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You feel wrapped up, stolen away; can you still be spoils when you’ve stopped the war?

A Spark A Flame A fire by @callmearcturus is so fucking good??? You should all read it, goD

Witchcraft Series - Altars FAQ

Alter - to change something 
Altar -  a witches space 

What are Altars? - They are spaces where a witch stores their tools of the trades and do spellwork/divination readings/research etc. They can also pray here and put out offerings for spirits or deities. 

What’s the difference between an Altar and Shrine? - From the dictionary: Shrine - a place regarded as holy because of its associations with a divinity or a sacred person or relic  
Essentially, a shrine would be devoted it a deity, spirit, etc… where as an altar won’t typically be ((but it can be)).

Does my altar have to be for a deity or spirit? - No. It can be anything you want it to be, so if you don’t want it to be dedicated to deity or spirit is doesn’t have to be. It can be your work space only.

Who can have an altar? - Anyone. You can. Your cat can. Your neighbors. Anyone. 

Do I have to have an altar? - No, you don’t have to have one. For some people they want it to be a part of their craft but for others they simply just don’t want one. Personally, I use mine as my main work space and as an aesthetic.

Does my Altar have to be symmetrical? - Nope. It can be as messy as you want it to be (but all within reason, don’t want any accidents now do we?). 

Is it okay if my altar is a mess? - Yes! It’s completly okay but if you work with anything heated or with an open flame (i.e incense, candles, oil warmers etc..) please pratice fire safety and have either water or sand on hand incase something unintentionally catches fire. 

What can be used an altar? -

Depends on your craft and the surface you’re keeping it on. Your altar is a tool and can be tailored to fit your craft. Here’s a small list of what can be put on an altar, mind you,you do not have to have any of this:

  • Altar Cloth 
  • Cauldron
  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Incense 
  • Athame 
  • Grimoire/BOS/BOM
  • Divination Tools
  • Herbs
  • Jars
  • Bones
Smile For The Camera

Pairing:  AU Gabriel x Reader

Word: 650

Warnings: Fluuufff

A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Hiatus Challenge. This week’s prompt was Stop filming me, moron. It is bolded below.


Walking into your house you thought you could have cried. The once vacant house that had boxes scattered on the floor was now spotless. Pictures were hanging up on the walls, the decorative pillows with cheesy says were fluffed and on the couch, and the badly crocheted blanket from college was neatly draped over the recliner.

“Oh honey,” you kicked off your dirty boots and wandered aimlessly throughout the house. Everyone of your possessions now had a place in the new house. Part of you wondered how he could get it done so quickly, but you knew when Gabriel was determined there was no stopping him.

Seeing that crocheted blanket brought back all the memories that you had with your husband, the good and the bad. You didn’t care for the bad but thinking about him made you miss the man. Plopping down on the couch you tossed the blanket over your work uniform.

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I think making Instructional comics is going to be my thing, I really enjoyed doing this. In case you didn’t I’ve done a lot of traveling, quite often to Hot Spots around the world, and I’ve picked up a few practical and not so practical skills and knowledge that I’d like to share with you guys in the form of these Comics.

The character taking you through this process is named Jackie from another comic that I’m working on called ‘The Blitz’. 
Let me know how I’m doing.

Van Gogh

The Artist 

Requested: Yes!

Warnings: None

This was so much fun to write. I love art, especially watercolor painting. This was super cute and stuff. Anon who requested, did you like it? If not please let me know and I’ll write another!

xoxo Key 


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You had been camping out in a museum in upper New York. Ever since the Zombie Apocalypse had started, Y/N had been squatting in the art section of the museum. No one ever cared about some art when things went south. It was safe here,

You could paint and sketch to your hearts content, food wasn’t severely difficult to find and, no one came near you. Until that day.

A group of eight people wandered into the museum. You were sketching one of the paintings that hung near the front entrance. As soon as they walked through the door, you dove for your gun. You clicked off the safety, and aimed for the first person you say. That happened to be the pretty teenage boy with the sniper rifle.

