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Alice Harvey in 5.06 (part 2)

Steven Universe

is a cartoon series I have never watched and have no plans to watch and in fact the only reason I know about it at all is from Tumblr posts that I skipped by repeatedly pressing page down before I learned that ‘j’ skips entire posts.

Now I will summarise how much of it I have picked up purely by osmosis.

The Crystal Gems are a bunch of friendly aliens from another Planet who have come to Earth to protect it from less friendly aliens. Rose is a plus-size gem with huge fluffy hair who wants to bone a guy who looks like Homer Simpson, after which she dies giving birth because sex = death and she is actually Padmé. Please be warned that there is an inner circle of Hell reserved for people who draw fan art where Rose is skinny.

Rose gives birth to Steven, a half-human / half-gem who is Weird in many ways. In her absence he is raised by his father Greg and the remaining gems: Pearl, a balletic war-droid who was Rose’s former servant slash lover, Amethyst, a smol gem who has impulse control issues, and Garnet, a powerful gem who punches things and has an Afro. (People who draw her without the Afro also end up in hell according to Section 34 of the SU fan art rules and regulations).

Gems can Fuse with each other (and humans!), a physical process that involves “dancing” and is a lot of fun and builds to a climax that creates a new being. Apparently this may be the first portrayal of procreative lesbian sex on a mainstream children’s television show.

Garnet the Afro Gem Lady is actually a fusion of two smol gems, Ruby and Sapphire, who are essentially locked in an endless make out session.

Uh I just referred to a Gem as a Lady, but this is a Highly Contested Point as being Aliens they are technically non-human and thus non-ladies, however they are coded female except wait fuck that’s transphobic, uh look let’s just note that this issue of Gem gender and sexuality is Controversial and move on.

Steven has a friend called Connie who starts out as a bookish nerd like Hermione and ends up a stone cold bad-ass wielding a sword while Steven protects her with a shield because traditional gender roles are for losers. They enjoy a happy pre-teen relationship that is chaste and truly charming, except in the world of fan art where they are all grown up and getting it on like rabbits, let me tell you.

Connie has a strict Indian mother who is a doctor because Art Imitates Life.

At one point Steven and Connie get a little too frisky together and fuse to make a new entity referred to as Stevonnie, who looks and acts like a mixture of both of them together. There is absolutely nothing weird about this, and it expands the cosplay possibilities enormously.

This all takes place in Atlantic City on the Beach, under the benevolent rule of Mayor Dewey Trump, who has the unrequited hots for Pearl.

As you can see, even unwanted incidental exposure to cartoons can take up valuable mental space and leave you knowing far more than you ever needed about these guys!

Except for that frickin’ pink lion that’s asleep in the background of every shot, seriously what is up with that- no, don’t tell me, a little ignorance is a beautiful thing in this fallen world.

annachibi  asked:

That RL Snow White stuff sounds super interesting! If/when you find it, please send it to me! :D I think it's probably a bit unlikely to be the origin tho cuz the Snow White "myth" if you will is pretty old across many different cultures, but it may very well have formed some of the basis of what the most common one is today. One of my favorites is an old Welsh one where the red is "red as blood" and the black is "black as a raven" heheh

The researcher who did all leg work to find the truth behind the fairy tale decided to start out by focusing on the most fantastical part of the story… the Talking Mirror and the rest sort of accidentally fell into place. 

Snow White was probably Margarete von Waldeck, which means that Prince Charming was probably Philip II of Spain. Margarete actually lived in Waldeck, a small but powerful town in northwestern Germany who’s main industry was … the world’s most beautiful mirrors. Her father owned several copper mines (a part of mirror making back then) who were mined mainly by the villages children. 

Now child labor is a hell of a thing to even begin with but mining was a sort of “double damn”. When you start out in a mine, the average age was 5, and spending some 10+ hours a down down in child-sized holes crippled their growth rate. The few who survived to adulthood were malformed and often crippled. 

Back then, mirror making was toxic. The chemicals used to silver-coat copper to the appropriate thickness killed those who made them with heavy metal poisoning, which as you know, can cause paleness, madness, your lips and hair turn funny colors, and so on. It’s doubtful she was ever in a mirror making room, but the sheer quantity of the chemicals needed for the towns industry to have been built on Mirror Making means she likely had incidental exposure to it. 

Now we get to the really good stuff….

Margarete’s mother died when she was a kid and her father remarried. A rumor was going around when Margarete was 17 that her Father was in courtship talks to have her engaged to Phillip II. For whatever reason this pissed off her step-mum, Katharina of Hatzfeld, and Margarete was forced to flee for her life to  Wildungen in Brussels. 

This Snow White never got her prince - she died from a mysterious illness when she was just 21. To this day, no one knows who poisoned Margarete, but we can rule out one suspect: her stepmother was already dead and 100s of miles away. But it wouldn’t have taken much to kill her, even by 17 she had developed noticeable tremors in her hands simply by growing up where she did. 

There was no Environmental Protection Act in those days.

As for the mirror…. it actually did talk… sort of.

Flattering statements were often carved into the elaborate frames of mirrors, in the border as close to the ‘glass’ as possible. And most of it still exists.

Now I will say that while Margarete seems to be the strongest candidate for Snow White, the more research that has gone into this, the more it seems the story has been tacked on to.

Snow White as we know her today, seems to be equal parts Margarete von Waldeck and Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina von Ertha.

Maria also has an equally strong connection to Talking Mirrors and was said to have been just as beautiful by way of arsenic and lace.

Maria Sophia’s stepmother Claudia owned one of the Talking Mirrors, and her family has controlling interest in Lohr Mirror Manufacture. 

But what about Maria’s seven dwarfs?

