The longest recorded video footage of Adam Driver in his natural habitat.

Interesting features include his abilities in both swimming, rock climbing, and tree climbing, as well as his use of both incendiary tools and tinfoil.


Ewan McGregor / My Livejournal :


“Robert Pattinson gets better with time. He has become all man, the most virile with untameable hair and a deep gaze that’s also sweet. Pure class with a slight rebellious air that suits him perfectly, we have no concerns about his future.”

Still in a black and white style, classic and dark, Dior returns in 2016 with a clip of a different kind, more graphic. In New York city, Robert returns in a style a bit cool but always intense and sexy.

His few glances to the camera are incendiary and have already titillated much of the planet. With a more electro-pop music style, some philosophical messages are distilled on skyscrapers. (Life is short. Break the rules, they were made to be broken. Never regret anything. Love truly. Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die tomorrow.)

New DiorRob TV spot

Original DiorRob TV spot

Fork & Bikini

I find it humorous that those “TERF lists” also serve as “block lists” for the genderists. Blocking me is pointless because I probably never would’ve interacted with any of those people in the first place. It seems radfems hardly choose to engage with libfems - usually when we do we’re just defending ourselves from their hatred of us/their hatred of females/their hatred of lesbians. They usually choose to interact with us or make incendiary remarks about us first.


Chile: Molotov attack against the headquarters of far-right political party UDI

At approximately 4:00AM on the morning of January 29, 2016 a group of encapuchados (hooded ones) threw a molotov cocktail at the headquarters of the far-right political party Unión Demócrata Independiente (UDI) in Santiago.

The incendiary bomb exploded on a wall of the building and started a fire however fire personnel arrived quickly to extinguish the flames and soon after the PDI (Investigations Police) were at the scene.

There were no arrests or detainees recorded following the arson attack on the fascist headquarters.

The action was claimed via an emailed communique by ‘Incendiary Cell Anteo Zamboni’ who named themselves in honor of a 15 year old Italian anarchist who attempted to assassinate fascist dictator Benito Mussolini on October 31, 1926 in Bologna but missed his target and was killed by a fascist lynch mob.



ahh no posts all week, sorry. here’s two hair retextures to make up for it. newsea uproar (top) and matcha (bottom), in zeusar’s pearls v1 texture. two very cute hairs, i really wish uproar was for toddlers too but i have no idea how to go about making that happen. colors are my own edited black, brown and red, with incendiary as the blonde. child-elder, binned, grey (mail bomb) linked to black.

credit: newsea, martini, zeusar, and pooklet.

So about this confession

Please stop sending complaints. Its been tagged appropriately. Its not being deleted and we’re not going take time out of our day to add a read more and put it back up.

Also to the person who sent the rebuttal on it saying its only elves you care about.  I cut and pasted it on WORD. It was almost 900 words.  (sorry we could not address this privately, the person used submit instead of ask)

Given the volatile state of the fandom, We don’t even feel comfortable cutting and pasting it even with your name blacked out given how incendiary it is to the other races. And we’re sure there are those in the elf fandom that would have cringed as well.   And believe me, we get it that you love elves but your post was really inflammatory toward the other races and some people love playing those races just as much as you love playing elves. 

If you have issues with the confession use your blog and reblog it.


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