at this point, I kinda wish Lance had died on the island. And it would honestly free Paul up from this ridiculous monotony. All he does is drink, struggle not to drink, and cry over his daughters and his guilt about said dead daughters. Wash, rinse, repeat. 

A Plague of Birds 

I did not start to watch this show so that I could earn a degree in ornithology. I feel like I’m going to get an honorary one anyway. I also feel like surviving this nightmare should get me automatic sainthood or a really cool corner in heaven. A new car. Debt free. Something. 

Black Sewage (Thanks Twitter for this gem over hiatus)

Okay so she’s terrible still. And I don’t mean like evil. I mean, she’s truly horrendous. They’ve somehow managed to give Katie a chance to showcase her entire lack of acting skill. 

All she did was strut around with this stupid smirk on her face. Though there was no arm crossing so I don’t know if that’s an improvement or not. She looked so ridiculous that I was embarrassed for her because you know she thinks she looks good doing this. 

“Bad/Evil Laurel”—as she was referred to in the episode and further proof that they really have too many Laurels that they have to differentiate this way—even understands that Quentin is not her father. I’m not saying that there wouldn’t be some kind of pull towards each other—they do wear the faces of each other’s loved ones. But I’m so sick of this show confusing the issue here. It’s not helping the boys of Rattit either.

Anyway, if this is their idea of a villain they have some studying to do. Black Siren is not a villain. She’s the sidekick of villains. 

Black Carnage

So I’m about to go off. And some of you may not like it. But I don’t care. It needs to be said. This part of the review is the only reason I felt compelled to write one to begin with.

I hated this bitch in this episode. She walked around with a goddamn chip on her shoulder and a holier-than-thou attitude and I wanted to take her staff and beat her to death it. 

First of all, who is she to make the decision to lie to the captains of Team Arrow? She’s a lackey just as much as her squawking counterpart. She is not a leader despite her delusions of grandeur otherwise in 6x01. Also, the judgement in her tone when she said that she told Quentin to lie about Black Siren being dead so he wouldn’t have to tell them the truth—as if she expected them to judge him harshly for shooting Black Siren—miss me with that. 

She’s Team B at best and this attitude change in her was not becoming. Last season I wasn’t a fan of her but I could pretend she wasn’t there; I could just ignore her in her scenes and I was fine. Bitter but fine. 

I straight up wanted to do physical damage to this broad this time. I thought she acted like an asshole. When Felicity and Curtis were talking on the comms and she said, “How about we focus?” Like she was scolding children? To talk to my daughter that way?! 

She does not get to act like she is in charge or give orders or take the comm control from anyone who is Felicity, Diggle or Oliver. Take all the seats Pigeon Head.

Before I mentioned that there are too many versions of Laurel on this show and Dinah is one of them. They gave her the same name Dinah; the same power; and now she is the one that Lance leans on in his struggle for sobriety. They are literally turning her into another Laurel Lance across the board. She can be the third Lance sister absolutely no one asked for.

And here is where I’m about to make some of you uncomfortable. 

Remember in season 2 and Caity joined as Sara? People weren’t thrilled with the way it felt like she was taking over the team and splitting up OTA. People very much wanted her to stay in her lane because this was Team Arrow and not Team Canary. She touched Felicity’s computer and it was a violation. I’m not even talking about the ‘ship issues of Oliver and Sara being together and not Olicity. Not the issue.

Yet here Dinah is and she’s taking control. She’s scolding Felicity. And now there is this creepy ass shit they are starting with her and Diggle. I have zero idea why they did those two scenes the way they did. It was uncomfortable. It needs to end right TF now.

My Diggle does not cheat. So if they are going to push this Black Canary/Spartan thing on us that means that they’ll have to kill Lyla off and I am going to be a infuriated. Because they did it for no other reason than to open this door; and now we have another child whose mother was killed just to make a story possible this season. 

However, if they don’t kill Lyla off and they don’t pursue this Black Canary/Spartan thing, I’m still uncomfortable with these scenes. Because his best friends aren’t the ones confronting John and trying to help him with whatever he is going through. Felicity might not be able to know but Oliver could certainly tell about the missed shots or the no shots taken; but Felicity would absolutely have been the one to ask John if there was something going on with him. 

