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hey love how do you cleanse your room?? i'm kinda a mess right now and my crystals are totally absorbing the energy ahhh. i'm reprogramming my clear quartz and i tried burning bay leaves but all it did was mess up my candles :(

lmfao same *coughs* anyways!

i have one basic cleansing ritual structure that i adapt according to how intense i want/need the cleansing to be, and my overall energy levels. i’ll list the medium-length one that features banishing bad energy, cause that seems to be the main issue

things i use

two tea light candles

sage or sandalwood incense (you can use whatever you feel would get the job done best)


  • i set up everything on the floor in the center of my room, kneel, and light the incense and the first candle. i focus on my intent (banishing the bad energy) and meditate for a few seconds. 
  • i then pick up the incence holder and start walking counterclockwise in circles through my room. imagine the negative energy as a type of fog; where you go, it parts. i focus on pushing the energy to my right out of the room, and the energy to my left into the center of the room, where the candle is. 
  • once the spiral/circle i’m walking is at its broadest, i continue walking counterclockwise, but closing in on the center 
  • once i’m basically just walking around the candle, i kneel down, put the incense down, and light the second candle. the first candle sucked up the bad energy, but if i want to be extra sure that it’s sealed in there, i meditate for a few extra seconds on it. then i take the negative candle and put it outside my apartment, in the hallway
  • now for the actual cleansing. i basically do the same thing i did before, just walking clockwise, and focusing on 1) kicking out the possible scraps of bad energy, 2) inviting positive energy into the room
  • once i’m in the middle of the room again, i kneel and meditate for half a minute, focusing on the intent, then blow the candle out
  • tadaaaa!

the official “ritual” is done, all that is left to do is get the negative candle out. i personally like to get it out of the house asap and bring it to the garbage cans outside. i also like to leave the incense burn out, except for when it’s my white sage incense. cause that shit is endangered and i won’t rebuy it, so i treasure it more than my own life

i know this is a long explanation, but in itself the cleansing doesn’t take more than 15 minutes or so. i hope this helped! 

and i wish you the best of luck with your cleansing and your crystals! i hope things will look up for you soon, and that this week will bring some nice things your way ~

List of incenses correspondences, by use

Anointing: frankincense, jasmine, lavender, rose, vervain, orange
Balance: cypress, jasmine, sandalwood, sweetgrass
Banishing/Releasing: clove, cypress, mugwort, sage, lemon/lime
Binding: cypress, dragon’s blood, rowan, vertivert
Blessing: copal, frankincense, rosemary, sweetgrass
Changes: bayberry, dragon’s blood, lilac, patchouli, woodruff
Cleansing: cedar, frankincense, pine, sage, sandal
Courage: cinnamon, dragon’s blood, patchouli, rosemary
Creativity: dragon’s blood, lavender, orange, rosemary, savory, tangerine
Cursing: bayberry, close, dragon’s blood, myrrh
Divination: bay, copal, lilac, mugwort, myrrh, sage
Goals: acacia, bay, cedar, cinnamon, dragon’s blood, orange, sandalwood
Happiness/Peace: jasmine, lavender, orange, rose, vervain, sandalwood
Inspiration/Wisdom: acacia, copal, frankincense, oak moss, pine, sage
Love: cinquefoil, jasmine, lavender, mugwort, orange, rose
Luck: bay, bayberry, jasmine, patchouli, sandalwood, violet
Meditation: acacia, copal, cypress, cedar, frankincense, jasmine, sage
Power/Strength: dragon’s blood, frankincense, patchouli, verbena
Protection/Defense: bayberry, dragon’s blood, rosemary, woodruff
Visions: basil, bay, copal, frankincense, mugwort, sage
Willpower: bay, cedar, patchouli, rosemary, sage, woodruff

(source: Grimoire for the Green Witch - Ann Moura, 2003)

so my sister finally made me watch voltron

i hardly knew anything about it except most characters’ names and a few tumblr posts that i’ve seen, which told me that pidge is nonbinary and klance is a thing; we just finished the first ep.

so, what i’ve concluded so far:

  • lance is actually p cool? from what i’ve seen he’s usually the first one to react and also brave as hell idk why i expected him to be a meme
  • shiro seems so reliable and everyone goes to him for advice and yet each time his answers are just shit like “follow your heart’s guideance” ,,he doesn’t know what he is doing 101% of the time shiro pls
  • he defs likes yoga. an d meditates regularly. he owns a bunch of those incence sticks if a psychic read his mind he’d hear sth like ommmmmidontknowwhatimdoing on repeat
  • if a psychic read keith’s mind it’d probably just be 5 hours of screaming
  • yes, klance is indeed a thing i’m yelling. lance is so bi for him he jsut opens his mouth anywhere near keith and all i hear is “i’m bi for this guy” ,,and keith is the physical embodiment of the “move i’m gay” meme
  • also how does he manage to be calm and angry at the same time, all of the time. how
  • i love pidge’s voice so so much
  • i love pidge so much
  • hunk’s fanboying over mechanical stuff is very relateable but i don’t like his character at all. sis tells me he’ll get development though
  • allura is a british magical girl and i don’t like her one bit lmao
  • shiro and keith used to date fite me on this. they probably figured it wouldn’t work because they haven’t seen each other in so long, things have changed the distance grew yadda yadda ,so they broke up
  • still doesn’t stop them from being like thAT tho, i get that anxious third wheel feeling just by looking at them look at each other gdi. they are That One Couple that you feel uncomfortable around, and they’re not even a couple anymore
  • coran (koran? corran? idk man how do you even spell him) is so funny he only just showed up and i already love the guy. he’s kind of an aged up version of lance and i’m cryingn
  • did i mention i love pidge?
  • i love pidge so much

Today I burned incense. And I’ve known, that your touch is made of smoke.

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The Hippies were a very peaceful movement. It was a very non-violent ambiente with people having peaceful gatherings, centered around music, dancing and spirituality. If you visited any of their houses, you would usually find a lot of records, books, guitars, bongos, candles, incence, mint, lavender and probably some other herbs. But no money.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the Hippie novel ”Lonely Traveller”