inazuma eleven:go

So I’ve been reading the Ultimate Bonds Gryphon novel and I am so hype!! There’s a bunch of scenes/ dialogue/ background info in the novel that weren’t in the movie etc…

For example, it gives a bit of background to the members of Inazuma Japan. It mentions after Fudou graduated high school he went abroad by himself to play soccer (not scouted by anyone) but drew attention to himself through his play style. It also mentions Kazemaru and Fubuki became popular in the pro league for their good looks, haha.

And the Inazuma Japan members have drinking parties together!

It’s gonna take me a long time to plough through his book, but I plan to post my translations eventually, like my ultimate project. I hope the English-speaking fandom will be interested in this novel too!


In this little scene in the InaIre Manga (Chrono Stone, Jeanne d'Arc story), as they look at Jeanne Aoi wonders whether or not she really has that power inside of her. Tenma in both the original Japanese version and French translation, says something along the lines of appearances can be deceiving - right Kirino-senpai? promoting Kirino to ask what he means by that (Japanese version). French T takes it a step further by having Kirino add, is this because of my hairstyle?

I’m curious as to how the English version translated it but in any case I thought it was a funny scene. Tenma, watch what you say to your senpai~ (Then again, Tsurugi teased him about his height earlier so…)