It just occurred to me how inconsistent antis are in their views of 18-year-olds.  If they’re being paired with someone older, they’re “not mentally an adult yet, and incapable of making such a decision for themselves”.  If they’re being paired with someone even just a year younger, they’re “a predator”, and “an ADULT that should KNOW BETTER!”.  So, which is it?  Is an 18-year-old a helpless, vulnerable child, or are they an adult capable of making decisions for themselves?

Thanks again to the lovely @merwild for this beautiful portrait of yet another of my wardens.  I can’t quite get over how pretty he came out.  I mean, he’s supposed to be pretty but DAMN.  His hair looks so soft and the expression on his face is perfect.  :)  

I seem to be incapable of creating a character without giving them siblings and other assorted family members.  So have one Warden Illya Tabris, slightly older brother to my previous Warden Commander Nikita Tabris

 He is a Dual-Wielding Warrior/ Champion/ Berserker who has the distinction of being my only warden yet to slaughter his way out of Howe’s estate and avoid going to Fort Drakon.  Under no circumstances was he going to let his baby sister suffer the consequences of Vaughn’s actions alone.  (”You’re barely a year older than me!” “Still means you’re the baby of the family sis.”) 

As for romance, once he was certain Alistair wasn’t going to hurt his sister, he gently and persistently wooed Zevran.  They’re almost as sappily sweet a couple as Kit and Alistair and neither of them particularly care.

murphy season 1: mustache twirling villian, if he talks you wish he would shut up, the dumbest of the group at all times, incapable of sassy lines because he’s an idiot, spells dye wrong, revenge and murder are his passion, hard to love but harder to ignore because he makes his presence felt

murphy season 2: golden era murphy, some sassy lines but it’s not forced, smart enough to realize right from wrong but not mature enough to give much of a shit, just the right amount of guilt and development to make sense in a timeframe that small, outer storyline complements his internal journey

murphy season 3: the writers decide to fast track his hero story at the expense of his internal journey, sassy lines are out of control, “the ABCs of me” and other cringy ass lines, fake deep, uses the verb “to survive” twice a day, sass sass sass did i mention he’s sassy?, writers decide to make him likeable at all costs, guest in other people’s storylines until shit happens to him

murphy season 4: tame as shit, while there is a lot of meaningful development (especially with raven) there’s no trace left of the kid we knew, sass and E D G Y lines reach critical level (”darkness can kiss worthless my ass”), the word “survivor” loses all meaning as it’s blurted out 34 times a day by him and everyone around him, ready to settle down with his gf and open a vegan coffee shop, suddenly not angry or immature anymore

murphy season 5, probably: has a mortgage, first signs of baldness, everyone loves him because he’s the most level headed and peaceful of the group, hosts a book club, doesn’t even mention the bad shit he did anymore, only opens his mouth to blurt a sassy line to complement one of bellamy’s speeches, “survivor” tattoo on his chest so we don’t forget he survived survivally, 

So I’ve been sitting on this idea because I thought I might use it for DCBB, but it’s definitely going to be WAY TOO LONG and there’s no way.  I’m not sure I’ll ever write it because it’s dark, and y’all know I’m incapable of anything truly dark.  So now I’m gonna share :D

Basically a reboot of the entire series, starting at season 1, but instead of looking for the Colt to kill Yellow Eyes, John is looking for the First Blade.  Stuff happens, they find it, turns out it doesn’t work, oops John dies.  Azazel is still on the loose, and wants to recruit Sammy as his Boy King of Hell to lead all the demons against humanity.

And Dean is like fuck that noise, you know, like he does, and he decides to find a way to make the First Blade work.  Along comes Crowley, because he’s a salesman Azazel’s plans are going to fuck up his job.  He introduces Dean to Cain.

Dean has to prove himself to Cain, queue hot fight scene with Dean and demons a la season 9, but Dean’s just that cool and didn’t have to go through Purgatory because I’m skipping the whole Leviathan thing.  Anyway Cain’s like good job, kiddo, you can have the mark, but in order to pass it to Dean they have to fuck.  Y’know like Sam was going to have to sleep with Lillith for their deal.