“Stop!” You shouted from the floor above them. You were covered incase they fired at you. Everyone froze where they were standing, then went for their guns. You fired off a shot, warning them. They raised their arms in surrender.

“We’re just looking for wat-“ began a man with a brown beard.

“Get out! I don’t need you here.” You yelled down to them.

“We’re just looking for water.” The man repeated.

“Water’s in building five. This is building three. Try the building with all the plants.” You yelled.

“Look, we don’t mean you any harm.” Said a dark skinned woman with a machete.

“Do you think you could help us? We’re kinda lost.” Said a man with a white beard.

You took your gun off the pretty boy, and walked down to them. Once you got down to them, your tough guy act faltered. Pretty boy was beautiful. His dark hair was spiked in random places, and his eyes were as blue as the sky.

“Water, food and medicine are in building five. Ill show you the way.” You said as you looked the Pretty boy. Pretty boy blushed lightly. The red head girl and dirty blond boy, noticed Pretty Boy’s blush.

You walked the entire group to your small stash of supplies. Near your stash, a bunch of sketches that you had drawn were scattered about. The red head saw them, and picked one up. She brought it into the light and looked impressed.

“Did you draw these?” she asked.

“N-No. I found those in building four.” You lied.

“Oh.. well these are really good.” The red head said, looking back down at it. The blond boy came up behind her and looked at it. He nodded, agreeing with her.

“Is this all the supplies you have?” asked a man with a white beard.

“Yes. You can take it all.” You said.

“What about you?” asked Pretty Boy.

“Please, I live in an art museum. Im gong to die sooner rather than later.” You said admitting the truth.

“Come with us!” said an asian girl, a few years older than yourself.

“Cassandra.” Scolded a man, who looked liked he’d been through hell.

“What?! She’s obviously lonely here. Plus we could use another person.” Cassandra said.

“She’s right! There’s nothing around here for miles. Warren, Garnett? Can we please take her with us?’’ asked the red head.

“She’s not a puppy Addy.” Commented the blond boy.

“Mack.” Addy slapped his shoulder. He held onto it, as if it hurt.

“Its up to her.” Said the man with the brown beard.

“Garnett, seriously?’’ asked the dude who went through hell.

“Shut up Murphy.” Garnett snapped.

You began to tune out their bickering, and began to focus of Pretty Boy.

“What do you say?” he asked me. You snapped out of your state, and looked at him.

“What?”  You asked.

“Come with us?”  Pretty Boy asked, with hope in his voice and eyes.

“Yes.” You responded.

That was a year ago.  Today the group was driving through Wisconsin. They were cautiously driving down the city roads, avoiding Zs. You were in the pickup bed, and had out your sketchbook. 10k, or Pretty Boy as you called him, was standing up, sniping Zs in front of the traveling vehicle. You began to finish a  sketch from a few weeks ago. It was of 10k. You continued sketching, erasing, shading and highlighting. Little did you know, but Addy was watching you from inside the car. When the group had stopped for a lunch break, Addy made sure to sit by you and your pack. Sitting in the back of the truck, everyone ate the little food that remained. While you were busy talking to Mack and Doc, she dove inside your pack and pulled out the book of all your drawings. Once you realized what she had in her hands, it was too late. She was already flipping through it.

“Shut up!” she exclaimed, drawing everyone’s attention to your artwork.

“You lied to us! You were the one who drew those pictures back in New York.” Addy said.  You blushed deeply and avoided all eye contact.

Addy began to show off your artwork. There were hundreds of sketches of everyone and different landscapes that you had traveled across.

“Where the hell did you find a pencil?” Murphy asked.

“I just got lucky I guess…” You trailed.

“Y/N those are really good.” Addy complimented.

“If the world hadn’t ended, You could have been a real pro.” Warren smiled at you.

