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Do you think it's a "coincidence" that Darren said the Chris Col-fur joke the same day Mia went with her friends?

For sure! It’s 100% a coincidence and not at all something to take note of, not at all his way of figuratively, as well as literally, throwing the middle finger up at her in front of her newest group of besties, that she’s totally not using because she’s incapable of “supporting” him alone.

Just another totally organic, not at all screwed up, way that a couple of 56 billion years go out of their way to shove each other under the bus as often and as publicly as possible.

There was some other coincidences from yesterday, he made her look like a total asshole at least 3 times that we seen. But, again, it’s for sure just all just one big coincidence :)

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"He waited for a night it would mean something" sorry, what do you mean by this? Thank you :)

Hi Anon. Thursday Darren suddenly started to wear two rings. That same night a certain beard appeared in San Fran. She then forced Darren into an outing at what I believe was the Japanese Gardens on Friday.

We also know that she took friends to hedwig last night (the girl really is incapable of putting her phone down so we know everything she does).

The same night our favorite joke reappeared. “Made of Genuine Chris Col-Fur.”

Darren is very smart. He knew that by using the joke from the beginning it would have minor impact. Honestly I thought it was gone forever.

But he surprised us. Brilliantly he waited until she reappeared. We know this will be a weekend of stunts (there will be more to come). But Darren is fighting back. He is letting us know the truth and who he truly loves. This is even better than the finger he gave her on opening night while kissing Lena at curtain call.

Keep up the fight Darren. I’m very proud.

catch grantaire at the liquor store at 3am in his charmander onesie buying vodka and twinkies 

Déni de Dieu déni du diable
incapable d’être coupable
tu es belle
Tu es belle comme la mer et la Terre
avant la prolifération humaine
Et pourtant tu es femme
Tu es belle comme le vent qu’on ne peut voir
belle comme le matin et le soir
Tu es belle et tu n’es pas la seule
Tu es belle entre les belles mais dans la ribambelle des belles tu n’es pas l’étoile
Tu es l’une d’elles
la mienne
et pourtant tu ne m’appartiens pas
Mais tu es la seule île déserte où je pourrais vivre avec toi.
—  Jacques Prévert

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For me the warning selfie is ridiculous on an even simpler scale. He is so tightly controlled that he can be forced to fake fatherhood (breaking several state and federal laws) but they can't stop him from posting warning selfies? Really, I thought they had control over his social media?

Louis: incapable of getting lawyers savvy enough to stop him from breaking the law to fake a baby.

Louis: gets his lawyer instead to find loopholes in what he can post on instagram to send signals out to his Larries

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Misfit: *puts a blanket on time and walks over to rain* So what's gonna happen when he wakes up? Will he be mad at me?

Rain: Mad?! Pffffff! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard you say or I’ve heard anyone say! *he started laughing but then tried to calm down* Of course he won’t be mad! Bandages is practically incapable of it. He gets scared sometimes I know that. And very very stubborn. *he mumbles something to him*
Rain: But anyway! When he wakes up he probably won’t even know what happened so don’t worry.

*bangs pots and pans* STORY IS COMPLETE



There’s no smut. The story’s basically rated G only with some swearing because I’m constitutionally incapable of not. 

But there’ll be a porny epilogue, I’m sure.

There’s also an outtake with Poe having a conversation with Rey who is sitting on top of his bookshelf, which I am going to post– somewhere. Probably here. 

“You didn’t have sex, though,” Rey concluded, going back to his sort of scattered recounting of Friday night.

“No,” Finn said. “Lord, if we had, I’d’ve led with that.”

“I know,” she said, a little downcast. “But. I really wanted you to. That’s what I’ve been rooting for this whole time.”

“I feel like if a man confesses to you that he’s had to stop having sexual relationships in his life because they’ve taken up such an unhealthy role in his self-image,” Finn said carefully, “then you’re sort of duty-bound not to immediately set about trying to fuck him.”

