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Ask meme- Voltron style

(I just wanted to make one of these ok)

Sacrifice: if u had to die for any given Voltron character, who would it be?

Race: Would u rather be galran or altean?

Painting: Which three Voltron characters sum up your personality best?

Black paladin: Assuming shiro doesn’t return, who do u think should be the black paladin in his place?

Acquaintance: If u could meet any given Voltron character, who would it be?

Lion: If u were a paladin of Voltron, what lion would u pilot?

Body swap: U now switch places with any given Voltron character, so they live ur everyday life, and u live theirs. Who would u choose?

Motherhood: U now have to adopt and raise one of the Paladins as ur own child. Which would it be?

Face: If u could take the appearance of any Voltron character, which would it be?

Tickle Ask! (SFW)

Neck = Like or Dislike being tickled?

Under Chin = Favorite verbal tickle-teases?

Belly/Sides = Most ticklish spots?

Back = Favorite way to tickle someone? (Position, tickle tool, etc.)

Armpits = Favorite spot to tickle?

Ribs = Favorite tickle tool?

Hips = Knismesis (gentle tickles) or Gargalesis (heavy tickles)?

Thighs = Restraints or none? If so, what kind of restraints? (Restraints include pinning and/or tying.)

Knees = Specific someone you’ll let tickle you?

Soles = Prefer to tickle or BE tickled?

Toes = What is tickling to you?

Got7′s OTP!

~This is a continuation of the mini scenario for Mark from my Got7′s reaction to their crush liking them back. I’ll also be posting one for Jinyoung. If you want the other members too then letting me know by either replying to this, messaging me or feeding my ever hungry inbox.

You two were playfully bickering and Mark was determined to win by using his handsome face to his advantage. When he made a pretty good point about the topic you were arguing over, he just stopped giving any input what so ever and just stared at you as you attempted to fight back. You didn’t notice at first, but when you did, you became a blushing, stuttering mess. Mark chuckled softly as you hid your red face in your hands.

“You can’t do that! It’s not fair!” you whined as your blush deepened.

“Do what?” Mark asked innocently. You playfully hit his shoulder and rolled your eyes.

“You can’t distract me with that handsome face of yours! That’s cheating!”

Just as you said that, Jackson entered the room and heard what you said. He started screaming about how you finally admitted your feelings for Mark. Yours and Mark’s eyes widened. Mark broke into a shy smile as Jackson and Bambam started shouting about how the otp is real. 

You glanced at Mark and he glanced at you.

“So uh….erm..yeah,” you blurted out then internally cringed at your awkwardness. God why were you like this? Before either of you had a chance to say anything else, the rest of Got7 appeared at the door. The maknae line and Jackson were like over-excited puppies while Jaebum and Jinyoung had super smug looks on their faces.

“The ship has sailed,” Bambam screamed and all the members cheered. Jackson pushed past the others and threw an arm over both of you, giving you a detailed description of the date that Got7 has taken the time to carefully and diligently plan. You looked over Jackson’s head at Mark and raised an eyebrow. All he did was smile shyly and give you a small shrug.

“And, if you two don’t start calling each other Jagiya or babe by the end of the month, we will have to intervene again,” Jackson said, finally finishing his rant.

“But um, neither of us has actually admitted to having feelings for the other so..” Mark let his voice trail off as the members just stared at the two of you in shock.

“Well, then do it now,” Yugyeom exclaimed and the others agreed. You raised an eyebrow and folded your arms.

“Since when do you guys get to dictate our relationship?” you asked sassily, causing Mark to smirk and Jackson to gasp dramatically.

“Since you two took literally a year to just get to this point. If we don’t help you two hopeless children, you’ll literally just keep friend-zoning each other,” Bambam replied. The other members all nodded in agreement. You sighed and got up from your chair beside Mark’s bed. You shooed them all out and closed the door behind them, despite the numerous protests. You leaned against it and looked at Mark.

“So I guess we’re dating now,” you said as you made your way back over to him.

