Okay like. In canon, it is repeatedly stressed that Holmes does not have romantic feelings for women and is incapable of it. It’s an essential part of his character template. He doesn’t feel that way about women. Saying, Oh wait but he could be bi or pan or something! might sound open-minded and flexible, but you’re just insisting that a man who repeatedly said he is not attracted to women MUST be attracted to women. That’s homophobic. Got it? Some men are not attracted to women. It’s just that simple. 

Sirius Black watching Remus as the tip of his tongue darts out between his lips as he reads, and feeling a flutter in his stomach every time he does.

Remus Lupin pretending to remove dry leaves from Sirius’s hair just to feel the soft texture on his fingertips (and Sirius blushing furiously afterwards).

Sirius Black casting his eyes down when he sees Remus talking to any girl or boy in the corridors (because his jealousy makes no assumptions), feeling a heavy lump in the back of his throat.

Remus Lupin looking around every time he talks to anyone to see if Sirius is around, because he’d much rather talk to him than anyone else.

Sirius Black being incapable of stopping a huge grin from forming on his lips whenever Remus ditches someone to talk to/hang out with him instead. 

Remus Lupin waking up in the hospital wing and immediately looking to the side to find Sirius trying so very hard not to fall asleep on the chair next to the bed, and closing his eyes and smiling through the pain every single time.

Sirius Black laying drunk out of his mind on one of the couches in the Common Room after receiving one of his parents’ letters, and Remus craddling him in his arms while he cries until he passes out.

Remus Lupin feeling a huge mixture of guilt, hopelessness and secret happiness when Sirius, in his drunk estate, brushes his lips softly against his own.

Sirius Black pretending not to remember anything the next day because “fuck, James, fuck, what if he hates me for it.”

Remus Lupin pretending that nothing happened because, “I don’t think he remembers anyway, James.”

James Potter being unable to do anything about the whole ordeal because he was sworn to secrecy by both.

Je vais pas y arriver, j'y arrive plus, je suis à bout, je suis perdu, je suis paumée, je suis plus moi. Je sais plus quoi faire, plus quoi dire, plus comment agir. Je vais pas y arriver, je suis faible, beaucoup trop faible. Je suis incapable de résister, incapable de ne pas y penser, incapable de me relever..

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Why do you think so many Kylo haters love Anakin? I mean the guy literally choked his wife. Padme and Anakin's relationship is canonically abusive. It seems so hypocritical. Shouldn't Anakin be incapable of being redeemed?

Honestly, I have no idea. I would guess it’s because we already have Anakin’s whole story, so while we know he did awful things we also know he ultimately redeemed himself and returned to the light side. Because we only really saw Kylo do bad things in TFA, some people struggle to recognise that there is any good in him at all. Talking about feeling the pull to the light isn’t the same as acting on it.

i dropped 3 motherships in one game and my team just. was completely incapable of pulling their own weight from there i hate the teammates i get in this game so so much

En vrai, ça m'tue parce que j'suis toujours là à m'poser trois milliards de questions sur notre relation, sur c'que j'dois faire ou non, puis j'suis tout l'temps partagée entre l'envie d'me battre et l'envie d'en finir ; et ouais ça m'tue putain, ça m'tue parce que l'envie d'me foutre en l'air est beaucoup plus présente, beaucoup plus forte et qu'j'suis incapable d'être heureuse, même en côtoyant (enfin) l'amour.

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What do you think of makonagi? Do you have any headcanons for makorei, as well?

makonagi is VERY GOOD. Good, beautiful, pure ship. Well… maybe not pure, lmao. Ultimate smol/tol ship, probably includes lots of piggyback rides and cuddles and hand-holding. that one couple that makes all their friends gag, but they’re invited to all the parties. all of them. inviting makonagi is a requirement, idc if you’ve only known them for two minutes, they’re on the list. 

makorei is also VERY GOOD, very beautiful, very pure. 

- The Responsible Couple, the ones you go to when you need help with anything. superior to other Responsible Couples bec they are incapable of saying no so their help is p much guaranteed. 

- probably watch stuff of Discovery Channel on the regular, like the losers they are. 

- Cat people, but rei also has a fish tank that he takes care of religiously. 

- accidentally put on each other’s glasses all the fuckin time. 

- The most vanilla couple to ever exist at the beginning, until rei learns how to actually talk about what he likes. Makoto goes with it, and they end up being like THE kinkiest couple in the friend group. like seriously wtf Rei

- ok but if you think gou’s bad about health and fitness, you’ve obviously never dated Rei. makoto suffers at the beginning, but he adapts and they find compromises. makoto probably gets skinnier from all the running, Rei probably breaks out a lil from the all the less healthy meals. either way they both look fantastic like damn

that’s what i got for now :’D

With a broken heart and bruised knuckles,
I call you up to say ‘I love you.’
My words are slurred, my head is pounding,
Like my fists through the dry wall.
Did you even love me?
Did you ever care?
And if you did,
Why’d you stop?
Why’d you leave me standing here?
So I’m telling you these things I know,
Like pain fucking sucks,
And blades are sharp.
Because you were the beginning of the end for me,
You realize that?
You left me incapable of love,
Incapable of trust.
You hurt me like it was your hobby.
You turned me against everything and everyone I loved.
Yet, I fell for every word.
Your kiss was stiff and sour.
Your words filled with hate.
Yet I loved you, babe.
And these scars I have,
In memory of you,
They aren’t fading any faster darling.
So take these words
And think them over,
While I fall apart in front of you.
Do what you’re best at,
And walk the fuck away.
I gotta make about 5 more calls,
To five other people,
To say this exact same thing.
—  Phone calls I’ll never make (H.J. Dann)