Dinah took away moments that otherwise would have belonged to my OTA. In case anyone forgot I am a very pro OTA blog—that means I love the whole and the parts equally. This is not just for show like some haters claim Olicity fans do. I have been missing Delicity scenes something fierce and I want those back. 

Remember when Laurel comforted John and people said it wasn’t her place? That it didn’t make any sense because they barely knew each other? Remember when people didn’t like Diggle being sidelined for Laurel’s Black Canary arc in season 3? Remember when they didn’t like it when it seemed like Laurel was trying to take over the team? 

This is my issue. People who cheer for Dinah Drake. People who stan this character who hasn’t done a damn thing worth stanning yet. People who praise her or excuse her behavior or pretend the things she’s doing are not the same things they dragged Sara/Caity and Laurel/Katie for before. 

This gif is rather fitting so I’mma let Laurel take it for once: 

Begin as you mean to proceed and if that is the case than I am not going to like Dinah this season at all. We are gonna have problems. And I will take her feathered ass to task each and every time I see fit. I did it with the other canaries—Laurel, Sara, Evelyn—and I’ll do it with this one too. 


Not a ton of Felicity in this episode. She did look stunning—and her hair and makeup during the graduation was simply breathtaking. 

But in terms of a storyline, we got zero seeds for Felicity yet. But we did with Diggle. Any experienced viewer knows that those two are often a trade-off scenario (stupidly). I was annoyed, but not terribly so, that there wasn’t much for Felicity in this episode. With a cast this (unnecessarily) large, they have to stagger out how they focus on characters. Naturally, I’m always going to want Felicity, Diggle and Oliver to be up front and center. But as a writer thinking pragmatically I know it can’t be done now with this many characters. Though I do long for seasons 1-2 for that feeling—though, Felicity didn’t get much story back then either.

Also, I know from experience that the writers rarely let the Big Three have parallel running arcs. If there was something strongly Diggle, Felicity tended to go into the background. Vice versa. That’s just how these writers work. I’m not sure how long they will be taking on Diggle’s storyline. I’m willing to give them a few episodes for Felicity. But I expect to see something by 6x07. Because 6x08 is the crossover and then you have the mid-season finale. 6x09 by the absolute latest. They wasted Felicity—a genius with an IQ of 170 and degrees from MIT—last year by giving her absolutely nothing to do outside of being in the lair and Billy Goat. And Billy Goat wasn’t even about her; he was really there for Oliver. 

They’ve always struggled to give her agency. And frankly, the scene where she was revealed to have lived by arriving at the Bunker with Big Belly Burger for the guys—it was a tad reminiscent of season 2 when she refused to get Oliver his coffee because she wasn’t really a secretary. I don’t want her only job to be the Bunker Mother Hen. She’s brilliant; let that shine. 

I want Smoak Enterprises. Maybe that won’t come until towards the end of the season. But she better get some storylines—like with Michael Emerson’s character, who I think we all assume is the one she freed for Alena (the name escapes me right now). At least give her a foil to fight against. But her brilliance better take center stage. Felicity had a revelation in season 4 and they’ve slept on it—she wants to do good in this world not just as a vigilante but as a regular person. That was her goal with Palmer Tech. 

Anyway, I’m hoping that when Felicity’s Island Flashback reveal happens is when we will get more of her. We were spoiled for Smoak Enterprises and they better not fail us on that.

Though the reveal of her being alive by carrying in Big Belly Burger was lame. They were clearly playing at Curtis being the “smart friend” because Felicity was MIA—possibly because she was dead. They did that just to reveal her one minute later. Weak. They could’ve just had her on the comms because the reason why she wasn’t was just pathetic: Her mother was in Star City—for reasons not explored—and Felicity had to push her on the plane. And then she showed up with food. I hope next week has more Felicity.


I liked the way they handled Olicity in this episode. It makes sense that Felicity would be cautious about pushing into the William and Oliver dynamic right now. Not because she doesn’t like William (I wouldn’t blame her though) but because it’s obvious that Oliver is struggling to connect with his son. I think it’s obvious that Felicity cares about William because she thought of him while ordering food so he and Oliver could maybe bond over burgers. She’s trying while not trying to interject herself into a situation that seems so tenuous right now. As annoying as William is, he is dealing with a trauma of watching an island explode that killed his mother. His nightmares and standoffishness are even understandable—though the finger pointing thing was still odd. (So is the Flash backpack.) 

