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Tickle Ask! (SFW)

Neck = Like or Dislike being tickled?

Under Chin = Favorite verbal tickle-teases?

Belly/Sides = Most ticklish spots?

Back = Favorite way to tickle someone? (Position, tickle tool, etc.)

Armpits = Favorite spot to tickle?

Ribs = Favorite tickle tool?

Hips = Knismesis (gentle tickles) or Gargalesis (heavy tickles)?

Thighs = Restraints or none? If so, what kind of restraints? (Restraints include pinning and/or tying.)

Knees = Specific someone you’ll let tickle you?

Soles = Prefer to tickle or BE tickled?

Toes = What is tickling to you?

Ask meme- Voltron style

(I just wanted to make one of these ok)

Sacrifice: if u had to die for any given Voltron character, who would it be?

Race: Would u rather be galran or altean?

Painting: Which three Voltron characters sum up your personality best?

Black paladin: Assuming shiro doesn’t return, who do u think should be the black paladin in his place?

Acquaintance: If u could meet any given Voltron character, who would it be?

Lion: If u were a paladin of Voltron, what lion would u pilot?

Body swap: U now switch places with any given Voltron character, so they live ur everyday life, and u live theirs. Who would u choose?

Motherhood: U now have to adopt and raise one of the Paladins as ur own child. Which would it be?

Face: If u could take the appearance of any Voltron character, which would it be?

anonymous asked:

Do you think Ramsay was scared to die at the end? It didn't seem like he was when he was talking to Sansa in the dungeon and all taunting her that it was alright, that he was part of her now anyway. What do you think?

random || anonymous 

Sobs—- at this. I mean I honestly don’t think Ramsay fears death. Like in the end, he’s left a part of him in this world. Sure Sansa has said things on how memories of him would disappear, his house and him. Which is true. But I mean he still left marks — permanent marks that have scar people mentally. What he did to Reek, can never be forgotten. He killed Rickon, which could never be forgotten. And what he did to Sansa. I mean as much as everyone would want to forget that traumatizing experiences, sometimes certain things remind you of THAT one moment in your life, and you can’t just PUSH it away. It’ll be a nightmare, he’ll be a nightmare that haunts you. From time to time. 

Ramsay has been surrounded by death his whole life, witnessing it and causing it. He welcomes it, like an old friend.  At the end he also STILL died a Bolton, and I mean that’s another reason why he probably wasn’t so bothered by it.

Rather die a Bolton than die a Snow. He got what he wanted, he hurt many, killed many. So I honestly don’t think he was scared at the end. LEAST I DON’T THINK SO, for the way he talked and smiled softly. 

Ask Me about CHRISTMAS!!!

🎄 = What’s your favorite Christmas tree ornament?

🎅🏻 = Do you still believe in Santa Clause?

📜 = Tell us your Christmas wish list/List all the things you want for Christmas!

🍬 = What kind of stocking-stuffers do you like?

🎵 = What’s your favorite Christmas song?

❄️ = What’s your favorite thing to do in the winter/snow?

🍽 = What’s your favorite food at Christmas dinner?

🍪 = Describe your favorite kind of Christmas cookie.

🎞 = What’s your favorite Christmas special on TV?

🕯 = Describe your favorite Christmas tradition.

🎁 = Describe the best Christmas present you ever received.

📝 = Write a letter to Santa.

🛍 = What’s your favorite thing about shopping/walking around the mall during Christmas time?

🎉 = If you don’t celebrate Christmas/If you’re not Christian, what else do you do for the holidays?

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