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I love Incendiary already so much but I'm also very confused about the whole "everybody jumped" concept, if everyone jumped why are their ages not matched to when they jumped? Am I looking at this too literally? Harry was talking about time making no sense but I'm still trying to understand it haha Is this the sequel to Hauntingly?

Okay. I’m about to attempt describing what Harry was doing after the epilogue in Hauntingly. Might be difficult and nonsensical. Here goes.

The way I picture it is that the process for rebirth is like landing in a floating river, one which is constantly flowing and in a continuous loop. Some souls who jump into it up being reborn quickly, but sometimes it takes longer. Time isn’t a straight line that obeys certain laws. Fate does what it wants.

Enter Harry, Master of Death, realizing that if he stays Master of Death, he’ll never be able to be with Tom. He can see his soul floating in this state between living and not. He tries to guide it back to life, with the idea that maybe he can un-become the MoD.

But if Tom is going to live again, Harry wants to give him the things he never had. He wants to give everyone the things they never had. 

The explanation for their various age gaps is that there isn’t any, other than Harry having done his best to put the people whose souls want to be near each other near each other. This is the result of him trying to escape his lonely ‘destiny’ of Master of Death. 

But Fate is fickle, and he’ll keep pricking his fingers on it.

(I hope this didn’t just make you more confused in the end)

The Consulate is asking the public’s assistance in locating eight individuals believed to be renegade ringleaders. These criminals are extremely dangerous. Contact an Honorable enforcer if you have any information concerning these individuals.

PIA NALAAR, also known by the criminal alias “Renegade Prime,” is a middle-aged female human with dark hair. She is the known leader of the renegade movement, and she is wanted for multiple counts of arson and disturbing the peace. She may be in possession of unlicensed inventions and explosives.

CHANDRA NALAAR is an adult female human with red hair. She is the daughter of the renegade leader, Pia Nalaar. She is wanted for breaking and entering government property, aiding and abetting a known criminal, and multiple counts of arson. She is believed to be in possession of numerous incendiary devices.

OVIYA PASHIRI is an elderly female human with gray hair. She is wanted for breaking and entering government property, and she is believed to be in possession of multiple unlicensed and unregistered lifecraft inventions of her own making.

LILIANA VESS is an adult female human with black hair. She is wanted for destruction of public property and contempt for Consulate authorities.

JACE BELEREN is an adult male human with brown hair. He is wanted for destruction of public property and evasion of Consulate authorities.

NISSA REVANE is an adult female elf with brown hair. She is wanted for destruction of public property and disturbance of local flora. She is believed to be in possession of unlicensed eyewear that make her eyes appear to glow green.

GIDEON JURA is an adult male human with brown hair. He is wanted for destruction of public property, unlicensed use of inventions, and assault of Consulate authorities and enforcers.

An UNKNOWN broad-framed criminal seen only wearing a large hooded cloak is wanted for destruction of public property, conspiracy against the Consulate, evasion of authorities, and aiding and abetting known renegades. This criminal should be considered highly dangerous.

Back in 2004, South Park aired an episode called “Douche and Turd” which astutely pointed out that both presidential candidates are apple-polishing mannequins. Before that, Futurama made a similar observation with candidates Jack Johnson and John Jackson. And before that The Simpsons beat everyone to the punch when these two ran for president.

It’s true! Both candidates are totally identical this election … provided that you’re an upper-middle class heterosexual living on your parents’ dime. For anyone of lower income or LGBTQ or of Muslim descent or worried about reproductive rights or recently immigrated or struggling with health care or a small business owner or worried about police brutality … there is going to be a huge difference in the two candidates come November. Because both candidates have extremely different policies that will influence the country for decades to come.

In the simplest, most incendiary terms: Not voting because you think both candidates are “in the pockets of Wall Street” or “equally terrible” is privileged and childish pigswill actively hurting the political process by justifying ignorance. Try and tell a lower-class family of immigrants running a corner shop in Chicago that you don’t think it matters who wins the election, and watch those people laugh in your shitty little face.

The 6 F**king Stupidest Reasons Why People Don’t Vote

Trump Survival Tip No. 10: Thermite

Ever wanted to stop an armored vehicle stupid-easily, with something that’s legal, very safe to store and use, easy to acquire, and burns like Satan’s asshole? Molotov cocktails might look very impressive, but there’s an incendiary that does all those things and that we’ve all been overlooking: thermite.

