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Favourite Tropes Meme: The Caper

Told from the criminal viewpoint, a group plans and executes an elaborate crime. Usually characterised not only by the devilishly clever plan, but the dynamics between the colourful Caper Crew

TV Series: Hustle, Leverage, The A-Team
Books: Six of Crows, Heist Society, The Lies of Locke Lamora
Movies: Ocean’s 11, Inception, To Catch a Thief

Assassin!AU seasoned with an Undercover Couple trope

For inception bingo you get crazy shit like this.

Covert Reality

(Working title: Assassass) 



In their business, trust is worth more than gold; it’s what pays the bills. The trust between the client and the hired gun is worth thousands as the client pays more to keep quiet than the kill itself.

The trust between partners is worth exactly as much your life’s worth living, and Eames really likes to keep himself breathing as long as possible. The right partner for the job is a matter of life and death.

So when Eames gets word of a job in Sydney, he knows exactly who to call.

Also included: Pining, Sexual Tension and the Boys Being Idiots

Anyone up for Inception Kink/Trope Bingo?

Would anyone be interested in playing Kink/Trope Bingo for Inceptiversary?

The AELDWS knockout challenge will be running again, of course, but I’d like to host something that’s open to all pairings and gen.

To keep the bingo challenge as stress-free as possible, I was thinking the bingo cards would be 3x3 (you can request bigger cards if you’re feeling super ambitious). Minimum word counts per fic would be 200 words, and minimum art requirements would be rough sketches. The challenge also lends itself pretty well to picspam, gifsets, and fanmixes, in my experience, so you can definitely participate if you’re not a writer or an artist.

You’ll be able to request kink-only, trope-only, or mixed cards.

So… any interested folk?

ETA: @inceptiversary, @inceptiversarysocial