I think Felicity is trying to be respectful and not make it seem like she’s there to replace Samantha. But I do like that Oliver is eager to start to include her. It’s a welcome change from lying and keeping her out of the loop in s4. But I also appreciate that he’s respectful of her hesitancy. I also very much appreciated that Oliver said he would love to talk to Felicity about what’s going on but right now they had to focus on something else instead. It felt implied that he would talk with her once the emergency was taken care of.

The fact that Oliver was going to call Felicity at the end—I liked that. I got the feeling that Oliver and Felicity are communicating a lot better and much more frequently. That was one of the biggest missteps in s5, so I’m glad to see that rectified. Or seemingly so. 

No kissing or anything. But I hope we get that next week. Especially if they are reunited on the island. I need a big reunion moment. Especially when he finds her alive just after finding his sister and believing her dead. 

Also, I think Oliver and Felicity are living in the same building. Just a feeling I had based on the new apartment. I think it was the balcony that made me feel that way. 


They’ve matured Oliver this season. He has both self-awareness and awareness of other people. I don’t know why they decided to stunt this progress before now but it is what it is. It’s here now; at least until they take it away (again). 

I liked how they acknowledged that he still takes on other people’s sins and guilt but it also doesn’t stop him from moving forward. He doesn’t get mired in it. He’s always going to feel a sense of responsibility. It’s what happens when you are a leader. But he doesn’t seem to be punishing himself for other people’s choices. Old Oliver would have berated himself for Quentin lying about Black Siren being dead or for him having to shoot her. 

Other than the final scene with William, I have to say that Oliver as a father was underwhelming. He didn’t appear to be doing much in the way of parenting. Not that I’m eager to see it; but if Oliver as a father is supposed to be a big headliner for this season, he’s under performing in my opinion. That seemed to be falling to Raisa. Gotta wonder what they told her regarding the death of Samantha. But I will say that the final Oliver and William scene wasn’t a bad one. That moment felt more paternal on Oliver’s part than anything else he’s done. That’s parenthood—being there for your kid even when they don’t appreciate it; don’t like you; etc. 

The only way out is through and Oliver is not quitting on his son. Robert didn’t quit on Oliver; it’s why he died so that his son could live. I have been very vocal about my displeasure in this storyline but if they have more moments like that one, it’ll be easier to believe Oliver actually loves MySon.


Clearly he was wounded severely by the explosions. It’s messing with his ability to do his job as Spartan. I just can’t tell if they are going in a psychological angle, a physiological one or a combo of the two. He has that nasty scar on his chest below his shoulder. There is possibly nerve damage causing him to tremble. Psychological reasons could absolutely explain his struggles too. 

I hope that for once the show allows a PTSD storyline to be given focus. And I’d appreciate a storyline for Digg that didn’t end up with him in a jail cell. 

But I am not game to see any bonding between Diggle and Feathers.  


Sigh. Once again Thea is in a coma. Seemingly irreversible at this point.  She appeared dead in that scene where Oliver found her. His reaction by the way was so heartbreaking. I’ve always loved the way that Oliver has loved his sister. If only the writers loved her the same way.

If Thea ends up dying I want it to be known that I will hold the idiot Samantha responsible. She’s the nitwit that ran into the explosions, which for reasons, Thea felt compelled to stop her. Samantha’s stupidity killed her and possibly Thea. Sadly that stupidity survived because William takes right after her. 

I don’t have any idea what the future truly holds for Thea but none of my theories hold any promise for those that like the character.

I wanted more Thea and Felicity scenes. The writers have slighted me. Again. Assholes.


I’m just going to pretend that whole hospital scene didn’t happen. Okay? It was ridiculous. 

The Reveal

We all knew it was coming. I’m not thrilled about it. I actually think unmasking the hero to the city is a crappy idea. Especially before the series finale.  But whatever. 

Random Thoughts

1.       The last time that I felt excited for the end of hiatus was season 4. It’s been a long two years since then. This hiatus didn’t bug me (PR aside) or drag on either. Of course I had plenty of real life stuff to keep me busy. But the fail on the cliffhanger is irritating. For that waste, they should be forced to do a walk of shame.

