I should have been in Iceland tonight, to watch the greatest band in the world,but a major crash in my mental health meant that was no longer possible. For the better part of two months I’ve been unable to leave my home to go anywhere without a family member or friend, so going from Scotland to Iceland was definitely not feasible.

I’m upset that I couldn’t go, but there’s nothing I can do about it, so instead I’m going to wallow in Rammstein as much as I like, without guilt or shame. I’m going to do some live blogging and a lot of fangirling over the next week or so, I apologise if it seems like I’m spamming people but I need my fangirling fix.

I’ll tag my live blogs as Lindefann Liveblogs(I know I’m the cult of Till now,but I still use that name for some things, and Lindefann’s rammblings for my incessant fangirling, so that people can choose to avoid the forthcoming onslaught.

*sees cool filmy blog* wow I want to be like that

is actually like: memes, incessant fangirling, no consistency at all, random posts everywhere, organization who?, i havent even seen that many movies…, 

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🔥 unpopular opinion on svtfoe?

I think the series has moved a little hasn’t taken the time to let each major event unfold. For example, it seems Star only has a crush on Marco due to the incessant fangirls who beg for Daron Nefcy to include Starco everywhere. I’m sorry if that comes off as harsh but it’s kinda true tbh. Another example would be the current events of the second season..idk, the way it unfolded was nice but it just felt like it all occurred too soon.

It’s a great show, but that’s my opinion on certain aspects of it.

So I’ve created a Harada and Sanochi side blog in effort to relieve this blog of incessant Harada/Sanochi fangirling, and to praise the bit of mindless happiness in my busy life. I can’t promise there won’t be a slight bias for Harada on this blog though. Just saying.
The blog is called harada-sanochi, for anyone who is interested :)

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Look, I like you and your effort but can you stop fangirling and insert your screaming in the spoiler translation? I want to read the translation, not your incessant fangirling. Please be a little more professional and grow up.

I’m not a professional lol. I’m doing this out of my free time and love for TG, and I would love to have my freedom of writing whatever I want in my blog. You are free not to read my translation. There are others who do it or just wait until the scans are out. :D