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BTS inception theory

There are two types of concept photos: Papillion and Je ne regrette rien.

Je ne regrette rien is a song by Edith Piaf, which was playing in the end of the Prologue during the credits.

The same song was used as a soundtrack in Inception.
The movie is about dreams vs reality. The concept photos look like that too. Papillion with the dreamy background and the neverland hashtags and the je ne regrette rien photos with vibrant strong colors.

Look at Namjoon’s photo:

It’s the tiny totem from Inception, Cobb (Dicaprio) used it to find out: is he dreaming or awake? If the toy stopped spinning it was reality but if it didn’t stop (because the law of physic is not working in dreams) that meant he was dreaming.

And look at the lyrics of Butterfly: “All of this seems like a dream”
“I don’t know if this is reality or a dream“ 

In Run we saw many scenes about this reality-dream parallel:

  • Namjoon opened the door, there was a party, but in reality he was alone.
  • The party at kookie’s, but then he was sitting alone on the floor.
  • Jhope and the pillow fight, but he was alone
  • Jimin went to the bathroom where the others had a party but in the end he was sitting in the tub alone burning the picture.

In the movie Cobb and his wife in order to wake up killed themselves by lying on train tracks and waiting for the train.

And who is lying on the train tracks with the hashtag #saveme?

Jhope who has narcolepsy.

There is a soundtrack in the movie, titled “Waiting for a train”.
If you listen to the song on youtube, you can hear at 7:03-7:14 the song Je ne regrette rien.

(It can be a coincidance, but the machine they used to get into people’s dreams looks like a flower.)

Je ne regrette rien (the song) was really important in the film because the characters used the music to synchronize the kick, which woke them up in the reality. The kick was basically differend methots to die, for example jumping down from high places, shooting themselves, or drowning.

We can’t be sure that Jimin and Jin drowned themself (so they died) but Tae definitely jumped down from a high place.


Rogue One Inception!AU
from the idea by a-non-sequitur

After a failed mission to secure vital information from the mind of Imperial scientist Galen Erso, the rebellion gets one more shot at Erso’s mind when a defected pilot claims he knows where to find the well-hidden scientist.

The rebellion commands captain Cassian Andor – expert in dream extraction and the alliance’s best forger - to do the following:

One: To put together a new team for the mission, including

Two: finding and recruiting Galen Erso’s daughter.

Rogue-ception? This whole idea of the concept of Inception taking place in the Star Wars universe is amazing - you can read a-non-sequitur’s whole “blabbering” right here! Also, I’m pretty sure the whole thing is up for grabs if anyone wants to actually write it.

what’s your ONE favorite thing in inception fanon?

have we ever discussed this? we should!

there’s only one thing better than inception canon, and that’s inception fanon! 

whether it’s arthur being a needy bottom or mal being his best friend long before he knew cobb… 

or eames being bisexual and his lady!eames forge being someone he was in love with long ago… 

please share your fav fanon concepts!

pt. 1 - The Speculation Begins

VIXX just set up an Instagram account of all things to promote for their latest comeback and if that doesn’t hint at something to you, then we’re here to explain just what it might be hinting at right now.

On the account are 9 posts –you know, the classic large photo broken up into smaller image aesthetic on Instagram. Standard aesthetic with one exception: the post in the center isn’t just a photo, but a video showing the heart shaped vial with what sounds like a heartbeat playing in the background. Remember this, because this will draw a connection back to the art film later on. Adding on, the posts on Instagram also have one more thing not featured in the art film or the promotional material that was uploaded earlier on: faintly in the background, you’ll see Error’s concept art on the left of Conception’s heart shaped vial, and a heart that’s chained up on the right, probably illustrating their Chained Up comeback.

In other words, both Error and Chained Up are linked to Conception – just like how back during Hyde/Jekyll era, everything was linked.

A point that we failed to notice before the release of Conception’s teaser was the similarity in Error and Chained Up’s dance formations. In both dances, there’s always one or two parts where one member was surrounded by the others. For example, Leo was surrounded in the beginning of Error and N was surrounded towards the midpoint of Error. To relate this to Chained up, Hongbin is sitting on the ground, surrounded by the other group members as well after his part in the first chorus.

Anyways, back to the heartbeat now.