2.       I am so not used to waiting until 9pm to watch Arrow. That extra wait better be worth it. Hint: Give me lots and lots of nekkid Olicity. Thank you.

3.       Everyone appears to have a new suit now.

4.       I hate that Samantha was killed—awful as she was—just to force Oliver the Dad on us. I was kind of hoping that she’d live and they could keep William off screen as much as possible. Also it’s just another disposable woman in Arrow’s history. Gross.

5.       I fully expect to see Oliver show up on Felicity’s doorstep with Big Belly Burger. It’s a must. I think that they live in the same building and kind of meet up at night after he’s asleep.

6.       Another Dinah thing that bugged me and was so ridiculous—they made her lieutenant?! She was an officer last year. There’s a grade in the middle asswipes, Detective. And they didn’t even have her paired with a Detective as a partner last year as a training thing.

7.       Dinah gets to be a magical Lieutenant so I best be seeing some returns on Felicity’s genius ASAP. Otherwise BULLSHIT.

8.       The villain of the week thing this episode was weak. I still don’t even understand what the whole point was except just to blow things up.

9.       So Rene is now Chief of Staff? They really be giving that job to anybody. I find it so hard to believe that they had no one else remotely qualified for that position on staff.

10.   Though, Rene wasn’t nearly as annoying in this episode as he has been in the past. For one, he seems truly genuine about his daughter this time around. They made it seem like he hadn’t just walked away from her again after the island but just couldn’t get past roadblocks for a new hearing. This was an improvement over his complete abandonment last year.

11.   The Rene and Oliver hug was so awkward. LOL. I liked how Oliver played it.

12.   Exactly no one was shocked by Quentin’s reveal that he killed Siren to save Dinah.

13.   I hate this entire Bird-Off Premise. I wish they’d kill themselves and rid me of a headache.

14.   Buddy, Kiddo, MySon…are we even sure that Oliver knows his son’s name? I mean, I know I like to pretend the kid doesn’t exist but it’s a little awkward coming from his father.

15.   That was a very lame, anti-climactic death of Samantha. Also two years ago, she didn’t want Oliver’s influence on her son and now she wants him to raise him. Based on what exactly?!

16.   Once again the Arrow Bunker is broken into and destroyed. This is such an embarrassing cliché. Seriously, it’s an underground bunker—how does it have such crappy security? Team Flash’s headquarters is a big building in the middle of the city and it doesn’t get broken into nearly as much.

17.   Regarding that stupid Slade scene: Please God can we not go back to that awful “A man cannot live by two names” nonsense? We’ve been there, done that. Over it. Also, Slade is not living a double life so he’s full of hot air.

18.   How the hell is Slade walking around a city that he terrorized a few years ago?

19.   Once again we opened up with Oliver not running. I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not. It wasn’t for last season.

20.   And Bamford’s directing still requires improving.

A/N: Anyway, I know I made a comment at the end of my last season five review that the future of these were up in the air. They still kind of are. I appreciate those that reached out and said they liked my reviews and hoped I continued. But the fact remains my real life is pretty busy and I’m still dealing with health issues and family issues.

So here’s my plan thus: if I can do a review for an episode, I will. But I’m not making a promise to do each episode like I did last year because sometimes it was truly painful to get through them because the episodes were so bad. I’m hoping that s6 is better than s5–the bar is set pretty low so it should be possible. Some may be a lot shorter than normal. I’m winging it this year. Also, I’m cutting out gifs if I can. That was a huge time consuming project. Reaction gifs will likely still be here, because, duh. Lol.

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“Is recorder on?”

“Yeah it’s on.”



“Live feed or..?”

“Nah it’s just recording. We’ll edit this out later.”


“Probably not.”

“Fine, let’s just get started then.”

“Please state your name for the record.”

“My name is Professor Mohammad bin Hukukk”

“What is your profession?”

“I am a professor of Xeno Culture at New Harvard University.”

“Was this your profession during the Texar-Hakara war?”

“No, no my profession was a Orbital Drop Trooper, Sergeant, First Terran Marines.”

“Can you give us an explanation of what your job entailed?”

“We drop in, we fight our way out.”

“You took part in the fighting?”


“During the assault on Rygel Nine, were you with the Marines?”