Thermite, for the uninitiated–which, let’s be real, it’s the Internet, you’ve all heard of thermite–is a non-explosive incendiary powder made from aluminum filings and iron oxide. It is completely safe to store, since it’s basically just metal dust. Like an 80% lower (more on that right here), it’s pretty much untraceable, as both rust and aluminum filings can be manufactured at home or bought at a hardware store with zero paperwork. And when ignited, it burns at around 2500 Fahrenheit (1400 C), also known as half the temperature of the goddamn sun.

Rust can be manufactured at home pretty easily. Take steel wool, put it in a jar filled with water. Weigh the wool down with a magnet so it doesn’t float. Add 5tbs of bleach and 5tbs of vinegar. Let it sit for a day or two, then filter the resultant brown paste with a coffee filter. Alternatively, you can go to a paint store, where they sell it pretty cheap for pigment mixing, or eBay, where you can straight-up buy it.

Aluminum is also pretty easy to get. Take a grinder to something made of aluminum (cans, bike parts, whatever) and collect the sparks, and bam, aluminum filings. Machine shops will probably give you plenty in exchange for sweeping. Or, like rust, paint shops and eBay are viable options as well.

Mix your two powders at a ratio of 8 parts rust to 3 parts aluminum, by weight. Aluminum is pretty light so it’ll look about fifty-fifty. Mix evenly. Optionally, you can mix four parts thermite with one part modeling clay to get moldable thermite. You can’t light thermite with a normal match; get a magnesium sparkler or bit of magnesium ribbon and light that, and you’re good to go. Now you can melt through the engine block of an armored car like the Alien’s blood through the Nostromo.

Remember: when we fight, we win, so know how to fight!

So right away we’ve been steadily reaching pre-war levels of grunty jingoism – as evidenced by the United States president who campaigned on “Build A Wall.” Not to mention that our current attitude toward immigration is very similar to that of the early 1900s – a time where we actually turned away Jewish refugees because we thought they were spies.

Then there’s the technologically driven stockpiling of weapons. While militarization can’t be blamed for starting the first World War, it’s hard not to have a big pretty pew-pew fight when you’ve been stockpiling WMDs like a Bond villain with a hoarding addiction. This was the result of the late-1800s industrial revolution, which not only caused countries to innovate and increase their armaments, but undergo a populist backlash to globalization. Hey, that’s a thing we have now too!

So yeah – we’re kinda in the same spot as before. The final missing ingredient is some kind of incendiary to get that firework flying. Historically we’re talking about people and events like the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Pearl Harbor, or that Hitler fellow the Alt-Right is so fond of.

So that leaves the clear question: what will be our incendiary? Let’s look at the contenders…

6 Honest Assessments About The Chance Of World War 3


the world is a shatter-palace, 
and you consider yourself
king of broken windows 
and screams muffled
like murdered stars
in the night. 

here is a list of nothings:

  • blue unblinking eyes
  • lips chafed on massacre mouths
  • a mistake that you cannot seem to unmake 
  • an ocean that’s stealing all the heat you didn’t even know you had left to give
  • a boy whose bones are lies but whose skin is spring
  • a poem, a promise of “always, always, always” gasped between your storm-cellar bodies
  • the word “stay” carved into a gleaming key
  • the incendiary hum of traffic, cold air in the mornings
  • his fish-hook fingers entwined like summer vines with yours 
  • a smile reserved only for you and the night
  • a new city sprawling at your feet, cigarettes and drinks in between

nothing is a form of self-delusion & self-acceptance,
nothing is a secret kept from yourself and
biding your time before death

(nothing is the feel of his calloused
palms caressing your neck)

(nothing is a tear in your reality)

(nothing is forcing you to face your fear of
heights and the drop has never looked so fatal)

it is a static shock that festers like magma
beneath your skin and bleeding
in empty forgotten rooms 

his body is a temple and you get
your hands wet at the altar 

your body is a graveyard
and he raises your dead

he is the sky-high centre of 
your whole world and as
you fall and you fall, 
you are found.