If you ignore Palestinian antisemitism and Palestinian incitement to kill Jews.

If you think it’s justified.

If you understand it.

If you think Jews are the reason Palestinian are antisemitic.

You’re part of the problem.

JUST IN: Amnesty International just announced they've sent human rights team to #Ferguson; First time they've done that in the US.
  • AmnestyNZ: The situation in #Ferguson has prompted us to send human rights teams. First time we’ve deployed inside the US.
  • Wow | Amnesty International to send human rights teams to #Ferguson; first ever deployment inside the US [via @amnesty/@wsvn]
“Choosing to be disabled”

Ableists often believe that “choosing to be disabled” is a major social problem. They aggressively believe that most disabilities aren’t real, and that people could stop being disabled if they’d just make better choices. They think most disabled people are fakers who just stay disabled out of laziness.

They may see accessibility and accommodations as “enabling”, and try to get them taken away. Or, they may try to force people into treatment (whether or not safe and effective treatment actually exists.) Or they may just be mean and hostile towards disabled people they encounter. Or any number of other things. This hurts all disabled people badly.

People with disabilities often feel like they have to prove that they are not faking, and that their disability isn’t a choice. This can lead us to worry a lot about whether we’re somehow doing this on purpose. In this state of mind, it’s really easy to find things that feel like evidence that we’re fake.

Disability usually involves tradeoffs. We can’t choose to have all of the same abilities as nondisabled people, but we often can make some choices about which abilities to prioritize. This can superficially look like “choosing to be disabled” if you don’t understand how disability works.
For instance:


  • All medications have side effects
  • Managing the condition and the side effects can involve complicated tradeoffs
  • There is usually more than one option
  • It can often be a choice of what abilities you prioritize most, and which impairments are most tolerable
  • You may be able to choose to make any particular impairment go away
  • That doesn’t mean you could choose to be unimpaired
  • Ableists will think you are faking no matter which choices you make. They are wrong.

Mobility equipment:

  • People with mobility impairments often have more than one option, and there can be complex tradeoffs. 
  • Eg, which is more important to someone?
  • Being able to go further without fatigue (in a power chair) or being able to ride in a regular car (with a collapsable wheelchair)?
  • Being able to travel a mile on the sidewalk (in a wheelchair), or being able to use all of the subway stops (by walking)?
  • Being able to get into inaccessible buildings (by walking), or being able to go out without being in pain (in a wheelchair)?
  • Retaining the ability to walk (by spending a lot of time doing physical therapy) or being able to take a full course load in college (by spending that time on studying and losing the ability to walk)?
  • No matter which choice you make, ableists who don’t understand disability will see it as “choosing to be disabled”. They are wrong.

There are any number of other examples, for every type of disability. This affects every kind of disability, including physical, sensory, cognitive, psychiatric, chronic illness, and the categories I forgot to mention.

Tl;dr We all have to make choices about how to manage our disabilities, and there are often complicated tradeoffs. No matter which choices we make, ableists will think we’re making the wrong ones. No matter which choices we make, ableists will think that we are faking.

In the face of this kind of hostility, it is easy to start doubting ourselves and believing that we’re fake and terrible. It helps to remember that the ableists don’t know what they are talking about (even if they are disabled themselves). Making choices about how to manage disability is just part of life. The ableists are not experts in how you should be living you life; they are wrong and they are mean.

BREAKING: Police have strategically blocked any opportunities to see what's happening. #Ferguson
  • The younger crowd is pleading for the media to stay: “Show the world what they’re about to do to us!” #Ferguson
  • Just told to go into our cars. An on-scene reporter was told to get into his car, and media were told to get into their cars. It’s about to reach a boiling point in Ferguson.
  • Protesters are asking the media to stand with them and not return to the media area #Ferguson
My Note to the VLD Fandom

There’s been a lot of negativity recently; I’m sure everyone knows about it in some way, whether they’ve seen it on this blog or their dash or somewhere. SDCC brought out a lot of new information that everyone is still trying to deal with, and a lot of people are reacting in frustration to some of it. Which is understandable; it’s stressful having the status quo broken up and having to assimilate new information against your previous ideas. That, and it wasn’t fun having the creators scare us with the idea of Shiro dying; he’s a very popular character and his fate hangs in the balance on whether he’s going to go the way of Sven or do something else.

