i really, really, really need a kylux au where ben solo never joins the first order. instead he becomes a jedi, a member of the senate (like his mother + grandmother before him) and promotes peace in the galaxy. he also, incidentally, ensures that political prisoners don’t escape.

enter general hux.

he’s been captured by the resistance and has to be taken to trial. ben solo is the one chosen to escort him to naboo. they bicker, they fued over their differing political stances, and there’s a lot of unsolved sexual tension - because, damn, they can appreciate a good looking man when they see one.

Ho trovato il soggetto per il mio primo film:ânia.

La sceneggiatura praticamente si scrive da sola: due spazzini, approfittando del giorno di malattia preso dalla guardia per andare al cinema con la famiglia a vedere uno dei film della serie del maggiolino tutto matto, rubano un apparecchio per la radioterapia da un ospedale abbandonato.

Pensando di poterlo rivendere come rottame, cominciano a smontarlo.

Subito cominciano i primi malesseri, che non fermano i lavori. Il giorno dopo, il uno dei due ha una bruciatura sulla mano con la forma del foro fatto sull’apparecchio. Due giorni dopo, i medici della clinica dove si farà visitare gli dicono di andare a casa a riposare ché i sintomi sono quelli di un avvelenamento alimentare. Un mese dopo, gli verrà amputato il braccio.

Nel frattempo il secondo personaggio continua a smontare l’apparecchio, comodamente seduto sotto il mango del suo giardino.

Liberata la capsula di Cesio-137, riesce persino a praticarci un buco con un cacciavite e vede una luce blu provenire dall’interno della capsula. Pensa sia polvere da sparo e allora prova a dargli fuoco (!).

Vende infine il tutto a un vicino sfasciacarrozze, che nota il bagliore blu proveniente dalla capsula. Pensa si tratti di qualcosa di soprannaturale e invita parenti e amici a casa (dove nel frattempo ha portato la capsula) promettendo una ricompensa a chiunque fosse riuscito a estrarre il materiale magico.

La sua idea è di usarlo per farne un anello per la moglie.

Sarà proprio la moglie a avvertire le autorità (che sulle prime pensarono a un avvelenamento dovuto a una bevanda fatta in casa) della scia di persone che si ammalavano gravemente attorno a lei, fortunatamente prima che lo sciagurato progetto dell’anello fosse portato a compimento.

Nel frattempo però il cesio era stato estratto dalla capsula e distribuito a amici e familiari.

Tra questi, il fratello dello sfasciacarrozze, che ne porta un po’ a casa. Sua figlia, sei anni, nota la polvere blu sul pavimento (persa durante il trasporto) e comincia a giocarci, mentre mangia un panino.

La bambina verrà sepolta in una bara rivestita di piombo, per impedire il diffondersi delle radiazioni. Oltre 2.000 persone tentarono di bloccare il funerale con barricate lungo la strada che portava al cimitero, nel timore di una contaminazione. Già prima, nell’ospedale dove era stata inizialmente ricoverata in isolamento, il personale aveva terrore di avvicinarsi.

convergence (part three); a reylo fic

Title: Convergence

Summary: They begin in the same place. Despite all odds, they keep coming back together. A series of meetings, between light and dark, and whatever lies in the middle.

Characters: Rey, Kylo Ren, cameos from pretty much everyone else.

Pairings: Rey/Kylo Ren

Rating: M for the whole fic, T for this chapter

Notes/Warnings: Canon levels of violence.

previous chapters

read @ ao3, or continue below!

Rey can feel the weight of him in her skull.

It’s a thick, alien thing. It presses down on her, not searching so much as trying to crush the information out of her. And it works. Memories slip out from her edges, the place where he has overwhelmed her.

He takes them. There is a voice in her ear, terrible in its softness, but the sound is incidental. The words bury through bone, little fingers digging into her brain until she isn’t sure who they belong to.

Get out get out get out. A tear slips down her cheek, ignored by both of them. Get out get out GET OUT.

He pauses.

It’s a little thing, barely a stutter in the inexorable encroach of him into them. But Rey has made a life out of little things, of grasping onto chances that others would consider risks and impossibilities.

He pushes again. She grits her teeth, and shoves back.

It’s easier than she expected. Her mind still screams – her whole body screams, the lines of tension in her stretched near to snapping – but there’s a purpose to it. Movement, a motion. When she shoves, he moves back.

(Like a dance—)

How long has it been since someone defied him? Rey has always hated bullies, has spent most of her life being unable to do anything about it. People with power have been lording it over her since she was a child, and she is tired. Tired of patience, of putting up with it, of waiting for someone else to come back for her.

