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A tip for Inception fic writers

So when I was looking up photos for my Inception Characters as Muppets post, I realized that, similar to how earlgreytea68 posts fashion references for Arthur, Gonzo serves as a surprisingly good fashion reference for Eames.

“Where the hell did you get that shirt, Eames?”
“Do you like it, darling? I got it at a thrift store.”
“You realize Macklemore was being ironic, right?”

“Does your shirt… have lemons on it?”
“Yes! It made me think of Greece.”
“…I’m pretty sure John Travolta never wore anything with a citrus-fruit print.”
“Careful using the word ‘fruit’ in the same sentence as 'John Travolta,’ love. We can’t afford a lawsuit. But no, I meant Greece, as in the country. Remember that amazing avgolemono we had?”
“This is a rather literal interpretation of that.”
“Well, the tie is just yellow.”

“This is not how a plumber dresses, Eames.”
“I’ve got denim! Multiple shades of denim, even.”
“And a pinstriped vest.”
“I thought it broke up the denim nicely.”

“I honestly can’t decide if I’m appalled or turned on.”
“Why can’t you be both?”
“Button up your shirt, Eames.”

“Did you get dressed in a dumpster this morning?”
“They’re called skips, love.”
“Because you’re managing to combine 'I got dressed in the dark’ with 'I found these clothes in the garbage.’”
“Oi! I only found the tie in the garbage.”

“Is that another garbage tie?”
“No! I found it draped over a fence by the bus stop.”

“Chili peppers? CHILI PEPPERS?”
“You’ve never understood my whimsy.”
“I can’t believe I’m sleeping with you.”

“No. Just… no.”
“You told me to wear a jacket and trousers that are the same color!”
“I didn’t say 'the same color as an eggplant.’”
“It’s aubergine, darling.”
“No, it’s ridiculous. Go burn it.”

“This is… surprisingly acceptable.”
“I’m undercover as you.”
“I’ll take it.”

Gamers Experiencing Life
  • *sees a squirrel*: I wonder what its power level is…
  • *car comes out of nowhere on the highway*: Did that NPC just randomly spawn?!!?!?
  • *examining an ornate hedge*: I don't think I'm /that/ good in Minecraft………
  • *walking a nature trail*: Amazing graphics.
  • *sitting in a theatre*: Can't find the "B" button to skip through this crap…
  • *in class*: Why is there no prompt to fast-forward this guy's dialogue box?
  • *trying to be social*: Why isn't my Paragon level going up?
  • *considers climbing Gothic chapel*: If that self-absorbed ass Edward Kenway can do it, so can I.
  • *playing videogames*: Dude. Inception.
Pathcode, teasers and theories. Finding the connection.

Welcome to another version of this. It was long enough already but now that I’m able to use my laptop (the previous post was typed on my phone) I can add images to help understand this mess and I was able to Google stuff so this is an extended version with more details.
I didn’t update the previous post because typing it all again is easier than re-reading and editing and adding and… ye.

It could be a great novel, I’d buy it. Come on SM, make it happen.

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Trust me, this is quite long but worth reading, I promise.

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u ever think about how the word “inception” has acquired a completely different meaning because of the movie and we’re someday going to lose the origin of that and just have two completely different definitions of inception….this is how language gets fucked up