I’m not here to call anyone out. This is not to drag the fandom or throw out all of our dirty laundry; this is simply a request for everyone to take a moment to think about the fans. Think about the people who like this same TV series and think about the new fans coming in. I for one really don’t want the new fans to come into Tumblr, looking for people to share their new interest with, and see all of this negativity. We’re not even a month old; please don’t let this set the norm for the rest of the fandom and for the rest of the series. We’re probably going to have more scares worse than this one and more information to deal with down the road. And all of these people we interact with love the show just like us. It’s easy to forget we’re all people behind the keyboard, people with lives and ambitions and hopes and scars and fears. Please don’t dehumanize people based on their interests or their beliefs.

Please take a moment to consider what you’re really doing before you send in anon hate. Think about what your words can do to someone, or what it would feel like to have that sent into your inbox. Find other ways to release your anger. If you need to let someone know something is bothering you, take a moment to make sure your words are civil. If someone lets you know something is bothering them, make sure you treat their concerns as valid. Tag things so that people can blacklist for their own emotional safeties. 

Please don’t turn the VLD fandom into something ugly. We all just want to enjoy it.

@klanced, @bae-llura, @ironinkpen, @elentori-art, @ace-pidge and any other major VLD blogs I can’t think of right now, if you would be willing to reblog this to spread it around, that would be great.

BREAKING: The case against Officer Darrell Wilson will be heading for a grand jury.

County prosecutor says Michael Brown’s murderer’s case will go to a grand jury |  @FOX2now …

Developing the Inciting Incident of your Novel

The inciting incident is the event that happens in your novel that changes everything for your main character. It forces them to act, even if they don’t want to. Basically, your inciting incident needs to be something big enough to change their daily norms—whether it’s simply meeting someone new who changes their perspective on things OR dealing with the end of the world.

It’s important to remember that your inciting incident does not have to be anything crazy. For fantasy and science fiction, or novels with a lot of action, it will probably be a big event that your main character will have to deal with immediately. For more lighthearted stories, like romance novels, it can be the introduction of a new mysterious character. The inciting incident directly leads into the rising action before the climax in the basic plot structure. That means this event will set off a change of events that will change your main character’s life in some way.

Here are a few ways to develop a strong inciting incident in your novel:

Think about what will get your main character motivated. The inciting incident needs to be something that will force your main character to act in some way. Why does this event in particular make them rethink their daily norms? Do they have a choice in the matter? Focus on a character flaw that has prevented them from acting in the future. You really need to develop your characters before you can think about the inciting incident, so make sure you’re super clear on who they are.

Make sure your inciting incident leads into something bigger.

This event needs to lead directly into the rising action of your novel. The novel does not “calm down” after the inciting incident; things just usually get crazier until the climax. The inciting incident needs to get the ball rolling and put the plot in motion. After this event, your protagonist attempts to find the solution. Your antagonist attempts to prevent the solution.

The inciting incident must also lead to goals.

If your characters didn’t have much motivation to act before, now they do. The inciting incident leads to your protagonist making goals of their own. They become more focused on what they want and how they’re going to get it. The inciting incident is why the story is taking place, so you need to take it further. Why is your character pressing forward? How will they get there? Let them develop their own goals after this incident.

-Kris Noel

the signs as seasonal anime (F16)
  • Aries:Ajin S2
  • Taurus:Yuri!! on Ice
  • Gemini:Flip Flappers
  • Cancer:Chi's Sweet Home
  • Leo:Lostorage Incited WIXOSS
  • Virgo:Shuumatsu no Izetta
  • Libra:Haikyu!! S3
  • Scorpio:Occultic;Nine
  • Sagittarius:Drifters
  • Capricorn:Bungou Stray Dogs S2
  • Aquarius:Keijo!!
  • Pisces:Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari
BREAKING: Egypt urges US restraint in Ferguson

Egypt’s government has called on US authorities to show restraint against protesters in Ferguson, Missouri.

It said it was “closely following the escalation of protests” after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman on 9 August.

The statement echoes US President Barack Obama’s comments during Egypt’s crackdown on protesters in 2013.

Correspondents say the criticism is unusual since Egypt gets about $1.5bn (£1bn) in aid from the US every year.

President Obama is under increasing pressure to bring an end to the violent scenes in the St Louis suburb.

It is now 10 days since Michael Brown’s death, which sparked mass demonstrations.

Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri, has ordered the National Guard to support police operations, but violence flared again on Monday night, with law enforcement officers arresting 31 people.

External image
The unrest continued on Monday night, with police firing tear gas at crowds of demonstrators

The statement from Egypt’s foreign ministry followed a similar call from United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon, who called on Missouri police to abide by “US and international standards”.

