Prognathism is well recorded as a trait of several historical individuals. The most famous case is that of the House of Habsburg, among whom mandibular prognathism was a family trait; indeed, the condition is frequently called “Habsburg Jaw” as a result of its centuries-long association with the family. Among the Habsburgs, the most prominent case of mandibular prognathism is that of Charles II of Spain, who had prognathism so pronounced he could neither speak clearly nor chew as a result of generations of politically motivated inbreeding.

so if the castor clones are like the Leda clones brothers then not only was the thing w Krystal in the first episode like inbred af but Gracie is not only pregnant with her fathers child but she was also like married to its uncle. So that babies like her child, her sibling and her niece/nephew all rolled into one wth???

for reference on big cat colouration:

  • white tigers only exist in captivity, their mutation is terrible for survival and its super recessive, so they are all inbred.
  • tabby/golden are the same.
  • there has been no recorded melanism in tigers yet, but technically it’s not impossible.
  • there has been no recorded melanism in lions either.
  • white lions can occur and live in the wild.
  • melanistic jaguars and leopards occur naturally and are successful.
  • melanistic servals have also been documented.
  • there are 2 known captive white servals who occurred via inbreeding.
  • albino individuals are more sensitive to sunburn on their unpigmented skin and usually suffer from photosensitivity, 
  • genes for melanism in felines may provide resistance to viral infections, meaning the mutation can give them a superior immune system 

If you think someone doesn’t deserve to live in your country because they escaped war,poverty or ethnic persecution in their country then you are scum of the earth, it’s that simple. Not everyone was lucky enough to be born in an economically stable country and you don’t have the right to take away their dreams of a better life for their children just because you think “immigrants are taking our jobs” . If you did your job properly you wouldn’t even think in this way.