Magnus strode toward him. “I didn’t call you because I’m tired of you only wanting me around when you need something. I’m tired of watching you be in love with someone else. Someone who incidentally will never love you back. Not the way I do

                                                   “You love me?”

“You stupid Nephilim.” Magnus said patiently. “Why else am I here? Why else would I have spent the past few weeks patching up all your moronic friends every time they got hurt? And getting you out of every ridiculous situation you found yourself in. Not to mention helping you win a battle against Valentine. And all completely free of charge!” 

Malec Week Day 1: Favourite book scene


“Ruwedel’s dogged retracing of the layered histories of the American West does not merely seek out and reveal the incidental traces of those who have traversed, or attempted to claim it. The conjunction of his photographs and his captions helps to summon up what has been buried, repressed or forgotten as a visible absence, a lacunae in a landscape whose absolution is that it persists in spite of our interests. Thus the sense of quiet in his beautiful prints, the laconic gesture of the sidelong light, the graduated progression toward an irreducible distance, the fading softness of his shadows: these effects impose a less frenetic measure of time on our sense of western space, and in the visceral breadth and depth of that time, we are invited to take a fuller accounting of history. We are invited to re-imagine what is absent within a landscape whose customary use has been the production of wealth, waste, escape or oblivion.”

Into the Abyss: Mark Ruwedel’s “Pictures of Hell,” just published on

I hate the collective hard-on everyone has for lumberjacks, lumberjacks are the masc4masc of outdoor guy aesthetic tbh

I’m into gentle forest herbalists, like brother cadfael “I grow my own medicinal mint” kind of thing

yes he can chop lumber when necessary but he spends more time gardening in order to build a self-sufficient and incidentally gay monastic community

fear-my-logic, incidentally, it was a gang of anti-feminists who harassed and attacked me when I said I wasn’t comfortable with labeling myself feminist because of historical and current issues with trans people (TERFs are marginalized within the movement, but they’re still vocal and dangerous), because I wasn’t willing to also spit on it and commit myself to its destruction. Feminists I’ve dealt with have never objected and complained, and it was even a feminist blog where I first saw a (feminist) comic about how it’s acceptable for people like me and others who have historically been harmed by feminism to not label ourselves such and it doesn’t necessarily mean misogyny or a rejection of feminism’s goals or principles.

So, yeah, my personal lived experiences about how #NYS is a haven for marginalized people to talk freely and have their own opinion which evil feminists and SJWs won’t let them have? Already a load of terrible bullshit according to my lived experiences from before Gamergate or #NYS were even things. Anti-feminists have always tried to claim that feminism is a hate group that rejects people and they’re so much more accepting, but attacked anyone who doesn’t completely follow the party line, and it’s always been shit. Feminism has been exclusionary and materially harmful to marginalized women at many points, even to the point that some of them aren’t comfortable calling themselves feminist, but that’s not the same thing as being a “hate group.” Meanwhile, what anti-feminism does to anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with it? That’s hate group tactics straight out of the playbook.

So stow your disingenuous bullshit and rampant projection, because I have never and will never be fooled by this endless line of shit, because I already know too much about the sort of people you’re defending and standing up for.

I will give you a word of caution, though – there may come a day when you question or disagree with some part of what they say, where you think about changing or disagreeing. They will not be any kinder to you because of your years of loyal service.

Just Imagine

Bill Cipher entering Dipper’s dreams 
to serenade him (despite Dipper being rather uncomfortable about this)
with “Birdhouse in Your Soul” by They Might Be Giants.

Here’s a link to the music video:

It already kinda feels all surrealistic and weird,
like a dream demon’s idea of


Incidentally, here’s an immensely less vaguely horrifying version
by Kristen Chenoweth for the delightful show “Pushing Daisies”


My niblings dressed like the Mario bros today on accident. Incidentally the green one is Damian, the elder brother. The red one is Allancito the younger brother. Yes that green bean is 12.

I logged put of tumblr on my computer deleted the bookmark. I love tumblr but I feel like I will be more satisfied with my days if I spend more of my time doing things like reading and playing fire emblem or whatever… Even though scrolling through tumblr feels like a stim to me, I’m still getting annoyed at myself for not doing things so. Maybe.

I rearranged my bookmarks, too, because they looked wrong when Tumblr was gone. Incidentally, now whenever I go for Tumblr I end up on Habitica staring my to-do list in the face.

Over the last few hours I have fought off multiple urges to post tumultuous thoughts, struggled not to spit them out pn facebook instead, and ended up hyperfocusing on Lucina cosplay tutorials and stuff. As much as I wish I could get right into trying it out, I should probably give it a few months so that I actually have the spoons to do it, not to mention the money, and then I can go to a con. (For the first time in… seven years?? I went to Kumoricon in like 10th grade as Amaterasu)

Maybe I need to find a project.

Anyway, I will be mostly tumblring from mobile for a while, for whatever that’s worth. I will generally be here less.

stanotte ho fatto il sogno più brutto della mia vita. mi sono svegliata tutta sudata e sono scoppiata a piangere perché sembrava troppo reale. ho sognato che B aveva vinto un concorso che come premio aveva un viaggio nello spazio (ok, sembra surreale ma vi giuro che nel sogno sembrava normalissimo). allora lei partiva e noi eravamo tutte felici per lei ma dopo qualche giorno che lei era lì nell'astronave io inizio ad avere una strana sensazione, un'ansia pazzesca, quella che ti toglie il respiro, e quella sensazione che sta accadendo qualcosa di bruttissimo. dopo ore di ansia mi arriva una chiamata dall'ospedale dicendo che B ha avuto un incidente con l'ossigeno, che sta morendo e che la stanno portando in terapia intensiva per tentare di salvarla. io scoppio a piangere fortissimo, più forte di come abbia mai fatto, tanto da non avere più il respiro, tanto che mi gira la testa e mi sento di svenire. poi mi sveglio e sono sudatissima e scoppio a piangere perché se perdessi B, oh, se perdessi B non so nemmeno che farei. è la cosa più bella e preziosa che ho.

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What do you usually eat for breakfast?  plain yoghurt with red berry or apple cinnamon crunchy müsli. I’m not a big breakfast fan honestly, but I find yoghurt a lot easier to eat than bread in the mornings

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would you pick? uhhhh PROBABLY eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, or maybe mulholland drive

Share an awesome recipe with me! my current favourite is in swedish I’m sorry, but it’s for chocolate and raspberry muffins (that I baked today, incidentally)

What TV show have you seen the most times all the way through? TWIN PEAKS. like six times? my forever show

What position do you sleep in? lightly curled up close to and facing the wall

What’s your ideal meal? right NOW, a nice juicy steak with lots of root vegetables + potato wedges cooked with herbs in an oven and bearnaise sauce

Are you a night owl or a morning bird? night owl forever, current time is 4.52, so like

What’s the best present you ever got? probably my loudspeakers. they’ve seen so much use.

What would your patronus be? small songbird

Do you identify with your zodiac sign? HAH WELL, aries are stereotypically loud and dominant people which is probably true, but I don’t peg myself as that confrontational or impulsive. I used to really not identify with my sign, but I’ve grown into it. one of my coworkers sometimes calls me a typical aries. so well maybe! in general I don’t buy into zodiacs at all, but they can be a bit of fun.

Who is your ultimate OTP? can’t say I have one! I have a lot of ships I like but not one particular that rules them all.


Everyone else in the room can see it:  Harry spots a rainbow flag in the audience, and flies with it down the catwalk  

xx  Vancouver,  17  July  2015   (+ San Diego pride rally, the same day)