Iran added its voice to the criticism, with Majid Takht-Ravanchi, the deputy foreign minister for European and American Affairs, saying the unrest was a sign of “the phenomenon of racism” in the West.

Meanwhile Chinese state news agency Xinhua said that despite the US playing the role of an international human rights defender, the clashes showed “there is still much room for improvement at home”.

“Obviously, what the United States needs to do is to concentrate on solving its own problems rather than always pointing fingers at others,” the Xinhua editorial added.

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BREAKING: Ferguson Store Owner Says He Doesn’t Believe That’s Mike Brown On Surveillance Video

The surveillance tapes supposedly shows Michael Brown “robbing” a Ferguson convenience store market. But in spite of the fact that the “robbery” was carried

The surveillance tapes supposedly shows Michael Brown “robbing” a Ferguson convenience store market. But in spite of the fact that the “robbery” was carried out without the brandishing of a weapon, and in spite of the fact that this was really more a case of petty theft shoplifting, this Friday, for the first time, the owners of the store have said that they never said they believed Michael Brown was the individual who stole the item from their store.

In fact, while the owners are speaking out through an attorney about the surveillance video, the mainstream, corporate media are largely ignoring everything they said, pretending that this video definitively identifies Michael Brown as the strong arm shoplifter.

The owners claim that this is a claim the police have come up with on their own.

Through their attorney, the owner of the store also even dispute the claim that they or an employee called 911. They say that a customer inside the store made the call. This is pretty strange if this was indeed a “robbery”.

As well, in addition to clarifying that they never said they believed, nor identified the suspect with Michael Brown, they claimed that the St. Louis County issued the warrants for the hard drive of surveillance video Friday, based on the police claiming that Brown fit the description of the person in the video… the person who the owners and employees of the store were not even going to call the police on. Again, the owner clarifies that neither the management, nor any employee ever identified Brown as the suspect in that video.

They simply never said they believed that, this was a claim made by the police alone. So the real question is why the media has been taking the word of the police on this matter, even over the word of the eye witnesses and the store owner?

Free Palestine is a feminist issue
July 23, 2014

The latest Israeli attack on occupied Palestine in the form of an ongoing military assault on the people living in the Gaza Strip has made an already unbearable situation much more devastating.  Women, children, and elders represent the majority of the hundreds of people who have lost their lives.  The assaults are a form of reproductive violence by creating conditions that increase miscarriages, pre-term labor, and stillbirths.  Israel is currently targeting sewage systems, worsening an existing water crisis created by the Israel blockade of supplies to Gaza, and depriving hundreds of thousands of Gaza residents of clean water.  Free Palestine is, and always has been, a feminist issue.

People around the world are mobilizing direct actions to denounce Israel’s brutal violence and ongoing occupation.  Here’s a list of convergences.  Below is INCITE!’s statement of endorsement of the movement for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel, framing the occupation with a race & gender analysis. 

INCITE! endorses the Palestinian call for BDS—Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions for Palestine because…

  • Israel is a settler colonial state founded on the ethnic cleansing of 80% of the indigenous Palestinian people…
  • And because Israel considers Palestinian women a “demographic threat,”…
  • And because one in four women in Gaza, and 4 in 5 children there, are undernourished…
  • And because the siege on Gaza was described as “catastrophic” and a “prelude to genocide” even before the latest murderous assault…
  • And because Amnesty International, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and a UN-commissioned independent report have concluded that Israel’s offensive in Gaza amounted to “crimes against humanity”…
  • And because the restrictions imposed by Israel have resulted in a 58% increase in miscarriages among Palestinian women in the West Bank in a single year…
  • And because Israel celebrates the declining Palestinian birth rate as a success, while encouraging Jewish women to have more children…
  • And because Israel promotes itself as a haven for gay people, while barring queer Palestinians from participating in Pride day celebrations…
  • And because Palestinian children are arrested by Israeli soldiers with no right to due process, and are imprisoned without any charges against them…
  • And because our tax dollars are used, against our will, to create a living hell for Palestinian women and their families…
  • And because, since 2000, nearly 6500 Palestinians have been killed, including over 1400 children, and 40,000 have been injured…
  • And because, since 2000, 20,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished to allow for Israeli “natural growth,”…
  • And because Israel has resisted all official attempts to force it to comply with international law and end its violation of Palestinian human rights…
  • And because Israeli control and domination of the geographic terrain and resources of Palestine deny Palestinian families the right to free mobility, clean water, food, and other basic living necessities…
  • And because reports of torture and sexual violence of Palestinian men and women political prisoners and detainees violate international human rights law…
  • And because Israel’s entrenched system of discrimination and segregation constitutes an apartheid system as harsh as South Africa’s old system…
  • And because the global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement played a major role in ending apartheid in South Africa, and is the model and inspiration of the Palestinian people today…
  • And because Palestinian civilian society, not their corrupt “leaders,” is calling upon the international community to show its solidarity and support by engaging in a similar consistent and comprehensive movement…

We can support the Global BDS movement by engaging in boycotting Israeli products everyday.

