Hello guys, just incase you want to watch them,here’s the video links of the boys performing the following tracks at O2 Arena on February 23, 2013 (including the twitter questions and other videos):

[Opening video] (x)
1. Up All Night (x)
2. I Would (x)
3. Heart Attack (x)
4. More Than This (x)
5. Loved You First (x)
6. One Thing (x)
[Interlude Morning After] (x)
7. C’mon C’mon (x)
8. Change My Mind (x)
9. One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) (x)
[Twitter Questions] (x)
10. Last First Kiss (x)
11. Moments (x)
12. Back For You (x)
[Na Na Na (Interlude Only)]  (x)
13. Summer Love (x)
14. Over Again (x)
15. Little Things (x)
16. Teenage Dirtbag (x)
17. Rock Me (x)
18. She’s Not Afraid (x)
19. Kiss You (x)
20. Live While We’re Young (x)
21. What Makes You Beautiful (x)

clvnfrhst asked:

yo man, im the guy who recommended the grime artists and stuff, i struggle to keep up with whether you replied etc so i just thought i'd let you know who i was incase you ever wanted to talk or ask any questions or anything

Ight I appreciate it man and I listened to some tracks by Skepta. I really like his style, he kind of reminds me of a couple battle rappers I used to watch.