Yuri on Ice Finale Theory

Does anyone else think Yuri is going to skate Victor’s routine for the free skate since that’s the one he likes best?

And his current routine is not enough to beat JJ’s?

And he was able to skate it perfectly despite being out of practice and out of shape?

And he tends to surprise Victor and pretty much everyone?

And he has a pretty great incentive to win the gold?


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I'm looking for some fluffy/smutty bellarke fics any recommendations? Oh and by the way I absolutely love your blog!💕



+ fluff & smut tags!

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How can Sansa marry Harry if Tyrion is still alive (and he's not going to die until the end of ADOS)? The marriage wasn't consummated, so in theory it could be annulled--but there's no way the HS would grant an annullment. What do you think?

Given that Cersei thinks Sansa helped kill Joffrey, exposing who “Alayne” really is will necessitate Littlefinger finally breaking from the Lannister regime openly (one of several reasons I doubt he’ll ever go to Harrenhal in person, though the curse will still get him) in favor of Harry and Sansa’s Kingdom of North and Vale, or whatever they call it. So Littlefinger will no longer have to even feign respect for KL institutions and actors (like, say, the High Septon), and will have an incentive to instead empower local institutions so they get on board with this new polity. (Methinks this is exactly why he seized so eagerly on Sansa’s idea for the Brotherhood of Winged Knights–giving Sweetrobin his own Kingsguard is a valuable step on the way to outright independence.) As such, my guess is that he recruits or bribes a Vale religious authority to nullify Sansa’s marriage due to non-consummation. 

Or, equally possible: he produces some bogus but convincing intel that Tyrion is dead.
Taxation Isn't Only Theft, It's Destruction
Where the state is, there is the power to tax; for rulers cannot rule without taxation.

Where the state is, there is the power to tax; for rulers cannot rule without taxation. As Ludwig von Mises wrote: “The funds that a government spends for whatever purposes are levied by taxation.” Or as Murray Rothbard put it: “All state actions rest on the fundamental binary intervention of taxes.”

Where the state is, there also is the growth of the state. Why does a state’s scope enlarge? One theory is that interest groups seek to use the state’s taxing power for their own benefit. I would like to suggest a complementary theory. When the power to tax is conferred upon rulers, many harmful incentives necessarily are conveyed with it. These encourage the rulers to expand their destructive acts.

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Ripper Street:  Det. Insp. Edmund Reid [ESTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING: by Charity / the mod.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Reid focuses so intensely on his job that he neglects being home – he’s driven to catch the bad guy, close cases, provide substantial evidence in order to get people arrested and/or resolve the issue in a timely and efficient manner. He finds logical methods to solve his problems and get what he wants – determined to “seduce” an expert into working for him, he builds a top-notch examination room and offers him financial incentive to be involved.

Introverted Sensing (Si): He trusts the system to work – up to a point, and relies a lot on his extensive knowledge of how it works, the criminal mind, social interaction, and “how you get things done” (by playing the game) in order to form conclusions. Reid has a softness to him, which makes him approachable, even when he’s hard on a case; he doesn’t seem to mind social establishment (society accepts whorehouses, so he’s indifferent to them, and tries to protect the inhabitants the same as he would anyone else). He’s also very good at noticing details and recalling sensory impressions in the environment (such as noticing the draft and the size of the room and figuring out there’s a secret compartment).

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): He’s open-minded, willing to change his approach, or reconsider another potential explanation for the case at hand. Reid sometimes “trusts his gut” (“I feel that…”) but isn’t always correct; sometimes he’s right, sometimes he’s not. He generally avoids being super judgmental about lifestyle choices, even when they deviate from the norm (“I’m not here to arrest any of you [cross-dressers/homosexuals] – I’m just here to catch a murderer”).

Introverted Feeling (Fi): It takes him a long time to open up, emotionally – years, to confess to his wife what he’s feeling about their daughter; he cannot bear to remove stuff from her room, because he secretly hopes she’s not dead and will come back (no body, there’s still hope!). He becomes very emotional once in a great while – but it’s out of character; and often he’s oblivious to others’ emotional needs, when he’s going about his job; but he’s also highly compassionate, and driven by a strong desire to “protect and serve.”

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Okay, there's some weird thing going on on Twitter and I'd like your take on it. There's someone genuinely asking if white authors writing POC characters in non-offensive, well researched ways is considered diverse and the responder (I can't think of a better word) says no, that it's just not racist. I'm really curious about your opinion on it.

It’s not weird. Somebody just tagged me in it and I’m going to say the same thing I said on twitter. ElleOnWords on twitter is completely right. There shouldn’t be any cookies for white writers who acknowledge POC and MOGAI exist. Like, come on.

However - right now the market is SO SO SO SO whitecentric that we need to give some incentive. That’s all this is imo. Giving white writers a metaphorical pat on the back for acknowledging the world isn’t exclusively white cishet ablebodied and Christian. 

On the longrun I’d like the term diverse to only apply to #ownvoices books. But to get there, we have to give everyone that little pat. 

If you could save a cat’s life, would you?

Hi everyone. As the title suggests, a cat in my life needs help. His name is Enrique and due to heart problems, he needs a pacemaker. Unfortunately, this type of thing is expensive and his owner can’t afford it.

I know this type of post is a pain, but Enrique’s owner is someone who means the world to me and I told him I’d do whatever I could to help, including this. I’m asking you all to please consider making a donation to save Enrique’s life. I’m sure many of you are animal lovers and can imagine how awful it would be to lose a pet because the vet bills were too high.

I’m not posting this because I want to empty your wallets, I’m posting it because I know that if everyone with the ability to donate gave a few dollars, the fundraiser would be over in no time.

I know how I usually react when I see these posts. I scroll past them, or maybe like them with the half-hearted intention of donating later. I’m asking you now: don’t be like me. Don’t wait. Don’t expect everyone else to help if you won’t. What would Steven do if he were reading this right now?

Here is the link again. Anything you can give counts. I know that through our compassion and generosity, we can do this. Thank you.

Hello, class. Today I would like to tell you why “Yasha” is not a good thing for you to call Bucky in fic while he is the Winter Soldier.

It’s not “James” in Russian. It’s not. “Yasha” is the diminutive of “Yakov,” which is obviously Jacob. And yes, I know they have the same Aramaic? (I think) root, but like, here’s the deal – neither I (immigrated from the former Soviet Union as a child) nor my parents (lived in the Soviet Union for a good chunk of their lives) have ever met anyone named Yasha who wasn’t Jewish.

Don’t come at me with some exception you found on the internet – it’s a name that carries strong signifiers of Eastern European Jewishness. And we all know how the Soviets felt about Eastern European Jews (in case you don’t know – hint: really fuckin’ not great). It’s really unlikely that they would give a name with those signifiers to their super-weapon, especially in order to give him a name that’s etymologically close to his given name. 

Now, what should you call him instead?

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what started as a joke is ever so quickly spiraling into potentially becoming an actual… thing. i thought it’d be funny to make date sim mock up for my oc Alan from roomZER0, and people asked if. it was a real game. and i DO have a copy of  Date Sim Maker on Steam. i’m making no promises but you can, at the very least, expect more mock ups B^)

ps: i advise you punch him, he’s a dick