starklords asked:

ok 1. how many people did you kill for that url and 2. your blog is perfect holy shit ok i'll stop fangirling now but i'm in kind of obsessed wow

1. I KNOW. funny thing is: i changed to this url like 2 months ago. i can’t believe it wasn’t taken! i also have thecaptainofthewhitetower saved. what’s wrong with the lotr fandom???

2. hgafsagsdfa plz stop.

anonymous asked:

iantojones, clarascloud, incamelot?


  • iantojones- *insert regular who did she kill for that url joke here* nah jk one of my favorite blogs honesty just awesomeness
  • clarascloud- really perfect and wonderful blog wooooo
  • incamelot- just a beautiful blog overall and i really love the sidebar and the theme itself

anonymous asked:

princeloras, incamelot, timeywimeycastiel


  • what I like: anh is such a sweetheart and her posts are the best
  • what I dislike: nothing really
  • If I’m following: of course!


  • what I like: everything emmas da best
  • what I dislike: nothing omg
  • If I’m following: forever ~

  • what I like: AHH sidebar im so emotional right now
  • what I dislike: updates bar
  • If I’m following: yep c:

anonymous asked:

incamelot, mufffliato, and sorrydean


i am going to hack your account and steal your url it is so GREAT and your SIDEBAR YOU CHANGED IT??? IT LOOKS EVEN BETTER HOLY SHIT. ive loved your name forever bc i have a really great old friend named emma and shes so fuckig funny and you’re so hilarious too which is great.


hi omg i really like meeting boys on tumblr with the same interests as me. john this is my fav line omg “John. 20. I’m mentally 14 though.” ok ANYWAYS im kinda diggin your theme and your posts there bud but LETS TALK ABOUT YOUR GIFS FOR A SECOND OMG YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE THIS PHOTOSHOP TALENTED EXCUSE YOUR TALENTS


love love loev the url and the theme yes