inbetween daze

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WAIT i need to be first i dont even have an idea i just need needy harry who's really kissy (with niall of course) i just need lots of kisSes awe i need thsi

It’s seven in the morning and the only thing Niall can really hear inbetween the daze of being both exhausted and hungover is Harry whining about how fucking cold it is

“Ni,” Harry gripes, voice raspy and scratchy with the leftover Vodka resting uncomfortably on his tongue. “Ni, you’ve hogged all the blankets again." 

Harry slots his leg inbetween Niall’s, scooting a little closer into the warmth of his back because Niall is obviously not giving up the covers anytime soon. Harry nuzzles his face into Niall’s heated skin for a moment, lips only faintly brushing against the straining muscles of his shoulder blades before ducking his chin over Niall’s shoulder and smiling at the glare he receives. 

"Morning!” he pipes, and Niall really hates how he’s fallen in love with someone who, on only three hours of sleep and too many alcoholic beverages, can manage to look so pretty and awake. 

Niall sucks it up though, and he rolls a little onto his side so Harry can pepper his face with kisses, soft and sweet and brushing over Niall’s eyelids and the point of his nose and the redness of his cheeks. 

The blond tries to protest, “You’re so kissy!” but Harry really doesn’t care and kisses his mouth, tongue mingling and pressing into Niall’s teeth. 

“Well, yeah — ” Harry starts before noticing a sloppy strand of blond hair resting above Niall’s eyebrow, quickly brushing it back in place. “‘ve got you in my bed. Kind of hard not to kiss you when you’re glaring at me like that.“