Rock climbing buddies (part 2)

“Wah, having fun ah?”

We spun around. Against the light shining from the back, I could make out the outline of Jason’s torso.

There was no explaining our way out of this one. My hand was was frozen in place, four fingers tucked under the waistband of his shorts and underwear. I was surprised that at this point in time, I could register the feeling of his warm but quickly deflating cock on my knuckles, and could feel a tinge of disappointment amidst the cloud of panic.

Jason, moved closer, taking his time. The cocky bastard, I thought to myself. I knew he’d want something in exchange for his silence. I didn’t dare take my eyes off Jason to look at Bryan just yet, but I could still feel his body next to mine, completely paralysed and tense.

As Jason walked over, his face came into the light. A handsome smirk plastered across his face, spiky hair a bit untidy from the day’s activities.

But more importantly, a bulge in his shorts. A bulge tenting his shorts.


And with that, he squatted down right in front of us, reached in right next to where my hands were, and in one swift move, yanked those shorts right down.

“Fuck man,” I breathed. Displayed right in front of me, Bryan’s fat, semi-hard cock, the tip just peeking out of his foreskin. For a moment I completely forgot about Jason’s presence, just staring and feeling my own cock quickly twitching back to life. Bryan was still in shock, and didn’t know to resist, fight back, or just go with the flow.

A warm hand that roughly invited itself to my crotch snapped me out of my trance. Jason rubbed his palm up and down my now-hard cock through my shorts for a bit, having a feel with his fingers. He didn’t bother to be gentle, in fact he was almost sizing me up. His other hand was stroking Bryan’s 7-incher, sliding his foreskin over his pink head, now slick with precum. Bryan had come out of his shocked state a little, and was now leaning back on his elbows, clearly getting round to enjoying himself.

I gave up all pretense, and reached over to Jason’s shorts, going for the leg opening-

He snapped back, letting go of Bryan’s dick, again standing over us, with his back to the light. He still had that arrogant half-smile on his face, and looked almost amused.

“Y’all two horny boys obviously like to play right? Let’s play. But you have to listen to me.”

Bryan and I eyed him suspiciously.

“It’s too open here, I not so daring like y’all want to play outside. I’d rather do it in the toilet. But since you guys like to exhibit so much…”

“Why don’t you give me your clothes, and you both can walk over naked?”

A stunned silence followed. If it’d been any other day, I would’ve punched the smirk off his face, but right now, I was panicking and, oddly, a little turned on. It’s not that I was much of an exhibitionist by any measure, but now, stuck in this situation, I had to admit it was putting a little twitch in my dick. I knew for sure Jason would already have something worse in mind were we to say no. And while the idea of walking the 50m to the toilet naked and in the open on the isolated – albeit brightly lit – stretch was equal parts embarrassing and exciting for me, it was mostly the idea that I might able to get to see Bryan do it that turned me on the most.

Knowing my hard, twitching dick wasn’t gonna help me lie about being turned on, I made a snap decision. If I wanted to Bryan in on this (he was still looking scared and undecided at the side), I was gonna have to make the first move.

“Fine,” I stood up and said, in as challenging a tone I could muster. “Let’s do it.” I retorted as I pulled down my shorts and underwear together at one go, throwing them over to Jason. I peeled my singlet off over my sweaty head and torso – holding that in my hand, I stood naked and hard in the moonlight now, holding my ground defiantly. 

I looked over at Bryan, who had his mouth half open in disbelief. I raised an eyebrow at him, as if daring him to back out now. Thankfully he didn’t, and he stood up slowly, his shorts and black Renomas already around his ankle. Silently, he took those off, then like me, slid out of his fitted sports singlet.

The cutie’s face showed only worry and fear, but his cock was having none of that. Betraying what he felt on the inside, it pointed straight ahead our way to the toiet. I was this close to kneeling down right there and then to put it in my mouth, engulf the head with my tongue and slide it down my throat.

A smug voice snapped me out of my trance.

“What are you waiting for? Go.”

Mystic Mountain
April 7, 2017

Somehow the tiniest canvases still take me just as long to paint. This is a 2x2 incher and I spent over an hour on this. Probably because I was obsessing about the clouds for waaay too long. I got some more tiny brushes but none as tiny as I want them to be, sigh. I do love Bob’s colorful bushes though. I could spend hours on those alone. But I didn’t because I had to leave my house so this is it.

Bob’s Wisdom: Everybody should have a friend. Friends are so important.