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Keiko’s Beauty Routine Vol. 1 Kickboxing Edition 🥊

Note: I wanted to wait till my copy of the Harmony Magazine arrived but hey, since we got proper scans already I thought why wait any longer? So here’s the first section I translated, of course it’s Keiko’s part, no surprise there XD Without further ado, enjoy! 〈(•ˇ‿ˇ•)-→

Here you will find lectures on beauty and health routines which Keiko is following strictly. The first issue shall focus on kickboxing at the training gym. This lesson will teach you how to tackle anything in a stoic manner.

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smh at some dog ppl. my mom went to visit a friend who recently moved here and I tagged along bc she’d asked me to try clip the claws on her 1yr old chi/bichon. turns out he hates having them done, and because he’s a bit of a spoiled brat (nice dog, but all the impulse of a teenage boy and no manners) people have been just telling her to “show him who’s boss” and “get him” when he does something half bad - this coming from people who grab their pomeranians by the scruff and growl at them to show “dominance”.

so when he went from struggling biting mess to happily taking treats and not even pulling his feet from the clipper after just a few minutes of patience - i even got to take his dews, which he’d never allowed before - she was almost shocked. she’d never expected to see him that relaxed, and she was so relieved to hear that she could train him without using pain and fear and that heck, he might even enjoy the process.

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hey there i was wondering if maul had a little sister how he'd be as a big brother? :))

Thank you for the ask, nonnie, it’s a cute concept!!

tbh, i think maul would be kind of a shitty older brother.  He’s not good with kids– thanks for your great example of child rearing, palpatine-- because he doesn’t have a disposition that’s suited to handling children and he didn’t exactly have the ideal childhood.

I don’t think he’d try to act out the role of master/apprentice, because he already has Savage for that, and because I do not think Maul has the incentive to train/care for a very young child.  That being said, if his younger sister were closer to him in age (and not, say, a literal toddler), he’d definitely teach her things, especially combat stuff.  AND how to read and write.  I don’t think he’d be super patient, though.  Savage would have to show him how to properly take care of a younger sibling (because, you know, Savage is pretty experienced with kids).

Maul is definitely very protective of who he considers family, though.  Not necessarily by sheltering/controlling, rather, by making sure the kid doesn’t get hurt physically. He’d be…somewhat proficient at helping with emotional trauma?  I think he would be able to say, ‘hey i understand’ but tbh his inability to cope with his own mental problems in a healthy way kind of rules him out for emotional advice.  Pretty sure you’d want to go to Savage for that sort of thing anyway.  He may be big and intimidating but not half as scary as ‘Asshole Maul Who Really Really Likes Personal Space And If You Bother Him He Might Yell At You’.

Overall, I just don’t think Maul’s a super fantastic brother. I mean, just look at his inability to have a normal relationship with Savage– Maul’s trauma makes him…Difficult.  Again, he’s not the worst sibling ever, and he does care, deeply, but…expressing that is going to be. an issue.

Again, thanks for the ask!!

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" -- Ne, Ne Inojin. Want to go grab some takoyaki with me after school?"


       “ TAKOYAKI!!!? ” smile bigger than anyone had ever gotten out of him crossed his pale lips, almost bouncing with excitement. “ of course, i love takoyaki! how did you know it was my favourite? ”

Sgt. Michael Nygaard, a drill instructor for Platoon 3044, India Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion, roams the barracks moments before waking his recruits for their first official training day March 25, 2014, at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, S.C. Recruits spent the morning getting dressed, experiencing their first incentive training session,cleaning their barracks, and, finally, eating a nutritious breakfast. The formal 70-day training schedule begins about one week after recruits arrive. Nygaard, 29, is from Cape Coral, Fla. India Company is scheduled to graduate June 13, 2014. (Photo by Cpl. Caitlin Brink.)

DAY 3062

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug  18/19,  2016                Thu/Fri  12:49 am

Birthday - EF - Dr Jaishree Sharad

Friday, August 19, 2016

Happy birthday Doctor Saheb ..err .. sorry Doctor Memsaheb .. love and success and greater glory and recognition .. to Jaishree from us all at the Ef store ..

And so another win .. another lady does so .. another achievement for the country .. for the pride it brings .. but really pride in the factor of WOMAN ..

They that had apprehensions and acidic comments to make must know that winning is not everything .. it is the pride of participation .. of the effort .. of the carrying of our colors in flag, on chest and body that matters .. and when you win then the draping of the flag about you likens to the entire nation wrapped around your success and effort ..

Indian Hockey women’s team qualifies after a gap of over 30 years to an Olympics .. that is an achievement ..

A woman gymnast misses a medal by .01 points ..first time in the history of sports in India a woman reaches this event .. why woman .. only woman, no men ..

Indian Hockey men’s was 12th in the London Olympics, 4 years ago .. this year it reached the Quarter finals .. that is achievement ..

When did you ever hear of an Indian woman athlete in .. the Olympic 3000 m or the Steeple Chase .. we did in 2016 ..

When did you ever hear of a woman athlete from India reach the finals of the badminton event in the Olympics .. we did just now .. this is achievement !

Do not ridicule the efforts and years of hard work that athletes put in .. despite extraneous circumstances, no modern infrastructure and no incentives or trainings for excellence, they keep trying to bring results .. this is not the topic for cynical remarks against them … they need support and encouragement and recognition .. basic facilities are denied to them .. back up management and technical guidances are far removed from them .. but still they perform and try and put in their best … for whom .. FOR COUNTRY ..

When one laughs at the efforts made by these sons and daughters of India, it incenses me .. but we shall overcome and improve and succeed and excel .. talent and desire to excel can never be curtailed or subjected to oppression .. 

We shall succeed and we shall win .. 

I am far too  … oh never mind … good night .. !! early morning shoot ..

Amitabh Bachchan