friendship/lover spell

for this spell you will need: one peice of string about 10 cm but any size will do

2 friends/lovers who have known eachother for at least 2 months

and I find that Tuesdays works best but any day will do.

the spell: get one person and tie one end of the string around their finger and knot it
then get the other end and do the same with the other friend

take the string off and put it in the palm of your hand then put the other had on top inclosing it then get the two people to put their hands one on the top of yours and the other on the bottom of your hands

then say this (latin) benedicam pro omnie

said beny-dee-cam pro omm-nee

“I bless them good luck and happiness”

then keep the string, this is alsp very good because if the couple crosses you you can burn the string and the blessing is gone.

so thats my blessing the-darkest-of-lights what do you think?
For, Lo, the Winter is Past - beaubete - Skyfall (2012), James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Q entertains his mother-in-law.

Ah! And now there are no more side fics written in this universe! I wrote this because I wanted to see Q and Bond settled into their home, to see Q find a place where he fit, and I think this fic does that. I hope our readers have enjoyed reading about this universe as much as I’ve enjoyed writing in it.

It feels weird to let this one go, so I won’t–I’ll leave this one open for side fics and more, perhaps, someday.

The title of this fic is from the Song of Solomon, as well:

My beloved spoke, and said unto me: ‘Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.
For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;
The flowers appear on the earth; the time of singing is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;
The fig-tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines in blossom give forth their fragrance. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away.

James Bond/Q - A Garden Inclosed

TitleA Garden Inclosed

Author: beaubete, 3littleowls (AO3)

Rating: Explicit (NC-17)

Fandom: Skyfall

Word Count: ~39k

Warnings: royalty AU, mistaken identity, marriage of convenience, harems, bottom!q

Summary:  When the Dowager Queen makes Q an offer he never expects, he must choose between the life he’s always assumed he’d have—a wife, a normal family, and a shop of his own—or life as the king’s pampered—and paid for—pet.

Comments: I love, love, love fics when I there’s a case of mistaken identity but  I know what’s going on (see: wolf!derek and oblivious!stiles).

This fic is beautifully written, has lovely relationship development and is such a good read!  So gorgeous.

  • (continued from this, since tumblr wont let me change link to text post)


Nora sighed rubbing her ankle, her stomach turned at his question. Shaking her head, “No, the evil queen sent me to the engine when I tried to leave. I didn’t want to see anyone get hurt…” Nora looked up at Miles, she felt his fear, his uneasiness with her. “I have no desire to hurt you Mr. Upshur. As for escaping goes…. I can’t.”

Looking out into the misty courtyard, thankful for the small covering of the inclosed porch. “wish I could..” Nora mummbled into her knees. pulling a blood stained blanket around her shlouders. “Sit down if you like, I have a few blankets if you want to sleep…” She hoped her sadness wouldn’t project onto the man. grabbing her bucket she busied her self with making flower crowns.

           Miles knew trying to talk to someone stationed in a mental institute would prove to be difficult but she seemed to be the only one here that wasn’t out to kill him. “What if I helped you escape? I won’t let the ‘evil queen’ hurt you in any way.” Honestly at the moment Miles didn’t care less what would happen to this patient. He was more focused on getting himself out;  anyone here was more help then nothing. “But thank you for- this” He said, pointing to her small hiding area.

              Quietly he took a seat next to her, too anxious
              to even get a second of sleep. “What are you
              making?” He asked, looking over at the flowers
              in her hands.

anonymous asked:

I'm going to an art museum in a few days & im rly rly excited!!! Do you have any suggestions for what I should wear? 🍑🍑

Yay that sounds like fun!! And denim shorts with a simple white tee!! Idk what shoes u have but inclosed shoes like low converse would be groovy 😎

The Stygian council thus dissolved; and forth
In order came the grand Infernal Peers:
Midst came their mighty Paramount, and seemed
Alone the Antagonist of Heaven, nor less
Than Hell’s dread Emperor, with pomp supreme,
And god-like imitated state: him round
A globe of fiery Seraphim inclosed
With bright imblazonry, and horrent arms.
Then of their session ended they bid cry
With trumpet’s regal sound the great result:
Toward the four winds four speedy Cherubim
Put to their mouths the sounding alchemy,
By harald’s voice explained; the hollow Abyss
Heard far and wide, and all the host of Hell
With deafening shout returned them loud acclaim.
Thence more at ease their minds, and somewhat raised
By false presumptuous hope, the ranged Powers
Disband; and, wandering, each his several way
Pursues, as inclination or sad choice,
Leads him perplexed, where he may likeliest find
Truce to his restless thoughts, and entertain
The irksome hours, till his great Chief return.
Part on the plain, or in the air sublime,
Upon the wing or in swift race contend,
As at the Olympian games or Pythian fields;
Part curb their fiery steeds, or shun the goal
With rapid wheels, or fronted brigades form:
As when, to warn proud cities, war appears
Waged in the troubled sky, and armies rush
To battle in the clouds; before each van
Prick forth the aerie knights, and couch their spears,
Till thickest legions close; with feats of arms
From either end of heaven the welkin burns.
Others, with vast Typhoean rage, more fell,
Rend up both rocks and hills, and ride the air
In whirlwind; Hell scarce holds the wild uproar