Aside from the video up on Instagram, at the end of the art film, you’ll also be able to hear a heartbeat at the end as well (link). Continuing on with this trend of hearts and heartbeats, remember what was left of Hongbin at the end of Error? And this may be a long shot, but what does the beat at the beginning of Chained Up as well as Chained Up’s teaser remind you of? And let me rewind time and go much further back –  remember how the heart of the voodoo doll in Voodoo Doll was glowing near the end? And do you remember who was the only member who stayed behind at the end? That’s right – Hongbin. Our resident Bean is going to play a big role in connecting all of these concepts together.

Voodoo Doll has been speculated by a lot of fans to be tied in closely with Eternity — after all, the choreography does hint at something: in Eternity, Ken is buried, but in Voodoo Doll, Ken is thrown up — almost as if he was being revived. Furthermore, there are some lyrics overlap, so in other words, if Voodoo Doll can be linked to Conception, then Eternity can be as well.

It’s also worth mentioning the significance of the masks: three show up in the art film, and if you look carefully at the promotional image, you’ll see there are masks on the edges of the heart-shaped vial. Following VIXX’s trend of hiding links and connections in their comebacks through their choreography (Think G.R.8.U. and Hyde, as well as Eternity and Voodoo Doll), there might be a link to a comeback even further down the road by examining the choreography. Recall which choreography includes three members putting on a mask? That’s right: Hyde. In other words, Hyde might just fit into Conception’s theme as well.

To reiterate, Conception might just be the missing link between all of VIXX’s comebacks since On and On, assuming that all the previous connections between the concepts since stands for Conception.

Following the end of Error, Hongbin “dies”, so fitting with the name “Conception”, then their next comeback might have something to do with his “REBIRTH” (Hey, now doesn’t that sound familiar!). Remember that Ravi wrote most of the songs in Chained Up, and surprise surprise: REBIRTH is Ravi’s solo project.  

Or maybe it’s just a play on words and it’s supposed to be “Concept” and “Inception” cause that works too, I guess.

Anyways, we’ll go more in depth in our upcoming posts! You can check out our other Conception era theories here

anonymous asked:

I think the reason so many came to the incest conclusion was because they were sort of primed for it by a post last night implying that uncle grandpa himself is an incest joke. it got shot down pretty quickly but the notion of uncle grandpa being a potential source of incest jokes stuck even if people didn't believe it to be the case. Then the one joke comes in and because so many people are primed to conclude incest even if they didn't believe the post, and that's the interpretation that goes.

ah, I never saw that post but I guess that would make people more sensitive to it. It’s funny, though, pretty much the only people who make incest jokes about Uncle Grandpa are people who are hating on the show. As far as I know, the show itself doesn’t make any allusions to incest and they play the Uncle Grandpa thing pretty straight, like its just who he is.

I recall reading interviews before the series aired and Pete Browngardt talked a lot about the concept and why he’s called Uncle Grandpa. Essentially, Uncle Grandpa is everyone’s uncle and grandpa in spirit, he’s supposed to embody the concept of a fun relative who stops by time to time and you don’t know them too well but they’re always ready to help and lend a hand before they disappear again. Its really a very sweet concept, imo. In this interview he talks about how Uncle Grandpa was in part specifically inspired by uncles he had growing up, who weren’t actually blood relatives of his, just friends of his father’s. They just called them Uncle So-and-So for ease of speaking and they were always around so they were like uncles. 

Not everyone grows up like that, I suppose, with relatives who aren’t really relatives. So I guess that’s why its easy to think its an intentional incest reference, because if you don’t have uncles who aren’t technically your uncles or anything similar it can be hard to understand the concept. But the fact remains that that’s where that comes from and its not fair to accuse the creator of making a cruel incest joke (out of the entire concept of his cartoon) when he’s really just drawing from childhood memories. And the kids watching aren’t taking the Uncle Grandpa thing as being an incest thing, because the show doesn’t treat it that way. They just see it as him being who he is. It’s adults (and teens) who are reading the incest narrative into it because of the unfortunate adult sensibilities. It’s why we can read dirty jokes and references into things that aren’t meant to be dirty. Our age and life experiences have ruined out ability to take anything at face value, we inherently see and hear double meanings and it can seem ‘so obvious’ to us even though often times its actually not intentional.

So its funny that people accuse Uncle Grandpa (and by extension SU) as making incest jokes when its like, naw man, that’s all you. The SU crew likely have an understanding of UG’s concept and inception so they don’t think of him as an incest joke at all. Which I think is why they accidentally phrased a joke in a way that could be taken as a reference to incest, because the idea didn’t even occur to them. That can happen when you work really closely on something, you can’t see all the ways someone can take it because you know what you meant.