Rey sighed. “You’re the expert,” she said.

They both had a good laugh about that, and Finn sat up and moved to rest his back against the chair she was sitting in, so she could pet his hair. “I wish I was an expert,” Finn said.

“So, what, you just kept him in a tender submission hold until he passed out?” Rey asked.

“No,” Finn said.

IwaOi Volleyball Week

So me and @mauville2 were chatting about the DaiSuga Volleyball Week that I’m running (more information here), and she mentioned that she wanted to write some angst. But we can’t write angst about DaiSuga, it’s too sweet of a pairing. I mentioned that maybe she could take the prompt and wite some angst with a different pairing.

One thing led to another, and here we are! DaiSuga week hasn’t even started yet, and I am already trying to get another Haikyuu!! pairing week up and running.

I am proud to announce that I was (again) incapable of controlling my impulse control, and am now going to organise the IwaOi Volleyball Week. The name is practically the same, and the tag and blog names will also be very similar to the DaiSuga name, since I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to come up with a new name.

SO. When will the week happen? Again, me and @mauville2 (who now has the official title of Enabler) talked about when the week should happen, and came to the conclusion that the next two months are too busy, what with Halloween (and DaiSuga week), Thanksgiving, finals week, Christmas and New Year.

The week will start on the 9th of January and run until the 15th. It’s a pretty empty week, except that the Golden Globes in on the 15th (let’s hope the last day of IwaOi week doesn’t get buried)

Tag: #iwaoivolleyballweek

Blog: @iwaoivolleyballweek


1) Use the tag, and to be extra sure your works get noticed, please tag the blog as well.

2) Please use the appropriate tags for potentially tiggering works (NSFW, gore, blood, etc)

3) Also, make sure to tag both the day and the prompt you decide to use.

Extra Information:

1) All types of works are accepted (cosplay, photography, or even a song/playlist).

2) Crossovers are allowed, as long as it fits the prompt and it stars the IwaOi pairing.

3) Late admissions are accepted, I understand if something gets in the way or you just don’t have time.

4) For those of you that are new to the fandom and don’t know what pairing this refers to, the IwaOi ship name is short for Iwaizumi Hajime and Oikawa Tooru from the sports anime Haikyuu!!

5) *Edit* It has been brought to my attention that using the Human Trafficking as a prompt, no matter my good intentions, would not be appropriate for a pairing week in which the characters in question are underage volleyball players. I have removed the prompt and replaced it with a new one.

For those of you that have reblogged this post, please delete the old version as to not confuse others. Thanks you for your consideration, and I apologive if I have offended anybody with my actions.


Day 1: New Years / Christmas week

Day 2: Food / Dance

Day 3: Follow / Ocean

Day 4: Eyes / Space

Day 5: Supernatural / Worth It

Day 6: Reach / Bottomless

Day 7: Celebrity / Free day

As you can see, on day seven you can either pick the celebrity prompt (in honor of the Golden Globes) or just do whatever you want.

I hope you all join us in celebration of this wonderful pairing that has inspired so many people! Anybody is welcome, it doesn’t matter what you do or that your so called ‘skill-level’ is, anything and everything will be appreciated, loved and reblogged!

Again, IwaOi Volleyball Week starts on the 9th of January and ends on the 15th of January. If you’re a bit late, that doesn’t matter, it will end up on the blog either way!

I feel frustrated and sad…what do you do when your partner blames you for all the joint decisions that you made that go wrong? Aaron pretty much blames me for every bad decision that we’ve made since we moved out, including moving out itself. He says “it’s not your fault, but I shouldn’t have listened to you.” I told him that hurt my feelings, and it made me feel like I never made any good decisions. He said “well I feel like I’ve made the worst choices of my life, so I don’t care.”
I regret moving out…but I couldn’t have known I would regret that until after it happened! I thought we made the best choice at the time based on what I knew. I’m doing the best I can…but I can’t help but feel like I’m incapable of doing good, with the way he puts it…

testosterone rendering me incapable of crying sucks it would be so nice and cathartic like i am sitting here listening to resurrection fern trying to bait myself into crying and i physically cant muster nothin 

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Sylvester@Tapferkeit: Woah!!! Your a cool looking Golurk!! Oh oh!! Lemmie ask you a question, what is your favorite berry?? Or can Golurks even eat?? That'd be awful!!

