I love being threatened by 15 year old girls on facebook who have the IQ of a brick.
extracts from the enthralling conversation -

“Come then… Wasteman! Fucking beg yu meet me now enit…”
“beg you come meet me… Ill fucking boy you off differently!”

and my favourite
lool your like one of them girls that dont wash there hair and wants to ‘increase the peace’ bet you hug trees to you fucking pricks just shut up because you wont’t winnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.”

And this ladies and gentlemen, represents half the teenage population of aylesbury and most of mandeville school. their wittiness and intelligence never cease to amaze me. Needless to say, when she private messaged me to “come meet her init” i told her to go and read a book. 

July 14 2015 - Hunt saboteurs celebrate as a vote meant to repeal the fox hunting ban is called off by David Cameron, as he realised him and his disgusting, inbred, upper class tory buddies didn’t have enough votes to win, after the SNP promised to vote against lifting the ban. [video]

anonymous asked:

Good Morning bitches! Just wanted to see if you were all still here before I head off to work. Keep fighting the good fight. Love your board and you two are my favorite bitches. Peace out.

Yes still here.  After last night I wouldn’t close down this board even if I lost both arms and had to type with my teeth.  Nothing makes me more determined to be obnoxious than a group of ugly inbreds telling me to shut-up.

CMG Tumblrcast III / Canada Day 2013

Because, fuck it, Canada Day: here’s an hour of (mostly) indie rock from this (mostly) lovely country of ours, just for our Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter/Mixcloud followers, bless you all. Might as well put this on repeat all day, nobody hurts and nobody cries:

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(00:01) - THE INBREDS: “Amelia Earhart” (Kombinator; 1994)
(03:10) - THE SUPER FRIENDZ: “Up and Running” (Slide Show; 1995)
(06:36) - CONSTANTINES: “Our Age” (Kensington Heights; 2008)
(10:08) - DOG DAY: “Rome” (Concentration; 2009)
(15:17) - MIRACLE FORTRESS: “Have You Seen in Your Dreams” (Five Roses; 2007)
(18:18) - THE HEAVY BLINKERS: “Rise and Glide” (The Heavy Blinkers; 2000)
(21:00) - LOCAL RABBITS: “At Least You Got the Cake” (This Is It Here We Go; 2002)
(25:06) - JULIE DOIRON: “Consolation Prize” (I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day; 2009)
(27:05) - ELEVATOR TO HELL: “Rather Be” (Parts 1-3; 1996)
(29:29) - THE RHEOSTATICS: “To Catch a Thief”/“Something the Committee Thought You Should Know”/“Fat” (Blue Hysteria; 1996)
(36:56) - SEA SNAKES: “Mafia Car” (Clear as Day, the Darkest Tools; 2004)
(40:54) - WINTERSLEEP: “Fog” (Untitled; 2005)
(42:16) - SHOTGUN & JAYBIRD: “Marquee Glass” (There Are Days and Then There Are Days; 2006)
(46:33) - JESSICA JALBERT: “Paris Green” (Brother Loyola; 2011)
(49:11) - ERIC’S TRIP: “Stove” (Love Tara; 1993)
(52:01) - JOEL PLASKETT EMERGENCY: “Light of the Moon” (Down at the Khyber; 2001)


Inbreds is a dream that started out in the commuter parking lot of my university. I was with a group of friends deciding what we wanted to drink later on in the night. We bought a bunch of alcohol and camped out in an abandoned student center off campus grounds. As we were drinking, the student center became under attack by a group of inbred monsters resembling the look of “swamp-thing zombies.” Surprisingly, we fought off the creatures, killing all but two of them. The last battle took place in the lobby and a long hallway which led to the exit. I remember using the central fountain in the lobby as my strategy for killing the creatures. I’d lead them near it, then shot them in the head or decapitated them in some way. Everybody managed to escape the building. While we were on the way out, I locked the doors thinking that the two inbreds left inside would never be able to open it up. We got into a jeep and drove around the block to a house party. We drove through a long twisty driveway in order to get to the house and the driver crashed through all the trees hanging down on the right side of the road. He scratched up his jeep pretty badly and everybody made fun of him at the party when we arrived. I guess locking the doors worked because the creatures never returned to hunt us down. I kept a very intuitive eye out for the rest of the night and this is where the dream ended.  

I found this to be funny. By @consciousqueen1 via @RepostWhiz app:
How many times do I have to tell y'all to stop #lurking on my page?
Lmaoffffff..😂😂😂😂😂 you want to call my #beautifulblack #kings and #queens MONKEYS.
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Wind Picks Up
  • Wind Picks Up
  • The Inbreds
  • It's Sydney Or The Bush

Artist: The Inbreds
Track: Wind Picks Up
Album: It’s Sydney or The Bush
Label: Murder Records
Year: 1996

Storm’s a’ brewin’…

Looks like, hopefully, Hurricane Sandy is going to miss my neck of the woods.  Or, at least, not hit us head on.  Should be a messy couple of days ahead, regardless. 

Best wishes to all you people out there who end up taking the brunt of this monster.  May the deity of your choice smile upon you and/or may the cosmic dice roll end up in your favour.

The Ptolemies were in fact Macedonian Greek, which makes Cleopatra approximately as Egyptian as Elizabeth Taylor. The word ‘honey skinned’ recurs in descriptions of her relatives and would presumably have applied to her as well, despite the inexactitudes surrounding her mother and paternal grandmother. There was certainly Persian blood in the family, but even an Egyptian mistress is a rarity among the Ptolemies. She was not dark skinned.
—  Cleopatra, A Life - Stacy Schiff

Ya’ll keep talking about “a lion doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of a sheep”, and defend yourselves to anons.