“I guess we are,” he replied with a laugh. You nodded.

“We should cuddle and watch too many episodes of some random TV show,” you decided and gave Mark a pointed look.

“We do that anyway,” he said.

“I know but at least this time it doesn’t have to be as awkward as it usually is.”

Mark laughed and grabbed his phone then lied back on his bed, quickly followed by you. You rested your head on his chest and he wrapped on arm around your waist. Neither of you had noticed the door had opened a crack.

“OMFG! THEY’RE CUDDLING AND IT’S ADORABLE!” You heard Jackson scream  You sighed but you honestly didn’t mind because you know, you were pretty cute together.

~A/N~ I loved writing this! If you want me to do the other members then let me know.


~This is a continuation of the mini scenario for Jackson from my Got7′s reaction to their crush liking them back. If you want the other members too then letting me know by either replying to this, messaging me or feeding my ever hungry inbox. 

When you befriended Jackson, you befriended all of Got7. You’d gotten pretty close with Jinyoung and had confided in him about your feelings for Jackson. Even though he told you that Jackson felt the same way, you didn’t really do anything about your crush. It got to the point where Jinyoung actually found it painful watching you around Jackson and told him how you felt. Jackson freaked. He ran to you and gave you the biggest hug, telling you how happy he was that you felt the same way. 

Reluctantly, you pulled away and gave him a confused look.

“How did you find out?” you asked and then it hit you.


Jinyoung appeared and smirked when he saw Jackson’s arms around you.

“You betrayed me! You told him!” you said and he nodded in reply. You groaned and looked back at Jackson, who was still smiling like he’d just won the lottery. You bit your bottom lip and tried to hide your smile. Jackson pulled you close to him again and Jinyoung slipped out of the room.

“You could have just told me yourself you know,” Jackson said into your hair.

“I know and I was going to eventually but I guess Jinyoung beat me to it,” you laughed as you said it.

“Ugh I wish I’d known sooner though. We’ve wasted precious dating time,” Jackson whined as he hugged you tighter. You giggled as he did this and buried your face into his neck.

“You’re not gonna let me go are you?” you said. As you talked, your lips brushed against Jackson’s neck making him giggle. He shook his head and kissed the top of yours. You wrapped your arms around him. You smiled against his neck and sigh contently, not caring if you had to stay like this forever but would you really complain?

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Questions About Today
  • 1. Are you having a good day? Why or why not?
  • 2. List five good things that have happened today.
  • 3. List two bad things that have happened today.
  • 4. Did you learn anything yesterday? Whether it be knowledge, or wisdom.
  • 5. Have you applied what you learned yesterday to today?
  • 6. Are you looking forward to tomorrow?
  • 7. How is the weather looking today?
  • 8. How are you feeling?
  • 9. Do you think the weather affects your mood?
  • 10. What have you eaten today?
  • 11. How many cups of water have you drunk?
  • 12. Do you think you have a healthy diet? If not, are you willing to change?
  • 13. List two good things about yourself.
  • 14. The world is yours! Do you promise your followers and yourself to try to have the most wonderful day you can have?
The right moment.

~This is a continuation of the mini scenario for Yugyeom. from my Got7′s reaction to their crush liking them back. If you want the other members too then letting me know by either replying to this, messaging me or feeding my ever hungry inbox. 

You’d been dropping hints since practically the beginning of time, but the guy was completely oblivious. His hyungs all noticed and told him. They helped their maknae confess because he hadn’t a clue.

All of the member gathered together and sat their maknae down to plan a way that he could confess.

“You need to be hella dramatic! I’m talking roses, champa-”

“Bambam shut up! You’re really not helping here,” Jaebum scolded before turning back to the maknae.

“Listen, the easiest thing to do is just tell her when you feel it’s the right time. Go out like you usually do and wait for the right moment,” Mark advised and Jinyoung nodded.

“Hyung how am I supposed to know when it’s the right time? And what if she rejects me? What to I do then?” Yugyeom whined, really not finding Mark’s advised helpful.

