Mystic Mountain
April 7, 2017

Somehow the tiniest canvases still take me just as long to paint. This is a 2x2 incher and I spent over an hour on this. Probably because I was obsessing about the clouds for waaay too long. I got some more tiny brushes but none as tiny as I want them to be, sigh. I do love Bob’s colorful bushes though. I could spend hours on those alone. But I didn’t because I had to leave my house so this is it.

Bob’s Wisdom: Everybody should have a friend. Friends are so important.

THIS TOOK LIKE A BAJILLION HOURS TO DRAW W/ A MOUSE JUST….. TAKE I T……………it’s terrible art and i’m not even gonna bother w/ maui’s tattoos but it was made w/ Love

maui&tamatoa over the years, based on the hc that maui met tamatoa when he was a Drab Lil Crab