Hells yeah, hot and explicit scene of Cain fucking Dean, and popping his gay cherry because Dean’s thought about it, but never done it.  Oh and he has to come in order for the deal to seal.  

(ngl, I really want to write this scene just for funsies)

So Dean gets to experience the joy of gay sex, and also ends up with the Mark of Cain.  Off he goes to destroy Azazel and all his minions.  Only every time he kills with the First Blade it digs its tendrils into him deeper and deeper, and he’s starting to get scary (think post-demon!dean).  And he tries to assuage it with hunting, but he’s having a harder and harder time resisting the urge to just stab anyone that annoys him.

Even Sam, because his sad/worried puppydog eyes are starting to get on Dean’s nerves, and that’s a BAD sign.

And he decides he’s becoming to dangerous, so he tries to off himself.  But oops, he comes back as a demon.

And now Heaven’s like OH NO NEW MURDER DEMON, and even though they didn’t really care about Azazel and his army of black floofs, Demon!Dean with the MoC is apocalyptically dangerous.  So they start sending angels after him.

And Castiel is the first angel to meet Dean, and he’s supposed to stab him off to perdition, but somehow despite his demonic soul, Castiel is fascinated and hesitates too long.

And Dean doesn’t kill the angel because he’s like oh look, new playmate and starts a game of cat and mouse with Castiel.  He kills any other angels that he comes across, and he keeps threatening to kill Castiel (see ya later, Cas.  I’ll probably kill you the next time I see you) but he never does.  He’s not sure why, but Cas is just so much fun to fuck with.

Cas and Sam team up to try and catch Dean to cure him, and they eventually do.  And while they’re pumping him full of purified blood, Dean is talking to them.  Telling Sam about how he’s taking over Hell so that Sam won’t have to be the Boy King, and telling Castiel about how Dean only kills people who deserve it.

And Castiel asks him how he thinks he has the right to be judge/jury/executioner when only God should be allowed to judge.  And Dean’s like well God ain’t around, is He? and he’s right, and Castiel’s faith in Heaven starts to waver.  And that’s just the crack in the chassis that Dean was looking for.  Dean starts to really fuck with his head, and before the purification ritual is done, he talks Castiel into letting him go.  

Castiel talks him out of trying to kill Sam.  You did this to protect him, remember?  and Dean’s like ugh, fine, let’s go kill some vermin.  

And he drags Castiel all over the world, killing monsters and bad people, and demons that don’t toe his line.  Dean let’s Crowley be in charge of the crossroads stuff because he doesn’t give a fuck about it.  Then he and Castiel together start fighting the Big Bad demons together until there’s no one left to challenge Dean for the throne in Hell.

Dean takes the throne, with Castiel as his half-fallen angel consort.

And basically they live as immortal murder husbands, with Dean corrupting Castiel to the point where he allows Dean to kill those who deserve it.  But Castiel keeping Dean sane enough that he doesn’t try to murder the whole world.

The end.

I want it.

I don’t want to write it.

Well except the sex between Cain and Dean.  That’d be fun to write :D

Foxeye: A Lucien ACOWAR Fic, Part 2

Setting: The Spring Court

Summary: Feyre is home in the Spring Court, but Lucien can’t shake the feeling that she’s not being entirely truthful about her experiences in the Night Court.

Ship: N/A

Rating: T

Word Count: 1,936

A/N: This fic is relevant parts of ACOWAR from Lucien’s perspective. I may not do every single scene, but beware!! SPOILERS GALORIOUS!!

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you know what I’m tired of

female action heroes ALWAYS have some sort of supernatural strength

and are skinny and unscarred and femme AF

and that erases a WHOLE lot of real life and glosses over very real misogyny 

What we learn is: no real woman could be stronger than a man without MAGIC

No real woman can have visible muscles or scarring

And thus, no real woman should actually engage in a combat sport or combat; we should see these pursuits only in fiction


We shouldn’t see how they could be realistically attainable.

And that’s why I don’t like fantasy.

