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okay but. life inclined mikey being super pumped bc now he has a power he can use offensively like his other bros. 

fire inclined mikey just. dESTROYING EVERYTHING

ice inclined mikey using his electricity to warm himself?? somehow?? and thank god he hasn’t felt truly warm since he was 14 and his inclination woke up.

light inclined mikey…well, i can’t really think of anything cool he’d get to do here. any ideas??

Emma tells him it’s stress, but he sees the way her eyes widen whenever it happens – a tremor that begins its course from the tips of her fingers and travels up, up, up, until it’s almost at her elbow.

She tries to hide it, turns her back, shoves her hand in her jacket pocket, runs it through her hair. Emma buries it under habits, and smiles harder, and tells him it’s nothing.

He knows it isn’t.

Somewhere in his chest, he feels a pang of hurt every time she brushes off his concern, a clawing sensation that slowly works its way to his throat if he keeps it on his mind for long enough. After everything they’ve been through, Emma still hides behind her armour.

But in a lot of ways, she doesn’t. It’s the little things. The way she lets him play with her hair when they’ve crashed on the couch after a long day of running around town, too tired to reach the bedroom to fall asleep. The way she reaches for him by the zippers of his jacket, and presses her nose in the hollow between his collarbones. How she asks him to tell her stories when she can’t sleep, takes him to dinners with her parents, lets him teach Henry how to sword fight.

It’s the little things that tell him he’s come a long way from guarded smiles and hurtful words. She needs time, he knows. But despite all her absurd notions of wanting to fight this battle on her own, she needs support.

The next time her hand shakes, Killian remembers how far they’ve come. He reaches for her fingers slowly over the top of their dining table, enough so she can pull back if she needs to. He tightens his hold on her, and the shaking tampers down to a small jump every other second.

“It’s just-”

“Stress,” he cuts her off. “Aye, you’ve said.”

“It’ll go away eventually.” She scrunches her brows together like she doesn’t quite believe it.

Her hand stops jolting entirely and she waits a few seconds before lacing her fingers with his and squeezing, this time his heart being the one that does a little jump.

“I’m here, Swan,” he reminds her, hoping she’ll unload the burden that weighs down on her shoulders. “You only need ask.”

She sighs, a sound that seems to carry a jumble of emotions. “I know,” she admits. He leans forward and leaves a lingering kiss on her forehead, an encouraging smile following close behind. She returns it, pulling their joint hands until she’s holding them against her chest.

He knows her, knows the look of gratitude and apology she’s giving him. She won’t tell him, maybe not for a while, but it doesn’t change the fact that he will never let go.

at the end of puberty, every capellan will get an INTENSE fever, one that indicates that their INCLINATION is not far behind. once the fever has passed, usually after twenty four hours, the capellan would prepare for the day they awoke with one of the four capellan inclinations. this meant that their room must be cleared of anything that they don’t want to be destroyed. 

the inclination that will awaken within them is completely random, and can be any one of four. the four inclinations are: 

the FIRE inclination- capellans with this inclination are able to conjure and control fire. they are immune to it as well, and can even breathe fire. this inclination from from thermal manipulation instead of ‘just’ pyrokinesis. this means that they can warm things with a mere touch as well as raise the temperature of the room around them.

the ICE inclination- the sister to the fire inclination, capellans with this inclination are too capable of thermal manipulation. however, where the fire inclined can only raise the temperature, the ice inclined can only lower it. they are capable of manipulating water and then freezing it- however they can only manipulate water as a half frozen slush. they aren’t water inclined, after all. 

the LIGHT inclination- the oldest inclination, light inclined capellans have the ability to create constructs out of light- blades, lasers…the possibilities are limitless with enough concentration.

the LIFE inclination- the only inclination to contain the full spectrum of it’s power, those who are life inclined have the ability heal life or end it. the most revered and feared of the inclinations. there is no counter to the life inclination except itself.

about seventy years ago, there was an attempted revolution on capella. members of this revolutions were few, but they had trained themselves to the height of their power, and unleashed it on the battlefield. it was truly devastating.

the revolution was crushed by shooting them with a substance that added coding to their dna- it imposed limits on their inclinations that, when breached, instantly killed the capellan.

after the revolution, this modification was forced on every living capellan, and capella’s borders were shut to the rest of the galaxy. the limitations on each inclination will be discussed more in depth in individual headcanon posts

kildriia  asked:

How would a life inclination defend his/herself? Would they use their inclination somehow or would they wield a kind of weapon?

im gonna @liifeinclined bc i feel like miles is gonna wanna hear this 

okay so??? i’ve been thinking about this for like the last three hours and for all my stressing how the life inclination contains the full spectrum of its power, it’s really…not balanced. and what i mean by “the full spectrum of it’s power” is that with the fire and ice inclinations- they used to be one inclination, simply thermal manipulation. but over time it split up in two, and now you can really see how they’re really just halves of a whole. the fire inclination cannot cool down a room that they’ve heated up- likewise, the ice inclination cannot “undo” any frost that’s built up. 

but the life inclination covers the ability to heal life and the ability to harm it- it contains both extremes. 

ANYWAY.  it’s really strange that you can heal someone gradually, or heal someone wrong, or only heal someone partially- but you can’t do that with killing someone. just- boom, they’re dead, no grey area, right?


not quite. its possible to weaken someone- kill them gradually, drain away their life force bit by bit. however this is the most difficult thing to master for a life inclined capellan. if you can weaken someone, slow down the killing so it’s not immediate, you’re basically considered a master of your inclination. 

but…it’s not a good thing. the life inclination, because it covers two extremes, comes from two extremes as well. it can come from either kindness or malice. it is literally possible to kill someone with kindness, usually because it’s an act of mercy. 

however, this technique can only be utilized by using malice- since there is no mercy or kindness in making someone suffer. 

so, life inclined capellans CAN defend themselves but

  • its the hardest technique to master
  • it comes from a bad place
  • if you can do it people generally look down on you because why would you want to make someone suffer??


ALSO!! ALSO!! when she does burn someone, be it accidentally or purposefully in a fight, unless she’s attacking them with the intent to kill, she backs off and gives them the chance to get away. like if they’re attacking her and it’s not someone who’s like. past the point of no return (ie shredder), she’ll give them the chance to run away.

again… she hates using fire to kill people. she has done it before and to her it’s such a brutal way to die- with light and ice inclinations, they have the option of stabbing their opponents. with fire…it just burns. so, even if she wants to kill you, there’s a high chance she won’t use her fire.

Starkiller Science: Chapter 34

Summary: The final battle between Kylo Ren and Rey commences as the Starkiller Base explodes.

Word Count: 3421


A clashing of lightsabres flooded your vision as Talia dragged you up the ramp of a small cruiser in the Starkiller Base’s hangar.  Your feet stumbled, not on the metal incline but upon the ice and snow beneath Kylo Ren’s feet.  The red light of the sabre illuminated the falling snow that danced through the night air and cast an eerie glow against his bloodied, black tabard.  A blue light faced against him from the opposing sabre held firmly in Rey’s hands as she backed up on shaking legs.  She was fighting as hard as she could against Kylo Ren yet still being backed against trees as she tried to escape from him and defend any further attacks that he would have against FN-2187.

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