Myself and the band minus the Lead Guitarist, had a practice in my conservatory. Was pretty productive, pretty much finished our latest song, just needs rehearsing and finalizing! Think we will be practicing here until we find our new band home! Hopefully it wont be too soon…

Tomorrow, we have our semi-final heat of ’Battle of the Bands’ we haven’t practiced as a full band in weeks, and not even got a set list ready (last minute set list for the win!) I think we stand a good chance into getting into the Finals, after listening to the other bands that are playing, I’ll be surprised if we don’t (Not being big headed or anything!) But I’m not the one judging, so we got to impress the panel.

Wish us luck!


It’s about time i got down and dirty and just spread my band around for the world to see.
If you’re into rock/metal, hopefully, you should like us.
We’re currently recording our EP, should be out by the end of this month for the measly price of £2.

Please take a couple of minutes to “like” us, and listen to some of our music; it’s greatly appreciated. 

Feel like...

…I’m going to be sick, I bloody well hope not! Stupid guy at work coming in with his illness and breathing around me! Hopefully I will be fine, I have a gig to play tomorrow! Which probably wont go down too well seeing as we haven’t had a practice in about 3 weeks…Awesome.


So we have recently been in touch with a logo designer over in America, this is what they came back to us with! We think it looks pretty sick, simple yet effective! Ignore the background thats the companies back drop for the preview image.

What do you think?

Good News!

We’ve recently confirmed that we will be returning to practising next week onwards! For us it seems like an eternity, so we’re all excited to get back to writing more material!

What would you like to hear from us?

Those new followers that are on Facebook please find our page and like us on there! Also download our song via voting for us to play for Hard Rock Rising it ends this Sunday! 

Incindia Invades Tumblr!

Okay so in order for us to reach as many new people as we can we’ve headed over here to get you Tumblr people in on the Incindia ‘Band Wagon?’

We’re based in Manchester, UK. We’re still unsure of what genre we are but we are definitely some kind of Metal, either way, it kicks arse. Maybe you could give us a listen and label us what you genre suits us best? 

We’ll keep updated on here, we will post pictures/songs/news and gigs of course! On Facebook? Give us a Like it would contribute a lot!

Competitions! Competitions! Competitions!

This year already, we’ve entered quite a few Competitions! And they’ve given us a big handful of new fans and followers!

Red Bull Bedroom Jam is one of them, help us out by rating us 5* at the link below!

We’re also running 2nd in the Hard Rock Rising! Keep voting for us to play battle of the bands at the Hard Rock Café in Manchester!

We all you guys a big Thank You! Really appreciate your support!