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dog asks!!

golden retriever: what are your best qualities?
german shepherd: what is something new you’ve tried lately?
bulldog: what is your earliest childhood memory?
beagle: what is your favorite book?
yorkshire terrier: what is the meaning behind your url?
poodle: what is your favorite food?
rottweiler: what are your plans for tomorrow?
boxer: what do you love about your closest friend?
siberian husky: what is the last thing you laughed at?
dachshund: what is your morning routine like?
great dane: what are some of your favorite stores?
shih tzu: if you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want to have with you?
welsh corgi: how many languages can you speak?
pomeranian: where is somewhere that you’d like to travel?
boston terrier: what is your middle name?
mastiff: what is the last song that you listened to?
cocker spaniel: what is the nicest compliment that you’ve ever received?
chihuahua: what is your idea of the perfect day?
maltese: what is your greatest talent?
pug: what is your favorite movie?

w.i.p. [summer edition]
  • pansy x godric gryffindor [ zombie apocalypse au ]
    • l o n g one-shot
    • character study???
    • angst
    • literally a road trip fic in disguise i think
    • preview
    • black & blue
  • theo x blaise [ modern royalty au ]
    • mid-length one-shot
    • kind of started i’ve written like 2k of dialogue and it’s a++++
    • not a lot of redeeming qualities
    • “funny”
    • honestly is blaise secretly being the prince of genovia even slightly unbelievable 
    • is it, in fact, probably canon??? 
    • who knows, not theo
  • romilda vane x percy weasley [ VERY ELABORATE FAKE DATING AU ]
    • long one-shot
    • ????????
    • this has a plot now no it doesn’t
    • like 25% done
    • romilda is very short and percy is very tall
    • pining
    • so much fucking pining
    • honestly this is a masterpiece 
    • like
    • you’re all welcome bye
  • flintwood [ modern werewolf au ]
    • mid-length one-shot
    • 75% written this is so close to being done it’s fucking irking me that it isn’t
    • also a coffee shop au
    • sorry in advance
    • marcus is so sad in this 
    • the saddest werewolf
    • preview
  • dramionesoulmate au ]
    • long one-shot
    • probably about hockey
    • angst ^infinity
    • dubious world building
    • based on this
    • tropes on tropes on tropes
    • like the fic version of that scene where film harry’s all “who am i hedwig?”
    • 40% written maybe
    • preview
  • blinny [ internet dating au college au ]
    • drabble
    • i’ve been wanting to write a fic consisting entirely of awkward style emails/messages/etc for what feels like several lifetimes so
    • will likely double as a mistaken identity au
    • this fucking
    • 20% written i had to delete this so who tf knows
  • multiple pairings [ SUMMER CAMP AU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ]
    • long one-shot
    • this is entirely outlined actually but like…badly
    • s’mores
    • first love nostalgia
    • light angst??????
    • there is no angst i’m a fucking liar
    • cormac mclaggen will be on canoe lifeguard duty 
    • upon further review this is going to be a drabble series 
    • preview || preview
  • hansy [ the definitive accidental pregnancy au ]
    • l o n g one-shot
    • 30% done? i guess?
    • lmao
    • messy af 
    • almost a college au but nope that’s a fake out
    • i’m funneling all my residual pregnancy hormones into this fic and it’s going to need extensive editing lbr
    • might have to switch the pov ?????
    • this might never see the light of day tbh
    • preview

      A follow up to Selene & Serenity, this small pack consisting of a theme and an about page was built around a solar motif. The idea behind the theme was illumination — a focus on content. To this end, you have 500px and 700px post width options, and the avatar, title, description and social media buttons were moved to an on-click modal window in order to clear up space. For the page, I wanted to accentuate the softness of daylight, and as such I kept the preview to very soft tones of gray.
      Neither of them was coded with a specific blogger type in mind; I daresay (hope) the theme is rather versatile. As such, I hope everyone can enjoy it! And as always, issues go into my inbox

      「   THEME #017: SOLARIS by angelicxi   」
      ↳ [  preview  /  codes  ]
      ❥ the link to the codes is in the modal description.

      [ + ]  option for 500px posts;
      [ + ]  option for 700px posts;
      [ + ]  slot for an avatar (130 x 130px);
      [ + ]  slot for a title;
      [ + ]  slot for a description;
      tip: remember that all my themes come with title & description slots separate from tumblr’s.
      [ + ]  optional SNS buttons that use fontawesome icons — you can turn this feature on/off;
      [ + ]  the menu uses fontawesome icons and is transparent, matching automatically with the background you opt in. as these are icons, you can change them to suit your needs by visiting fontawesome’s archive & following the replacement instructions in the style part of the code;
      [ + ]  the menu is structured on two “halo” lines: the first one comes with four links, home & ask + 2 custom ones — the second one contains an additional six slots and can be turned on/off;
      tip: if the icons don’t show up at first, roll your mouse up & down over their slots.

