Spacial Rend 💫

A destructive spell based on Palkia’s signature move called “Spacial Rend” from Pokemon. This spell will inflict emotional pain and mental anguish upon the target, tearing them away from all of the things they care for. 

Originally posted by latiox

Items required:

  • Visualization
  • A taglock for the target
  • Paper
  • A red or black candle
  • A fire safe container
  • A small jar


  1. Light your candle within the fire safe container you’ve chosen
  2. Place the taglock in front of the container
  3. Using visualization, imagine that you are sending a wave of destructive cosmic energy at the target, causing them to feel the pain and anguish I mentioned above
  4. When ready, hold the paper in front of you with both hands and tear it in half
  5. Burn the paper along with the taglock for your target and let the ashes fall into the container that the candle is housed in
  6. Bottle some of the ashes and seal it with wax from the candle - dispose of the rest
  7. Snuff out the candle
  8. Keep this jar hidden in darkness and allow the spell to manifest