Before you name me exceptions to this rule (Brienne of Tarth, etc.) I want to emphasize that I’m talking about visual entertainment primarily. I’m talking about the literal IMAGES WE SEE. It’s FILM and TELEVISION that need to address this shit. Literature alone, I think, is actualy incapable of solving this problem because no matter how women are portrayed in writing, we consistently fuck up their onscreen iterations through unrealistic casting.

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how do so many aphobes think "well youre still lgbt bc youre trans/nb!" when nb ppl in particular are pissed off by them saying that the only way to be nonstraight is to be "sga"? like its not "are you lgbtqia+" that is the upset here its being told "your orientation is WRONG because you are literally incapable of fulfilling the random arbitrary measure im forcing on it in an attempt to exclude aspecs!" like fuck off you dont get to rewrite someone elses id and then be all "but we include you!"


@matildaswan​ replied to your post: matildaswan replied to your post: …

it’s almost as if ppl are incapable of base level empathy and compassion and can’t fathom how painful it must be to have lost ur daughter and then go to work every day in the hospital where ur daughter died on the bathroom floor bc ur colleagues didn’t provided her w the level of care she ought have received. it’s almost as if ppl don’t *care* to empathise w her bc they view her in relation to her partner and their preferred character and thus perceive her as an entity…
there to serve the wants and needs of another person and that their role in life to to make that other person happy, rather than her being a person in her own right w her own needs and wants who is *also* in a partnership w another person with whom *they both* care and support and love the the other one bc they are a *team* w a back ad forward flow of energy and care and not a parasitic relationship in which one sucks the life out of the other and gives nothing back   
i mean, oh wait, yeah, now i remember, all characters exist to serve ppl’s fave bc one person in a relationship is more important than the other all the time bc they’re the fave yeah bc that’s totally legit and cool and healthy and good yeah totes    

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What do you think of the "notice me senpai" syndrome?

//I’m gonna assume this is for mun, so! My thoughts. I apologize if they’re all over the place, I’ve only had one cup of coffee and my brain is still dead. 

//While it’s an important aspect to Akutagawa’s character (I mean… his desire to have Dazai acknowledge him is a huge motivating factor for a lot of what he does) I think the fandom focuses on the wrong angle of it more often than not. Namely: interpreting Akutagawa as someone incapable of thinking and acting with any sort of intelligence in favor of ‘being bat shit for the sake of proving himself’ and generally pushing this sort of… one dimensionally obsessive bitch boy persona as who Akutagawa is. 

//Basically: Canon Akutagawa doesn’t have notice me senpai syndrome; fanon Akutagawa does. 

//And while I get why people joke about it (I mean, I’ve done so and continue to do so sometimes and I slip that into some of the more light-hearted interactions and writings; it’s fandom) I really wish the substance to it that’s in the source material carried over a little more heavily into fanon interpretations of Akutagawa’s character. 

//I think given Akutagawa’s background, his ideals, the interactions and experiences that he had with Dazai when he was in the Port Mafia and the way Dazai treats him after they come across each other again, it’s not? Surprising? That Akutagawa holds Dazai’s opinion of him so highly and he’s so intensely driven to seek and prove himself to Dazai. 

//I feel it’s less the core of his personality/existence, however, and more a symptom of his overall ‘survival of the fittest, if you’re not strong enough to survive you don’t deserve to live’ Darwinist, black/white way of thinking. Akutagawa has always sought to prove himself to be on top of the food chain. I think Dazai is something that focuses that need - and I’m about 99% sure this is something Dazai picked up, ran with, and exploited because he could. I don’t think it’s very fair to boil the intricacies of Dazai and Akutagawa’s relationship to…. uwu senpai notice me. 

if i see one more person say that “i could care less” should be “i couldn’t care less” I’m going to hire a tumblr witch to cast a hex that makes that person physically incapable of using sarcasm ever again

Things I learnt today: During WW1, MI5 used Girl Guides to send secret messages. They used Girl Guides because they quickly found that Boy Scouts couldn’t be trusted and were’t efficient enough.