He couldn’t help but be surprised at the Pokemon, although he’s never seen anything like him…he recognizes several traits that belongs to the evolutions of Eevee. Although the Pokemon has many feminine qualities, the tone of his voice definitely shows that the Pokemon is indeed male.

He sets his hammer on the ground and squats down to get a better look, a rumbling laugh escaping from him. “Favorite berry?” Tapferkeit shakes his head at the question. “My dear lad, I am incapable of eating or drinking anything. However this doesn’t bother me, for nothing is more filling than a glorious battle!”

The Golurk stands back to his full height, crossing his arms and laughing once more. “What sort of Pokemon are you? HA! This world is getting bigger by the moment, so many new species!”

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The Brandons! "Stop" (Hope that's okay!)

Hopefully, you’re still up! :)  I went with “Belt” and “Crawford” here because Brandon. And because Boch seems incapable of not giving people nicknames, Gresh is Dave Groeschner, our head trainer. 

* * *

“I’m back on the concussion list,” Belt says when Crawford comes into their–well, technically it’s Belt’s hotel room. Belt’s sitting on the bed and doesn’t even get up to come give Crawford a kiss or a hug or something. “And they’re sending me to Pittsburgh to see that one specialist.”

“That’s good, though, isn’t it?” Crawford says. “I mean, he’ll be able to help.”

Belt’s been weird lately and after they took him out on Wednesday with a headache, he said he didn’t feel like himself. If it’s mildly disturbing to Crawford–which it is–it’s got to be very freaky for Belt. He looks more defeated than freaked out though, which, in a way, is even more disturbing. Crawford’s never seen him like this, even back in the very dark days of 2013.

He has no idea what to say.

“What if he can’t?” Belt says. He’s been spending the last couple of days in his hotel room; the trainers want him to really rest, not just sit on the bench. Still, he looks tired and run down, like he’d played both games of a double header. His shoulders are slumped–a real slump and not just his usual poor posture.

Crawford kicks his shoes off and settles on the bed next to Belt. He’s not in the best mood–he went 0-4 with a hat trick and made a stupid error on top of that. Still, he’s got a miserable, scared boyfriend….

“Look babe, it’ll be okay,” Crawford says. He rests a hand on Belt’s thigh. “Want me to help you feel better?”

“I still can’t,” Belt says. “Gresh said I still can’t do anything strenuous. I think he meant sex but didn’t want to say it.”

“Okay,” Crawford says. “What do you need? What can I do to help?”

“I don’t know.” Belt swallows hard and Crawford realizes he’s on the verge of tears. It’s the freakiest thing yet; Belt usually only cries when he’s overwhelmed by something amazing. “Maybe there isn’t any help. Maybe I’m done for the year. Maybe I’m done altogether.”

“Hey,” Crawford says. “Hey babe, stop, okay?” He reaches out, putting his hand on Belt’s cheek. A little pressure, and Belt’s turning to face him. “Listen to me, okay?”

Belt sniffs. “Okay.”

“Look, I know you’re scared and I’m not saying you shouldn’t be. This is scary. But….”


“But you’re not alone. You have a team and trainers and a manager behind you. You’ve got the best trainers in the game and you’re going to see a top expert.” Rubbing his thumb lightly against Belt’s cheekbone, he says, “And you’ve got me.”

“I know. And it helps.” Belt doesn’t look like his own words are convincing him.

Time, Crawford thinks, to bring out the big guns. Hoping this isn’t a mistake, he smiles at Belt. “Guys come back from concussions all the time. You telling me you can’t do it?”