Lohr, the region not the company, was known as “The Spessart” has seven mountains. Some of the mountains contain rich natural resources which were mined. The town of Bieber located at the northwest border of the Spessart was once the region’s mining center. Mine seams, shafts and tunnels were usually very narrow, so only the smallest of miners could move around in them. Many of the miners in Bieber – just like miners in other places throughout Europe (and Germany) – were again…. children.

Sadly,  Maria Sophia Margaretha Catharina von Ertha doesn’t have so much as a wikipedia page so thoroughly do people ID her as Snow White that any attempt to start one gets redirected to the Snow White page.

And the actual paper I was talking about earlier is no longer free read. The journal that printed it has put it in their pay-to-play archive. Thankfully, though, Awesome Stories (a teacher resource site) has the jist of it up. ibtimes s autoplay hell but still worth looking at.

Pop quiz. What’s the most effective antiaging product at Sephora? It isn’t sourced from exotic plants you can’t pronounce, nor did scientists recently emerge triumphant from their labs with it. It’s been around since 1938 and is all of three letters: SPF.

Sunscreen is your best ally in slowing down and even blocking the worst of the sun’s aging effects: “Dry and leathery looking skin, rough texture, visible dark spots,” cites Jamie Anderson, Sephora Senior Brand Strategist. “Invisible damage is happening beneath the skin’s surface, too: collagen and elastin photo-damage will eventually also lead to wrinkles and loss of firmness.” However, according to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, only 34% of Americans wear sun protection. “People believe that as long as they are not exposed to the sun long enough to risk a sunburn, they don’t need sunscreen,” says Anderson. “But, incidental sun exposure adds up!” Below, some insights on how to slap on the SPF with strategy. Because a face like leather is never going to be in style. MELISSA LANE

The best sunscreen for you? That’s simple: one you enjoy wearing. One that feels and looks good on your skin. Just make sure it has broad-spectrum protection with a minimum of SPF 15, which is as low as you can go and still guard against skin cancer and early skin aging. 

The rule of thumb is to apply sunscreen 20 to 30 minutes before sun exposure. If you’re going to apply makeup over it, let your sunscreen dry for five to ten minutes first. Or, better yet, take advantage of makeup with sunscreen benefits.

SPF values are not cumulative nor do they multiply, so layering an SPF 20 on top of an SPF 20 is still SPF 20.  However, a potential advantage to using, let’s say, an SPF moisturizer with an SPF foundation is more-thorough coverage: The second layer could hit a spot that the first one missed.

Watch out for oil-based SPF around the eye area. If it gets into eyes, it will sting like crazy and can send you running to the bathroom to splash water on your face. Try an SPF eye cream that is expressly crafted for and tested for that delicate area. Another good option: a stay-put stick format.

Don’t forget other places that reveal telltale signs of aging: your décolleté and hands. Dark spots and collagen breakdown result in thin, veiny hands that make you look anything but youthful. Remember, every time you wash your hands, you have to reapply. Three more places most of us forget to apply sunscreen: lips, exposed scalp, and ears.

Using a retinoid or skin lightener? Just had an intensive facial peel or dermabrasion? Bump up to a higher SPF. Myriad medications, prescriptions, and conditions can increase photosensitivity and warrant a higher SPF. Err on the side of safety in these cases (or at least do a quick Internet search), and increase your sun protection.


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Discover how to boost your beauty regimen for a fall of flawlessness.

“Fall is a time when you really need to pay attention to your skin’s needs,” says senior brand strategist Jamie Anderson. “Given the weather can be so erratic—cool one day, hot the next—it’s really a ‘shoulder’ season that requires you to have flexibility in your routine. That’s why it’s the perfect time of year to incorporate ‘booster’ products, like beauty oils, essences and masks, so that day to day you can adjust as necessary.” Read on to learn how to customize your daily skincare set to suit the season. RENEE TRILIVAS

Why should you change your skincare routine in the fall?
If you’re facing cooling temperatures with the change of season, the combination of cooler weather with dry, indoor heat can compromise your skin’s protective outer layer. Your skin can be more vulnerable and dehydrated, fine lines and wrinkles may appear more prominent, you might notice an appeared loss of plumpness and firmness, and oftentimes redness can be an issue.

How can you help your skin deal with these seasonal changes?
If you’ve been using a foaming, gel, or soapy cleanser, try adding a drop of moisturizing beauty oil each time you wash your face. This is also a great time of year to add a skin-softening essence to your routine. Applying it directly after cleansing, and prior to your moisturizer, will boost hydration and give skin a cushiony softness. You could also try a hydrating mask. Used several times a week, you’ll give your skin some extra needed moisture without the need to completely change out all your skincare products from summer.

What sort of state is skin usually in after a summer of sun, sweat, saltwater, and more?
Given the amount of time we spend outdoors and in the sun, dark spots and uneven skintone are very common. Fall can be a great time of year to add a peel into your routine, or even a dark spot corrector, as these can both help reduce the appearance of any sun damage picked up over the summer. Note: use of these types of products can make your skin photosensitive—but come autumn, you’ll likely be spending significantly less time catching rays at the pool, which makes it a perfect time to try a brightener. Even as the weather takes a turn for the cold, be sure you avoid the last of the sunny days post-peel, and as always, make sure to wear an SPF formula.

Any tips for selecting a sunscreen that’s best for the fall season?
People believe that as long as they are not exposed to the sun long enough to risk a sunburn, they don’t need sunscreen. But incidental sun exposure definitely adds up! Select one that’s a moisturizer plus sunscreen, as this is a great way to add some additional hydration to the skin while staying protected. I like to think of sunscreen and foundation as the ‘dynamic duo.’ And don’t forget your lips: Select a balm that includes SPF.