Addy reached the middle of your sketch book, and you internally groaned. That was where you kept all of your Pretty Boy sketches. 10k saw his face in your book, and moved closer to Addy.

“Oh No!” You exclaimed as Addy handed 10k the book, and he began to examine each one.

After being quiet for a few minutes, 10k turned to you and stared at you. He looked from your eyes to lips. He pounced on you and smacked you with a kiss. You, as well as the entire group, were surprised. 10k pulled away and smiled down at you, breathless.

“Awww…” All the girls and Doc cooed.

“Ugh,” Murphy gagged, but secretly loved it.

“Alright Van Gogh and Pretty Boy, lets hit the road.” Garnett said, getting off the bed of the truck. Everyone left, smiling and awing at 10k and yourself. Once the truck began to move again, 10k wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close.

“Youre such a great artist.” He smiled

“Youre a great model.” You joked.

10k kissed the top of your head, grabbed your sketch book and began to flip through all the drawings you created.

“Really good.” 10k confirmed.

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Someone told me that you can't sleep naked either in bed married or not incase something happens like a fire and people come into the room.. idk if these things is true or not but it sounds absurd to me...

Lool what? The only thing I’ve ever read about sleeping naked is a da'if (weak) Hadith about when a man and woman have intercourse, they should have something cover them. That doesn’t mean they can’t be naked, but have a blanket over them. Again, this is a weak Hadith that isn’t authentic. Allahu Alim but I’ve never heard anything Sahih about sleeping or showering naked.

Skinny Love Preface

You frantically ran around your flat trying to get your stuff together so you could get to work. You were already late and you couldn’t for the life of you find your car keys. You weren’t really feeling up to work, and nearly called in sick but you couldn’t be that girl; the girl that completely fell apart after a breakup.

That’s right, you had just gotten dumped. Austin, your boyfriend of one year had dumped you not one week ago. It was sudden, and to be honest you were still slightly shaken. You couldn’t understand why he was doing it, and Austin didn’t care to elaborate, so now you were kind of lost. But you’d already spent about four days on the couch and decided it was time to rejoin the world.

Finally, after tearing your flat apart you’d found the keys. You fast walked to the door, and took a look in the mirror before leaving. For the first time in days you’d finally put effort into your appearance and you looked good. You’d done your long blond hair in loose curls, and had put just enough make up on to appear alive. You weren’t one for caking on makeup, and normally went go the natural look. You took a deep breath, and finally walked out the door. 

When you got the pub that you tended bar at, you’d expected it to be pretty quiet, it was thursday after all. But when you pulled up, the front entrance was mobbed. There were teenaged girls, and cameramen everywhere. You drove to the back in slight confusion, and circled the lot a couple times before finally finding a parking spot. Once you got inside, you were instantly met with your boss looking severely unpleased. 

“Does half eight mean something different to you than it does to other people” He berated. 

“No, sir. Sorry I’m late. It won’t happen again.” You apologize. It didn’t seem like he was going to fire you. This was the first time you’d ever been late, and you were one of the hardest works there. But you decided to save your excuses, apologize, and get to work just incase he was in the firing mood.  

Your boss looked you up and down before saying. “No, it will not.” And walked away. 

You breathed a sigh of relief, wrapped your apron around your mid-section, and got to work. No sooner did you get behind the bar, than you realized what the ruckus outside was about. At the end of the bar was sitting the unlikeliest of people; all five members of One Direction. After gaping at them for an inappropriate amount of time, you got to work before your boss saw you ogling. 

Wondering what One Direction was doing at such an obscure bar helped keep your mind off of Austin. Without this distraction you would probably just be leaning against the back of the bar with your arms crossed, and in a complete daze. Over the week the you and Austin had been apart you couldn’t figure out why Austin had ended things. You had your differences, and had been fighting a lot, but you thought that you two would be alright. Apparently Austin thought differently. But right now that was surprisingly not on your mind. In between serving customers, you and your coworker, and friend Bex whispered about the boys.

