Something about him reminded me of one of those figures from old-fashioned playing cards or the sort used by fortune-tellers, a print straight from the pages of an incunabulum: his presence was both funereal and incandescent, like a curse dressed in Sunday best.
—  Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Shadow of the Wind

How would you describe Iridescent?

When proposing my concept to my tutors at university I was met with a lot of blank stares ad questions. Unless you’ve been watching the catwalk trends recently, then a lot of people don’t understand what Iridescent is.

Iridescent is an object or material that when shone at different angles reflects the colours of the rainbow. 

I decided to create a series of posters that had descriptive words that explained what Iridescent was in different ways. This is to help someone understand it in more ways than one. For my final major project I may turn this into a book that is extended even further with descriptive sentences, materials etc.

The backgrounds I have used are macro shots of Iridescent material taken at different times of the day to encourage different levels of colour. Some of the other backgrounds are ombres I created out of lines in Illustrator.