“Yes, yes I was.”

“Can you describe it for me?”

“Long. Muddly. Bloody.”

“Come on Professor Hukukk, you can do better.”

“You’re making a documentary?”

“Actually we’re making a movie. We want it to be as close to reality as possible. From what we’ve heard even the folks back at Galactic Studios won’t need to embellish much.”

“How much sway do you have with the studio?”

“I’m a Senior Producer.”

“That didn’t answer my question.”

annoyed sigh from off camera

“I have a lot of influence. I’m pretty much in charge of this production.”

“Then I want your personal assurance that the names and places I tell you won’t be changed. These men deserve that, and much more besides.”

“You have my word.”

“I want a copy of this transcript immediately after the interview.”

“Fine. Can we please move on to what I came here for?”

“Alright, ask away.”

“Professor, tell me about the lead up to, and the battle at, Rygel Nine.”

“As I said I was with the First Marines. Specifically with Third Company, Second Battalion.”

“The infamous Riley’s Rangers.”

“The very same. Our CO was Captain Hank Riley. Tough old bastard, like a father to every man in that Company. Underneath him were the three Lieutenants. Jacobs, Stern, and Gibbs. Gibbs was a First Lieutenant, second in command of the Company. I was transferred to them two weeks before drop. Just enough time to learn the names of the Captain and Lieutenants, get used to my unit, then suddenly we’re in orbit over Rygel Nine. Texar-Hakara world. The first of their original worlds we were invading. Earth was… she gone by that point. Burned by the bugs. Some of the men talked quietly about what their plans were for when they went home. Most considered that bad luck.

"I was sitting with my squad when Captain Riley gave us his speech. Hold on I brought a recording of it…”

a new voice enters the conversation, only the slightest hiss of static mars the audio file

“Men, today we’re dropping into enemy territory, real enemy territory. It’s fortified and they’re waiting for us. We have never dropped onto a world like this before. All Texar-Hakara are to be considered armed and dangerous until the local hive mind is taken out. That’s our job. We’re Riley’s Rangers for a reason. We drop into the meanest parts of enemy territory to do the most damage. That’s what we’re doing today. Stick together, work with your squad. You’ll come out of this just fine.”

the voice stops, as does the faint static

“When Marine Shock Troops drop into enemy held territory the CO sometimes plays some heavy metal or hard rock or something to get the men pumped up. It works too, wipes away some of the fear. Just enough so that the men can still function as they strap themselves into what is essentially a big bullet, that’s going to be fired out of an under powered railgun directly at the planet’s surface. Captain Riley always played Hard Corps . Old song, but damn good. The Captain came on, told us he’d see us on the other side.

"The Captain never made it down. Anti-air took out the command pod on the way down. Captain Riley and Lieutenants Jacobs and Stern were wiped. Never even heard a peep. Thankfully SOP said Gibbs had to be in a different pod, and he was.

"Lieutenant Gibbs took command. Good man, solid. Exactly the right guy to replace the Captain in combat. He got us up, armed, and organized, and he did it fast. My squad was on the far left flank with the rest of First Platoon. Our job was to hold the line and secure an exit line for Second Platoon, who would be handling the assault on the hive mind.”

“Is this where things started to go wrong?”

“Things started to go wrong when the goddamn brass decided that they wanted to drop us in the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the middle of a goddamn Texar-Hakara staging ground.”


“Damn straight. The first we realize that we’re in the middle of another grand cockup is when Third Platoon got hit by fifty Texar-Hakara warrior drones. They took sixty percent casualties in an hour. We were told to reinforce them and dig in while First Platoon scouted the area. First platoon got jumped two hundred meters out, every last one of them dead, including Lieutenant Gibbs. Now I’m in command of what we can only reasonably call ourselves an over-strength platoon. And we’re smack in the middle of a staging ground for the Third Hakaran Army.

"We radioed for support, and of course the nearest supporting elements were five klicks away. Through the largest concentration of Texar-Hakara on the continent. And we didn’t even have a direct line to them, because we were supposed to be linking up with another force twenty klicks to the north, and our communications were only keyed to Orbital Command and transmit a confirmatory ping to other Terran forces. Originally it was intended to keep us beneath the radar, so to speak. To allow us to get close to the hive mind without giving away our position. Instead what it did was effectively cut us off from the rest of the Army. Orbital was too busy to relay our messages for us.

