A world of unique textures in this pair of 1" (25mm) Madagascar Dendritic Agate. This material is known for a complex and varied array of inclusions, colors and patterns and is one of my favorite recommendations to any discerning customer.

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1" (25mm) Amethyst Druzy Plugs with natural reverse faces 

I love preserving that gnarly, terra-esque outer crust on the base of this material. If you love this look or are interested in another unique type of material email for orders & inquiries


I will be forever grateful that Ed is so happy to talk about his crotch.
“I’m a grower not a shower, darlin’. 😂 🍆


1" (25mm) Madagascar Dendritic Agate Plugs

Gorgeous wispy inclusions reminiscent of swirls of ink in translucent agate with tiny sagenite sprays makes up the ethereal goodness that is Dendritic Agate.

I have plenty of this material in stock with wildly differing patterns, colors and inclusions so email me at to discuss materials today

Of the six headlining Avengers, Hawkeye has 6 toys, Captain America and Hulk have 10 toys each, Thor has 11 toys and Iron Man has 17 toys. Black Widow has 4. Iron Man has 17, Black Widow has 4 – a LEGO MiniFig, a MiniMate, a Diamond Select figure and a tiny Funko Pop Vinyl. Most of her four figures are nowhere near as affordable as her male counterparts. The only way to get a tiny Natasha is to either plop down cash for the “Avengers Quinjet Chase” LEGO set or try your luck with the blind-boxed Funko Mystery Minis. Thankfully, Diamond Select’s MiniMates are affordable and you’ll get one of seventeen Iron Man toys with your Black Widow. The 7-incher is $24.99, which is about four times as much as figures offered in the 3.25" scale – you know, the scale that has every headlining Avenger except for Black Widow.

Taking a closer look at these 1″ (25mm) Inca Agate Geode Plugs for a wonderful lady who lets me run free with my materials

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