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i can see credence learning piano and happily playing it whenever he feels a little low

this is one of my personal favorite thoughts, babe!!!! for me, the piano is one of the most emotional instruments (i grew up around it) (my uncle is a successful pianist) and would allow him to indulge a depth of emotion he had previously been incapable of expressing accurately/sufficiently. so i picture him playing little snippets of anything, occasionally writing his own little piece when he finds sounds he likes that go together. i like to imagine that no one teaches him too much at first and that he just has this amazing ear that allows him to replicate what he hears. he eventually takes lessons to go a little further, but,,, ultimately, it’s an innate talent that allows him to process his emotions thoroughly and gently and becomes his go-to method of releasing those emotions.

Miss Saigon: Christopher Scott (INFP)


Introverted Feeling (Fi): Chris’s emotions are deep and intense, but he struggles to make sense of them and/or express them openly, preferring to take action rather than share his feelings. Although he is profoundly moved by Kim’s plight, he expresses his concern by first offering her money, then asking if he can see her again. He struggles to accept his fellow Marines’ casual attitude towards their situation, as he is incapable of escaping his conviction that what they are doing - both in the war and at the brothel - is wrong.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Vietnam, to Chris, is full of “questions that don’t ever end”. He searches for the deeper meaning behind his presence in Vietnam and his chance meeting with Kim, examining every angle he can think of but only coming up with yet more unanswerable questions. He has difficulty living in the physical reality of the moment, preferring to either metaphorically analyse his situation or daydream about a better future with Kim.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Chris longs for a simple, stable life, ultimately choosing the dependable reality of his existing marriage to Ellen over the fleeting, idealistic passion he once shared with Kim, as “I wanted back a world I knew”. He is haunted by his failure to rescue Kim, regularly experiencing nightmares of her death and the other terrible possibilities that may have befallen her (Ne), to the point where he is completely emotionally shut off from Ellen, walled in by his silent pain (Fi).

Extroverted Thinking (Te): When necessary, Chris can take control of a situation and make efficient decisions, pulling a gun on the Engineer when he tries to manipulate Chris, and arranging to marry Kim as soon as they reach America in order to secure her passage there. Under pressure, Chris can become coldly rational; he covers his discomfort in learning that Kim was a virgin by deciding that her innocence and sweetness must be an act, as “all the girls lie - they just want to get out of here!”.


In case you didn’t think I was a ridiculous human being, a year ago, I tallied the number of times the verb “to stride” was used in Repcomm and who it was attached to. Y’see, I noticed Ordo does quite a bit of it. A lot of it

The above is only if the word is used as a verb and counts statements like “Besany strode along beside [Mereel]“ or “Skirata crooked his finger to beckon Ordo, and the Null strode behind” to mean that Mereel and Skirata are both also striding. 

So this is twenty characters described as striding 50 times in all.

I have a feeling there’s something inaccurate in this one, but it’s really only important to me that Ordo is apparently incapable of going anywhere without striding.

Russia always senses the masculine principle for itself as something transcendent, and not immanent, something incidental from the outside. With this is connected the fact, that everything masculine, liberating and formative in Russia has been as it were not Russian, foreign, Western European, French or German, or Greek in the past. Russia on its own is incapable as it were to form itself into a free lifestyle, incapable to form of itself the person. The turning towards its own soil, towards its own national element in Russia so readily assumes a character of enslavement, leads to immobility, turns into reaction. Russia is like an eligible girl, awaiting a bridegroom, who ought to scale whatever the heights, but there arrives not the intended, instead only a German official to dominate her. And in the life of spirit they do dominate her: now Marx, now Kant, now Steiner, now some other foreigner of a man. Russia, so unique, a land of so extraordinary a spirit, has found itself constantly in a relation of servitude to Western Europe. It has not learned from Europe, what is needful and good, has not partaken of European culture what might prove salvific for it, but like a slave it has been made subject to the West or else in a wild nationalistic reaction it has threatened the West, threatening the culture.
—  Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyaev, The Fate of Russia, 1918

Came to the realization that Hellbeast #2 literally can’t see the laser pointer. Not he can see it and just doesn’t care - which was the original assumption - but literally is incapable of seeing it. He doesn’t react at all when you turn it on/off, doesn’t track it with his eyes ever, and seems highly confused about what Hellbeast #1 is doing when she chases it. 

I don’t think it’s just a matter of colorblindness, though we’re probably going to check that. He sees other red things. We already knew he had problems with his vision. When he drinks from a normal bowl, he pushes it around the floor or repeatedly dunks a toy in it so he can use the water movement to gauge its depth. He takes a long time to line up his jumps and will never do a high jump if he can manage - he’ll go from half wall to couch arm to couch to coffee table to floor, for instance. 

I’m curious how exactly he sees. We always assumed it was just a depth perception problem, but that wouldn’t explain the laser pointer. 

Cain was feeling useless, his left arm was still in a sling and his left hand was nestled in a cast. He had to keep from moving his shoulder but that left him almost incapable of doing the simplest of tasks sometimes. Sitting down Cain was struggling with his one good hand to uncap the container before finally giving up “Can you help me? I swear this things held on here with cement glue or something.” he laughed.