Victory in Defeat
  • Victory in Defeat
  • Incendiary
  • Suburban Scum split 7"

“In spite of what they say, I’m still not right.
Out of body out of mind and out of everyone’s sight.
But even through the struggle I still hold tight,
leaving the pieces behind makes it easier to feel alive.
I need to live, I need to love, not just survive." 

  • Survival
  • Incendiary
  • Xibalba/Incendiary Split

Incendiary - Survuval

I struggle to survive in this fucking existence.
When every new morning brings a sober assessment
of where I am, where I’ve been, and what I need to be.
Forget the past, stand and face whats in front of me
but for better or worse, I carry on. and on, and on, and on, I carry on.