incense sticks

//naho x reader x aiko

Imagine sitting in your girlfriend’s bathtub, the water warm and full of bubbles, candles lining the entire room, and the sweet smell of lavender hazing the air. Aiko insisted on performing some ritual, so as to protect you from evil spirits-and being who you were, you happily accepted. She starts murmuring some nonsense words from her book, waving about a stick of incense, when the lights flicker on and the door opens. “Hey! We were in the middle of something!” Naho shrugs off Aiko’s annoyance, making you flustered as she starts taking her clothes off. “Your rituals are so archaic-why don’t you modernize things for a change?” She says, slipping into the bath across from you, fully nude. “Hello, darling.” Naho’s smile always lifts your spirits, and you reach over to rest a hand on Aiko’s shoulder, reassuring her that you can try again, later. “Alright. Scooch over nerd, I’m getting in.” The raven-haired girl switches places, settling you between her legs so Aiko can join you. “How nice…can you pass me the soap?” She hands it over, for Naho to start washing your back, and rubbing your shoulders. “Look at that face…so cute, and lovely..” Aiko squishes your cheeks, the two of them giggling as they take care of their precious babe.