“Of all the bars, they choose ours? It’s clearly meant to be. Liam is in love with me.” Bex jokes. You could say that she was a fan. 

“Right that’s why he hasn’t approached you at all.” You tease. 

“He’s playing it cool, of course!” She tells you.

“Right of course.” You play along. “They probably just wanted a low key night.”

“Oh yeah. That worked out. I almost ran over like 5 preteens on my way in!” Bex quips. 

You both laugh at Bex’s joke. The One Direction boys weren’t known for their subtlety. Out of the corner of your eye you see Niall signaling you from the end of the bar. 

You weren’t sure why, but you felt your heartbeat quicken as you made your way over to them. You were never one to fangirl, but there was something about talking to very famous, very attractive boys that made you nervous.

“What can I get you guys?” You ask as you reach them.

“Another round of beers, please.” Niall says with a smile. “And to tell Harry here so stop moping.” He adds and nudges Harry, who looks down and away. 

Being a bartender, you knew how to talk to people like you were best friends. You considered yourself a people person, and knew how to make fast connects with people.

“What’s going on, Harry?” You ask carefully. He looked up at you quickly, and the problem was written all over his face. “Lady troubles?”

“You could say that.” He mumbles. You could see that he was pretty upset about the whole thing. Clearly the boys had taken him out to cheer him up. 

“You’re better off without her dude.” Louis tells Harry. “What kind of girl just up and leaves after a years, and then refuses to take your calls or even explain? Its been a month. Forget her, mate. Cheer up” You found it interesting that you were having the same life crisis as an international rockstar. He too was going through a breakup that was very similar to yours, and you understood how he was feeling. 

You leaned into the bar, and closer to Harry. “Hey.” You say to get his attention. “You were together for a long time?” Harry nods in confirmation. “Feels like it’s kind of hard to stand alone after so long, right?”

“Yeah, exactly.” He said with a tone of surprise. He seemed to light up a little bit when he realized that you knew exactly how he was feeling.

 "I get it. But trust me, If she broke up with you with no explanation, and doesn’t care about how you’re feeling about it then you are better off without her. I know it feels like the end of the world, but you just gotta focus on the positive things, you know?”

Harry just looked at you pensively. Like he was taking in everything you just told him, and taking it to heart. It seemed like he saw that you knew what you were talking about, and believe that what you were saying was true. For some strange reason, he was trusting you.

“Okay.” He said, and cracked a small smile. You smiled back, and handed him his beer. 

“This rounds on the house.” You smile, then you left the boys and got back to work. 

Through out the night you would glance back to the corner where the boys were sitting to find Harry looking at you, or one of the boys point at you. Where they talking about you? You were just being friendly and doing your job as a bartender. You were suppose to socialize with customers at the bar and make them feel like you were friends, but it seemed as though you’d made a lasting impression on the boys, especially Harry, with one simple conversation. 

And oddly enough, once you’d started talking to Harry and the boys, it was easy. It felt like they were just normal people. People that you’d know for a while, and could really talk to. Even though they were complete strangers to you, the One Direction boys were really the first people you’d talked to about how you were feeling. Well not directly, but you were basically in the same position that Harry was in, and it felt good to talk to someone who got it, instead of people who would just tell you to move on. 

As the night went on, the bar got less and less crowded, but the boys remained at the bar until last call, when you saw them all start to stand up. You began to wipe down the bar now that the place was nearly empty, and once you got to the end when the boys had been sitting, you looked up to see Harry standing alone in front of you. 

“Oh hey!” You greet him. Your face automatically shifted into a smile, and his face did the same.

“Hi.” Harry responds. He seemed kind of nervous, which you found odd considering he was the uber famous one, and you were the nobody, yet you were cool as a cucumber. You understood his nerves once he asked, “Do you wanna get out of here?“

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