For more info on the global BDS movement, please visit:


Dear Communismkills...

Communismkills, I am not here to harass you or call you out of your name, however I—like many others—feel no sympathy for what is happening to you and even though you most likely will not read this or see it as an opportunity, I’m going to give a comprehensive and rational opinion. Many may not share this opinion and that’s fine. There are many reasons for one not to feel sympathy for you.

The rhetoric that you use on your blog is just as threatening as the threats made against you. I do not know you so I cannot say if you truly practice what you preach but if you do then you simply cannot be surprised that this many people are coming at you. I’m not going to discuss the amount of negativity you put up other than using it to show the relationship between freedom of speech and hate speech. You have the right to say whatever you want but when you write things that incite like-minded people to discriminate, degrade or even cause harm to others; those receiving the negativity and possible harm have a right to protect themselves. Further, they have the right to persuade you into at least considering their plight when you make your “right-wing” posts. I put right-wing in quotation marks because the right-wing people in my life would never say the things you say. I am liberal but you will never see me posting jokes about dead people who died unjustly that I oppose nor will you see me posting how happy I am that someone I oppose was tortured to death. When you do that, you help normalize your hatred and you incite others to either (1) pass it on to friends and family and/or (2) commit heinous acts themselves to illustrate the hatred you yourself helped to nurture. If you do not believe that every single person should have basic rights or even live life without fear of being brutalized then you are irrational and your way of thought will never become a reality in mainstream. This is a very simple opinion so it should not be hard for you to understand how harmful your actions could possibly be or may already have been.

To further drive my point home, I want to show you what comes up when I simply search your blog’s name. Observe exhibit A:

and observe exhibit B:

This literally drives my point home. You were doxxed for your hate speech relating to the second and third topics in exhibit B (along with various other hate speech topics). You should feel ashamed that the second and third topics showed up when your blog is mentioned because those related topics tell us exactly the type of person you are and how we all see you. If you are proud of this then that’s fine. You can be proud of being racist, transphobic, homophobic, etc.; however, do know that with pride comes accountability. You can get angry and say everyone who disagrees with you is wrong until your face turns blue, but it simply will not change the fact that what you do has a stronger impact than doxxing could ever have. If someone even tries to cause you harm they will go to jail. If they use your mother’s credit card information they will go to jail. If they make direct threats or harass you constantly they will go to jail. Do you know who won’t go to jail if a white police officer gets persuaded by your rhetoric and decides to unjustly kill someone of color? He most likely won’t go to jail but just as important, you won’t. If an angered and misguided white teen becomes inspired by your rhetoric and decides to shoot students in his school, he’ll either die or go to jail but you won’t. If your rhetoric makes a white woman paranoid about the black people she works around and she decides to carry a gun for protection and wrongly shoots one of her co-workers out in the parking lot because she thought he was going to rob or rape her, she will go to jail but you won’t.

The person/people who doxxed you most likely did it in retaliation to the hate-filled rhetoric you continually put out on your blog, I can’t say for sure. Look, I’m not on here saying you have to change nor am I trying to force you to change. You can believe what you want to believe and you can say whatever you want to say. However, when you cross the line, which you have many times, then you look foolish when you complain about people coming at you or defending themselves against your hate speech. When I took courses on rhetorical analysis I learned something very important and it will forever stick with me: your rhetoric could be as empty as the calorie content in water, but once you speak it you become accountable to its consequences. And quite frankly, if you enjoy the thought of your words causing violence against someone who simply has a different opinion than you or is physically different than you, then you deserved to be doxxed. Brutality is a disgusting thing to get enjoyment from which is why civilized societies strive to minimize their amounts of brutality. However, if you actually never thought of your words having that potential power then you could either let this serve as a wake-up call or you could continue doing what you’ve been doing. Just know that if you choose the latter, people will continue to defend themselves and you will not be able to control that.