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It's my dream to work on a show like Miraculous, does ZAG offer some kind of internship for working on their shows?

Yes!  And we’re looking to hire new interns currently! You must be above the age of 18 and enrolled in an accredited university. If you meet this criteria, please feel free to send a resume and cover letter to


Girls&WomenToKnow: Leanna Archer

Meet Lenna Archer, who started her Leanna Inc. a haircare line at This Long 9 years old. Leanna all nautral organic hair products has generated over $ $100,000 in revenue. Leana develops and mixes each of her products (the original hair dressing was based on a family formula), and tracks orders and customer correspondence. Her parents and two brothers assist in bookkeeping, packaging, and product testing. The company sells its shampoos, conditioners, shea butter, and other products both in stores and online. 

Leanna is a philanthropist as well in 2008 she founded the Leanna Archer Education Foundation, an organization devoted to providing better opportunities for children in Haiti. Leanna’s goal is to built schools in Haiti, while providing a Safe learning environment for over 150 students.

Leanna as been featured in Forbes Magazine, Success Magazine, INC Magazine (30 under 30) and Ebony Magazine. Online web portal, AOL Black Voices, was also impressed with Leanna and positioned the Teen CEO as #5 on their list of “ Top 9 Young Lions” who are making Black History. Leanna has also been interviewed by several major media outlets, including NBC, MSNBC,ABC,FOX Business and BET.

Is Email Marketing Dead?

This article was written by Ahmed El Dabaja

In the past few years, more and more people have started to rely on the new methods of marketing, seemingly leaving the older ones behind. That’s why email marketing and content marketing are not as popular as they were before, however stating that these marketing methods are dying is not true at all. In fact, plenty of businesses are already using them and integrate them via a CRM solution or any other method in order to generate incredible results for their company. But, are there any benefits that come from using email marketing or content marketing in this day and age?

Better one on one relationship with customers

Email marketing helps companies acquire a direct meeting with the customer in the virtual world. Sending messages to the customer and keeping him informed is necessary if you want to create and nurture a relationship with him. There’s nothing better than that feeling of opening up a mail and receiving the latest information from the company you follow, and that’s why all businesses should harness the power of email and content marketing immediately.

Better exposure

There are many types of marketing nowadays that can offer great exposure, but email marketing isn’t dead for a reason. That would be the fact that it can deliver a massive reach without requiring a lot of investment in the first place. Instead, it helps you create a mailing list and connect with new people that might be interested in your offerings. According to a survey from, 46% of all companies in the US use email marketing, CRM solutions and many other tools to get closer to their customers.

Easy to get into

Creating an email marketing list is easy and you can easily grow that list to thousands of mails. The idea is to offer a great piece of content for free and ask for the mail address in return. Make sure that you create a list of mails for whom people volunteered to deliver that piece of information. The last thing you want is to have emails listed as spam.

More sales

When you create a content marketing and email marketing campaign you let potential leads know about your offering. This helps you generate a lot more sales than ever before, and the results you can get here are huge. You can obtain anywhere from 20% to a 400% increase in sales, it all comes down to your copywriting skill, your offering and many other features.

You have hundreds of software tools to use

One of the things which show that email marketing is far from dead is that according to Capterra, there are more than 250 email marketing software solutions on the market. They can help you grow your list and maintain it as well as share your content to your audience without a problem.

Mobile marketing is booming right now

More than 75% of Gmail users are accessing their mails on mobile devices and there are countless millions of users that you can reach on mobile via their mail. That’s why you have to focus on creating content marketing and email marketing campaigns focused on mobile users because not only is marketing via email not dead, in fact it’s the best way to reach customers even while they are on the go.

As you can see, email marketing and content marketing are far from dead. With a good CRM solution and quality content you can really get incredible results and a very good user experience. All you have to do is to go ahead and create such a marketing campaign, focus on e-marketing  because even if it might seem old, connecting with customers via mail is still the future and it’s well worth the time investment!

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Hey, uhm, sorry to bother, but I'm curious, I'm writing about a group of business people and their work in a conglomerate-company. Is there any information you have on those types of things? Like how to properly write business-CEO-rich people, and how to company and business stuff work in particular. Again, sorry to bother ;;

It’s no bother at all. Thank you for the question. Really, that’s why I’m here. Here are some resources I hope will help, and if you need anything or if this just doesn’t quite cover it, please feel free to message me again and I’ll see what I can do. 

Day In the Life of a CEO:

Board of Directors and Attending Meetings:

You may also find this illustrated ‘A Day In the Life’ Graphic from Inc.Com Useful [here]. 