"I was working with our tech guy, Corporal Swanson, to bypass the block on the radio when the first wave hit us. We knew the Texar-Hakara were out there, and we’d dug in feverishly. We weren’t equipped to hold the line against hundreds of enemies, but each soldier had been issued the standard anti-tunneling package. Slam a spike into the bottom of a foxhole, and the SATUFP, Strategic Anti-Tunneling Unit for Fixed Positions, shoots out thousands of nanomite cables throughout the ground, sets them firmly in place, connects them, and runs a million volt current through them. Try and tunnel into the foxhole, and you get an ugly zap. It had forced the bugs to engage us on the surface, and we set up a few some meters in front of our position. It was a good way of encouraging the bastards to come up in front of us.

"And holy mother of god did they come up in front of us. Hundreds of them came charging out of the forest, no warning, no sound except the clicking of their legs and their blasts of plasma. We had entrenched defenses, some light plasma machineguns, and the rest of us had laser carbines, plasma grenades, the usual outfit. It was a brutal fight, they kept coming even when they should have been dead. We mowed them down by the dozen, and they swarmed over the bodies of their dead. We started to take casualties as they got closer. Their accuracy was shit, but the hive mind keeps them on task, and their sheer weight of numbers often carries the day.

"It got to hand to hand at one point. They were just coming faster than we could shoot them. Vibroblades and Power Armor versus rock hard chitin and mandibles. Four Privates were MIA after that, just too ripped up to be positively IDed or POWs, the bugs were still taking prisoners at this point. Power Armor can stop a lot, plasma, lasers, bullets. Knives just bounce off. But bug mandibles have crushing force the likes of which our suits just can’t handle. I was hunkered down with Private Tulman and Corporal Swanson. We’re pouring fire into the bugs. Tulman’s Plasma MG is really what kept them off us. Then they swarmed over their corpses, and on top of us. Swanson got ripped apart. Three of them grabbed on and pulled. He was screaming and swearing and shooting to the last, but he died bloody. Tulman lit those three up the second Swanson’s vitals went flat. One of them jumped on me. These things are ugly up close. They look like short ants. Two main body pods instead of three, six big legs, six beady eyes, spikes everywhere, a plasma rifle attached to the underside of the head. I stabbed into the eyes with my combat knife. Despite what some idiot writers will tell you, a nanometer edge on your blade just makes it that much easier to break. It doesn’t matter if it can slide through titanium, in combat you’re not cutting titanium, you’re fighting a living being that is going to be moving, and when your edge breaks off, you’re dead.

"I was a Sergeant. I had a responsibility to be better than my men. Cleaner, smarter, tougher, meaner, and everything in between. Part of that is having your gear perfectly stashed and equipped. So when I say my knife had a perfect edge on it, not too thin not too dull, I’m not kidding. I stabbed straight through that bug’s eye and into its bug brain. And that bastard kept coming. So I shoved my plasma pistol up against it’s torn up eye and pumped six shots into the brain. It collapsed halfway through cutting my arm off. The connectors to my left arm were shot. My helmet’s HUD was flickering in and out and the faceplate was cracked. I was bleeding, not a lot but a little. And the bug had shredded my injury suppressants, so it hurt like hell.

"Most of my men weren’t much better. We couldn’t take another wave like that, but moving was damn risky. The way I saw it, the bugs knew we were here. It was only a matter of time until another force came by to wipe my three quarter strength company off the face of the universe. So we had two options. Stay and die, or leave and die when we ran into a bigger bug patrol. The men made their voices clear. They were prepared to die. And the way they saw it, they had a better chance of killing more bugs here than they did moving around. So we hunkered down. We piled up bug corpses to use as sandbags. We stripped the bodies of our comrades for parts and ammo. We envied the bastards actually.”

“I’m sorry?”

“We envied them. By this point in the war-”

“Revival tech.”

“We traded the Yungling for it. Standard issue on every fleet ship. Upload your neural patterns, and when your body died you got a new one, right off the printer. Commercializing DNA sequencing, one thing the twenty first century did right. As soon as those bastards were confirmed KIA, they were regrown. A hour later they were safe and sound back up on the ship. Dying isn’t fun, I’ll tell you that. But there’s a certain peace that comes from knowing it isn’t final. More likely to throw yourself on a grenade and save your squad. More likely to hold the line against impossible odds, or volunteer for a suicide mission. Best thing to ever happen to the human war machine.

