ilaackerman Incendiary Devices is on fire! ♡♡♡ Gooooosh… I…

The ending was a nightware I’m still struggling to wake up from. Seriously. If it’s not so much of a bother, please write more when the inspiration hits you. ♡ Reading/seeing IchiRuki fanfiction/art of any kind makes me happy. ♡♡♡

I will NEVER stop writing about these two goobers. My angsty sword children give me life as a writer, I have never been so prolific, I have never been so productive, I have never achieved so much as a writer. 

I love them. And if the canon end isn’t what I wanted, well then, I’ll just have to make my own.

Ichiruki 2k5ever, tbh. 

We are all either getting off of the Internet or getting off to the Internet or getting off on the Internet and that’s my incendiary statement of the day folks. If you’re on here you’re doing one of those things it’s just factz

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Incendiary Devices is on fire! ♡♡♡ Gooooosh... I teared up and I'm not even the type who cries over stuff.

Ahhhhh. Thank you my love! <3 

I reject the reality of the ending and substitute my own - Incendiary Devices was totally a self-indulgent way to do that for myself. I am so glad to hear that it touched you. 


Hear me out Adam Driver as Saint-Just in a movie about the French Revolution.

                Louis Antoine de Saint-Just
                                    poet and fanatic follower of Maximilien Robespierre, nicknamed ‘The Angel of Death’ for his zeal as the youngest member of the Committee of Public Safety - the radical government that oversaw the Reign of Terror. Wild, handsome, and transgressive, Saint Just used his skill for incendiary rhetoric to spearhead the movement to execute King Louis XVI, along with anyone else Robespierre deemed a traitor to the new French state. He was beheaded alongside Robespierre after the coup d’etat on 9 Thermidor.

“You, who uphold our tottering country against the torrent of despotism and intrigue; you whom I know, as I know God, only through his miracles…”  - Saint-Just in his first letter to Robespierre.
“One cannot reign innocently: the insanity of doing so is evident. Every king is a rebel and a usurper. (…) I see no middle ground: this man must reign or die! He oppressed a free nation; he declared himself its enemy; he abused the laws: he must die to assure the repose of the people.” - Saint-Just in his call for the execution of Louis XVI.

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I don't want to be incendiary or anything, I'm asking cause you're very honest in your responses. How can we explain Tony's role in Cait's life? He's constantly by her side, she brought to Cannes, Wimbledon/Jodie's HWstar event, she said her relash it's just for her and she never talks about him like she does with Donal or her other friends. Are we ignoring the hints?

Not incendiary at all, sweets. It’s a valid question and one with no sure answer. I interpret his role as similar to the moms, longtime friends, managers/agents or children that accompany private celebs to their events. Chris Evans, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington and Jamie Foxx come to mind. It’s a non-sensational +1 (because nobody knows who he is and nobody cares.) To me, he reads like a convenient patsy. I’ll admit I don’t know much about how much time they appear to spend together or where that time is spent, but I assumed from day one that his seemingly underwhelming role in her public life is either professional or platonic.

some concept art for Santana’s Incendiary outfit! i wanted her outfit to be not super revealing, kind of my ‘fuk u’ to her being hypersexualized on the show. tho i didn’t mind giving her a sexy outfits, but bc of the little amount of scenes she had in this story i didn’t want to reduce her to that.

tho lbr that silver latex iS UGLEE IDK WHAT I WAS THINKIN 

oh hey Eyebrows how you doin

Aktashite is a weird little fusion between Charlie and Sally. Isn’t much taller than either of his constituent Gems. 

The only time Aktashite talks is when either Charlie or Sally say something independently. Aktashite, on his own, does not have a unique voice or personality. Bizarre for a stable fusion.

He’s a speedy little thing. Charlie is naturally acrobatic and quickfooted; combined with Sally’s liquid-mercury body and subsequent flexibility, the result is a weird mix of track-runner and contortionist. Seriously, it’s damn near impossible to get a hold on Akta due to the speed of his movements, and even if you do, he’s likely to squeeze out of your grip anyway. Dude’s like a jet powered slinky with rockstar hair. Uses his otherwise small stature to his advantage.

His weapon is an incendiary crossbow with fletchettes that detonate on impact. He retains Charlie’s acid immunity, electrical conductivity and sharpshooting as well as Sally’s pyromancy ability. The flames from both his weapon and those he generates with his pyromancy are green in color due to their copper content. Unlike Sally, his fire can burn in vacuum environments thanks to a self-generating oxygen supply from his skin.

I’ll be doing a fullbody of him later, just wanted to test his facial features first.

The Kissing Game

Tagged by @venatohru to list 10 fictional characters I would be happy to kiss. This is gonna be so hard because there are legit dozens… Okay. In no particular order:

1. Natasha Romanova (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, etc.)

Marry me or murder me, I’m fine with either.

2. Caine Wise (Jupiter Ascending)

Part-wolf Channing Tatum. Nuff said.

3. Claire Temple (Daredevil/Jessica Jones/Luke Cage)

A nurse who takes no shit and is low-key kind of a badass. Also, Rosario Dawson.

4. Poe Dameron (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Oh shut up, we’ve all thought about it.

5. Alex Summers (X-Men: First Class/Days of Future Past)

Precious dysfunctional incendiary cinnamon roll. Too done with this world. Also has a sinfully deep voice, which. Relevant.

6. Snap Wexley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens)

Big beardy cuddle-muffin. Needs more love.

7. Peggy Carter (Captain America: The First Avenger)

She’s an inspiration. She looks spectacular in uniform. I bet she could teach me a thing or two.

8. Jake Jensen (The Losers)

Don’t stop believin’.

9. Connor Slaughter (Wolves).

Jason Momoa. Werewolf Jason Momoa. Stand the fuck aside, people, this is Relevant To My Interests.

10. Roman Reigns (Can I say Roman Reigns? Technically a fictional persona, so.. *shrug*)

I just. Words. Nope. Bye.

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