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I hate to assume things but going by your profile picture you're a guy right? Hope so, I'd hate to be wrong :| Anyway, you don't think if you had a girlfriend, or even a wife, and she was carrying the child you helped to create, maybe even a child you were looking forward to being a dad to, you wouldn't care if she decided to have an abortion?

If she wasn’t ready for a child why would I want to force her to go through that? It really comes down to who I love more: My wife/girlfriend or something that doesn’t exist yet.

When I get into a relationship the only children to be had will be when we are BOTH ready, willing, and able. And let me tell you, someone I love will win out something might love every single time if we’re talking 1 to 1 ratios. 

Love this.
  • inherentt:So, if I were to be pregnant, and advised or warned by a doctor that giving birth to said child would be extremely harmful to both myself and the child, do you believe I should be able to abort the child in the first trimester?
  • inchristhopeisfound:Let’s look at the actual facts when it comes to abortion (which can be found thanks in part to Planned Parenthoods own numbers, and the CDC).
  • Rape makes up 1% of all abortions.
  • Health problems make up less than .5% of all abortions.
  • Therefor, a 98% of all abortions are preformed on perfectly healthy women and healthy babies, capable of physically carrying a child to birth. The main reason why women abort is because of socio-economic reasons (lack of money, too young, too old, lack of support from a spouse/family/boyfriend) things that can CHANGE, things that we as a society can improve - by making sure women have the resources they need to carry their baby to birth and either affordably raise their child, or, help them through with an adoption plan.
  • If you were advised or warned by a doctor to abort your child, I’d tell you to get a second, third and even a fourth opinion before making such a quick decision. And to look at the options for possibly carrying that baby as far as you could, until you could either naturally deliver, or deliver via c-section.
  • A mother is suppose to give life to her child, protect her child. Not determine whether her child lives or dies. But, numbers show, the odds of you being in such a position are VERY low.
  • God bless