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BTS inception theory

There are two types of concept photos: Papillion and Je ne regrette rien.

Je ne regrette rien is a song by Edith Piaf, which was playing in the end of the Prologue during the credits.

The same song was used as a soundtrack in Inception.
The movie is about dreams vs reality. The concept photos look like that too. Papillion with the dreamy background and the neverland hashtags and the je ne regrette rien photos with vibrant strong colors.

Look at Namjoon’s photo:

It’s the tiny totem from Inception, Cobb (Dicaprio) used it to find out: is he dreaming or awake? If the toy stopped spinning it was reality but if it didn’t stop (because the law of physic is not working in dreams) that meant he was dreaming.

And look at the lyrics of Butterfly: “All of this seems like a dream”
“I don’t know if this is reality or a dream“ 

In Run we saw many scenes about this reality-dream parallel:

  • Namjoon opened the door, there was a party, but in reality he was alone.
  • The party at kookie’s, but then he was sitting alone on the floor.
  • Jhope and the pillow fight, but he was alone
  • Jimin went to the bathroom where the others had a party but in the end he was sitting in the tub alone burning the picture.

In the movie Cobb and his wife in order to wake up killed themselves by lying on train tracks and waiting for the train.

And who is lying on the train tracks with the hashtag #saveme?

Jhope who has narcolepsy.

There is a soundtrack in the movie, titled “Waiting for a train”.
If you listen to the song on youtube, you can hear at 7:03-7:14 the song Je ne regrette rien.

(It can be a coincidance, but the machine they used to get into people’s dreams looks like a flower.)

Je ne regrette rien (the song) was really important in the film because the characters used the music to synchronize the kick, which woke them up in the reality. The kick was basically differend methots to die, for example jumping down from high places, shooting themselves, or drowning.

We can’t be sure that Jimin and Jin drowned themself (so they died) but Tae definitely jumped down from a high place.


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