John Milton | Paradise Lost

Image | John MartinSatan Presiding at the Infernal Council

man im fucking annoyed i ordered 2 posters from amazon and only one came even tho it said the other one was shipped with it, but inclosed in the packaging it said its “shipping soon” 

Your past is never behind you. People say all is forgotten, but it’s not. Some use that to manipulate you. Hold it to you or others to show, you did this then, you acted lime this before remember? And by adding I love you to the end makes everything OK. I doesn’t.
I went to the zoo today walked through watching the animals in there cages. Inclosers they’re called. Just another name for captured. I’m going now,like you to do what’s best. I’ll be out Sunday captured again. Unable to hear the music. Kisses my love.
I’m giving my dragons names Mellors and Constance when I get out

You picked her. I begged for days, weeks, months for you to pick me. I gently showed you all the of the changes I’ve made, alienated every person that would cause harm to us, loved you through the hardest point in my whole entire life and all I got in return was a bunch of bullshit lies. I walked into that room it was freezing I knew my heart was going to be on the floor by the time I left. I knew all the lies were about to be surfaced but I did it anyway. Her stuff was everywhere. Her clothes, make up, notes, stuffed animals, drawings, everything I could possibly imagine. The dresser that I BEGGED for months to redo had her hand prints all over it with your initials painted all around it. The wooden carving with your initials inclosed in a heart, the love note that so deeply expressed the love you share. I just wasn’t ready for it. You said you would be there but once again for the 8th time you ditched me and chose her so instead of getting my life back I talked to your mom on the phone bawling and screaming as she was trying to calm me down. I don’t know why such a shitty person has such an amazing family. The worst part is you said how you were so terribly sick couldn’t go watch your nephew play because you felt too bad but the second I was on my way you were already out doing things you weren’t too sick to run off with her. You’ve chosen to distant a whole family that has given you everything for someone who just barely got their license a few months ago. Congrats you have changed and you are not worth an ounce of my time. I will spend the rest of my life trying to pick up the pieces you shattered so don’t text me at 12 am when your new girlfriend is asleep and tell me how much you wanted to love me and you just weren’t good enough because it’s all bullshit. I tried really hard and you were busy with her. You’re a piece of shit.

Broken Elevators and Soft Serve Ice-Cream

Today was a crazy day. It started out pretty well. Repairmen came to fix the water heater and the rest of the morning consisted of other mundane activities. Let me get to the good part! This may be one of the most action-packed posts I’ve written. My mom decided to go to the grocery store to pick up some cleaning supplies. This grocery store was two floors. Yeah, I wouldn’t expect that area to have a grocery store with two floors either but it’s there!

Their elevator to get to the second floor is kinda small to begin with. I’m claustrophobic too. My fear is a strange one. I like my personal space and so if I’m in an inclosed space or squashed in a crowd I get nervous and try to force my way out. I don’t ever have a panic attack or anything like that. The ride up to the second floor wasn’t bad but the ride down is where it gets interesting.

The elevator went down normally and then it stopped. My parents and I, who were the only ones in the elevator, thought it had stopped at the floor. We waited for it to happen for quite a while and then the lights in the elevator went off. I pushed on a few buttons, including the alarm and light button. Now, getting stuck in an elevator is never a fun thing. To be stuck in an elevator in a country you’ve lived in only two weeks and don’t know any language of is even more scary. 

After a few minutes, we saw a sliver of light and a few employees were able to pry the elevator door open. The elevator ended up being a few feet away from the ground so we had to jump down. After that whole ordeal I knew I had to reward myself with a packet of Maltesers even if they were $3.

After going to the grocery store, we went to a place called, “Steakhouse” which turned out to not even be a steakhouse but a deli. The cool thing about the place is that they have ice cream, hard to come by around here. It’s soft serve and tastes like McDonald’s but very good anyway!