"We hunker down, shore up our defenses, and we kill another group of bugs that wanders by. Fifty odd insects in that one, all dead. Along with fourteen men. Quarter strength now, about fourteen of us total. We keep doing the same thing. Kill a few bugs, a few of us buy a ticket back up to the ship. It gets to the point where it’s just me and Tulman left, out of an entire company. But we’re surrounded by bug corpses. Must have been two hundred at least.”

“Four hundred thirty.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Official after action report says at this point it is estimated your Company had killed four hundred and thirty bugs.”

“Never read it.”

“It was declassified sixty years ago, when revival tech went public.”

“Wasn’t interested in reading it. Dying isn’t fun, and remembering death… it changes you.”

“I’m sorry, please continue.”

“Next wave is about a hundred of the six legged freaks. They come at us like bats out of hell. Tulman dies quick, plasma to the face. I’m left manning the plasma MG with one hand. It clicks dry, no more charge. I can’t change the ammo by myself. It’s made to be completely operable by one man, but one man with two working hands. I charge up four plasma grenades, prime them, slap them onto two ammo boxes for the plasma MG, and run full tilt at the bugs. I jump on top of one, and the box blows. Plasma everywhere, burning the hell out of everything and everyone. That’s when I died.

"I wake up on the UHS Washington DC. She was named after the battle in the old earth capitol, back when she represented the United… Statues I think it was.”

“United States.”

“That makes more sense. Anyways, that was my part in the Battle of Rygel Nine.”

“Nothing else?”


“Nothing about the awards you received?”

“They were after the fact.”

“You received the Medal of Honor for recording the deaths of over twenty men. Without that they might not have been confirmed KIA, and never revived.”

“I did what any man there would have done for me.”

“Thank you Professor, that’s all I have.”

“Don’t forget these names, those men that were torn to shreds by the Texar-Hakara, the ones that were MIA? If you can’t be confirmed as KIA we can’t revive you, having two of the exact same person in the universe, the exact same memories, the exact same fingerprints and DNA. Same loved ones, same bank accounts. What do you tell the one that turns out to have been a POW for ten years. Sorry, there’s another one of you that’s been with your family the entire time? No, no we can’t do that. They were permed.”


“Permanently killed. Permadeath. Never revived. Privates Rodger P. Ackleman, Reginald Puller, George H. Killroy, and Yassah B. Hukukk.”

“Any relation?”

“My son.”

Hi yes hello! So I haven’t followed the yogs in a little over a year now. I’ve stopped watching them and dipped out of the fandom when all that crazy stuff happened last year. I never gave a proper goodbye, just some stuff in the tags of a post I think. That being said, this is my time to give a proper goodbye. I was apart of the fandom, and I did draw fan art and while I was not popular by any means, I still enjoyed being there. I found quite a few artists in the fandom as well who have since moved on as well, and I enjoy seeing their other work very much. So why am I saying all this? Why have I made fanart for a fandom I’m no longer apart of? Because some people I followed were talking about Blackrock Chronicles, because Rythian, Zoey, and now Ravs have come forward with closing remarks and theories they had planned for the show. I was there from the end of the first season so I was probably like 14 and in 10th grade. I absolutely adored the cringy acting (sorry guys but it is), the playful banter, and come on, brooding mage, happy-go-lucky mushroom princess, and a dinosaur? What’s not to love! It ended abruptly do to scheduling and while I was sad at the time, I knew it was hard for them to get together to keep pumping out episodes every week. It was such  a lovely series and I grew very attached to the characters and I think they are one of the reasons I kept progressing in my art because I’d always draw them whether or not I posted it or not. The point being, I’m glad Rythian and crew have come forward finally with backgrounds of the characters and that we now have closure. That is why I made one final piece of fanart. I’m also using this post as a way to say goodbye to the yogs for good since i never did that initially last year. In the past year I myself have gone through changes of my own, which include this new blog (hence why there is no yog art). I enjoyed my stay in the fandom, but now I bid thee farewell.