The Easy Way to make black salt.

1. Fill a tea cup or a shot glass, nothing too big, with salt.

2. Stick your stick incense in the salt. Straight up. Or put your cone incense on top.

3. Burn your incense. Let the ashes fall in the salt.

4. Stir the ashes into the salt after every stick or cone.

The resulting salt is technically brown. But works just the same and smells so good.

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(Unfortunately I am unable to verify how these objects are obtained by the seller. Though most claim to be ethically sourced I have no way to prove that fact either way)

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How to make incense cones

Ok so recently I saw a bunch of stuff on how to make incense cones and they all mention makko and/or other really expensive ingredients. You don’t need all that; I have never used any of that stuff and my incense has come out just fine, so here’s a method for incense making that basically everyonecan use.

Wax paper
Coffee grinder/ mortar and pestle
Baking sheet
Large mixing bowl
Whisk or other stirring device
Plastic bag
(Optional oven)

A resin, such as frankincense or dragons blood (a little goes a long way)
A wood of some kind (sandalwood, etc.,)
And Saltpeter/vesta!
(The saltpeter, resin, and water are going to be our makko alternative)

Resin can be acquired about anywhere, because it’s just tree sap! However, For a more polished and convenient source, you can buy it at metaphysical stores, and in times of need even some maple syrup will do (but it won’t smell nice).

Saltpeter can also be found in metaphysical stores, labeled as Vesta powder, or in hardware stores and chemistry supply stores as Potassium Nitrate. I got my current jar at a local shop for $3 and it’s lasted me for more than 2 years, so money isn’t an issue with this one lol


1. Ok, so first off, you’re going to want to put your resin in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer to let it cool. (Just until you’re done grinding the herbs if you use a food processor or coffee grinder, but you may want to let it chill for a few hours if you’re using a mortar and pestle)

2. Grind your herbs and wood until they are a powdery texture, and make sure to keep them dry! Usually I can tell when they’re ready when powder starts to accumulate under the blades of my coffee grinder. Put your herbs in a large mixing bowl that you don’t care about ruining, because the resin will be near impossible to get entirely cleaned off. Don’t put in the saltpeter yet, though, because you need to save that for later!

3. Take your resin out of the freezer, and put them in the coffee grinder/ mortar. You’re going to want to pulse this one/ grind it in short bursts, because if you go too fast the resin will start to melt and stick to your grinder/mortar, effectively ruining it forever. Grind it until it’s as fine a powder as you can get, and then break it out with the handle of a spoon. It will have collected and hardened slightly in the bottom of the grinder/ mortar, so you will need to crack it and scoop it out. Put your resin powder into the mixing bowl with your herbs and wood.

4. Now, mix all the dry ingredients together (except the saltpeter!) and make sure they’re evenly distributed.

5. Finally, add in the saltpeter! Only use a quarter teaspoon for a batch of 50 1.5 inch tall cones, because it produces thick smelly smoke in amounts higher than that. You want just enough to keep the cone burning, not enough to make it explode (it can if you use too much) Mix all the ingredients together now and when it’s all evenly distributed, spray it with water. It should be wet enough to hold it’s shape, but not so wet that all the resin bleeds away and fluid drips from the bottom of the cones.

6. Form your cones over a wax paper covered baking sheet (one you don’t care about, just in case some of the resin soaks through the wax paper. It probably won’t, but you can never be too safe) and place them out to air dry in a cool, dark place for 2-3 weeks. If you need to have them ready the next day or are just impatient like me, you can put them in the oven for 3-5 hours or until dry at 145-160°F and then pry them off the wax paper (keep the oven door open for 10 mins after every 30 mins of having it closed, so it doesn’t burnt the incense. If you can smell the incense, it’s burning and you need to turn the temperature down unless you want a smell-free incense.)

Enjoy your new, cheap, (relatively easy) incense cones!


On its own this stuff is pretty safe, but it IS a powerful catalyst– it’s what makes things with flaming chemical reactions explode rather than burn quietly. This stuff goes into gunpowder and fireworks, because it helps things burn more EXPLOSIVELY. So please, please be extremely careful with your pre-made blends and your measuring. You can get seriously hurt (or set your workspace on fire) if you don’t save that for last, or don’t store it right, or put too much in. Also, if you end up needing to discard it for any reason, please make sure you treat it like the hazardous chemical compound it is. It can be a VERY dangerous environmental hazard if it gets in to waterways, so please don’t wash this stuff down the drain. And you’re also going to want to wear gloves and preferably goggles working with this stuff. Distributors recommend particle protection masks, too– inhaling it CAN cause serious respiratory trouble, ESPECIALLY if you have asthma or allergies, or any other condition exacerbated by inhaling fine dust particles. Also, NEVER, EVER EVER use this stuff around birds, fish, or reptiles! (Potassium nitrate especially, but this goes for burning any incense as well. All of these animals have very basic dust and toxin filtering systems, with no protection against breathing in dust, so it can become LETHAL very quickly. Have you ever tried CPR on a bird? Nearly impossible unless you know EXACTLY what you’re doing. So please protect your pets as well as yourself!)

It’s the pure powder from the jar that’s dangerous to humans, so it should be fine once it’s blended up in the incense.


Incense Cone Burner - beach pottery salvaged recycle shard incenses smudge house

8cm beach pottery shard ideal for burning incense cones or placing tealight on etc found on Helmsdale shoreline and given new life ;-) picture shows chaga incense burning away ;-)

Witchy Tip - Easy Black Salt.

This is a simple way to make black salt, we learned this little tip a few months ago from a friend, I don’t know why I have not posted sooner. 

Put your salt in a small jar or bowl and stick and incense stick or even cone into the top. burn it down and mix the ashes through. 

Bonus….DIY incense burner….

You may need to burn more than one incense but at least its simple.

Incense boxes at Ross!

So, I’m not sure if they’re at every Ross, but the other day when I went I found these cute incense boxes! They’re wood boxes with four different packages of incense in them, along with two different kinds of incense cones, and a cute wood holder that has three holes for the sticks and a plate in the middle for the cones!

The best part? It was only $4.99!

There are two different kinds, I forgot which I got and which the other was, but they come with different sticks and cones (though the holder is the same!)

Thought I would share this with you guys! I’ll post pics tomorrow ☆☆