No one is coming for her now. Finn left, she sent BB-8 away, Han doesn’t want to get involved, and there is no one else. Maybe this creature – Kylo Ren, the thought brushes across the place where their minds meet – is right. She’s lonely, she’s alone, but she’s here.

It’s going to have to be enough.

(He’s here as well. And it occurs to her that if he can be in her mind, she can be in his)

It’s not enough to escape. She wants to take something from him in kind, because he has seen the void in her, and there must be one in him that he recognised it. Rey has always learnt by doing, so she doesn’t think about the risks or impossibilities now. She thinks that this is a man powerful in the Force, and she has made him stumble.

If she made him stumble, she can make him fall.

Rey is a scavenger. She knows the value of taking something and making it better. This creature – this Kylo Ren­ presses back hard, and she thinks oh.

This is how you do it.

Except why crush everything, when you can push on a single weak spot and achieve the same results? Rey makes a shovel of herself and digs and digs and digs. She hits the fear first, the confusion as he realises he’s put too much into his attack, saved nothing for defence

“You’re afraid,” she says. Triumph roars through her. There is a specific thing he had kept for himself, and it belongs to her now as well.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what he’s afraid of.

Only that he is.

Rey has hated before.

Always in flashes. Moments, directed at Unkar Plutt, and other scavengers. Herself. But she has never seen the point in sustaining it.

It has never had the power to mean anything before. Years toiling under the relentless sun on Jakku and it’s here, in the dark and in the cold a million miles from everything she has ever known, that Rey learns the strength of hatred

I can show you the ways of the Force.

She can feel Kylo Ren’s breath on her face, his power in the air. It’s freezing, but heat rolls off the both of them. The Force. Her lips shape the word, and her will shapes the very fabric of the universe. She has watched Kylo Ren, the way pain draws the power out of him, pushes him onward. And hate has never hurt so much as it does in this moment, with Han Solo dead and Finn hurt and the proof of her own weakness bending her backwards over a chasm in the earth.

It would be so easy, she thinks. To tear herself open, to wreck herself and him with it. Rey closes her eyes, breathes, reaches—

And then what?

If it’s a voice, it’s only her own. But not the panicked, desperate thinking of a girl on the edge. The Force swirls around her, threading in and out of every living thing – the snow, the trees, herself, Kylo Ren. She can see how to focus it, to take her pain and her anger and her hate and forge it into the same power he has. It wouldn’t take more than a moment.

And then what?

Kylo Ren will die. And she will still have all of that terrible focus, and nowhere to put it.

Rey is a scavenger. She knows the value of taking something, and making it better. She breathes deep again, takes in Kylo Ren – and the snow, and the trees, and herself.

Her eyes open. The hatred is there, but she doesn’t forge her focus from it.

When she fights, she fights with everything.

You need a teacher!

Rey wonders if he knows how much she has learnt from him already.

She wonders what it makes her, that she’s glad for it.

or-dhuilleag asked:

Two-part ask: The Papers of Henry Laurens suggests Martha Manning died Nov 1781 (pp. 388 + 537). I don't suppose you have any idea when/how John found out about her death; I haven't found anything about Henry notifying John in HL’s papers, though I haven't read the whole thing. (Incidentally, Franklin knew about her death by Nov. 22!) There's only 6-7 letters from John after 11/81, and nothing indicative of his reaction.

2/2: My trash question: do you think no longer being married would have had any impact on JL’s outlook on life, particularly regarding his feelings for Hamilton? There’s a lot going on here, of course – AH himself married, JL probably feeling even more responsible for Frances’ welfare, not even considering his struggles in the legislature and political situation as a whole.  Just curious if you have any thoughts on if 1782 might have felt very different to him in light of her death. Thanks!!

I also have not found any response from John about Martha Manning’s death.  I have also read the letter from Benjamin Vaughn (Martha’s brother-in-law) to Benjamin Franklin, but I have never found any letter that notified Laurens of her death.  I think we can assume that he did know about her death - even though mail took weeks/months to travel from Europe to America, he lived for about 9 months after her death, so he should have had time to receive the news.  The fact that we have no response from him may be very indicative of how he felt about the death.  Since he seemed to have no interest in being in his marriage, John may have felt somewhat relieved upon hearing of her passing.  Not relieved that she had passed, but relieved that he would not have to play the role of a loving husband in a loveless marriage and relieved that she would not have to have to spend her life married to a man who had gotten her pregnant and left her to go fight in a war.  I don’t think her death played much of a role in his eventual death, and I don’t think her survival would have prevented him from dying.  Laurens seems to have been very depressed and suicidal, for a number of reasons.  And even though Martha’s death made Laurens a single man once more, I don’t think he would have let himself pursue anything more with Hamilton, especially since Hamilton was married.  (Laurens also greatly encouraged Hamilton to get married, in the hopes that it might “cure” them of their devotion to each other.)  Laurens seemed quite intent on getting himself killed - part of this desire was very likely tied to an idea that his death might free himself and Hamilton from whatever had transpired between them.  I also wonder if part of the reason John left before his child was born and hardly ever wrote to Martha and Frances was that he went into the war knowing that he would not return from it.  I wonder if he had already planned to get himself killed in battle and tried to avoid forming a relationship with Frances so that she would not be as hurt when he died.  I hope that answers your question.