Sadly, my story doesn’t end here. While backing up to drive into our garage, dad accidentally backed into a motorcyclist but thankfully everyone was okay and the man was able to continue on to his destination.

Just another day in Africa…

The Media vs Taylor

Yesterday Taylor helped change the way one of the biggest companies in the WORLD supported artists new and old. Helping new artists,producers and writers to have a shot at having their music heard and being paid for it in return. There isn’t a lot of musicians who would so publicly call out a company like Apple, just to help other artists. 

My issue now is that the media are yes following the story, however they once again seem to be trying to twist how the public view Taylor. I read an article on ‘Daily Mail’ this morning and they included Taylors open letter. My issue here is that they only included the opening part of the letter (which I have inclosed) and stopped at ‘shocking and disappointed’ it has not included the rest of the letter, in which Taylor goes on to give very valid reasons. Excluding this part of the letter I feel is a deliberate move by ‘Daily Mail’ to make Taylor out as a ‘spoil brat’ which once again leads to the public having negative views of Taylor.

I congratulate taylorswift for supporting those in the music industry and making people aware of how hard some people work. For this reason I will ALWAYS be a supporter of your music, have been from the beginning and will be ‘Forever and Always’ (had to make this a little bit lighter)
St Lucia Hotels for Different Budgets

The Yankee give of St. Lucia, frame in by the Rodney Bay, is the close to universal tourer hot spot of the island. Hence, about of the St. Lucia hotels be hard in this region. From spacious panoptic hotels and resorts to the versed cottages and guesthouses, St. Lucia has trying ons for divers(prenominal) cyphers. The hotels both argon situated on the beaches or inclose in the tropical greeneries of the island.Large St. Lucia hotelsThe lifesize and the around(prenominal) celebrated hotels be in general fit(p) along the Union coastline of St. Lucia. around of the frequent Caribbean hotel set up fool properties here. The white-hot vertebral column beaches to the atomic payoff 7 of Castries, the gr feed in of the island, be considered the top hat in St. Lucia. In auxiliary to wondrous room and adequate suites, these hotels suggest several(prenominal) recherche facilities including spas, restaurants, secondary school and take ins club. A gra vid turning of these hotels belong to to the all- compensateing category, go nearly everything that a traveler to the island expects to savor in St. Lucia. hardly a(prenominal)er big properties of the island encompass hotel inhabit, suites and lofty villas. here travelers end amaze an charm accommodation that suits their bud purport. However, higgleors to the island oft croak about inadequacy of eco resorts. unrivalled is shortly under(a) construction, which ordain meliorate the celestial orbit of eco touristry in the region.Small hotels in St. LuciaThe littler hotels of the island gravel a few(prenominal) rooms and sally throttle facilities. Nonetheless, a largish number of tourists pick out such accommodations owe to their hail-fellow aura and individualize service. Moreover, they atomic number 18 low-priced. These budget accommodations argon con gear uped complete the island. The general inns ar situated in the scenic locations on the i sland, practically dominating the Rodney Ba! y.Affordable accommodations in St. LuciaSt. Lucia has numerous flash gelt and breakfast accommodations. fleck most of the large and expensive accommodations hand over active the Union coastline of the island, the affordable guesthouses atomic number 18 in the first place imbed on the southerly let on of the island. They be a great deal fit with self-catering units. thickening cottages be rarely found in St. Lucia. thither are a few self-catering apartments on the island.While st lucia hotels and resorts are very much goddamn for depriving tourists from the truly spirit of St. Lucia, these tinny accommodations are lauded for bragging(a) visitors the developed try out of St. Lucia. You crumb eat in the topical anaesthetic anesthetic restaurants, inebriation in the local pubs, visit the local shops and merge with the local people.If you are looking of a excursion journalists and essential a hotel in Barbados, classical Caribbean flow shows you the elbow room to the trounce Caribbean Family vacations with great savings. rise up Barbados hotels and resorts stainless for your barbados hotels.If you loss to get a exuberant essay, nightspot it on our website:

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Luke Herbert, The Register of Arts, 1826

On examination, Amstey’s pot appeared to be quite entire; its shape had not altered, nor was there any change of texture, indicating an approach to fusion: it resisted several blows of a hammer before it broke. Of the crucibles inclosed in the pot, Wedgwood’s had cracked to pieces, and the texture had become compact and semi-vitreous; the black lead one had softened considerably, and had undergone a change of shape; the Cornish one was unaltered in shape, and nearly so in texture, having only become somewhat more compact.