“Y/n’s not going to reject you! She likes you idiot! She told me herself. Don’t worry about the whole ‘right time’ thing, you’ll just know,” Jackson said and Yugyeom nodded.

“Text her and ask her to meet up tomorrow. We’ve no schedule tomorrow so you’ll have time,” Jaebum said and all the others nodded in agreement. Yugyeom sighed then pulled out his phone and texted you. Moments later, you texted back telling him to meet at the coffee shop at 1.

“She wants to meet at 1 and spend the day together because she says she misses me,” Yugyeom read out the text you sent and blushed.

“Now will you believe us! I told you so!” Jackson yelled dramatically and Yugyeom and Youngjae  laughed. ‘Maybe she does like me..” Yugyeom thought.


The whole day had been amazing. After coffee, Yugyeom took you back to the dorms and you two just spent the day together. Later that evening after you’d eaten, you were lying on his bed and talking. Talking about everything and anything. Yugyeom said something funny and you burst out laughing. He laughed for a bit too, then stopped and just looked at you, taking you in. He loved that smile you got when you laughed and he loved the sound of your laughed. He grinned widely at you and he knew. He knew that it was now or never. Cautiously, he took your hand, making you look up at him. He smiled nervously and took a deep breath.

“Y/N, I have to tell you something,” he said quietly, so quiet it was barely above a whisper, his eyes averting yours. He was internally freaking out and was trying his best not to show it. You nodded, urging to continue.

“I like you. Not like a friend, like more than a friend.”

He looked up and your smile widened as you rolled your eyes.

“Took you long enough,” you laughed.

“Wait so you like me back?” Yugyeom said, not bothering to try hide how happy he was.

“I’ve literally done everything besides telling you to make you realise how much I like you. How did you not notice?” you asked and Yugyeom shrugged in reply.

“So will you go out with me?” Yugyeom asked shyly and you shook your head with a laugh.

“Of course you idiot,” you said as you leaned in and kissed his red cheek. Yugyeom smiled then pulled you in for a hug. That was definitely the right moment.

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Open for Business!

Hello! I’m Admin V and welcome to my Naruto Imagines blog. With that being said, my inbox is hungry for requests so ask away. Here is what I do and my rules:

  1. Headcannons - I write for pretty much all of the characters. I will write for a maximum of five characters.
  2. Scenarios - Again, I write for all characters. As for scenarios, I will write for a maximum of three characters. And for scenarios, please be specific with what you would like me to write, it just makes things 79% easier.
  3. NSFW is Allowed - So get ready you sinners. I’m pretty comfortable, but there are things I will say no to.


  • Rape - This is a really sensitive topic to people and I am not comfortable writing it.
  • Incest - I’m not about to write the Naruto version of “Flowers in The Attic.” (I’m looking at you NejiHina shippers)
  • Suicide/Self Harm, - Touchy subject, not comfortable writing
  • Those are the main three things I won’t write for, if something ends up in my inbox that I do not like and do not feel comfortable writing for, I will say no and I’ll add it to this list.

Other Rules:

  • This is going to be reader insert only, the pronouns will also be gender neutral
    • Please specify in your request if you would like something to have male or female pronouns
  • While I am not new to writing, I am new to the imagines blog universe on tumblr, so please be patient
  • In the event that the ask box is closed, any asks that come after will be deleted.
  • Please be polite…please 

I think that’s it…if there is anything else I’ll make sure to add it to the rules and make a general announcement about it. Thanks for tuning in! Go on now, feed my inbox!

Ever so deserving.

~ ~This is a continuation of the mini scenario for Jinyoung from my Got7′s reaction to their crush liking them back. I’ve already posted one for Mark. If you want the other members too then letting me know by either replying to this, messaging me or feeding my ever hungry inbox. 

You and Jinyoung were sitting on his bed at the dorm, both lost in books. You looked up from yours to ask him something and found him asleep. He looked so peaceful, so you decided to leave instead of waking him up. You quietly gathered your things and went to the door of his room. You looked back his handsome face and sighed sadly to yourself.

