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This is more of a mid-sized carry. I pack this stuff if I’ll be in a car or be wearing a backpack. I use the tweezers more than both of the knives. They’re super useful. Too bad Incase stopped making headphones. I really like these ones. Almost four years of use and my 4S is still going strong. No case and it hasn’t cracked despite my abuse. Lucky, I guess. I’ve tried a list of notebooks and pens and the Rhodia + fountain pen is an excellent combo. Makes writing a joy. I keep the cards with me to break out after lunch or whenever I have some spare time with friends.


Who knew a company that makes cases and bags would make some good cans to listen to. Got my Incase Sonic headphones in this morning and they haven’t came off yet. They come off with great sound for the price range these run for however it could use some extra bass to match the treble but nothing too drastic. Design of the headphones are really nice and conceptual/modern looking. The outside is a flat black with a soft rubbery feel while the inside cushion of the cups feel like a snuggie on your ear. I was able to test them before I bought them at an Apple store and got 40% off the price thanks to Incase’s promotion and with a deal like that you can’t complain. 

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Am I the only one that sleeps with my mac book, beats headphones, and bob marley's headphones? Just incase views from the six comes out, I'll be prepared. Every since drake dropped his mixtape you can't be caught sleeping (even in the bed). lol Now mind you I place everything safely on the other side of the bed surrounded by decorative pillows.

omg, i get drakes/welcome ovo’s tweets sent to my phone in case new music drops but you’re hella prepared 😂