transmedicalists, who are overwhelmingly white, see transness as a medical condition. something you need a professional diagnosis to ‘ID’ as bc if transness is a medical condition then, once that condition is treated, they’ll be cis, right? as white men, they’re being denied the 'right’ to the full spoils of white supremacy - because of a medical condition !

this whiteness also translates into their One True Trans narrative. you’re not trans unless you do this, that, and the third exactly the way I did it. these are just white men upset abt their marginalization and denying other ppl access to that marginalization.

“ Thread Star ‘  Scanned flower photograph by Bob Bauer.  This is one of my oldest scanned floral pieces, when I was just learning how and what to do.  I still love it.  Especially the threaded center. Not as high resolution as the others I have done later.  Can only be priinted as a 10x10 incher.


It has come to my attention that the amount of Ginger Bulge pics on my laptop is probably NOT normal.  You guys want a massive Ginger D post, it’s coming your way…There may even be gifs….

Am I cropping his crotch for JUST bulge shots, or do we want full Ed featuring the D? Anyone?

It’s quite something that this post is a thing.  Lawd help me.  


The decision to turn the Tibetan monk to a Celtic white woman in Dr Strange was not whitewashing. This was purely a political move to try and get the movie to air in the People’s Republic of China. One of the creators admitted to it on stream (though i can’t remember the source) and there’s logic behind it.

Seven years in Tibet was a movie released in 1997. Brad Pitt who starred in it is banned in the PRC, and was banned since the film first aired. Why? Because the movie was based in Tibet. Dr Strange has a Tibetan monk, can you see the correlation? 

So in the end, no it was not whitewashing, stop saying it was, and no the decision to suck the Chinese’s half incher was not a good one nor am i defending it.