“As if you’d ever like me like that,” you mumbled as you were exiting the room. Jinyoung had been woken by the sound of your footsteps and heard what you said. He got up from the bed and grabbed your hand just as you were out the door. You looked up in surprise to see a very irritated Jinyoung.  

“Don’t ever say anything like that again,” he said in a stern voice. With that, he pulled you to him and cupped your face in his hands. He placed a gentle kiss on your lips before pulling away.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered. He stared deeply into your eyes and you could feel his sincerity.  You sighed and shook your head slightly.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me how you felt?” he asked stroking your right cheek gently with his thumb.

“Honestly, I never thought you’d feel the same way,” you said quietly and broke the gaze you both held. Jinyoung scoffed and shook his head in disbelief.

“How could you possibly ever think that? How do you not realise how beautiful and amazing you are?”

You just stared up at him with wide eyes, completely in shock. He chuckled softly at your expression then wrapped both his arms around your waist and pulled you against him. He placed his forehead against yours and looked you right in the eye.

“If only you could see what I see and what everyone else sees. Not one person has ever denied how amazing you are. And you are beautiful Y/N, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. And I do like you. And I’m the one who doesn’t deserve you.”

With that, Jinyoung leaned in and placed a kiss on your lips that held more love and passion than you thought could ever be conveyed by a kiss.

You were grinning like an idiot as you thought back to the day you and Jinyoung had gotten together. You had both come so far since then but had never left each other’s side. Over the years, Jinyoung always found ways to make you fall in love with him over and over again without fail.

Your mushy and sentimental thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door of the hotel room you were in.

“Come in,” you called as you ran your hands down the front of your ivory gown, smoothing out the material. Your father poked his head around the door and smiled widely when he saw you. He stepped into the room, your mother at his tail. She teared up when she saw you.

“Oh Y/N, you’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen,” she cried. You laughed at your mother’s dramatics and grabbed your bouquet from the nightstand then linked arms with your father.

“Ready to get hitched?” he asked with sad smile.

“Ready as I’ll ever be Dad,” you replied. He led you out of the room and down the hall, towards the room that held your soon-to-husband and the love of your life.

~A/N~ I swear I did not plan for this to get as soft and fluffy and mushy as it did, but I’m not mad about it. I’m currently near death because of my own writing but oh well. If you want the other members, then let me know.

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~This is a continuation of the mini scenario for Youngjae from my Got7′s reaction to their crush liking them back. If you want the other members too then let me know by either replying to this, messaging me or feeding my ever hungry inbox.  

You’d just been talking. That was all you were doing when you suddenly let it slip that you thought Youngjae was the most adorable person on the face of the earth. As soon as you said it, Youngjae just started laughing because bless him he didn’t know what else to do. He got all shy and flustered but you were too busy dying from his cuteness to be embarrassed. After some time, Youngjae was able to collected himself enough to tell you he liked you too.

And cue the nervous laughter. Youngjae couldn’t help it, you just had that effect on him. When you were around, he could barely think straight.

“So what now?” you asked as the laughter subsided. He looked at you with a smile and a small shrug.

“I think we date but like only if you want to, I mean you don’t have just because I asked yo-” You leaned in and kissed him softly to cut of his adorable babbling. When you pulled away, he let out another nervous laugh before covering his very red face in his hands.

“Ah Y/N, you can’t just do that,” he whined, embarrassed by how red he was. You rolled your eyes and gently pried his hands from his face then kissing him again. He smiled into the kiss and his hands went to your waist and slowly pulled you closer. Your arms lopped around his neck as the kiss deepened.

“Youngjae, could I borrow your- Yah! Really? In the living room? Other people live here too ya know!” Jackson yelled as you pulled away from each other bashfully. You both moved away from each other, equally embarrassed at having being seen.

You glanced over at Youngjae and saw that his blush had returned and you were 100% sure yours was just as bad as his.

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