Let Me Give You A Hand


They didn’t have the kind of technology that he needed back at SHIELD, not with their recently depleted resources. Between the fight with HYDRA and the Inhumans there were other things for them to be focusing on. But dammit was it hard to get things done with one hand. They’d managed to save most of his arm, but from about halfway between his wrist and his elbow his arm just stopped at a disgusting stump.

Which, incidentally, had probably saved his life, but that didn’t stop it from still hurting and definitely didn’t stop him from wishing he hadn’t needed to lose an arm. At the rate he was dying and losing limbs Phil wasn’t sure how many years he’d be able to keep doing this, and idly he wondered if this would become a similar myth to how Fury lost his eye. Then again that was neither here nor there. Taking a breath and cradling his stump, Phil reached up and knocked hard on the door, “Stark I know you’re in there. We need to talk.” He’d chosen to go when Tony was at his personal home, because the fewer people in the world who knew he was still alive the better.

Síndrome Paranormal 2
  • Creado por: Season of Twilight (Nao)
  • Año: 2015
  • Creado en: RPG Maker 2000
  • Género: Puzzle, Horror.
  • Finales: 1 Final.
  • Duración: 5-6 Horas.

Este juego es la continuación de Síndrome Paranormal, donde veremos como protagonista a Himuro Hitoshi. La mecánica en este juego es un poco diferente a como era en el primer juego, eso sin contar que la dificultad es más elevada.


Han pasado 3 meses desde el incidente con la familia Kajiro y Himeno Mikoto. Por desgracia, debido a una misteriosa caja, la familia Kajiro queda envuelta en una nueva actividad paranormal, la cual encadena una serie de nuevos eventos paranormales. Ahora Himuro Hitoshi, junto a la “División de Operaciones Especiales” deben enfrentarse a todos estos fenómenos paranormales.

Descargas: Mediafire - MEGA

- Debes tener instalado el RTP del RPG Maker 2000.
- No necesitas cambiar la PC a idioma japones.
- Este juego toma como inspiración algunas historias y leyendas que fueron publicadas en un foro japones.

Nota Importante: En este juego los objetos se usan de manera automática, PERO recuerda siempre poner atención con lo objetos que tienes, ya que no puedes acceder a ningún inventario.

Reupdate V2

My first POSE Pack. Grab Doorframe. Have 5 POSE.


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houseblack asked:

1, 6, 7, 12, 26

thank you<333

I say ‘top three’ but as we all know by now it’s mostly really just ‘three I can think of right now that I REALLY LOVE’, please don’t hold me to these answers as canon in the future :x

1: Top 3 heroes/protagonists
* BUFFY SUMMERS. then I zoned out for three minutes just thinking about how much I love Buffy Summers.
* honestly Sarah from Labyrinth is right up there. ‘wtf this fancy party is terrifying bullshit get me out of here but I’ll make friends with this weird kind creature who can barely talk who is way less scary to me than David Bowie who incidentally has no power over me’. A+
* The Doctor, when he’s written right.

6: Top 3 friendships between characters
* Blue and Ronan!!! I am so tired that I accidentally wrote ‘Ronana’ like my brain thought it was writing ‘banana’. this is way funnier than it should be; I should go back to sleep.
* Harry and Luna
* Felix and Alison from Orphan Black; the best

7: Top 3 fictional families
* Veronica Mars and her dad
* The Weasleys
* Peter, Lynda and Destiny Rumancek when they’re not - I mean, like, just in season 1, because s2 is insane and I assume s3 is also…no

12: Top 3 fictional animals/pets
* News the kitten in The Devil On The Road by Robert Westall
* Zith the snake in the Malloreon (loves kittens, kills bigots, lives in a hot girl’s cleavage and enjoys terrifying men - amazing)
* Ethan Chandler

