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Anything makes sense when M is around but what I meant in that I thought D was living in the PR home. I've never doubt that CC are together but I'm not so sure that they even live in the same city most time

Anon. She’s manipulative. But she certainly doesn’t have that much power. D&C have lived together well before she even moved to LA.

On the guys. I think they are together a lot more than people think. We’ve seen Will once this month. Convenient it was the only weekend D was in LA. Not saying chris accompanied him all 3 of the PR weekends. But I’d bet 2 of them.

Pretty sure Chris was in Italy a majority of the time. NYC during hedwig. He was missing all of last October when D was in San Fran. I’m confident he was in Miami. D was missing for days at a time during C’s recent book tour (and did random stunts inbtwn to prove he was in LA).

Thing about these 2. They know how to be discrete and how to travel on the down low. They’ve played this game for years. They managed to build a life together. And I think if they want to be together. They are.

Again not saying every trip. But I’d bet a good number.