For a moment Belt just stares at him, looking shocked. Crawford’s sure he’s made a mistake; after all, Belt’s said he’s not feeling like himself more than once. Then Belt gives him a rueful smile.

“I know what you’re doing.”

“Me? Doing something?”

“You. Appealing to my competitive nature.”

“Maaaaybe. Is it working?”

“Maaaybe.” Belt smiles, a little easier this time. “You’re such a jerk,” he adds, which means it is working.

“Yeah, but I’m your jerk.” Crawford leans forward and kisses him carefully. Gently even. “And I’m gonna help you get through this.”

“You are? Promise?” Belt looks away and Crawford suddenly hates everyone who ever let him down.

“Promise.” He kisses Belt again. “Gresh didn’t say you couldn’t cuddle, did he?”

“I didn’t exactly say, ‘hey can I cuddle with the boyfriend I technically don’t have?’”

“Shut up, you asshole, and put your damn head on my shoulder.”

Belt carefully rests his head on Crawford’s shoulder and Crawford can feel him relax. “Love you, too,” he says.


Among those who honor Shiva’s destruction of his own phallus and his manifestation as Ardhanarishwar the intersex god are a group of Indian Hindus called the hijras. Literally, hijra means “man-minus-man.” Sociologically, it means much more than that. Hijras are not men, but neither are they women, and in their own country they were not always reviled, as some might expect. Rather, many have attained an exalted social status…Many intersex Indian children do become hijras. But intersex children are not the only children who become hijras. Hijras are not exactly men because, for one reason or another, they are incapable of performing the male role in sexual intercourse. And they are not strictly homosexuals, though some do have receptive sex with other men. But they do not, because of course they cannot, have sex with one another. Hijras are not exactly women, even though they do dress, wear their hair, and act somewhat like women. But unlike most Indian women, hijras may be aggressively sexual, dress garishly, dance in public, and curse offensively. And many hijras never have sex with men.

…And even though all hijras will claim they have been as they are from birth, not all were born intersex. Hijras are not simply intersex or impotent males. They receive their calling from a Bahuchara Mata, the Mother Goddess, who is also honored by transvestites. And that calling can come to physically normal boys as well as to intersex boys. If any child ignores the call, it is said he will be impotent in his next seven lives—an ignominious fate. Boys who receive the calling and are not intersex must undergo a dangerous surgery before they can call themselves true hijras. Interestingly, hijras call that surgery “the operation,” in English. A special hijra called a midwife performs the operation, which replicates many of the events of childbirth. With two quick cuts, the midwife removes both penis and testicles. Because the blood is part of the male principle, it is allowed to flow freely to rid the body of as much of the male as possible. A small hole is created for the urethra, and traditional rather than modern treatments are used to induce healing. After the surgery, others treat the new hijra much like they would treat a woman who has recently given birth. After healing, the new hijra dons a bridal costume and parades through the streets in a procession with other hijras. Once a boy, now something else, the person walks into a new life, something beyond man or woman.

—  Between XX and XY: Intersexuality and the Myth of Two Sexes by Gerald N. Callahan

omg i can’t believe i missed the opening lmaooo. i wasn’t feeling well but i’M HERE NOW. anyways, call me ‘eena’ and i’m a 19 year-old humble trash living under the pacific timezone. i’m so excited to be here and to have found this roleplay since i’m a big fan of game of thrones (love the series and is currently in the process of reading the books!) that being said, in this roleplay, i’ll be playing talia greyjoy and because i’m a lazy mofo who’s incapable of writing some decent bio, under the cut are some bullet points which pretty much covers the backstory i have for her so far [warning: rubbish ahead lmao ]:

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Things I learnt today: During WW1, MI5 used Girl Guides to send secret messages. They used Girl Guides because they quickly found that Boy Scouts couldn’t be trusted and were’t efficient enough.