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How would germany react if their s/o came home with a little cute dog ? because he just have big dogs


Ludwig loves all dogs. He loves fluffy dogs, big dogs, short-haired dogs, small dogs, just all dogs! Well, pugs are a different story. He loves them, but he also feels bad for them. They’re all inbreded, and it’s unhealthy, and he sorta does prefer dogs that can exercise with him…

He wouldn’t always coo to dogs, but if you catch him on a good day, you can hear him doing so in German.


Ludwig didn’t know what to make of it. Here ______ was, holding a cute, fluffy dog in their hands, with that smile they had on their face as big as ever.

“Look at this cute dog!” _____ smiled. “It’s so cute, right? We should keep him!”

______ continued squealing, and Ludwig almost sighed. He’d had enough dogs, bigger dogs that would probably eat this dog for breakfast.

“Where did you get him?” Ludwig asked, watching the adorable dog and feeling his will to say “no” drop. He silently hoped that _____ would say that they got the dog from a local shelter, and was happy when his hopes were fulfilled.

Looks healthy, nice color, he’s wagging his tail… He looks happy.

With a slight chuckle, Ludwig gave in, “all right, we should keep him.”