Highly recommended reads. Most of them are quick reads and some are unfinished/discontinued but are worth mentioning.  

Happy reading. 

1. Under the Red Umbrella  By: Devonshire ( worth reading)

2. Raven Soul  By: Devonshire  ( angsty)

3. Death In Bloom By: appleschan  ( tear jerker )

4. Never By: C. LeShay  ( dark)

5. Conversations with a Kept Woman By: MadebyPierrot  ( sad, character death)

6. Obsess By: Kimina-san (dark with a twist)

7. The Bra By: Lady Azura  ( laughed so hard)

8. Jealous Thoughts By: JadeRent  ( ichigo is so cute)

9. Love, Your Princess By: evenstar lady  (romance/drama)

10. Once Miracle, Twice Fate By: Aalicia (supernatural -with lemons)

11. Phones Tie Me to You By: Goku’s Daughter (cute one)

12. 8 seconds By: sparklingplum (sweet fluff)

13. To Make Her Smile By: Green Amber ( one my favourites)

14. In Her BackpackBy: Goku’s Daughter  (another one of my favourites)

15. 99 Reasons By: makoshark ( cute classic)

16. So, I Fall in Love With You Again By: Dark Lavender  ( angsty incest)

17. Of Fries and Napkins By: KurosakiLove ( cute one)

18. The Eve Project By: TheQueenInDisguise ( fun sci-fi read)

19. On The Importance Of Proper Underwear By: incandescens ( genderbender - fucking hilarious)

20. The Merits of Snoring By: sharingank  ( super cute)

21. Loose Woman By: Fiver-dono ( so ichiruki )

22. Cold Interface By: Paper Bullet  ( starts of as ichiruki, grimmruki - good reading tho)

23.To the Wind By: AdventWing ( funny one)

24.Uninvolved Jealousy By: melody of elemia ( non-con, mostly grimmruki, hints of ichiruki, this will kill ichiruki fans)

this photo of brittany is very important to me. i had just broken up with a boyfriend of 2 ½ years freshman year and i had to shoot some photos for a class. i had met brittany before on a shoot but didn’t know her very well. i had texted her the day after the break up asking if she could model for me and i came over to her dorm room apartment and i dressed her up and i took this photo of her. then we ate bacon strips and bonded over how alone we both felt in new york city and complained about relationships and boys. ever since then she has been one of  the most important people to exist in my life