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Sometimes I think about Magnus slowly backing up and disappearing dramatically into the portal at his club and it honestly gives me life

I KNOW I LOVE IT HE DOES THIS SO MUCH??? i mean consider this:

  • disappears from his own apartment after alec rejects him
  • stalks around the room whenever he’s talking
  • makes a huge fucking deal about that necklace and then immediately hands it off to izzy as if it’s worth pennies like he was clearly more annoyed about the clave taking it from him than anything
    • i bet he sent them a fire message every damn day all REMEMBER THAT RUBY U STOLE FROM ME ITS MINE
    • but it’s been a 100 goddamn years so now he’s reaching some poor shadowhunter intern who’s like “um s-sure ok lemme check the inventory"
  • declared “pretty boy” while gesturing as vaguely as possible in both jace’s and alec’s general direction just so he could shut jace down when jace inevitably took the bait
  • i s2g even the way he drinks his wine is dramatic: 

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What is romance boys ?? Not 2 sound stupid lol

not at all! actually, romanceboys has no special meaning behind it; we felt that shinee’s b-side track romance from odd portrayed their overall image pretty well. and putting romance + boys together we hoped it would sound like a term of endearment for shinee.

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fave blogs?

@with-somebodyelse @chvngeofhevrt @cometomybedford @georgestaniel @mattyhewhealy @mvstbemydream @notgivinitupagain @rossisworthit @secularagesalvation @shelaysfacedown @slendergraspongrammar @socraticjunkie @theadamhanns @thejapanesehousee @themattyhealy @thoughtsaboutmatty @tooshyshy and then these which aren’t related to the band @an-obvious-choice @chezagnes @christiescloset @peachcherries @splen-dide @stylishclassychic and uh yeah tbh that’s basically everyone that i follow:) 

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Is it ok to have a mommy and a daddy? I'm supposed to be sleeping right now, but I've had a lot of people telling me that I can't be in a polyamorous relationship and have both. I think that's very wrong, cause I love them both and couldn't choose! We all get an equal amount of attention, and we all love each other. Sp I'll finish up my question with am I supposed to choose, or can I keep both mommy and daddy? That's all, I hope you have a great day💖🌸⭐️

boo you got the best of both worlds !! a mommy and a daddy! i think that’s awesome! who cares what other people say, it makes you happy and that’s all that matters. your feelings, your relationship is your personal business with the people you’re with. no one else’s. i know it can be hard ignoring people’s opinions but at the end of the day, its makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. when you have people pulling down on your relationship just keep in mind they don’t understand, they don’t know your personal emotions into this, it can be very difficult to tune them out and ignore but they’re just people who don’t view relationships more open.

i really hoped this helped you and please do message me with anything else, my inbox and messages are always open 💖 tomorrow my daddy wants to respond but right now he’s a tired mess and doesn’t wanna ramble haha ~

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will the limited edition be available for pre order ? where will it be available to order from when it's released ??

it went up for preorder as soon as the news came out around 5pm kst (?) and they’re currently sold out on most international ordering sites (yesasia, ktown4u, kpoptown, etc.). it is a limited edition so we can’t say they’ll restock.. 

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so there's a picture of Alec and Magnus in that scene where Alec gives him strength and Alec's leg is behind Magnus. So when he collapses back into Alec he's completely and utterly cradled in his body. Arm around him, hand holding, leg balancing them.

LET ME LIVE i remember this picture omg. Actually, I saved it because it was just that beautiful.

It kills me tbh that Alec was holding up Magnus the entire time in that scene like ???? i don’t know i’m full of emotions about how gentle Alec is with Magnus in this scene and how, in this moment, even with everyone all around them watching including Jace, Alec has ceased to give a shit about how gay he might look because Magnus is hurt. JUST PUNCH ME IN THE FACE T B H

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so, do you think that cheritz is aware that some people were banned without any good reason and will fix it? I'm just antsy cuz I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything wrong or any game abuse, but i'm banned and freaking out. i'm so full of emotions right now and upset and worried over all this :(

I’m think they might be aware, if people are sending in reports to them that they’re being banned without a justification. Meaning, they weren’t cheating and all

Affection Meme

Send one of these from your muse to mine, or send me a  ➥  for their affections toward yours.  

Fingers in Hair: I will treasure you.
Hand on the Head: I think about you a lot.
Kiss / Touch to Ear: I forgive / forgave you.
Forehead to Forehead: I’m here / understand.
Kiss on or around Eye: I don’t want you to be sad.
Hesitant Touch: You’ve hurt me / I still care for you.
Boop on the Nose: You’re adorable / make me happy.
Kiss on the Cheek / Mouth: I love you / I’ve missed you.
Touching the Chin: I want honesty / things to work out.
Mouth on or near Neck: I want you / want to be with you.
Touching the Neck / Shoulders: I want you to feel good.
Leaning on Shoulder: I need you / your support right now.
Kiss / Hand / Touch over Heart: I want your understanding.
Kiss on the Wrist / Palm: I feel deeply connected to you.
Holding Hands: I want to be reminded of your presence.
Touching Fingers: I want to speak, but lack the words.
Arm around Waist: I want you to be careful / feel safe.
Touch on / Kiss to the Ribs: I regard you reverently.
Hand on Lower Back: I’ll be by your side no matter.
Hands on or near Hips: I feel possessive of you.
Touch to Thigh: I want something more with you.
Head on Lap: I trust you / feel safe with you.
Hand on Knee: I am concerned for you.
Other: Fill in what your muse does / feels!

dog asks!!

golden retriever: what are your best qualities?
german shepherd: what is something new you’ve tried lately?
bulldog: what is your earliest childhood memory?
beagle: what is your favorite book?
yorkshire terrier: what is the meaning behind your url?
poodle: what is your favorite food?
rottweiler: what are your plans for tomorrow?
boxer: what do you love about your closest friend?
siberian husky: what is the last thing you laughed at?
dachshund: what is your morning routine like?
great dane: what are some of your favorite stores?
shih tzu: if you were stranded on a deserted island, what three items would you want to have with you?
welsh corgi: how many languages can you speak?
pomeranian: where is somewhere that you’d like to travel?
boston terrier: what is your middle name?
mastiff: what is the last song that you listened to?
cocker spaniel: what is the nicest compliment that you’ve ever received?
chihuahua: what is your idea of the perfect day?
maltese: what is your greatest talent?
pug: what is your favorite movie?

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I finished Jaehee's route and unlocked the deep story, can I play Seven's route? Because nothing happened in Jaehee's route (story wise). Or shoild I just play all routes?

I think you should play all the routes.
I agree Jaehee’s route really didn’t reveal much.