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So, based on the very long, extremely accurate post that have put up before about Natsu and Lucy and how much they care for one another, I was wondering about beyond the Tartarus arc. Like Natsu left suddenly, making Lucy upset but do you think they don't joke around as much or trust one another. They seem to be bickering and not agreeing on things lately...

Hello there, anon. Thank you for compliment, I guess? Thank you for sending this in as well, because things are about to get interesting now. This is were things start to change, and in my opinion is getting to the best part. Incase you are reading this post, and haven’t read what this anon was basing it off of, check it out before you read this one.

For this post, I will be analyzing the relationship between the relationship between Natsu and Lucy from when Natsu left the letter to Lucy (ch.416) to where we are currently (ch.490) so keep in mind, there will be spoilers, and I will also include somethings from the new 490 spoilers. Anyways, let’s begin.

The letter, the game changer for the nalu. Most question the relationship between them because of this very moment. Which is honestly understandable, it would have been more reasonable to talk about this to Lucy, but he didn’t. But, from Natsu’s point of view, I can understand why he did this. Keep in mind: Igneel just died. He wasn’t strong enough to save him, making him loose his father figure. Not to mention the rising threats that will be coming (Zeref). I think it was a much needed journey, but it should have been better planned out. Natsu had the intent of doing good, trying to get stronger to protect everyone next time, but he didn’t think about it like Lucy did.

Enter the chapter: Traveling Alone II. Though it is a silent chapter, I think Natsu’s expressions speak very loudly. Though we are not 100% sure of what Natsu is saying to Guildarts, we can tell it is something different/important than usual. My bet is that he is thinking about, the guild, Lucy, things like that, due to how Igneel’s known words were to think about the future. But, I do think it’s about Lucy due to that 3rd panel with Natsu. See how he is blushing? Not to mention we don’t see Natsu make that face very often. Even though he left Lucy like that, and made it seem like it was all just a journey to get stronger, I think he wanted to work somethings out in his head as well. He was still thinking about her even after leaving.

Now we get to my favorite part. The end of the time skip. Do you see how happy he is to see her? (see the blushing again?) Sure, he didn’t go flat out hug her anything (too ooc for natsu, imo) but he sure did acknowledge her.

Here is where it gets interesting. Obviously, Lucy is not over him leaving like that. She was disappointed, more or less. (the sad part is how she acts like its okay after what she said) And here is Natsu being oblivious. Keep in mind to what I said earlier, he had a lot on his mind, not to mention he did not intend on doing this to hurt Lucy, he did this with the intent of getting stronger to protect her.

This is the part that gets to me. Natsu does care for what Lucy wants, he is now some-what aware of how lonely she has been without him, fairy tail, her friends, etc. I think this is sort of him trying to A. Get his guild back, and B. Make up for what he did to Lucy. Do you see how happy it made her?

Skipping some chapters, here we are at 453. A pretty well known chapter due to all of the ships being together, including Nalu. First off I just want to say, can you see how much they trust each other just by Natsu staying alone with her? Lucy trusts him enough to know he won’t do anything crazy to her, and not to mention she isn’t getting all mad about him coming into her house. And then the cherry to top it off, “plus, I have stuff I wanna do after the fighting’s over.” (see more of that blushing/happiness again?) I think this little bit that Natsu said is connected to what he talked about with Igneel.

Incase you did not see my last post, this shot is after Happy comes in with Natsu because he passed out is pretty beaten up. Do you see how scared she is? She did not want for him to leave her again. Not to mention, a few panels down in the next chapter, she is breaking down crying, begging for someone to save him. After Brandish shrinks the tumor in him while he was recovering (still passed out) Lucy still continues to stay by him the whole time and take care of him.

Incase you did not see in my last post, this is where I left off. This is probably one of my favorite Nalu moments out of the whole series honestly. (and wait! it gets better) I love the fact of how he sacrifices himself to save her, this time he was there in time to protect her, to save her life, a second chance. Because, I don’t think he has forgotten what happened to Future Lucy. And then right after that, you see how happy Lucy is to see that Natsu is okay. Not to mention he just completely melted that dagger in his arm and then continued to say how he would turn Jacob into ash about what he tried to do.

After that, they work together to fight Jacob and totally kick ass. Even a unison raid, well it was like one.

Okay, I can see what you are saying anon with the bickering thing back and forth bit, but that is just their relationship. I wouldn’t call it fighting or anything like that, it’s just how they are to each other, it’s nothing mean, it’s just normal and they probably think nothing more of it.

Joking around? Well keep in mind.. they are in the middle of a war, so it’s not like its all fun and games. But also, pretty much the fight with Jacob was just them joking around picking fun. I mean look at the image above?

Yessssss, this. Now that we are all caught up, we are given this gem. Another prime example of how much Natsu cares, and wants to protect Lucy, AGAIN, putting Lucy’s protection before his. And this wasn’t some push to get Lucy out of the way, he ran to her, and practically wrapped himself around her to be a shield. If that isn’t friendship.. love.. whatever you want to call it.. I have no clue what is.

Now, to the very recent spoilers for chapter 490. According to the info after Irene shrinks down Fiore, everyone is split up, leaving Natsu and Lucy alone in some forest. Which I think would be a perrrrrrfect time for Natsu to inform her about what happened with Zeref. Even if that doesn’t happen, I think something important will.