26: Top 3 obscure series/movies/books I recommend
* Century Falls, an incredible children’s series from the 90s that Russell T Davies was responsible for and which features a fat heroine, the lesson that fear of social change leads to terrible tragedy, and me with my hand over my mouth going ‘oh my god but that’s exactly what would happen’
you know, the adults in it are garbage and I know Tom Sturridge views it as his Cone of Shame now but I do still genuinely really love Like Minds.
* Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr - a beautiful, frightening book about a girl who can draw a place she then visits in her dreams, but written by someone who has given exhaustive and brilliant thought to what that would actually mean and be like.

anonymous asked:

While reading your about: i am outside your target audience, but i am also poor, so i can't yet support your writing monetarily. Are there any other ways to support your writing?

you don’t have to do anything if ur poor. 

the ‘target audience’ thing is really more about letting ppl know that they shouldn’t be surprised if i never (or rarely) talk about trans men, for example.

also just as a general notice that while i’m perfectly willing to share my writing in a public space like this. to have ppl reblog pretty much any and all of my posts, the only ppl i really think can make reasonable demands of me for labour are twoc.

in other words, i labour for us. any benefit to ppl outside of us is incidental and shouldn’t lead anyone to think that they can make demands for content or labour from me.

I do support the idea of the Coen Brothers taking their screwball style out of the 1950′s corporate world or some timeline in Minnesota - and maybe trying a concept that is inclusive of characters that don’t fit either the white male mold or aren’t incidental characters.

But they shouldn’t be remaking Do the Right Thing and we wouldn’t be talking about them if they’d started out making movies that were out of their wheelhouse & we responded with crickets.

They’re considered niche prestige filmmakers anyway, negging on the Coens isn’t going to change Hollywood.

And in case you haven’t noticed, they’re two white guys! Diversity has issues behind the camera too. Trying to begin a diversity effort with the Coen Brothers is… a bad start. The real starting point is the studios and the financiers. 

anonymous asked:

Rey Camelot!AU please. I just want her wielding Excalibur

This is another one of those AUs that I could spend entirely too much time playing with, because for all its x-wing battles and robots, Star Wars has a heart of high fantasy, and all high fantasy always wends its way back to Camelot at some point:

  • Sir Pavus (called “Poe” by his fellow knights) questing to the remote monastery of St. John, where it is rumored one of the brothers managed to secret a map to the Isle of Avalon
    • The great wizard Skywalker is said to have retreated to Avalon after one of his apprentices rose up and destroyed the castle and killed all within it.
  • Of course, Sir Pavus’ quest is cut short by the knights of the First Order, with the fearsome Black Knight at their head. 
  • It’s said the Black Knight has certain powers, given to him by the devil, and compel even good Christian men to speak ugly truths. He too is after the map to Avalon, so he can kill the last of the great sorcerers that might challenge him.
  • But Poe is clever, and before he can be taken captive he gives the map to his squire, a young man named Babatio, tells him to run.
    • (Babatio had his tongue cut out for blasphemy, and mostly communicates in whistles and hand gestures—Poe had mercy on him, when he was found begging outside Camelot, and so took him on as a squire. He is immensely devoted to Poe.)
  • Rey—a young novitiate abandoned as an infant by her family at the monastery of St. John, waiting for them to return—finds Babatio hiding in the garden, and sneaks him into the priory.
  • Meanwhile, Sir Pavus is being held by the First Order, tortured (on the rack, probably) by the Black Knight—except! 
    • FINN
    • ………..his name is probably not Finn in this scenario, because Finn is a super celtic name, but nevertheless HE IS FINN
    • (If you try and tell me that there weren’t any black knights running around, have Sir Morien and Sir Palomides, canonically there were black knights)
    • Anyway, he’s done with the First Order, he helps Poe escape and then gets stranded at St. John
      • The Jacket is a coat of mail, because that amuses me
  • Lady Organa was the sole ward of Bail Organa of Aderaan, and even though the Kingdom of Alderaan was largely destroyed; she is known to have a great deal of influence within the court of Camelot
    • (She’s also scandalous for making a….somewhat reformed thief the head of her knights, and then never marrying him despite a very obviously shamelessly carnal relationship)
    • Plus also imagine Sir Solo—though he still flinches when he he’s called that—and the tall hairy Celt who follows him everywhere. No one understands him. He’s a deadly shot with an arrow.
  • Maz Kanata is the owner of the sleeziest pub in England, she’s adorable and tiny and no one will ever mess with her—which is probably why Excalibur is entrusted to her
  • Why she entrusts it to Rey, though….

*gets enough energy to paint*
*doesn’t paint the thing she’s supposed to*

Uh, have a Leliana x Josie for Femslash February instead? <3u<3

ETA: incidentally if anyone has any fic recs for these two I’m all ears. I’ve read most of what I could find on AO3 but may have missed something there as well. ^^