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  • inherentt:So, if I were to be pregnant, and advised or warned by a doctor that giving birth to said child would be extremely harmful to both myself and the child, do you believe I should be able to abort the child in the first trimester?
  • inchristhopeisfound:Let’s look at the actual facts when it comes to abortion (which can be found thanks in part to Planned Parenthoods own numbers, and the CDC).
  • Rape makes up 1% of all abortions.
  • Health problems make up less than .5% of all abortions.
  • Therefor, a 98% of all abortions are preformed on perfectly healthy women and healthy babies, capable of physically carrying a child to birth. The main reason why women abort is because of socio-economic reasons (lack of money, too young, too old, lack of support from a spouse/family/boyfriend) things that can CHANGE, things that we as a society can improve - by making sure women have the resources they need to carry their baby to birth and either affordably raise their child, or, help them through with an adoption plan.
  • If you were advised or warned by a doctor to abort your child, I’d tell you to get a second, third and even a fourth opinion before making such a quick decision. And to look at the options for possibly carrying that baby as far as you could, until you could either naturally deliver, or deliver via c-section.
  • A mother is suppose to give life to her child, protect her child. Not determine whether her child lives or dies. But, numbers show, the odds of you being in such a position are VERY low.
  • God bless

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I typically don't respond to re-blogs, but what does bringing back Hitler and telling him I love him have to do with anything? I wouldn't cheer over the death of ANY human. That's not to say I am or anyone else is required to mourn either.

Certain humans deserve their deaths after disrespectful, anti-humanistic or just plain cruel courses of action. Human beings are not special, some deserve to die.

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mmm. if they do it enough they won’t have to worry about teeth because the acid will have worn away the enamel. black rotting teeth FTW!

Yep. And then not remembering any of it anyways. They did it the weekend before last and I was in bed way before they got back, and I woke up to the sound of one of them puking(pleasant right?). Anyways, if they want to drink and do that to their bodies, that’s fine. But my suitemate has beer in her room, and I don’t know if I can get in trouble for that or not. And that’s a problem because I’m not going down for alcoholism when I don’t drink at all.