TalesFromTheFrontDesk: "Man, that guy was a jackass."

I don’t have an inch of give a shit left tonight. I worked 13 hours Thursday, 8 Friday, it’s going to be 14 today, and it will be 12 tomorrow. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I’m cranky, but I’m still a god damn professional.

Guy comes to check in, and shortly behind him is a guy who I’d just checked in ten minutes before. In the back of my mind I’m worried that something is wrong with the room I’ve given the guy.

The guy checking in will be JA, the other guest will be Bronicorn, and I’ll be Bran. JA had the most pompous douchey voice you’ve ever heard.

JA- I have a reservation paid through Hotwire.

Bran- Okay, can I get ID and credit or debit card for incidentals?

JA- There won’t be any incidentals, so I’d like to leave a cash deposit.

Bran- I’m sorry, we don’t handle cash at all, it’ll have to be a credit or debit card.

He argues with me a little about it and grabs one of the cards on the desk for the Xham Rewards program and a pen and starts circling the TripAdvisor logo on the card. I ignore him.

JA- The whole card authorization thing is a scam. Holding my money when you’re not even going to use it.

There is a lot of this nonsense going on lately. Did someone’s grandma share something on FB?

JA- Whatever, you don’t care.

At least he noticed.

Bran- Can I get your phone number please?

JA- Alright, I’ll give you fake number.

Bran- Sir, I need a real number.

So he gave me a supposed real number, then I had him read it back to me. Which he did at an obnoxiously slow pace. Then he started making demands, wanting a newly renovated room, no neighbors, etc. etc. We’re too busy to make any such promises. But I got him a room with a new TV, and that seemed good enough.

I noticed Bronicorn giving him the side eye as the dude gathered up his shit and went off to the room.

Bran- What can I do for you?

Bronicorn, side eyeing JA still- I was just wondering if I could get a room on a lower floor. I’ll pay the room change fee if necessary.

Bran- Oh, well did you use the room at all?

Bronicorn- No, just walked in and decided it wasn’t going to work for me.

Bran- You sure you didn’t throw a quick party or anything?

Bronicorn laughs- Oh snap, you’re on to me! I got like 80 people up there!

I lighten up a little after dealing the pompous ass.

Bran- Dang dude, that was fast! You’re sneaky!

By that time JA was out of earshot, and Bronicorn said this:

Bronicorn- Man, that guy was a jackass! You sounded ready to go off on him!

Bran- I don’t know about that, but I was about ready to tell him I wasn’t going to check him in if he was going to be difficult.

Bronicorn- Damn straight! You’ve got the right to refuse service! My mom worked in hotels for years, and she wouldn’t have taken any shit from him either!

I appreciated his kind words. I didn’t need to clue him in to my whole barely hanging on situation, but he really brightened my night. He asked again if I was sure that he didn’t need to pay to switch rooms. I insisted he was fine, and he offered me some of his Culvers. If I didn’t already have pizza on the way, I might have taken him up on it.

I hope everyone gets to meet a Bronicorn.

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I think is time we started a campaign to politely ask Panics team for Dallon content. At this point the tour is half over and any time there Dallon has shown up in a post or vid has been incidental. I think we need to write (not harass) thoughtful letters and notes to Zack (he does the IG posts) and posts in Panic social media that fans want to see Dallon appreciated for his contributions to Panic. If we keep it positive it may make a difference.

That’s a good thought… I’m just not sure it would actually change anything now :/ and honestly I feel that trying to change it would lead to another drama. It just happens all the time lately..

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While you've said before how much Luna loves apples (does she still love them?), what are Ari and Hana's favourite fruit? (And Luna, what other fruit do you love?)

I DO still love apples! My most favorite is green apples! They’re soooo sour! I let Ari eat one and she got so mad! She says apples are ‘posed to be sweet. But sour is best! I have made four of my friends eat sour apples!

There is no fruit I don’t like. WAIT! ‘Cept tomatoes. Daddy says tomatoes are fruit?? Why? Who made that?!

