Here’s a thing that happened to one of my friends. I was there.

Basically, we were walking down the sidewalk, talking about something meaningless. I think it had to do with a movie. Then this bus screeches up, stops next to us, and a bunch of people with “Down with Cis” shirts climbed out and started beating him up. I was punched and kicked a bit too, but I managed to avoid brutalization by going for their faces. After figuring out what’s happening, I started attacking them back, getting them off of him. He was quite injured but I called 911 and he made a full recovery at the hospital. I was fine, with only a cut on my arm that they patched up.

BREAKING: Security Footage of the ‘Down With Cis’ Bus Found

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Spread this around and maybe we can track down the sick fucks who are driving around and beating up random strangers in the name of Social “Justice”. Stay safe if you see this bus following you and don’t hesitate to contact the local/federal authorities.


Forgive me if this turns out to be something you didn’t want to know about the Muslims, and how we have reacted to the tragedy that has been happening both with our brothers and sisters in Syria and the accident in Makkah,  but by Allah, I just want to cherish this moment that is happening through out the entire world right now.

I have never seen such beautiful news on my feed since I have been on social networking sites until now, indeed, this tragedy that happened in Makkah is but a great reminder to all of us that death can overcome us anytime, in whatever situation we may be.

But also it shows how powerful and beautiful our Ummah is.

Wallah, I have never seen so many Muslims posting and making du'a for their fellow Muslims, the love is just overflowing the “cyberworld” right now and I thought maybe it was just here, but then news after news I have been informed of how the people of Makkah have cluttered in hospitals to donate blood to the pilgrims who got injured. Allahu'akbar. (this reminds us of how the Ansars helped the Muhajiruns)

Look at our Ummah, in times of tragedy we all still clutter together and stand together, we still stand beside our own, how beautiful is this. Indeed, this tragedy might have been a way for Allah Azza Wa Jall to remind us and show us how blessed we are as Muslims.

Do not despair for those who died in this tragedy because you know that Allah Azza Wa Jall has honored them with such an honorable death, they are in Makkah, it was a Friday (chief of all the days), they were in Ihram, they were (about to)performing Hajj, they were worshipping Allah and their mouths were moistened with the remembrance of Allah!… Indeed they are Martyrs, honored Muslims.
And to those who mock around and spread around news about the Saudi where the two holiest places for Muslims stand did and are not doing anything for our Syrian brothers and sisters, check your facts again, and to all of those who are mocking the Muslims because this tragedy happened at same day with the 9/11 attack, I pray Allah never puts you in a situation where your family had to pay for something they never committed. I pray Allah enlightens your heart and make you more of a people person and be thankful that you have been blessed to have a phone where you can write and talk so bad about people you never even met and have had a single conversation with yet you judge and want to kill them. May Allah forgive you. 

And to all the Muslims who have suffered from such situation, and people, know that Allah never sleeps and is aware of all of these, so stay patient for indeed the reward that lies after the struggle in this dunya is worth everything!


Please let us offer a tahajjud or a prayer for our departed fellow Muslims who died in this tragedy, let us continue spreading the love for this beautiful Ummah.

I never lost hope in this Ummah, just as how Allah does not lose hope in us. Alhamdulillah.

Indeed, in His name, we live and die.

May Allah Azza Wa Jall forgive their souls, accept their hajj and elevate their ranks in the companionship of the shuhada. Amin.


A group of nine women - who call themselves “The 9 Nanas” - kept a secret for decades that not even their husbands knew about. For 30 years, they met at 4 a.m., anonymously paying bills and buying clothes for people in need, and sending them care packages, each of which contained a homemade pound cake and a note that read - “Somebody loves you.”

Bighit Issued Statement

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150818 BigHit Entertainment Issued Statement 

안녕하세요. 빅히트 엔터테인먼트입니다.

오늘 일본 오사카에서 개최된 방탄소년단의 ‘재팬 오피셜 팬미팅 언더커버 미션’ 도중 멤버 지민군이 무대 아래로 떨어지는 사고가 발생했습니다.

인근의 스미토모 병원으로 이동하여 의료진의 면밀한 진단을 받은 결과,게임 도중 숨을 갑자기 오래 참으면서 부교감신경이 우선시 되었고, 이로 인해 밸런스가 무너져 혈압이 일시적으로 내려가 정신을 잃어 무대 아래로 떨어지게 된 것이라고 합니다.

부상은 가벼운 타박상으로 건강에는 문제가 없는 것으로 판명되었고 현재 지민군은 호텔에서 휴식을 취하고 있습니다.

공연을 관람하고 계셨던 관객 여러분들을 비롯해 팬 여러분들께 심려를 끼쳐드려 진심으로 죄송하단 말씀 전해 드립니다.

앞으로 빅히트 엔터테인먼트는 지민 군과 방탄소년단의 건강과 안전에 각별한 주의를 기울일 것을 약속 드립니다.

다시 한 번 심려를 끼쳐 드려 죄송합니다.

Hello, this is BigHit Entertainment. 

An accident took place at the “Japan Official Fanmeeting Undercover Mission” revolving member Park Jimin. He fell under the stage during the Fanmeeting, which was held in Osaka, Japan. 

We transported to the nearest Sumitomo hospital and got a basic routine checkup. The results showed that during the game Jimin was holding his breath too long, cutting off his circulation briefly. This led to the loss of balance and the rapid decrease of blood pressure. The staff stated that this is the main cause for the fall. 

Jimin has light bruising and has no other problems concerning his physical health and was released shortly after the check up. He is currently in the hotel right now, resting. 

For the fans who were anticipating the concert, we sincerely apologize for any inconveniences caused.

From now on, BigHit Entertainment promises to take extra precautions regarding Jimin and the other BTS members’ health, and to make it our priority. 

Sorry once again. 

Trans credit: Arabella @minjom

Jimmy Doyle, a boxer who died shortly after a fight with Sugar Ray Robinson, took the fight to buy his mum a house. Robinson, kindly gave all the money from his next 4 fights to Doyle’s Mum, to buy that house. She spent the money on drugs and legal terms to try and sue Robinson for more money. source

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