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Damon/Bonnie - Kitten

Send me a ship/character(s) and a one word prompt and I will write a 5 sentence fic about it.

Damon has no clue where she found it (probably huddled in a gray ball under a doorstep somewhere); he only knows that he isn’t a fan.  

Well, the thing is cute (and the sounds it makes when you scratch under its chin would make even the coldest of hearts melt).  

He just hates how it monopolizes her time.  Since bringing it into the Boarding House (a move which he had protested wildly), Bonnie has done nothing but feed, play with or cuddle the wretched thing.  

That used to be his gig (dammit).

Dating/Cuddling With Sean Cassidy Would Include ...

Hope you all like this one :)

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·         Kissing his freckles when he isn’t paying attention

·         Running up behind him and tickling him, making him scream

·         Baking cookies and Sean stealing one from over our shoulder, then complaining when it’s really hot in his hand

·         Him flying you around above the mansion in the day time, then flying you about at ight and landing on top of the building to look at the stars

·         Snuggling on the floor together, leaning against the sofa, whilst you chat with the group

·         Sean playing with your hair as you chat away with Alex and Hank and curling tresses around his fingers, pressing his nose to your hair

·         Him loving how you smelt, your shampoo, your shower gel, and especially the scent of just you

·         Having to grab his hand when you first start dating because he doesn’t want the other guys teasing him

·         You overdoing it on the PDA, 1. To embarrass him and turn him red, 2. To break him and let him know its ok to hold your hand and kiss you occasionally in public

·         Sean being a terrible drunk and you having to drag him back to his room before he tries to fly

·         Sean taking you on date to the bowling alley, or an aquarium where he sends little sound waves into the whale tank and they try and communicated back (I have not done my research, don’t hate me)

·         Sean wrapping a blanket around the both of you when it’s cold and drifting off to sleep together

·         Tickle fights when you try to leave the bed in the morning

·         Him getting really excited to see your reaction at presents he got you, peering over your shoulder and grinning when he sees you love it

·         Being really proud of himself when winning you a giant teddy bear in a fair

·         Shoving candy floss in each other’s faces and going “ Taste This!!”

·         Collapsing on your bed together at the end of a long day out and cuddling into the sheets together





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So, we all know L a surface level we all have a general idea of what kind of person he is, but there's a lot of interpretation for his motivations and who he is at his core. Some people think that he doesn't really care about justice and cares more about the entertainment, while some people think that he made justice his purpose in life. That's just an example. In your opinion, what kind of person is L? What are his motives as a character? it'd be cool if you did this for others if ur up to it

Hello, junior detective! You are so lovely and akjsakjsdf it’s been so long since anyone asked me anything that my inbox is full of cobwebs and half-eaten sweets. Thank you for visiting. Please pour yourself a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable. Sugar and honey is on the table. :)

You ask an intriguing question with multiple layers of interpretation and one that’s kind of difficult to answer, mostly because I never feel I can accurately quantify the character of Lawliet. He’s a conundrum. Ha very complex mind with an extreme childish personality.

Okay, okay, I am a casual fan of Death Note. I don’t have “How to Read 13” memorized and these are just my opinions, okay? Okay.

What kind of person is L?

He’s a six-year-old in a man-ish body. He’s a spoiled brat. He’s used to people catering to his strange whims and indulging his immaturity because he’s dangerously brilliant and resolves difficult cases. Part of why he behaves this way is that I feel that he was never given the chance to mature naturally, as his entire existence from childhood was cultivated and molded to fit into the symbol of justice that has become “L,” who remains an omniscient, faceless, gender-less, sexless, invisible and almost god-like entity beseeched by the more ignorant and short-sighted masses unable to “see” things from L’s level. I feel Lawliet’s strange habits, like his manner of sitting and extreme dietary “restrictions” are his own strange way of acting out in rebellion against the white-washing effect of being “L.”  

Yes, “L” and Lawliet are two different personalities constantly in a love-hate battle within one body. This causes much turmoil, especially when it comes to Light Yagami, who “L” despises and Lawliet comes to love (platonically or otherwise).

So, aside from being bratty and petulant man-child chafing under an imposed and constricting identity, L is constantly at war with himself. Logic, or love? Scientific fact, or faith? Happy, or unhappy? Love is not logical, and thus he feels loving anyone (let along his prime suspect) is self-compromising and an affront to everything he is and stands for, but yet he is happy when he is in love. This is very distressing to him. Basically, he’s skirting a pretty damaging identity-crisis.

What motivates his character?


Haha, but seriously, cake is a huge motivator for him. :) I do believe Lawliet enjoys the crime investigation work he does, regardless of the heavy mantle of “L.” He’s a genius puzzle-solver, and working with the human brain and emotions within crime is an ever changing set of unknown variables — a shifting and challenging puzzle. It satisfies his intellectual and egotistical appetites.

The fact that he’s assumed the face of “justice” and traditionally aligned with the “good guys” is simply icing on the cake. I don’t think HE is driven by justice – he is NOT that selfless. He assumes the role of justice because he receives personal and intellectual gratification. I like to believe Wammy is the one who is more “I AM JUSTICE.” Lawliet is content to fulfill this directive in deference to Wammy, and again, because it satisfies his personal appetites.

Why? Because I don’t believe L is a good person – he’s very warped, and in some ways, he has the ability to implode into a highly chaotic personality similar to Beyond Birthday, but is kept largely in check by Wammy.

I mean, look how tight he is with Wedy and Aiber! They could form the most dangerous crime syndicate in the world and could you imagine if L was the world’s most dangerous and intelligent criminal and Light Yagami is a young police captain after him to bring justice to the world.