I like mangoes best! And clem-mem-times. But they are messy!

(Incidentally, we avoid grapefruit for Ari because of her medication. The more you know!)

(Hana, surprisingly, is not a huge fruit fan. She’ll tolerate most of them, but her favorite food is sugar snap peas. Go figure.)

(Oh…and she doesn’t like bananas. :( )


Eu realmente não sei
Como que estou levando
Todo esse peso
Sem afundar
Um motivo pra sorrir talvez,
Eu odeio essa palavra
E é a mais recorrente na minha vida,
São correntes e mordaças
Meu outro eu é um sádico
E só posso dar risada dos seus delírios,
Conto os dias como um viciado
Hoje fez noventa
Noventa dias sem incidentes…

Rafael Liguili

Transmission for Gypsum Opalhand

Dr. Opalhand,

I don’t know what kind of strings your friend pulled with the Guild powers that be, but by Kemos, they worked. I wasn’t expecting to have a new tank with your specifications available until mid-week at least, but as I understand it, one is already on its way to you. One of the better models, too. When Mr. Ivuneq wakes up, tell him he’ll be sporting Shades of Grismara’s hottest spring fashions.

I jest, but in all seriousness, I wish you the best of fortune with the surgery and resulting recovery. Incidentally, I served as a committee member when Mr. Ivuneq was defending his dissertation. Such a long time ago, now, but I still remember it. He has a brilliant mind and a good heart, and his death would deprive our galaxy of one of its brightest stars.

Do keep me informed when you can spare the time.


Dr. Constantin



Folks, we’re SUPER excited to unveil our first update for exclusive pilot content!  We wanted to start it off with some of our background (incidental) characters!  Just a few of the residents you will find taking up space in the Gulch.  You’ll see em hanging in the saloon, hiding under a tree, or hobbling from shoppe to shoppe.  Our idea was to do our take on various myths but also create new ones.  Part 1, more to come!  Enjoy and thank you for your ongoing support! 

No offense but I will never get over the attention to detail everyone involved poured into The Prince of Egypt.

One of my favorite things visually about When You Believe is the way it introduces the viewer to all of these incidental characters—nameless fathers and children and old people who have no role in the main action of the story, who appear on screen for a minute at most—and really makes you feel for them.

In one segment there’s a little girl guiding maybe her grandmother up to the main gate out of the city. And here the grandmother pauses, overcome with emotion or fear; she can’t go on.

I never noticed it before, but the inside of the gate is covered in hieroglyphs:

They’re slaves, kneeling with their arms bound behind them. (Next to actual hieroglyphs of slaves at Abu Simbel for comparison.)

There’s an earlier shot of this anonymous old woman gazing over at this wall depicting slaves, the blood and tears of her people sunk into the stone.

She and the child and the rest of the crowd take their first steps as free people past this, and I just.

It’s such a powerful image.


Okay, but imagine Andrew squinting at his laptop screen, trying to decide whether or not to add a period. Should he capitalize? What about all caps?? Is there a printer in their dorm or does he need to send someone down to the library? He probably spends five minutes trying to get a decent shot without any shadow before deciding that this jives with his zero-shits-given aesthetic better. His password’s an impossible mix of 20 random letters that no one else can hope to figure out and he probably always stays on messaging apps so none of the Foxes can peek at his home screen over his shoulder. 


“Do you remember it well?” she asked.


“Yes. Do you remember the one from your story?”

“It is still vivid in my mind,” I said, closing my eyes. “Those massive bands reaching up like arms into the sky: they were bluegreen and rich with life within, and a cold ashen metal without. I can still see its shape, twisted and fractured in the cracked viewport of my ship. I remember watching it shrink into the distance just before we left.

Even back then, when machines of that scale were ordinary and expected… Halo took my breath away.” [Halo: Fractures - Epilogue]


(and yes, Mulu is missing most of her lower body, as well as the other half of her ‘jaw mantle’ and some other tidbits. poor thing was basically snapped in half not long after being found the first time)