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Triple Goddesses
  • Maiden: (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer) Expressive, Enchanting, Adventurous, Curious, Confident, Expansive, Youthful, Enthusiastic, A person who attracts others with innocence and energy, They'll make you better.
  • Mother: (Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio) Fertile, Sexual, Fruitful, Powerful, Guiding, Responsible, Harmonious, Peaceful, Intellectual, A person who attracts others with stability and compassion, They'll make you complete.
  • Crone: (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces) Free, Spiritual, Visionary, Enlightening, Philosophical, Fulfilled, Transforming, A person who attracts others with wisdom and inceptions, They'll change your life.

hearing hans zimmer live was one of the most visceral experiences of my whole life like when the whole orchestra starting playing together i could feel the music inhabiting my body and my heart beating along w the drums and my breath coming along w the strings and thats what it feels like to be alive!!!!!!!!!! music is magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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(Continued Arthur translation from yesterday, lol)

“Where you gonna go?”

“Buenos Aires. You?”

Fuck you, Cobb, I’m going to visit Eames, don’t you dare try to find me or call me up for a job because if you do I’ll put it on speakerphone while Eames is fucking me so you can remember what actual sex sounds like, and then I really will go to the U.S. and I’ll drop by your house and tell your kids that their Daddy is a putz who make stupid speeches and cries in his sleep and has a subconscious that’s so fucked up he fantasizes about shooting his only friend in the goddamn kneecaps, Jesus, ‘one apology’s all you’re getting, arthur,’ listen, fuckface, there’s a statute of limitations on being loyal to the guy who probably incepted your best friend into killing herself and we just passed it AT DUMBSHIT ASSHOLE O'CLOCK


anonymous asked:

hey kat what's your favorite movie?

DANG GOOD QUESTION my top favs are inception, life of pi, moonrise kingdom, and princess mononoke i’d say.

i always feel dumb saying i love inception but i’m constantly floored by the impossibly subtle ways the story connects and comes together; there’s just so many layers. i seriously notice something new every time i watch that movie.

life of pi is just a visual masterpiece honestly. the musical score hits you so emotionally too, man did it made me cry. suraj sharma’s performance as pi is amazin’ tbh. i love the book too, it’s a very special story.

i like all of wes anderson’s stuff but moonrise kingdom especially makes me feel an odd sort of warm nostalgia. ofc his overall visual style always does that but it’s a cute little eccentric kid romance. i just really love the quaint outdoorsy setting i guess!

ghibli of course is always beautiful, but mononoke is amazin’. i really love stories about challenging gods for some reason, it’s something i’ve done in my own work. i really like the maturity of this story and to be honest i wish more animated features of this nature were standard in the industry!

Dashing black man holding dangerously large dorito