      [ + ]  the top corner background can be either plain color or a radial gradient;
      [ + ]  post backgrounds can be either opaque or transparent;
      [ + ]  option for a gradient background;
      [ + ]  option for a plain color background;
      [ + ]  option for a wallpaper background (make sure it’s at least 1366px by 768px ! )
      [ + ]  option for light tumblr controls.
      tip: everything marked as “option” you can turn on/off and switch between them.

      「   ABOUT PAGE #005: SOLANGE by angelicxi   」
      ↳ [  preview  /  codes  ]
      ❥ the link to the codes is in the description.

      [ + ]  the content auto-centers on a x axis to accomodate your screen/window dimensions;
      [ + ]  i bundled in the background from the preview, which is a textured wallpaper;
      [ + ]  content background is by default a radial background but you can work it to be anything;
      [ + ]  slot for an avatar ( 150 x 150px );
      [ + ]  ample description space on-hover;
      [ + ]  a total of nine link slots.
      tip: if the icons don’t show up at first, roll your mouse up & down over their slots.

      For full customization instructions, please look out for the gray text in the code itself!

      Do NOT:
         —  remove the credit
         —  use as a base code
         —  repost/claim as yours
      Respect the maker’s work, please.
      This theme is optimized for Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.
      It is best viewed on a 1366x768 screen resolution.

due to popular demand, the blogrates are here! i’ve been meaning to do this since forever but never got around to it until now… better late than never! ♥♥♥ i’ll tag all rating posts with #alli rates things so please blacklist it if you don’t want to see them on your dash! ♥


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*tries to avoid getting pelted by tomatoes* 

I love fluff, but sometimes I need me some angst!  ⊙△⊙

Kiss art challenge #1: Forehead Kiss, Adrien x Marinette

Anyway, apparently it’s Adrien Agreste Week, so I thought I’d do one of the kiss requests from my inbox.  Today’s theme is “Crush,” so I took advantage of the word’s double entendre. 

Poor Marebear :(

FFXIV area-themed asks (Inbox these!)

Limsa Lominsa
1. Does your character enjoy the sea?
2. How does your character feel about piracy?
3. Is your character adventurous?

4. Is your character a royalist or monetarist? (Do they side with the crown or the syndicate?)
5. How does your character feel about the influx of Ala Mhigan refugees?
6. How important is wealth to your character?

7. Does your character enjoy nature? 
8. Is your character suspicious of new people? 
9. How well does your character treat animals?

10. Is your character religious?
11. How does your character view outsiders?
12. Is your character aware of the disparity between the rich and the poor in some city-states? How do they feel about it?

13. How important is formal education to your character?
14. Is your character secretive?
15. How does your character view magic?

Ala Mhigo
15. Is your character easily intimidated? 
16. Tell me one (or more) things your character resents.
17. How would your character react if they discovered a likeable acquaintance was Garlean? Violently? With suspicion? Or would they ignore it altogether?  
18. How does your character view alchemy?
19. Do you think your character would cope well under the scathing heat of the desert for a few weeks?
20. Does your character trust Alchemy or Magic more?

21. How domineering is your character?
22. Does your character have a mean streak?
23. How obedient to authority is your character?

MONSTA X as baristas

Hey everyone! I’m super duper sorry that I’ve been MIA for a while, but I have a ton of requests to fill so I’m working on those currently so I can come back stronger than ever! To keep you all sated and satisfied while I’m clearing out my inbox, revamping the theme, and fixing my masterpost, here’s a short lil’ scenario ;))

SHOWNU: he does 300% of the work, yet never recognized as employee of the month. has broken mugs dancing behind the counter when he’s working late shifts. always gets the customers name right on the cup, no matter how crazy the spelling is or how much the customer mumbles. doesn’t make enough money for dealing with his coworkers. 

Originally posted by monxbebe

KIHYUN: what a little shit. he sings ‘’absentmindedly’’ while he’s working, and claims he doesn’t even notice. but when he started noticing that his tips increased when he sang he did it ‘’accidentally’’ more often. constantly playing pranks on the other employees, but nobody suspects him.

