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I only said that flan is not jello. If you call Hitler a communist and I tell you he was actually a fascist, I'm not defending Hitler. Also, my opinion on flan is irrelevant regarding whether or not it is jello (which it is not). Just like my opinion of Hitler has nothing to do with whether or not he was a communist (which he was not). ((I think we're at the level of discourse where someone uses a Hitler comparison, right?))

Touche` … I’m sure it’s going to be delicious JELLO

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I've been a fan of various kpop smut audios and rps for awhile and ive always wondered.. are a majority of these ripped from gay porn or are they user made? I've always assumed the ones involving actual intercourse of two people were just stolen audio that doesnt get credited ( -stares at youtube uploaders- ) but the solo audios seem like OC!

I always thought the audios were user made and some probably are
-Kudos to them-

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But the majority of them are stolen audios from porn videos
Recently, I found a vid of a guy jerking off and I was like ‘hold on a second’
It confused me how fucking familiar the moans were

It was the same moans from a ‘Taehyung masturbation’ audio that smuttyassholes posted

Link to moans:

Link to original video:

PLEASE if you’re a smol innocent bby who wants to sue me, don’t click the second link o.o

Ngl I was kinda disappointed cos I thought all hers were user made but instead, we’ve all been having ‘good times’ to a random guy who only sounds like bts members

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My ex destroyed me (cheated on me, with our sorority sister in the bedroom next to mine, I heard it all) that was 7 years ago but there's still a part of me that is still connected to her ... to this day if she needs something I'm there for her

yeet that bitch to jupiter, she ain’t worth it

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Okay. That's twice I cried. Barry looked like he wanted to tear up when he found out that Iris' name was on the byline again. He certainly cried when Iris ran to him.

That entire scene was so sweet and made my heart full seeing all of them so happy, especially seeing them hug so tight. 😭

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In the comics Barry and Iris got married in November. I hope that happens on the show, and it's indoors. Caitlin+Ronnie's wedding was spoiled because it took place outside.

I agree that I want to to be indoors simply for the fact that I don’t want it to be spoiled.

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OMG I LOVE YOUR ART & ART STYLE SO MUCH!! And especially the drawings with Natsu & Jellal, Natsu & Myst and Wendy & Myst fill me with so much joy <3 I also colored them and use them as my phone wallpaper now (thank you for giving permission to do so!) I hope you have a beautiful day! ^^

Thank you and you’re welcome. Have a beautiful day too!

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Is the mermaid you draw when replying to asks NOT yourself? Or like, a "mermaidsona", i guess, of yourself?

No, it’s not. Initially I was doing a whole new mermaid for responses, but a year into the blog, life has changed and I don’t always have the time to commit to that. Still, when someone takes the time to send me a nice message I want to give back a tiny bit, so I started drawing this mermaid because it’s simple and I think its cute. 

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Legit every time I rewatch the part where Iris sings RHTY, I can't stop smiling. She's so precious. (I'm also pretty sure those smiles/laughs were 100% Grant and Candice, especially in that moment lol.)

AGREED. Again, it isn’t hard for them to come off natural in those scenes because I think it’s just them. Barry’s smile was so genuine and cute.