Flickr Celebrates Exceptional Young Photographers with 20under20

By Bernardo Hernandez, Vice President, Flickr 

Photography has the power to fascinate, inspire, and even change the way we see and understand the world around us. At Flickr, we celebrate this along with our community of users. Today, we’re excited to introduce the first annual Flickr 20under20 - an initiative that celebrates 20 of the world’s most extraordinary young photographers on Flickr, who are under the age of 20. 

Millions of photographers share their inspiration with the world every day on Flickr, and we wanted to show our support by finding and promoting the future’s brightest young photography talent. The 20under20 were selected from Flickr’s young photography community by a panel of influential Flickr photographers – Lou Noble, Cuba Gallery, and Rosie Hardy – and myself, based on their creativity, technical talent, and overall strength of portfolio.

Collection of Photographs By the 20under20

We’ll be showcasing the work of these 20 inspirational photographers throughout the year on Yahoo and Flickr. Their work will also be exhibited at a gala event on October 1 at Milk Studios in New York City, curated by Vogue Photography Director, Ivan Shaw. As part of our 20under20 initiative, Shaw chose photographer Laurence Philomene to receive the 20under20 Curator’s Choice Award. Shaw felt her photography offered a unique and fresh perspective, a window into a world he hadn’t seen before. As part of the award, he will mentor Philomene for a year. 

Collection of Photographs by Laurence Philomene

Visit to learn more about  the 20 photographers who have been chosen for this honor. Also tweet to vote for the photographer you think should receive the Audience Choice Award. Using #Flickr20u20 and the photographer’s name, vote for the #mostcreative, #besttechnique, and #strongestportfolio. These winners will be announced at the gala on October 1. We’d also encourage you to submit nominations for next year’s Flickr 20under20 by emailing their Flickr name or URL to

And for all you young photographers out there, keep inspiring us with your photos! 

MARK CUBAN: ‘The Student Loan Bubble Is Going To Burst’

Mark Cuban thinks colleges are going to go out of business.
In a clip on, Cuban talks about the student loan bubble, which he says will burst and end badly for colleges.

The end of the student loan bubble, Cuban says, will be like the housing bubble, where tuition collapses the way the price of homes collapsed.

These collapses will put colleges out of business.


“It’s inevitable at some point there will be a cap on student loan guarantees. And when that happens you’re going to see a repeat of what we saw in the housing market: when easy credit for buying or flipping a house disappeared we saw a collapse in the price housing, and we’re going to see that same collapse in the price of student tuition, and that’s going to lead to colleges going out of business.”

Read more:

Pass the leadership test

Life is tough. We have to be tougher. If we let life bully us enough, it will take away all of our hopes, dreams and inspiration.

It’s tough times like these that make us want to stop moving and “take a well-deserved break”. We think of halting our struggle against an obstacle we can’t move yet and convince ourselves that the best thing to do is to find rest in the spot we’re in.

If you find yourself in this situation, then you’ve found yourself in the middle of your leadership test. You have to decide if you’ll keep going or stop for a short break. I’ll give you the answer to pass the test - if you stop now, you may never start again.

I know you feel like you’re walking through a maze blindfolded - running into dead end after dead end, smacking yourself in the head each time you hit a wall. It’s only human to want to stop, if only to end the struggle, to calm your fears, to let your inner flame burn out with the hopes you’ll reignite that flame again one day when your circumstances are better.

But that’s what separates true leaders from pretend ones - true leaders not only fight to make their teams successful, they also fight the inner urge to settle, to slumber and to succumb to a challenge that seems to have no end. True leaders know every challenge has an end and can only be overcome with persistent effort and sacrifice. You may not see the end of your challenge, but there’s an end whether you see it or not.

The cruelest lie you’ll ever tell yourself is, “Rest for a moment and you can fight again after you get your energy back.” Once you stop, even for a moment, you get to like your comfortable spot like wrapping yourself in warm, soft sheets in your bed on a cold, rainy morning. You slowly lose sight of what you were trying so hard to accomplish. That meager dream burning inside of you extinguishes like the last candle you blow out before you go to bed.

If you have to slow down, then slow down. If you get tired of hoping in something that seems so far from your grasp today, let yourself have a bad day. Just don’t stop. Whatever you do, don’t stop. Keep going. Keep believing. When the time’s right, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’ll feel renewed energy in your legs and start running to that light. And you’ll always be grateful you never stopped believing in your vision.

Just because you can’t see it yet, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Don’t stop now or you’ll never know. Pass the test.


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Hello! I heard somewhere that zagtoon has contests, are they still going on? And if yes do you know where to get more information?

Sorry for the late answer, but it looks like there is currently one contest open!

A halloween cosplay contest, looks like you post on instagram and tag it as #miraculoushalloween and the results will be posted on

From Jeremy Zag’s Instagram