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 Few weeks ago my bud, @squigglydigg made a keyframe animation, and I sorta fell in love with the concept of it. With her permission she let me inbetween, and clean the sucker up! Bendy just ain’t having a good time at all in this.

“Ex Alert” (Hoshi Smut)

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Title: Ex Alert

Featuring: Hoshi (Seventeen) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Genre: Smut

Summary: You run into your ex at a Halloween party, and all attempts to avoid him fail miserably.

Request by anon! Now taking Halloween/Fall themed scenario requests.

You applied the finishing touches to your make-up for your cat look, some eyeliner whisker to compliment your smoky eye and red lips. You were going for something simple tonight. Halloween parties were less about how elaborate you looked and more about how comfortable it would be to dance, drink, and make-out in.

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Three - EllsterSMASH - Dragon Age (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
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Since it’s the closest thing I have to an ongoing story, and my AO3 account is wasted space at the moment, I decided to stick the first two bits of my weird little modern!au Solavellan fic up there. I’m going to try to make regular updates, but will post here as well. They’re small, and I do have a rough plan for the rest of the story, so I’m hoping for weekly + extras if I can manage it.

Also, if there are any moments in their relationship you’d like to see in an update (e.g. “date night gone wrong,” “farmer’s market,” or “someone’s ex shows up to stir the pot”), now’s the time for prompts/requests! 

Feedback is also very welcome. <3

(Tagging @fadedforyou because darling, this is all your damn fault, and I feel like you deserve at least half the credit for whatever beast it becomes.)

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i'm the dm for a group of chaotics (all 5 of them sob) and they've derailed my plot and noped out of so much of my carefully planned things that most of our sessions are Just Improv and me frantically trying to get things back on track inbetween. it's p fun but also STRESSFUL

punish them for their behaviour

BTS reaction: their s/o being a profiler

That would be so cool tbh. It’s one of the jobs I’ve actually considered. Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me so long to get to it xx

Jin: He’d be admiring you, I think. He would find it so interesting and cool that you could understand criminals, and just people in general, as well as you did. He’d be so very understanding whenever you got home late, or had to work extra on a case. You would always be able to count on him leaving some dinner for you to eat when you got home, and him either telling you or texting you, reminding you to be careful.

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Suga: He’d be very fascinated about your job. He might not show it much, but he would be. And another thing he won’t show, is how worried he is when you work on a potentially dangerous case. Whenever you do, he’ll wait up for you every night until the case is closed, just to make sure that you get home safe. And if you ever ask him about it, he’ll just say that he needs to work extra on a new song. And whenever he found you passed out on the couch when he got home, after you’ve finished a harder case, he’ll just smile and carry you to bed, and try to take the next day off to cuddle you all day.

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J-Hope: He’d be so proud omg. Who could have imagined that his jagi would be helping out in solving crimes? But he’d be equal parts scared and worried, as well. He’s watched enough criminal dramas and movies to know that you might not be completely safe, even though you’re not very likely to actually face the criminal. Whenever he didn’t see you in the morning, you’d get a text by lunch, just asking how you’re doing. And if you weren’t home the time you usually finished, he’d text you again, just to make sure that nothing bad has happened. If you were working over on a dangerous case, he would be like Yoongi and not sleep until you got back home. But he’d let you know that it’s because he’s worried.

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Rap Monster: He’s going to be interested omg. And not just because it’s an over-all fascinating profession, but also because he’d be so interested in how criminals think, and how you try to think like them. He’d love if you told him stories from previous cases. And like Jin, he’d be very understanding of the fact that you might need to work well into the am sometimes, and not come home. He might not cook dinner for you every night. But he’d take care of you in other ways. Like carrying you to bed whenever you fall asleep while working at home. Or turning into your personal slave whenever both of you have a day off.

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Jimin: So, on one hand, he’d be so proud of you for getting such an awesome job. But on the other, he’d hate that he couldn’t be around at all times and make sure that you’re okay. Especially if you told him that you’d be visiting the crime scene today. Those days, he’d be worried enough that he’d have some trouble focusing on work. But when he’d get home, only to find you making dinner or watching movies, he’d be so relieved and not stop touching you for the entire night. So you’d just have to accept his arms around your waist. And whenever you weren’t working a case, he’d take the opportunity to take you on as many dates as possible, and probably have you come with him to practice every now and then.

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V: Such a proud ball of fluff omg. He’s probably going to brag quite a lot about his crime-solving jagi. He’ll simply find it so cool. And I don’t think he’d worry that much, actually. Only if he knew you were after a murderer and you were going to be at the crime scene. Then he’d worry more than necessary, instead. And you’ll notice when he’s been worrying more than usual, because then he’ll be clingier than he usually is when he or you get home, just because he’s so happy that you’re okay. And your days off would be spent with him taking you to an amusement park or something like that, and then either a movie marathon or fancy dinner at the end of the day. Just, you know, because he can. And also because he wants you to relax and have fun inbetween cases.

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Jungkook: He’s probably going to be the member most excited about this. He’s going to want to know about your previous cases, and ask questions about the one you’re currently working on. And like Taetae, he’s not really going to worry. I bet you my laptop that he loves watching criminal dramas whenever he can, and because of that he figures that the good guys always win. And you’re definitely one of the good guys, so then you should be safe. But if you ever got hurt, he’d be immediately brought back down to earth, and never stop worrying about you. And whenever he found you sleeping in the couch after a tiring and hard case, his caring side will show, as he carries you to bed so you can sleep more comfortably, while he prepares dinner (probably take-out or Jin’s cooking) and a movie marathon full of your faves.

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