Originally posted by aceyng

JOOHEON: only working there to pay for his soundcloud pro account bills, he’ll try to sell you his mixtape along with your coffee. no matter what you order, he makes an americano, and nobody ever teaches him how to make anything else. none of the customers seem to mind.

Originally posted by wonyeols

MINHYUK: some people think he never stops working because no matter what time they come in to order, he’s behind the counter and his energy level is at 6000%. probably drinks more coffee than he sells. tried to adopt kihyun’s singing for tips trick, but the boss only yells at him and tells him to be quiet. he doesn’t listen. strangely knows personal information about every customer.

Originally posted by kihyeun

HYUNGWON: sure, he’s been working there for just as long as everyone else, but he’s never completed a full shift. demoted to bus-boy after he fell asleep at the counter for two hours, so now he falls asleep at the dirty tables he’s supposed to clean. is constantly being hit on by customers. on the rare occasion that he’s allowed to work the counter, he draws memes on the cups.

Originally posted by wonhontology

WONHO: if he is your barista, you will most definitely leave with his number. it’s just a reflex for him at this point to include his number on your receipt. makes absolute bank in tips because when he reaches up to the top shelf for mugs, his abs flash and customers swoon. is lowkey super mad that kihyun is constantly employee of the month. 

Originally posted by mybabyoppa

I.M: who?? does he actually have a job here??? the answer is yes, but this boy has managed to avoid ever actually doing any work. he’s definitely never completed a shift before, yet it’s been years and he;s collected every paycheck. he probably doesn’t even know where the cafe is located. still goes to every meeting and always nominates jooheon as employee of the month. demands a raise, gets the raise, still doesn’t come to work.

Originally posted by m-onstax

Starting Fresh

Hey y’all.

I decided I better make this post before the motivation goes away LOL. Inner debates have been my downfall this week. Long story short:

  • I’m back from a week hiatus.  
  • Anon is off
    • Inbox is still open
    • Message me there if you need to
  • I will not respond to DMs
  • Writng Requests are closed and deleted
  • Aesthetic and GIF Requests are OPEN 24/7
  • No more personal posts
  • This is a 100% FFXV blog
  • 100% positive
  • No negativity
  • I love you a lot.

Please know these changes are for my health (physical and mental) and I’m not mad at you guys. I just gotta focus on me at the moment.

I got into length if you want to know my reasoning for these rules.

 But anyway, I’m back. HI. 

Was it even a week? I don’t even know what day it is today, lol. 

I totally apologize in advanced if this post comes off as cold or rude or whatever. I just have to elaborate on my new rules for those that are interested. <3

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anonymous asked:

Do you know how to do the thing where you draw a character's hair and there is a strand of hair thats connected with the hair but there is a small space in between it?

you mean like this?

It’s very simple, just draw the overall shape of the hair

and then where you want the strand to be separated, draw the hole! Most often, this happens when hair is bunched up either by hitting the shoulders or tied together, or while in motion.

you can also add hair on by just drawing a bump coming out, and adding the hole that way.

Send me “What is wrong with you?” and a number, and I’ll write a violent starter or drabble

1. Your muse wakes to mine sharpening a knife

2. My muse wakes to your muse sharpening a knife

3. Your muse throws a punch at mine

4. My muse throws a punch at yours

5. My muse waits in the dark for your muse with a gun

6. Your muse waits in the dark for mine with a gun

7. My muse garrottes yours with wire

8. Your muse garrottes mine with wire

9. Your muse injects mine with a mysterious substance

10. My muse injects yours with a mysterious substance

11. Your muse discovers mine has rope, duct tape, tarpaulin, and industrial quantities of bleach

12. My muse discovers yours has rope, duct tape, tarpaulin, and industrial quantities of bleach

13. My muse discovers what appear to be human teeth while around your muse

14. Your muse discovers what appear to be human teeth while around my muse

anonymous asked:

Hey, I'm I just finished re-reading your samcara fic (it's perfect btw!) and I was wondering if you knew of any other similar fics that also deal with Sam's experiences and issues around sex. I'd love if you knew of any SamAmelia ones but honestly I'll take anything :)

Hey! Thanks for reading my Sam/Cara (you know there’s a sequel, right?). I actually LOVE that genre you’re talking about but I can’t think of a huge number of fics that deal with it. One that I did really enjoy is ‘whole’ by askance (it’s Sam/OFC). The same writer has another fic, ‘body of proof’, which does feature Sam/Amelia and which deals with those same issues but in a heavier kind of way, so be careful if content about sexual assault is difficult for you.